Sep 182021

Owned by the Mob (Bianchi Crime Family Book 3) by C.M. Steele

Niccolò: I like my life the way it is, working hard on the numbers for the organizations on both legal and illegal sides. I let nothing impede my work and that will never change. I couldn’t have been more wrong. One look at Ivy and I’d lost all focus on my numbers. Ivy will be my only distraction.

Ivy: He shows ups day after day looking insanely gorgeous and smart in his sharply dressed suits, laptop, and a pair of black-rimmed glasses. He stares at me almost the entire time he sits in my café, but he doesn’t introduce himself to me. As time goes on, the more I want him to leave, but I’ve learned that not only does he now own the café—he owns me too.

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Sep 182021

Captured by the Mob (Bianchi Crime Family Book 2) by C.M. Steele

Nero: As the Underboss and enforcer for the Bianchi Family, I’ve got my hands full. When dealing with my enemies, I’m quick, efficient, and I never slip up. That’s until one beauty accidentally gets in the way, seeing more than she should. I can’t let her go, and I can’t end her, so I do the only thing I can…
I take her captive.

Mariana: I thought my day couldn’t get any worse. I sucked at my job and was about to be homeless until I had to go knocking on the wrong door. When he opened the door and dragged me in, I thought I was a goner, but it’s not that simple. He has other plans for me.
For now, he’s my captor.

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Sep 182021

Married to the Mob (Bianchi Crime Family Book 1) by C.M. Steele

Fascinated. One look and I’d known at that moment that she’d be my wife. Nothing and no one will keep my queen from me, even if I have to wait years to finally claim her. There are no words to express what I’m willing to do to protect our future together. Aria Grasso is mine.

An arranged marriage. I had no idea that I’d be forced to marry a man I didn’t know. I should push him away, but the moment Domani Bianchi and I speak for the first time, I’m confident that it’s a lost cause. Domani has decided I’m his, and my body agrees. Not everyone agrees with our upcoming wedding. However, Domani will have his way. I will be his.

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Sep 162021

Forbidden to Love by Siobhan Davis

Natalia Mazzone has grown up knowing she is promised to a made man. As the only daughter of one of New York’s most powerful mafia dons, she knows she can’t refuse. It’s her duty, and she would never dishonor her beloved father.

But the man she’s promised to is a monster. And there is nothing but torture, pain, and heartache lying in wait.

So, she grabs happiness when she finds it—in the somewhat reluctant arms of Leonardo Messina.

Leo is her brother’s best friend. A soldato for the Mazzone famiglia.A man with strong ambition and an even stronger resolve. He won’t allow them to give in to temptation, so Natalia is forced to love him from afar.

Until one forbidden night changes everything, and she readily hands Leo the key to her heart.

Leo risked everything for the one woman he can never have. He doesn’t regret it. It saved Natalia from a life of hell, but his actions set her on a different course.

One that doesn’t involve him.

Years have passed, and his feelings remain the same. Yet he keeps his distance, dedicating himself to his new role as underboss to Bennett Mazzone, while the love of his life is married to another man.

Until a twist of fate puts Natalia in his path again, and this time, he is powerless to resist.

Expected publication September 30, 2021

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Sep 162021

City Of Thieves (Underworld Kings) by Catherine Wiltcher & Cora Kenborn

From USA Today Bestselling author, Cora Kenborn, and International Bestselling author, Catherine Wiltcher, comes a new mafia romance where love is the most dangerous crime of all…

This city tells a story of a man seeking vengeance…

Renzo Marchesi gives me two choices when he walks, unannounced, into my art gallery:
Help him find his brother’s killer or suffer the consequences.

He’s a mafia prince…

Heir to the Marchesi throne.
A man consumed by his demons.
I don’t belong in his world, and he doesn’t belong in mine.

Still, I’m not the spoiled politician’s daughter he thinks I am…

This is the City of Thieves, where lies are hard currency and deception is the real art.
Trust no one.
Love no one.
Too bad I don’t follow my own rules…

They say black arrows make for bleeding hearts.
Now, I’m planning the ultimate heist for a man who never misses.

City of Thieves is an enemies to lovers mafia romance with no cliffhanger and a guaranteed HEA. For mature readers only.

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Sep 102021

Tears Of Salvation (Underworld Kings) by Michelle Heard

From USA Today & Wall Street Journal bestselling author Michelle Heard comes a new standalone, full-length mafia romance novel.


I was the party crasher.
He was the Devil.

