Jul 312021
Cover Reveal Mateo's Reign by Atlas Rose

Mateo’s Reign (Cosa Nostra Institute Book 5) by Atlas Rose Welcome to Cosa Nostra Island where money is no object. Where the rich become richer and alliances are born.Where ties are forged and some are burned. Where the ruthless are groomed to ascend to the throne. And where bad blood gives rise to darker secrets.Step […]

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Jul 312021
Cover Reveal Taken by K.K. Allen

Taken (Enchanted Gods Book 3) by K.K. Allen USA Today Bestselling Author, K.K. Allen, continues to take readers on a deeply romantic and extraordinarily suspenseful adventure in a contemporary fantasy series. TAKEN is Book 3 in the all-new ENCHANTED GODS series. CURSED and FATED must be read first.

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Jul 302021
Cover Reveal Playing with Fire by Lili Valente

Playing with Fire (Hometown Heat Book 3) by Lili Valente Thou shalt not bang your best friend. That commandment would be a lot easier if Maddie wasn’t the sexiest siren ever to wade into a tide pool. Or if I was good at resisting temptation. I’m the troublemaker, the firefighter who enjoys getting a little […]

Jul 302021
Cover Reveal Hidden Harbor by Emma Renshaw

Hidden Harbor (The Port Mustand Series #1) by Emma Renshaw Run or die. It was a simple decision. Reyna had no choice but to escape her life and start somewhere new. A place where she’d finally feel safe. She fled, plunging straight into the depths of the unknown with only a hope she would land […]

Jul 302021
Cover Reveal Blaze by Helen Hardt

Blaze (Steel Brothers Saga Book 21) by Helen Hardt Are you missing the Steel Brothers? Are you yearning for more? Welcome to the next generation! Join the grown children of Jonah, Talon, Ryan, and Marjorie for new adventures, mysteries, and heart-pounding passion. The action, drama, and secrecy continue with Blaze, coming February 22, 2022!

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Jul 302021
Cover Reveal Cursed Wolf by Savannah Rose

Cursed Wolf (Once Upon a Rejected Princess Book 2) by Savannah Rose New mate. New opportunities. And the same old failure. Delina thought freedom was only a hop, skip and a jump away. But could it be that she’s traded one prison for another?

Jul 292021
Cover Reveal Crave by Piper Lawson

Crave by Piper Lawson Turns out the beautiful man from the club is my new professor… But he wasn’t when he kissed me. Olivia Barclay has never set foot in a strip club. She’s definitely not a girl who would seize the stage. But when she learns her ‘perfect’ boyfriend has been cheating, she lets […]

Jul 292021
Cover Reveal Alpha's Revenge by Renee Rose

Alpha’s Revenge (Shifter Ops series Book 3) by Renee Rose PROTECTING MY PACK COMES FIRST. ALWAYS. I learned the hard way what it’s like to lose people you love. As an alpha, I vowed never to let that happen again. That means keeping my focus. Never letting my guard down. And, most of all, staying […]

Jul 292021
Cover Reveal Heated by Lyla Grace

Heated by Lyla Grace (The Everyday Heroes World) Lyla Grace’s Heated is a sexy, enemies-to lovers, contemporary romance written in K. Bromberg’s Everyday Heroes World project. Gemma Malone just watched her entire life go up in flames. Her husband was killed in a devastating car accident, and now, she has uncovered a world of deceit […]

Jul 282021
Cover Reveal Man of the Month Club: SEPTEMBER by Callie Love

Man of the Month Club: SEPTEMBER by Callie Love & Ann Omasta Single mom, Marietta, has plenty of reasons not to trust men. A virtual romantic relationship is as far as she’s willing to go. Can this month’s bachelor, Chance, convince her that real-life love is worth the risk? The only man Marietta needs in […]

Jul 282021
Cover Reveal Mr. Bad Influence by M.A. Foster

Mr. Bad Influence (More than Money #13) by M.A. Foster One year. That was how long it took to plan the wedding of my dreams, from the dress all the way down to the shoes. It wasn’t until the shoes went missing that I discovered the man I was supposed to marry in twenty-four hours […]

Jul 282021
Cover Reveal Let's Get Physics by Mila Crawford

Let’s Get Physics (Love 101) by Mila Crawford They told me I would never amount to anything, that I would always be a lowlife, with nothing more to offer than street smarts. I proved them all wrong by becoming a professor at one of the top ranked universities in the country. But even now, they […]

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Jul 282021
Cover Reveal The Dom Identity by Lexi Blake

The Dom Identity (Masters and Mercenaries: Reloaded Book 2) by Lexi Blake A man with everything Michael Malone seems to have it all. A wealthy, loving family. A job that fulfills him. Friends he can count on. But something is missing. He’s spent years watching his brother and close friends get married and start families, […]

Jul 282021
Cover Reveal Confined Space by E.M. Shue

Confined Space by E.M. Shue (The Everyday Heroes World) E.M. Shue’s Confined Space is a gut-wrenching emotional journey and romantic suspense written in K. Bromberg’s Everyday Heroes World. At the end of her rope, Coral Pierce decides to move on to a new town and start over. Sunnyville isn’t what she was expecting when she […]

Jul 282021
Cover Reveal Wreck Me by Eliza Peake

Wreck Me (Madison Ridge Series Book 3) by Eliza Peake Life was simple. Until she wrecked his heart. Aidan Reynolds has enough to handle being interim sheriff in the small tourist town of Madison Ridge. With a woefully understaffed force and the busy season approaching, he doesn’t have time to babysit a big city stranger […]

Jul 272021
Cover Reveal Alexi's Pride by Atlas Rose

Alexi’s Pride (Cosa Nostra Institute Book 4) by Atlas Rose Family means strength and loyalty. But for the Killpatrick’s it means a lot more. It means death. It means retribution. It means shattering your dreams to make a future in the pieces. It means stepping into shoes bigger than mine. Shoes coated in blood… I […]

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Jul 272021
Cover Reveal Call Out by Autumn Archer

Call Out by Autumn Archer (The Everyday Heroes World) Autumn Archer’s Call Out is an emotionally charged, sexy, romantic suspense written in K. Bromberg’s Everyday Heroes World project. Moving to a new town was never going to be easy––especially with an unforgivable secret weighing me down. I moved to Sunnyville for a new career, a […]

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Jul 272021
Cover Reveal PSYCHOS by Sheridan Anne

PSYCHOS (Depraved Sinners Book 1) by Sheridan Anne Coming Soon … Depraved Sinners is a New Adult, Dark, Reverse Harem, Contemporary Romance series. It contains explicit sexual content, graphic violence, drug abuse, and coarse language. It is recommended for mature readers. Depraved Sinners is planned as a four book series.

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