Reading Abbreviations for Romance Books

Apr 152019

Always clueless when you read a thread on a Facebook Group or sometimes when reading a Romance novel? Wellm below you’ll find out list with every word out there that has been used and might be unknown to you.

ARC – Advanced Reader / Review copy (usually provided by author or publisher)

KU – Kindle Unlimited

NBR – Not book related

NSFW – Not safe for work

BBF or BB – Book Boyfriend

BL – Boy Love

TBR – To Be Read

HEA – Happily Ever After

HFN – Happy for Now

POV – Point of view

BOB – Battery Operated Boyfriend (sex toy)

DNF – Did Not Finish

M/M – male / male

M-F-M – menage usually with straight men, males don’t interact with each other

M-M-F – menage with bi men

LGBT – Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender

PNR – Paranormal Romance

UF – Urban Fantasy

FF – Fan Fiction or Female / female

FWB – Friends with Benefits

GNO – Girl’s Night Out

BBW – Big Beautiful Woman; BBW indicates the story has a “big, beautiful woman,” meaning the protagonist or the woman counterpart is curvy and thick.

H (capital) – Hero

h (lower case) – heroine

IR – Interracial romance

J / P – Jealous / Possesive

BDSM – BD – Bondage and Discipline, D/s – Domination / submission, SM – Sadism and Masochism

D/s – Just the Domination and Submission part

BWWM – Black woman, white male

WWBM – White woman, black male

POC – Person of color

MC – Motorcycle Club or Main Character. You will figure this out by context

NA – New Adult (characters between 17 and 23)

OMYM – Older Man Younger Woman

OW – Other Woman

OM – Other Men

ONS – One night stand

YA – Young Adult (teen)

UST – Unresolved Sexual Tension

T – If you see the T on its own, that means it contains “Taboo” content

PWP – Plot-What-Plot, otherwise known as smut fiction or pure erotica

PI – Pseudo-Incest which means a romantic relationship between step siblings or a stepparent and stepchild, but no one is biologically related.

TSTL – Too stupid to live

RH – Reverse Harem

SA – Standalone book

D/s – Dominant-submissive

DD/lg- Dom Daddy- little girl


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