Three months ago, I suffered a moment of insanity and had a one-night stand without even knowing who the man was.
It was hot and unforgettable.
I tried to forget him, but there are moments I swear I can still smell his aftershave.

Little did I know he’s the head of the Bratva.
Alexei Koslov.
My family’s worst enemy.

There’s a thin line between love and hate, and I’m straddling it.


There’s an even thinner line between the truth and a lie.

As the head of the Bratva and the best assassin, I’m the devil everyone fears.

I get more than I bargained for when I come face to face with Isabella Terrero.
Instead of the Princess of Terror, she might just be the embodiment of the goddess of mischief and chaos.

For her, I broke all my rules.
For her, I burned down the world.

A complete standalone novel in the Underworld Kings series.
: Romance Suspense full-length novel.

WARNING: 18+ only. Please read responsibly.

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Sep 092021

Vengeful Kingpin (Underworld Kings) by Bella J. & Isabella Starling

Bestselling authors Bella J and Isabella Starling present a dark, twisted and irresistible arranged marriage, enemies-to-lovers mafia romance that will leave you breathless.


Katiya Markov is a poor substitute for her sister, but I’m not letting that stop me.

I built everything I own from the ground up, and I’ll do anything to gain more power. Including marrying a Russian mafia girl who despises me.

Everyone can be broken using the right methods. Insolent Katiya is no different.

I’m going to love breaking her until she finally accepts her place.

On her knees in front of me.


Remo Altieri is the devil. A cold-hearted murderer who took my sister from me, and now expects me to take her place at his side before God.

He thinks I’m weak. That I’ll bow and submit. But he doesn’t know me. He doesn’t know the blood that flows through my veins. Bratva blood.

I’ll fight him. I’ll survive him. And in the end…I will kill him

Vengeful Kingpin is a part of the Underworld Kings series, but can be read as a complete standalone. This is a dark, mafia romance novel.

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Sep 082021

Cold Hearted Bastard (Underworld Kings) by Jenika Snow

Coming soon from USA Today bestselling author Jenika Snow is a brand new full-length gritty mafia romance that blurs the lines between right and wrong… and love and hate.
He didn’t have a heart… but he wanted hers.

All I knew about life was anger and violence. Pain and suffering. Kill or be killed.

I was a “fixer” for the Ruin—a syndicate for the Bratva, Cosa Nostra, Cartel, and any other organized crime faction that dealt in the darker, crueler aspects of humanity.

I was a free agent who was called upon to do things weaker men didn’t have the stomach for.

And when you surround yourself with death for long enough, soon, you didn’t remember what it felt like to be alive.

And then I saw her. She was a fragile little thing who tried to be strong. But I could tell she’d seen too much horror in the world, too much of the ugly within people. I should have stayed away. I’d only bring her farther down into the darkness.

But for the first time in my life, I felt a stirring in my chest, this protectiveness and possessiveness toward another living person. And it was painful. It made me feel alive.

Lina tried to hide how broken she was, but I was an old friend of being ruined. She held secrets I’d find out. Because for the first time in my miserable life, I wanted something for myself. I felt something more than apathy and indifference.

I wanted to possess the innocence she clung to. I wanted to break it open and consume it for myself.

I could look into her too trusting blue eyes and knew I’d maim for her. I’d kill for her. And that became our truth when her past finally came back for her, when my present tried to destroy her.

They thought they could take the one thing—the only thing—I’d ever wanted for myself. They were wrong.

When I looked at her, I felt some of the monster that made me who I was retreat back to my black soul. He’d never leave… but he’d share the space.

For her.

A complete standalone novel in the Underworld Kings series.

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Sep 072021

Inked Kingdom (Underworld Kings) by Carrie Ann Ryan

I fell for Sarina the moment I saw her.
When the Kingdom tore her for me, I promised revenge.
My claim was forfeit the moment she ran, but now I will follow.
I will find her.
I will earn her.
And I will burn the world if they dare touch her.

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Aug 312021

Chained Hands (Chained Hearts Duet Book 1) by T.L. Smith


My husband sold me.
Not only did he sell me, but he told me he loved me while doing the deal.
What lies he tells.
Only fools believe him.
Unfortunately, one of those fools was…


I’m not in the habit of buying women.
I didn’t need to.
I was a king of my realm, the devil you whispered about in your sleep.
So when his debt fell due, he sold me his wife.
And I was happy because I wanted to play with her like any fool would.
And play with her, I did.
Pity, in the end, I would have to kill her.

