Jul 282021

The Dom Identity (Masters and Mercenaries: Reloaded Book 2) by Lexi Blake

A man with everything Michael Malone seems to have it all. A wealthy, loving family.
A job that fulfills him. Friends he can count on. But something is missing. He’s spent years watching his brother and close friends get married and start families, but it hasn’t happened for him. When an assignment comes up to investigate fallen Hollywood star Vanessa Hale, he jumps at the chance.
She’s gorgeous and potentially deadly.
Playing the spy game with her might be just the thing to take his mind off his troubles. A woman with nothing left to lose Vanessa Hale had big dreams that ended in scandal. She returned home with nothing but heartache and the desire to find her sister’s killer. The trail points to someone at Lodge Corp, so taking a job with Julian Lodge’s mysterious company is her best option for finding the truth.
While she hunts for a killer during the day, she hopes to find some solace at night in The Club. Meeting the gorgeous, sexy and seemingly kind Michael Malone, their chemistry sparks in a way she’s never felt before, and Vanessa thinks maybe her luck has finally changed. A love that might save them both When Michael’s true motives are revealed, she will have to find a way to forgive his betrayal. The killer has made Vanessa their next target. Working together and stopping this monster is the only chance for them to have the real love they both deserve.

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Jul 122021

Bitten by Deception (True Immortality #4) by S. Young

English rockstar Elijah Webb is more than meets the eye. Being different might have made his childhood hell, but as an adult it’s opened doors to fame and fortune … and the supernatural underworld. Now that he knows all about the creatures that go bump in the night, Elijah’s pretty sure he’s a warlock. Powerful than most, but a warlock, nonetheless.
What else could he be, right?
Vampire Echo Payne is more than happy to infiltrate Elijah’s life to uncover whether the rockstar is one of the seven fae-borne prophesied to open the gate to Faerie. Having encountered one of his kind before, she knows he’s fae as soon as they meet. Her adoptive father, William, might want her to kill Elijah, but Echo has other plans now that she knows William is the monster who destroyed her family. She plans to end William Payne’s reign of terror and save her sister from the same fate she herself endured. But Echo needs Elijah’s help. Who cares about the blazing attraction that flares between them? Not Echo. She needs his fae gifts, not his addictive kisses.
When Elijah discovers Echo’s deception and the truth about what he is, he wants nothing but to protect his human parents. To do that, he has to trust the sexy vampire he can’t help but wish wanted him as much as she wanted revenge. Together they will travel across continents to help the other protect those they hold dearest and in doing so discover how deeply entwined their destinies really are…
For a peaceful future together might just be in the cards if Echo can let go of the past. But to win it, they will have to join forces with the other fae and their mates. It will take all of them to bring down their enemies. And if they fail, no one can save the human world from the darkness of Faerie.

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Jun 282021

The Magic of Discovery (Emerald Lakes #1) by Britt Andrews

Growing up in Emerald Lakes, population six hundred and eighty-two, had been safe and comfortable. Running my own magic shop and making a living off my green witchcraft, I have no complaints. Sure, there’s my ex, who never understood the word ‘no’, but there’s also the lovable and eccentric townspeople who feel more like one huge extended family, and let’s not forget my boy-crazed Gran who keeps us all on our toes.

…But something has apparently been missing, and the stars take it upon themselves to correct the problem, dropping four sexy men at my door. Well, not literally. They move into the apartment above my shop, so I’m their landlord. Drawn in by these mages who blew into town on a work assignment, a whole different kind of magic starts to grow between us, but my powers are doing things they shouldn’t, and there’s also a pesky prophecy to unravel.

Strange, unnatural things are brewing in Emerald Lakes, and I can’t ignore the sinking suspicion that something life-changing is headed my way.

Discovering a whole new world of magic, I can only hope I don’t lose myself in the madness.

This is a full-length romance novel. There is MM content. It ends on a cliffhanger and contains brief references to domestic violence and other themes that readers may find triggering.

I’ve started this book with a chapter 8 challenge which I give in return. I DARE you to blind react to this book.

