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Sep 092019

Several authors are joining Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward’s Cocky Hero Club World. What does this mean? Lots of new books in 2020 with characters from Vi and Penelope’s blockbuster series.

Below you’ll find what we know about Cocky Hero Club World. With each cover you’ll find the title of the book the author was inspired from. We know a lot of you want to know where to find them, so we have made this possible as well.

Please keep in mind that currently are 190 authors, so this page will be “in construction” for a while. We add little by little every day, or when the authors release more info.

COCKY BASTARD SERIES – or download the file cocky hero world

All books are standalones and FREE in Kindle Unlimited

Cocky Bastard (ebook)  (audio)
Stuck-Up Suit (ebook)  (audio)
Playboy Pilot (ebook)  (audio)
Mister Moneybags (ebook)  (audio)
British Bedmate (ebook)  (audio)
Park Avenue Player – (ebook)  (audio)


Cocky Duke by Annabelle (ebook)  (audio)
Lucky Bastard by Kaylee Ryan (ebook)  (audio)
Mother Clucker by Cat Johnson (ebook)  (audio)
Sexy Scoundrel by Raisa Greywood (ebook)  (audio)
Cruel Beloved by T.L. Smith (ebook)  (audio)
Fateful Fighter by Kathy Coopmans (ebook)  (audio)
Filthy Firefighter by Emma Louise (ebook)  (audio)
Master Manipulator by Nicole S. Goodin (ebook)  (audio)
Arrogant Aussie by Kat T. Masen (ebook)  (audio)
Bossy Bastard by J.L. Perry (ebook)  (audio)
Hotshot Deceiver by K E Osborn (ebook)  (audio)
Unruly Defender by Esther E. Schmidt (ebook)
Bloodthirsty Bastard by T.L. Christianson (ebook)  (audio)
Cocky Notes by Leesa Bow (ebook)  (audio)
Cocky Protector by Kat Mizera (ebook)  (audio)
Dirty Dealer by Kacey Shea (ebook)
Jilted Jock by Rebecca Jenshak (ebook)  (audio)
Smug Bastard by Stacey Marie Brown (ebook)  (audio)
Vengeful Bastard by Nicole Dykes (ebook)  (audio)
Cocky Striker by Evan Grace (ebook)  (audio)
Egotistical Player by Bella Emy (ebook)
Filthy Forward by Kelsey Cheyenne (ebook)
Bitter Edge by Ariana Rose (ebook)
Unruly Protector by Esther E. Schmidt – is an arranged marriage/mafia romance (ebook)
Reckless Rock Star by Victoria Ashley – is a rock star/fake relationship romance (Nov 15)
Vicious Vet by Ashley Munoz
Political Prick by Magan Vernon – is an enemies to lovers/workplace romance (Nov 22)
Egotistical Executive by K.L. Humphreys – is a surprise baby/new adult romance (Dec 6)
Brazen Biker by Jessica Ames – is an enemies to lovers/MC romance (Dec 13)


Secret Keeper by Christopher Harlan (ebook)  (audio)
Sexy Suit by J.H. Croix (ebook)  (audio)
Wicked Bedmate by Jenika Snow (ebook)  (audio)
Brainy Bartender by Natalie Ann (ebook)  (audio)
Reckless Romeo by Sienna Snow (ebook)
Royal Pain by Leslie Pike (ebook)  (audio)
Cocky Suit by Harlow Layne (ebook)
Cocky Catcher by Chiquita Dennie (ebook)
Cocky Contender by JM Kelley (ebook)
Heartbreaker by Julie Kriss (ebook)  (audio)
Powerful Bastard by Z.N. Willett (ebook)
Reckless Suit by Alexia Chase (ebook)
Rockstar Romeo by Abbie Zanders (ebook)
Shameless Bastard by J. Haney & SI Hayes (ebook)  (audio)
Bossy Billionaire by Chiquita Dennie (ebook)
Cocky Jerk by Janine Infante Bosco (ebook)
Eligible Ex-husband by Marie Johnston (ebook)
Bestselling Bastard by Nicole Rodrigues (ebook)
Reckless Rebel by T.C. Matson (ebook)
Heartless Bastard by Tonya Brooks (ebook)
Omega Artist by Hope Irving – is an opposites attract/enemies to lovers romance (ebook)
Stuck-Up Big Shot by Sierra Hill – is a damaged hero/childhood crush/best friend’s brother romance (ebook)
Brazen Bossman by Emma Nichole – is a steamy contemporary office romance (ebook)
Heartless Hunk by Ann Omasta – is a bad boy/opposites attract romance (ebook)
Sexy Savior by Kayt Miller – is an enemies to lovers/office romance (Dec 6)
Tattooed Troublemaker by Elise Faber – is an enemies to lovers/workplace romance (Nov 22)
Hoax Husband by Candice Wright – is an enemies to lovers romance (Dec 13)


Cocksure Ace by Kristi Webster (ebook)  (audio)
Layover Lover by Jeanine Colette & Lauren Runow (ebook)  (audio)
Pin up Pilot by Claire Raye (ebook)  (audio)
Dirty Player by Gwyn McNamee (ebook)  (audio)
Audacious Fiancé by Liz Lovelock (ebook) 
Brash Boss by A.S. Roberts (ebook)
Sexy Seaman by Paige Steele (ebook)
Big Baller by Katrina Marie – is an enemies to lovers/sports romance (ebook)
Pretentious Playboy by M. Piper – is an enemies to lovers romance (ebook)
Arrogant Savior by Terri E. Laine – is a contemporary enemies to lovers romance (ebook)


Cocky Captain by Ellie Masters (ebook)  (audio)
Dirty Liar by Janice Whiteaker (ebook)  (audio)
Dirty Cowboy by Erin Trejo (ebook)  (audio)
Hired Hottie by Kelsie Rae (ebook)  (audio)
Mister Dimples by Lindsay Becs (ebook)
Arrogant Attorney by Rochelle Paige
Merciless King by Ellie Jean – is a contemporary mafia romance (Nov 29)
Burned-Out Baller by Ivy Love
Arrogant Arrival by Gail Haris – is a fake engagement romantic comedy (Nov 29)
Mister Stand-In by C.M. Albert – is an enemies to lovers/second chance romance (ebook)


Clutch Player by Nikki Ash (ebook)  (audio)
British Banger by Jennifer Woodhull (ebook)  (audio)
Doctor Heartbreaker by Kathryn Hearst (ebook)  (audio)
Slick Senator by Mika Lane (ebook)  (audio)
Undercover Agent by Heather Slade (ebook)  (audio)
Scandalous Scotsman by MJ Fields (ebook)  (audio)
Cocky Doc by Samantha Lind (ebook)
French Wanker by Victoria Pinder (ebook)
Egotistical Jerk by A.K. MacBride (ebook)
British Black Sheep by Lauren Smith (ebook) 
Cocky Carpenter by Maggie Mundy (ebook) 
Doctor Desirable by Anjelica Grace – is a contemporary workplace/doctor romance (ebook)
Tormented Teacher by B.L. Olson
Risky Rockstar by Ryleigh Sloan – is a contemporary rock star romance (ebook)


Contemptuous CEO by K.L. Myers (ebook)
Cocky Kilt by Jolie Vines – is a forbidden/holiday romance (ebook)
Cocky Professor by M.A. Lee (Nov 15)

May 17th 2020 – preorder the first 10 books:

May 31st 2020 

June 14th 2020

June 28th 2020

July 19th 2020

August 2020

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November 2020

December 2020

Releases in 2020 & 2021, date TBN


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