*Mafia Romance*

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Aug 312021

Baldeon (Cosa Nostra Heirs Book 1) by Atlas Rose

I’m the first son of the Baldeon blood line.

It’s the name you don’t want spoken…especially where retribution is concerned.

So when some low-life scum thinks he can abduct me.

You can be sure I’ll find out who they are.

But the beatings are relentless, and I’m alone…until she comes.

This fierce woman who looks at me with haunted blue eyes.

I know she’s Russian…and I also know she’s like me.

A prisoner.

What I don’t know is who she is.

Or why she’ll risk her life to help me.

In the filthy and the torture I fall for her. She protects me, she cares for me.

When she gives me a chance of freedom, I do the only thing I can…I run.

But their fists and fury are no match for the fire I feel for her.

The agony in my chest drives me from my hospital bed.

It’s telling me she is more than who I think she is…

It’s telling me she is fate.

My fate.

And I’ll go to the ends of Hell to save what’s mine.

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Aug 292021

Canary by Tijan

We were on the front lines in that world, the mafia world.

There was nothing soft or glamorous about it.

Who you were before no longer mattered. Names didn’t exist.

I joined anyway. I had no other choice because they took my sister.

Join. Find her. Try and make it out alive.

Then he won me in a poker game.

I hated him instantly, thinking he was like my other bosses before him.

He wasn’t. He was worse.

He wasn’t just cold. He was dead inside.

It didn’t matter that he was gorgeous.

He was the most lethal thing I’d ever met.

He was also the only person who could keep me alive, if he didn’t kill me himself.

A/N This is a 102k mafia/cartel standalone.

This is the most violent book Tijan has ever written.

Trigger warning: references to sexual violence

“Canaries sing to save lives. I sing and people die.”

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Aug 202021

Savior of Regrets (Verona Legacy #4) by L A Cotton

USA Today bestselling author L A Cotton’s angsty college mafia romance series, Verona Legacy, continues with Matteo Bellatoni’s story…

Caitlin O’Connell hides the scars of her past.

Lost. Alone. Afraid.

When she wakes up in the hospital, broken and bruised, Caitlin has no choice but to accept help from the Marchetti crime family… and the one guy she never thought she’d see again.

Matteo Bellatoni wears his heart on his sleeve.

Loyal. Determined. Devoted.

Watching his best friends find love has left him wondering if he’ll ever have that… especially, since he’s pretty sure he already let his soulmate slip through his fingers.

When Matteo and Caitlin’s paths cross unexpectedly, all those feelings come rushing back, and he’s determined to prove to her that some guys are worth the risk.

All is not what it seems though.

Caitlin isn’t the woman he thinks she is, and her secrets might be too big for Matteo to overcome. But he won’t give up without a fight. Even when the past catches up with her and threatens the family he loves so much, Matteo refuses to let her go.

Because he lost her once…

He won’t lose her again.

* Savior of Regrets is a 80,000 word story set in the Verona Legacy world. Due to mature content that some readers may find distressing, this book is recommended for readers 18+

Excerpt Savior of Regrets by L A Cotton

“M-Matteo?” Her eyes flickered open. “What time is it?”
“Late. Everyone already went to bed.”
“They did?”
I nodded, offering her my hand. “Let’s get you into bed.”
Without argument, Caitlin took my hand and I led her down the hall to her room.
“Where will you sleep?” she asked around a yawn.
I pulled back the covers and flicked my head for her to get in the bed. Pulling off her hoodie, Caitlin slipped into the sheets and nestled down.
“I’ll see you tomorrow,” I said.
The word echoed through my skull. My eyes found hers in the dark, and she smiled. “Matteo, will you please stay with me?”
Without a word, I yanked off my sweater and shucked out of my jeans, climbing in beside her. Caitlin burrowed into my side and laid her hand on my breastbone. “Thank you,” she whispered. “For everything.”
I pressed a kiss to her hair, hardly able to wipe the smile off my face. “You’re worth it, Tink. I hope you know that.”
A beat passed, and another, and Cait still didn’t answer.
“Cait?” I gently shook her. Nothing.
She was out for the count, curled into my side like she belonged there.
It was disarming, the deep sense of peace I felt having her close. We didn’t know each other, not really, not beyond the surface. Yet, I felt tethered to her in a way I couldn’t explain.
I wanted to hold her like this every night and wake every morning to her green eyes and blinding smile.
I wanted her—plain and simple.
But as I closed my eyes, and allowed myself to fall into oblivion, I couldn’t help but feel like I was one breath away from losing her.