To start off let me tell you this is a Paranormal Reverse Harem, with MMFMM and lots of steam. I mean… a LOT of steam.

Saige is your regular curvy green witch, who lives in a small town, running a small shop. She meets Cam, Kai, Sloane and Fisher when they arrive to her hometown in search of a person. Unbeknownst to them, they find out it’s Saige’s mother, but it’s too late because they are already pretty attached to her.

It builds on Saige being in a abused relationship before the guys, but it’s not that bad and worth as a trigger warning.

If you’re not into MM this book is NOT for you.

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Jun 212021

Infamous Love (Mountain Haven #1) by Lea Coll

Move away. Dye my hair. Change my name. Fly under the radar.
That’s my plan to keep the public from recognizing me. I just want to be the new business owner of an old-fashioned barber shop, the ultimate man cave. But all anyone seems to remember is that I’m the bad girl on a popular reality show.

And when I meet the new sexy veterinarian, his gruff voice and grumpy manner get my blood pumping. His sweet way with animals makes me want to know everything about him.

For the first time in my life, cameras aren’t broadcasting my every move. No producer is telling me what to say or do. No one’s pushing me toward him.

This natural gravitation toward him is the realest thing I’ve ever felt.
But when my past collides with my present, everything comes crashing down around me.

I wish I could just hide, but I can’t.

Escape my past. Keep my secrets buried. And secure the dream job.

That’s my plan to change my life.
I’m living like I could pack up and leave at a moment’s notice.
Now, my new boss won’t sell me his practice unless I convince him I’m here to stay.

Fresh from LA, Elle Carmichael walks into my vet office with her puppy and plans for her business. With her sunny disposition and wide-eyed hope, she thinks she’s a good fit for this town. As soon as her crazy business plan fails, she’ll be gone.

Getting involved with her is the worst kind of trouble. It will only attract attention to my past, ruining my future.

I wish I could resist her, but I can’t.

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Apr 192021

706 Sugarbush Lane (A Cherry Falls Romance #27) by Penelope Wylde

Tattoos…check. Beard…check. Alpha AF…heck yeah! The biggest beast on the mountain is about to break all his rules for the woman he wants.

I’m not who I pretend to be.

In my former life they called me the Beast, rebel, monster. I’ll be honest, I earned my brutal monikers the hard way and pocketed billions in the process. But what I’m not is someone’s savior.

Now I go by Sawyer Becker. The man who owns the Rust Nail bar.

Then I met her. Trinity Douglas—angel, thief, and my personal hell on Earth.

Wild Ridge Mountain’s firecracker barista with the soft lips, prettiest green eyes and the sexiest curves is one temptation no saint or mortal can ignore. She’s also a woman with a secret of her own.

They say when two like souls meet for the first time it’s the Universe uniting energies. All I know is she’s makes a hard man like me want what I can’t have.

So far, I’ve stayed away, but when she slides behind my bar and into my arms, one taste of her sweet lips breaks through my iron-clad self-control. And I take what I want.

She cracks my world wide open and the beast inside me roars to life. I claim every inch of her body and she claims me right back. I only hope my secret past doesn’t tear us apart.

Author’s naughty Note: He’s the bearded, secret broody billionaire and she’s the sexy temptation who breaks all his rules. On 706 Sugarbush Lane Wild Ridge Mountain’s alpha mountain man is about to fall to his knees and you’ll love every HOT, naughty minute of it! As always with a Penelope Wylde book, you’ll get the filthy, naughty bits you crave with the perfect happily ever after you love.

Cherry Falls is filled with returning characters and iconic destinations that will begin to feel like family. When you leave the city, and drive into Cherry Falls, it’s like you’ve finally come home.

The cherry on top? Each book delivers a swoon-worthy romance!

So welcome to Cherry Falls, we hope you stay awhile!

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Apr 022021

The Bossy Prince (Rugged and Royal Book 3) by Lili Valente

She claims to hate me more than karaoke and liverwurst, and that’s before she finds out I’m her new boss.

The scandalous royal bit? That’s just our cover, a smokescreen we hide behind to keep our counterintelligence work covert. But Princess Alexandria’s hatred of me?

