Book Review Just Drop Out by J. Bree

Feb 222020

Just Drop Out (Hannaford Prep #1) by J. Bree

After surviving foster care and a high school that breeds gang members and drug dealers I’ve finally found my path to freedom: emancipation and a full ride scholarship at the ultra-exclusive Hannaford Prep.

All I have to do is survive.

After attracting the wrong sort of attention from the richest boy in the country, pissing off the hottest guy in school and being humiliated in front of my favorite rock idol I am now the target of the most popular, and cruelest, group in the freshman class.

They want my blood.
They can have it.
I’m stronger than any spoilt rich kid.

But can I survive the game the Juniors have started with me as the goal? Now every boy at Hannaford wants to have me.

All except the three I want.

Ash, Harley, and Blaise don’t care about the game, all they care about is destroying me

Title: Just Drop Out (Hannaford Prep #1)
Author: J. Bree
Publication Date: August 1st, 2019
Shelves: Contemporary; Romance;
Format: Kindle (277 pages)
Rating: 10/10

I have seen this series getting lots of attention and being recommended everywhere. So often that I became a bit reluctant to read it, but I finally convinced myself to give it a go last night.

Stupid me for wasting time because reading it WAS THE BEST IDEA EVER.

Let’s just say my lack of sleep can suggest what happened. Not only did I finish it, I had to start book 2 at once.

I loved 99% of the book, but had a bit difficulty in character names. I had to stop and write them down so I can keep up, since there are a lot of similarities. This is not a surprise for me, because I literally finish a book and don’t remember names at all.

Eclipse “Lips” Anderson is a scholarship girl attending Hannaford Prep. She is immediately banned as trash, but little did they know this Wolf is hiding a lot of secrets.

She is one of The Twelve, a Game she had to win at the cost of her life. She has more power than most of these rich kids, but her plan is lay low, attend school, get the prestigious diploma and run. It’s the only way she can become free of The Jackal.

Her job isn’t an easy one, since she’s not the submissive type.

I don’t want to spoiler any, so I’ll give you the guys’ names so it’s easier to track them.

The twins: Avery and Ash Beaumont.

The Rockstar Blaise Morrison

Bad boy Harley who she meets in the beginning of the book and the devil: Joseph “Joey” Beaumont, the bad brother that torments everyone.

Lips has to take sides, because she will be the target of Joey.

This is an RH, but nothing romantically happens in Book 1. .. but you need to stick around, so try it. I DARE YOU!

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