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Aug 182021

Diamonds in the Dust (Diamonds are Forever Trilogy #1) by Charmaine Pauls


Men like us, we see things.
We do things, things that make us unfeeling.

That’s the price of power and money, of living la belle vie and running the French mafia. Then she came along like a pretty wildflower pushing through the cracks on a dirty pavement – fragile yet resilient, a breath of beauty among the filth. She was supposed to be just another job, a nameless person I was to pluck from her life and hand to my brother, nothing but a pawn in the gamble of our diamond business.

There’s a psychological label for men like us.

We lack empathy and guilt.
We do things to have what we want, things that make flowers wilt.

Excerpt Diamonds in the Dust by Charmaine Pauls

His tone is gentle, one you’d use trying to coax the truth out of someone. “Why were you still a virgin?”
“I was waiting for the right man,” I say like it doesn’t matter.
He nods, a silent acknowledgment of understanding. There’s no remorse in his voice when he says, “No man can be more wrong than me.”
I’m shaking violently when he picks me up, sheltering me against his chest. He carries me inside and easily closes the door balancing me in one arm. He goes to the bathroom and lowers me onto the rug next to the bath. I wrap my arms around myself, shivering as I watch him open the tap to let the water run warm. The petals and candles are gone. The bath has been cleaned. Housekeeping came in while we were having dinner.
The bath is only a quarter full when he slips his palms under the jacket and brushes it off my shoulders, carelessly disregarding the expensive garment crumpled on the floor. He picks me up and puts me on my feet in the bath. Taking a jar of bath salts from the edge, he empties the whole jar in the bath and scoops water into the jar that he empties over my shoulder.
The warmth dispels the cold. My skin contracts with goosebumps. He refills the jar and drains it over my other shoulder. He does the same with my front and back, and then he crouches down to soap a sponge. He starts at my waist, dragging the sponge from my hip to my thigh before squeezing out the sponge and letting the soapy water run down my calf. Meticulously, he washes me, stroke by gentle stroke removing the blood and the cold.
The bathroom is warm, but I’m still shivering. When the bath is half-full, he turns off the water and guides me to lie down. Twisting my hair in a knot, he trails it over the edge of the bath. The water stings between my legs, but heat envelopes me, melting the last of the bitter frost under my skin and calming my shivers. All the while, he continues to bathe me, washing away the remnants of our coupling in a strangely humble way as if I’m the princess and he the servant.
When my skin starts to wrinkle, he pulls the plug and takes my hand to help me out of the bath. Draping a fluffy towel around me, he dries my body. When not a patch of wetness is left on my skin, he leads me back to the room and makes me sit on the loveseat while he strips the sheets off the bed, leaving the duvet. Folding it back, he looks at me in silent command.
I’m spent. My fight is cold. I get up without arguing, dropping the towel at the side of the bed before getting in. Turning on my side, I face the wall. He gets in beside me, flicks off the lamp, and spoons me from behind with an arm he throws over my stomach to anchor me to him.
Our breathing is quiet. We’re both awake, but neither of us speaks. Light from the streetlamps falls through the window into the room. It plays over the walls, creating a shadowed reflection of the free world outside.
After a long while, he says into the darkness, “If I had the time, I would’ve made you fall in love with me first.”
At the words, I stop breathing.
They’re meant to be a consolation, but they’re stunningly cruel.

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Aug 172021

Valachi (Cosa Nostra Heirs Book 5) by Atlas Rose

Final blurb coming soon…
Families will fracture.

Kingdoms will fall.

And in the rubble new blood rises.

One with a savage hunger and am unquenchable thirst for control.

They are the first sons, men who are beasts and beasts who are men.

With nothing to stand in their way…

Except for love.

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Aug 162021

Queen of Anarchy (Dirty Broken Savages Book 2) by Eva Ashwood

Queen of Anarchy is the heart-pounding second installment in the Dirty Broken Savages series.

Note: The blurb below contains spoilers for the first book, so I’d highly recommend not reading it until you’ve finished reading book one, Kings of Chaos. You’ve been warned!


I was a good girl once. But bad b*tches get shit done.

My list is finished. Every name has been crossed off. I should be sipping cocktails on a beach somewhere, breathing easy for the first time in years.

But I’m not.

Because that asshole Ivan St. James refused to stay at the bottom of the river where Knox put him.