Oh, that’s real.

Doesn’t help that the first undercover mission I assign her to requires us to pose as lovers. I’m basically ordering her to pretend she finds me irresistible.

You ask me, I have it tougher. Pretending I’m not getting addicted to the way she can’t stop kissing me when no one’s looking? Try impossible.

Then she starts letting me in, showing me the sweet side she keeps hidden under her tough girl exterior.

Ruining me for all other women.

Being royal, I always knew very little would ever be just mine. Becoming a spy, I understood the future wouldn’t be guaranteed.

For Alexandria, I’m going to fight for both.

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Mar 312021

Flipping Love You (Boys of the Bayou Gone Wild #3) by Erin Nicholas

A one-night stand, mistaken identity, surprise pregnancy, small town rom-com!

Jillian Morris is a workaholic who forgets to watch the time. And to eat. And to change her shoes. And to keep even a house-plant alive. And to have any kind of a personal life.

Now an eccentric millionaire has left her eight million dollars. And eight penguins. Yes, real live penguins. She’s a wildlife vet who specializes in penguins, so that makes sense. Kind of. She can, and does, keep penguins alive and well. She now just has to move them cross-country to her friend’s new animal park.

So if anyone deserves a one-night stand with a hot, younger, tattooed bad boy on a motorcycle, it’s her. Or so Jill tells herself when Zeke Landry flips his bike in front of her motel and she stitches him up.

If only she’d known who he really was.
And that he was the fall-hard-and-fast type.
And the protective type.
And that the one night would turn into more like nine-months of being…sigh…very personal.
Expected publication: June 29th 2021

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Mar 202021

Southern Hotshot (North Carolina Highlands Series Book 2) by Jessica Peterson

Lusting after the woman trying to steal my job is stupid. Sexting with her? That’s a game-changing fumble.

Emma Crawford became enemy number one the second she stepped foot on Blue Mountain Farm. She might think I’m just a dumb jock, but I know she’s a stuck-up wine snob who believes she’d be a better exec than me.

She can take my position over my dead body.

But with her ridiculous curves and fearless smarts, she’s becoming one giant distraction just when I need to prove my worth most.

Lucky for me that I have a secret internet sext partner to blow off steam with. My nightly dirty chats with V scratch all the itches Emma gives me.

Emma and V couldn’t be more different—except it turns out they’re the same person.

Just when I thought this scenario was enough of a disaster, I’m falling for the co-worker I can’t touch and can hardly stand.

Even a hotshot player like me can see this is a game we’re both gonna lose.

Southern Hotshot is the next STANDALONE novel in the all new North Carolina Highlands Series! This is Samuel and Emma’s smoking hot enemies-to-lovers story. Coming winter 2020!

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Feb 142021

Bachelor Swap by Lacey Black

I’m in trouble.

On the brink of losing everything I’ve worked for, I have a choice to make. Sit back and watch it all evaporate before my eyes, or accept a deal with the devil himself, my identical twin brother, Matthew.

He has agreed to fund my floundering cattle ranch if I do three things:
1.Oversee the redecorating of his apartment in the famed Bachelor Tower in Boston.
2.Make sure his latest business deal proceeds without a hitch.
3.Break up with his girlfriend, Kyla.

Seems easy enough, right?


Pretending to be my brother is hard enough, but tossing in an instant attraction to my brother’s girlfriend adds an extra layer of complication I wasn’t prepared for. All I have to do is get through three weeks portraying my brother, and I’m home free.

Shouldn’t be too hard, as long as I can keep my heart out of the deal.

*Bachelor Swap is a sexy contemporary romance addition to Ruth Cardello’s Bachelor Tower World.

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Feb 112021

Gametime (MOO U #4) by Jami Davenport

One drunken night and one case of mistaken identity turn a friendship inside out…

You’ve seen the hockey twins around campus–they look identical, but you can tell them apart by their actions. Patrick is the one who’s busy charming women. Paxton is the one in the library.

Until one night when Paxton parties a little harder than usual. Next thing he knows, he’s waking up naked next to Naomi, the girl of his dreams. He bares his heart before an awful realization sets in. He’s not the twin she thought he was…

Naomi is the only child of a hockey legend. Partying hard is the best way she knows how to rebel against her controlling father. After a particularly crazy night, she realizes her big mistake. Her hookup isn’t the guy she’s been crushing on. It’s Paxton, her friend, the guy who gets her, who she can always count on. The guy she’d never want to hurt. And yet, the sex was good. Better than good.

Now she’s wondering if the wrong twin might be the right one after all . . .

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Jan 142021

The Sheik’s Scandal (The Raminar Family Book 3) by Elizabeth Lennox

She fell in love with the enemy!

Princess Talia el Raminar briefly saw a man through a doorway…and never knew how much he would change her life. She fell in love with the mysterious man named Santos, enthralled by the intensity of his touch as well as their conversations and the way he could make her laugh. The way he could help her forget the painful past. But a crisis ends their affair too quickly and she thinks she’ll never see him again.

Sheik Tobin Santos el Fazir can’t get the woman out of his mind. Nor can he discover her identity! When he finally sees her again, he’s fascinated, charmed and enchanted. Then disaster strikes and he must return to his country, but determined to see her again. Unfortunately, he sees her with the enemy! Was she a spy? Or were her feelings for him genuine? He’s so in love with Talia that he can’t trust his own feelings. But when he discovers that their desire for each other has some amazing consequences, Santos is determined to make things right.

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Dec 262020

Tin Queen (Tin Gypsy Book 6) by Devney Perry

From USA Today Bestselling Author Devney Perry comes a small town Montana romance.

No promises. No expectations. No names. That’s what Emmett Stone agreed to with the woman who caught his eye two months ago. After years of drama following the end of the Tin Gypsy Motorcycle Club, a no-strings fling with a mystery woman is exactly what he needs. Except as they find themselves together more and more, it’s impossible for him to keep his feelings at bay. She’s clever and sassy. She’s gracious and kind. She loves riding on the back of his bike every Saturday afternoon and lazing in his bed every Sunday morning. She’s the perfect woman.

Except she’s Nova Talbot, the daughter of his archenemy—the man who murdered his father.

Her identity will cost her the man who’s captured her heart unless she can convince Emmett her feelings are true.

Before he learns the reason she proposed their fling in the first place.
Publication date : September 14, 2021

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Dec 232020

Kit (Chicago Blaze #8) by Brenda Rothert


Molly Lynch isn’t like any woman I’ve met before. The pretty, ball-busting reporter has a penchant for asking questions that dredge up memories I’d rather keep buried. I answer them, though, because I’m so intrigued by her—a mix of shy and bold, so set in her ways that the slightest change knocks her off kilter. The closer Molly gets to my dark truth, though, the more I try to shift her focus to what I want most—her total surrender to me in the bedroom.


I finally have the life I’m meant for. Predictable. Boring. Safe. NHL player Kit Carter upsets the stability I crave when he looks at me with his dark eyes, wounded and guarded, but also swirling with desire. I can’t let him figure out who I truly am—driven not by ambition but by anxiety. Unable to let go of my control, even for a second. There’s something about Kit that draws me to him so powerfully it’s no longer a choice, though. I need to give in, even if it costs me everything.

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Dec 222020

Decidedly with Luck (By The Bay Book 6) by Stina Lindenblatt

Masquerade ball rule #1: what happens at the ball doesn’t always stay at the ball.


A chance encounter with a masked stranger at a charity ball led to an incredible kiss and a night of hot sex. The kiss was my goal for that night, a baby step forward after my husband’s death a year ago. The hot sex? Not so much.

You know what else hadn’t been my goal?

To be knocked up by a man whose identity is a mystery to me.

So now I’m preparing for my impending motherhood and planning a fundraiser to provide books for foster kids.

The latter is where hot hockey player Logan Mathews comes in…

The last time I saw Kiera Ashdown was the night of the Jingle Balls masquerade ball. She’d wanted her first time with a man after her husband’s death to be with a stranger.