Because someone dragged his body up from the depths and laid it out as a very public, very gruesome warning.

Because I swear it was Hannah’s eyes I saw behind that mask.

Nothing makes sense anymore, and if I thought I might find some peace in knowing that the men who hurt us are dead, I was wrong.

The game isn’t over yet. The original deal I struck with the Kings of Chaos is null and void, and despite my plan to walk away from them when this was all done, there’s no way I can do that now.

Our fates are entwined, at least until we sort out this mess.

Honestly, I don’t know how to feel about that. Because as much as I refuse to let my walls down for anyone, I’m starting to think these four brutal, dangerous men…

Might be the only ones I can trust.

Queen of Anarchy is a full length mafia/gang new adult romance featuring a slightly psycho heroine and four even more psychotic men. This book contains dark themes, so please read at your own discretion. It is book 2 of 4.

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Aug 162021

Diamonds are Forever (Diamonds are Forever Trilogy #3) by Charmaine Pauls


My love is wasted like gemstones in the dust, walked over by an oblivious shoe. It takes many suffering years and layers of mountains to squeeze carbon into a precious stone. Now that I’m polished and hard like a diamond, he doesn’t get to kick me back into the dirt.

Men like him don’t love women like me.
They don’t love.

But he made me.
He’ll live with me.
Because diamonds are forever.

Excerpt Diamonds are Forever by Charmaine Pauls

Dragging both hands over his head, he tilts his face to the ceiling and walks away from me. “Fuck.” He stays at the far end of the room for a moment before turning back to me. His hair is even wilder than before when he finally drops his arms to his sides. A war rages in his eyes. For a minute, he’s not my kidnapper, but the man who cares about me. He’s just a man making himself vulnerable by opening up and dropping his defenses. “I don’t want to scare you, Zoe. After your father—”
Sighing, he comes back and picks up the medicine box. “I’m going to tell you a story. A young man goes to a market and sees a beautiful woman admiring a precious object. He can see she wants it, but when she opens her purse, she doesn’t have enough money. This man, he was paid to abduct that woman. He has two choices. He can either grab her, tie her up, and drag her away, or he can go up to her and tell her how beautiful she is and buy her that precious object she wants so much. He can do that for her and be kind, inviting her to dinner. They can have a good time, have great sex. He can ask her to go away with him and knows she’ll say yes. Tell me, Zoe. Which man is kinder? Which man is the most selfless?”
“The honest one,” I whisper.
A shutter drops in front of his eyes. The man who was reaching out to me a second ago retracts back into his shell. I mourn the loss, the almost-intimacy, but I can’t lie to him. I can’t betray myself. I can’t strengthen his warped belief that lies can smooth over his crimes.

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Aug 122021

Wrath (Malice Mafia Book 2) by CoraLee June

I hated fire. I hated how the smoke wrapped around my naked body, stinging my skin with defiant embers. I hated the smell of burnt flesh, the ashes heavy on my tongue, my charred soul like splinters deep in my chest.

She’s dead, Juliet.

There’s nothing else you can do–

Dragging my bleeding feet across the concrete, I walked toward the flames. Heat licked at my cheeks. Sirens off in the distance cursed my ears.

Dead, dead, dead.

All of this started because I made a choice. Because I fell in love. Because I was a lonely girl clinging to dangerous men.

She was dead because of them.

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Aug 122021

My Fiancé’s Bodyguard by Ivy Wild

Loving him could kill us both.
But the forbidden attraction to my fiancès bodyguard is one desire I cannot resist.
I thought the days of arranged marriages were over.
Apparently, I was wrong.
Because my father has sold me to a mob boss, Johnny Maldano,
and in a few short months, we’re supposed to be married.
His record might be squeaky clean, but anyone in Boston knows who Johnny really is
and who’s under his control.
But I’m no one’s plaything.
Enter Maxon Holt:
Johnny’s bodyguard and the man I can’t help but want.
Cold, dark, broody and distant, he’s completely off limits and won’t let me out of his sight.
But just as enemies become lovers, Max is harboring a secret that could destroy us both.

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Aug 112021

Rossi (Cosa Nostra Heirs Book 4) by Atlas Rose

Final blurb coming soon…
Families will fracture.

Kingdoms will fall.

And in the rubble new blood rises.

One with a savage hunger and am unquenchable thirst for control.

They are the first sons, men who are beasts and beasts who are men.

With nothing to stand in their way…

Except for love.

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