After my NHL team trades me to San Francisco, where my daughter and ex-wife live, I’m determined to be a better father and not repeat past mistakes. My hockey career and my daughter come first.

The last thing I expect to discover is that Kiera is my seven-year-old daughter’s teacher. The last thing I expect to learn is that she’s pregnant with my dead best friend’s child.

And the last thing I want to admit is that I was the one who made love to Kiera—several times—the night of the ball.

Because if she ever found out that I’d lied to her, I could lose her friendship. I could lose so much more…

Decidedly with Luck is a standalone romance. All the books in the series can be read in any order.

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Dec 222020

Enemies-to-Bliss (The Moore Family Book 4) by Abby Brooks

He’s cocky. And full of himself. And sexy as hell! She’s helpless. And hopeless. And constantly on his mind.

When Lilah bets her brothers she can survive on her own in the real world, she doesn’t see the harm. She’s Lilah Moore—she can do anything. Right?


Turns out the real world is real hard and Lilah isn’t skilled at much. Enter Cole Bennett, her sexy as sin next-door neighbor. Every time Lilah has a problem, there he is, solution in hand.

Their chemistry is undeniable—even if neither of them is willing to admit it. The one problem Cole can’t solve? Lilah doesn’t do casual and he doesn’t do serious.

Growing up, he learned that love hurts and relationships are messy. His motto? Best to love ‘em and leave ‘em before anyone gets attached.

At least that was his motto until Lilah’s first day at the pool, all long legs and hot pink bikini. She’s the first woman to throw his sarcastic comments back at him. The first woman who doesn’t fall into (and right back out of) his bed.

The first woman to make him wonder about forever.

Except Lilah isn’t who she says she is, and Cole is anything but prepared for the truth.

Enemies-to-Bliss is a feel-good, enemies-to-lovers romance with a spoiled rich girl who makes a terrible waitress and a blue collar hero who’s terrible at opening up.

If you love hilarious brothers with a bossy gene, scroll up and one-click to start your adventure in Bliss today.

This title was originally published as Break Away and has been re-worked, re-edited, re-titled, and re-published.

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Dec 142020

Dominate (Deliver Book 8) by Pam Godwin

There are many reasons to jump off a bridge, but Rylee Sutton only needs one.
Her husband’s betrayal.
Just before she leaps, she receives an email from a stranger.
The boy’s message is meant for his dead girlfriend, but his anguish speaks to Rylee.
It saves her life.

Over the next decade, Tomas Dine continues to email his dead girl. As he evolves from a teenager into a hardened, vicious criminal, Rylee is there, reading every intimate word.
He doesn’t know she exists.

When she comes forward, he despises her, his cruelty unforgivable. But she doesn’t back down. In a carnal battle of punishment and passion, hatred dominates.
Until he loses her.
Amid looming danger and unsolved murders rises a devotion forged in strife.
Love is lethal in his ruthless world. To survive it, they must fight for answers—and each other.

DELIVER series (HEAs with no cliffhangers – must be read in order)

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Dec 132020

Delivered in Sin (Sin and Secrets #1) by Nicole Rodrigues

By day…
Magnolia Giordano is a labor and delivery nurse.
By night…
she’s Madam Siren, exotic dancer at RISE, the gentlemen’s club she co-owns with her three best friends.

This is her story…

At sixteen I was married off.
At eighteen I was cast out.

Seven years later, I have everything I could ever want but I’m broken, broken beyond repair until I snap and succumb to him. The man I keep running into, the man that changed my life with just one night without even knowing it. I embrace the fairytale, let myself believe I deserve it without knowing it’ll put everyone I love in danger. I have everything I ever wanted now though, and there is nothing I won’t do to keep it.

One night.
There was something that drew me to her like a…Siren. When fate keeps pushing you together, you can only ignore it for so long. I can’t deny it any longer. When her past comes to derail us, I don’t have a choice but to protect what’s mine and that’s her. She’s mine and I will do anything to protect this life we’ve built together, despite the consequences.

This is book 1 in the Sin and Secrets Collection. It is recommended to read the prequel novella, RISE before diving into this series.

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Dec 122020

Holiday Fake Date (The Warren Family Holidays Book 3) by Gwyn McNamee

A big favor. Mistaken identity. One interesting Thanksgiving dinner.

If there’s anything I hate more than Warren family holidays, I can’t think of it.
The last two years have been real doozies too.
My brothers’ choices have made my life a living hell.
Because now all the Warren focus has fallen on me.
What they want from me. What they expect from me now that I’m about to graduate.
I couldn’t care less, though.
My only goal going home this Thanksgiving is to ensure everyone around that table understands exactly how I feel about their expectations.
And I have just the plan to do it.
All I need is a fake boyfriend who can really get under their skin.

All I wanted was a little time away from stresses of work.
The cross-country motorcycle trip was just what I needed.
Pulling into sunny California and climbing off my bike feels like a fresh start.
But when a beautiful woman mistakes me for someone else and says she needs my help…
I can’t resist, despite knowing it means going back to the East Coast.
And that I’ll be walking into the Warren lion den for Thanksgiving dinner.
No one knows who I am, and I plan to keep it that way.
Until I realize the fake relationship I have with Athena is turning into something very real.

When an entire relationship is based on lies, will the truth destroy new romance or will love be discovered in time to ring in the holidays?

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Dec 092020

Eye Candy (Fighting for Love Book 3) by Jiffy Kate

Vali Erickson is the classic middle child—misunderstood, underestimated, and overlooked. He’s fine with it. Really. The overlooked part is actually serving him well during this phase of life.

He’s in Green Valley in an effort to fly under the radar and regroup after a life-altering blow to his heart and ego. The last thing he’s looking for is a woman to warm his bed until one throws him to the mat and rocks his world.

Margaret O’Neal is an only child who has led a sheltered life. She’s used to being a wallflower. Her ability to blend into the background is what allows her to maintain her anonymity as a gossip columnist for the Green Valley Ledger.

Since the Ericksons moved to town, she’s never felt more inspired, especially with the newest addition. Vali Erickson is the definition of eye candy—devastatingly handsome with muscles for days—giving her plenty to report about.

The more Maggie observes, the more she finds herself wanting things she’s only read about in romance novels.

Admiring Vali from afar is good enough for her until their paths cross and she finds herself trying to stay afloat in uncharted territory—no labels, no promises, and WAY out of her comfort zone.

Will this arrangement be what finally breaks her out of her shell, or will her heart be a casualty of the Viking Invasion?

‘Eye Candy’ is a full-length contemporary romance, and can be read as a standalone. Book #3 in the Fighting For Love series, Green Valley Chronicles, Penny Reid Book Universe.

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Dec 082020

The Not-Outcast by Tijan

Cutler Ryder was everything I wasn’t.

He was the hockey star. I was an outcast.
He was best friends with my stepbrother, that same stepbrother who hated me.
His two parents loved him. My mom was a junkie. My dad barely knew me.

Years passed.
I got my life together.
Cut went onto NHL stardom.

Then there was a text.
I was drinking.
There was a party.
Cut was there…

I loved Cutler Ryder since the first moment I saw him.
The only problem? He never knew I existed.
Expected publication: December 1st 2020

This book as soooo many others written by TIjan was a rollercoaster of emotions. I kid you not! If you’ve read Ryan’s Bed, you might know what I am talking about.

At 15% i started to really get into the story, the emotions and the intriguing plot had me blowing full steam. I devoured this book this evening and kind of forgot about the world for a bit. This is what this book does to you, it sucks you in and keeps you there.

Well done, Tijan. Happy to have read another great book.

A small warning, this book deals with mental issues and the life of a kid who was outcast by everyone but managed to come out a successful young woman.

Chayenne fought against the system, her unfortunately parents and her imaginative crush on Cut Ryder, her step brother’s best friend. Now she deals with her emotions and the line between reality and her coping mechanism for when she was young. This will add more on her because finally Cut sees her. Wants her.

Turns out she was in love and now Cut is interested. They are all grown up, but the family drama is still there and secrets are to be exposed.

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