Jun 152021
Excerpt The Varsity Dad Dilemma by Lex Martin

The Varsity Dad Dilemma by Lex Martin Release Date: July 20, 2021 A sexy, small town sports romance from USA Today bestselling author Lex Martin! What’s worse than having Rider Kingston, the star quarterback, give you the big brushoff because he doesn’t want to get serious? You’d probably think living across the street from him […]

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Jun 102021
Excerpt Small Town Pretender by Brighton Walsh

Small Town Pretender (Havenbrook Book 5) by Brighton Walsh Asher McCoy can win over a sold-out crowd with a husky note and a strum of his guitar, but proving to a judge he’s responsible enough to gain custody of his niece and nephew? Not so easy. His big idea—a fake marriage. And who better to […]

Jun 062021
Excerpt Hot Heir by Pippa Grant

Hot Heir (The Royals #3) by Pippa Grant If I’d known he had dimples, I never would’ve agreed to marry him. Some people are born for parenthood. Not me. But I’m about to get it anyway, since there’s no one else who can take care of my wild child baby sister. I’m supposed to be […]

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Jun 062021
Excerpt A Dream of Embers by Jane Washington

A Dream of Embers (A Tempest of Shadows Book 3) by Jane Washington A reverse harem, enemies to lovers, slow burn romance. “I had dreams of the sun dying like hot coal smothered by sand, suffocating in a world where darkness hunted light … but then I woke and saw that it had risen again, […]

Jun 042021
Excerpt When Heroes Fall by Giana Darling

When Heroes Fall (Anti-Heroes in Love Duet Book 1) by Giana Darling From Wall Street Journal bestselling author Giana Darling comes an enemies to lovers, forbidden romance between an ice cold lawyer and her infamous mafioso client who is on trial for murder… I am the villain of my own story… Jilted by my fiancé. […]

Jun 012021
Excerpt Wild Love by Melissa Schroeder

Wild Love (Juniper Springs Book 1) by Melissa Schroeder The Camos and Cupcakes World is getting another amazing series! I’m not the kind of girl who expects happily ever after. In fact, I prefer my partners don’t get too clingy. Don’t get me wrong. I like a good night of loving, but beyond that, I’m […]

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May 052021
Excerpt The Blind Date by Lauren Landish

The Blind Date by Lauren Landish IS LIVE EARLY!!! A Blind Date? It could be a match made in heaven. Or a total disaster. I’m Riley Watson, bringing a dash of sunshine here and a drop of positivity there. That’s how I live my life, focusing on the good that’s all around us if we […]

May 052021
Excerpt The Hate of Loving You by Maya Hughes

The Hate of Loving You (Falling Trilogy Book 3) by Maya Hughes Six years ago, in the dead of night, I woke up to a cold bed and an even colder future without her. I would’ve followed her anywhere and she left. I thought I’d moved on and left all she meant to me behind. […]

May 052021
Excerpt THE CONTROL by Elena Monroe

THE CONTROL (The 4 Horsemen #4) by Elena Monroe My demons will ruin whatever is left of her halo. BOWEN I was living on borrowed everything: time, feelings, motives, even these stale breaths. I was expired in every way. No saving me. He should have lived instead. He deserved to squeeze every drop out of […]

Apr 262021
Excerpt Cast Stones by Cora Kenborn

Cast Stones by Cora Kenborn & Catherine Wiltcher From authors Cora Kenborn and Catherine Wiltcher comes a dark and disturbingly unconventional enemies-to-lovers/second chance romance. My past is a poisoned prayer… Whispered to me by a devil with an angel’s smile. Twelve years ago, he stole me from the streets… Only to leave me stranded in […]

Apr 202021
Excerpt Hidden Beauty by Amelia Wilde

Hidden Beauty (Beauty and the Beast Trilogy #2) by Amelia Wilde Haley Constantine traded her life for her father’s safety. Now she’s trapped in a castle with the Beast of Bishop’s Landing. Her own family wants her dead. The only man who can save her is the one she can’t trust. Dangerous. Tortured. Furious. Leo […]

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Apr 162021
Excerpt King Me by Terri E. Laine

King Me (King Me Duet Book 1) by Terri E. Laine Her Love…I don’t believe it exists. My parents are prime examples. But when Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome takes pity on me, I’m helpless not to become his prey. What are men like him made of? Everything that should make me run. Yet, before […]

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Apr 152021
Excerpt The Revenge You Seek by Tracy Lorraine

The Revenge You Seek (Maddison Kings University Book 1) by Tracy Lorraine From USA Today bestselling author Tracy Lorraine comes a new dark bully college romance. Scarlett Hunter could run… But she couldn’t hide forever. The beautiful girl who tempted me. The heartless woman who broke me. She might have got away, but I haven’t […]

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Apr 132021
Excerpt Landon by Cora Brent

Landon by Cora Brent RELEASING APRIL 22nd!!! LANDON My former student. My new roommate. My greatest weakness…. Autumn: It’s not that I’m hiding out in this hard luck little town. But I’m twenty-six years old, I’ve had one boyfriend and he ditched me for my sister. So I might be a little cynical. Then again, […]

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Apr 062021
Excerpt I Pucking Love You by Pippa Grant

I Pucking Love You (The Copper Valley Thrusters #5) by Pippa Grant You know those stories where an adorably misunderstood clumsy girl needs a fake date to a wedding so she asks her brother’s best friend and they accidentally fall in love? I wish that was the kind of life I lead, but it’s not. […]

Apr 052021
Excerpt The Musician by Bella J

The Musician by Bella J For years, I watched her. Drank her in as she performed in front of an empty theatre, pretending every seat was occupied, the cello settled between her legs as her dainty fingers made love to the strings…one beautiful note after the other. She thought she was alone, that no one […]

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Apr 052021
Excerpt Wanted Wed Or Alive by Willow Aster

Wanted Wed Or Alive (The G.D. Taylors Series #1) by Willow Aster & Laura Pavlov From best selling authors Willow Aster and Laura Pavlov comes the first book in a new rom-com series. A runaway groom. A cautious neighbor. Too many sexually fueled run-ins to speak of. Mya… I came to New York for a […]

Apr 042021
Excerpt Sins or Secrets by Khardine Gray

Sins or Secrets (Sinful Bachelors Book 1) by Khardine Gray There’s a lot to know about me. I could start with my sins or my secrets. But they are one and the same: I’m a liar. Ten years ago, I left Logan. My lies destroyed us. But… what he didn’t know was I lied because […]

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Apr 032021
Excerpt Sick Heart by JA Huss

Sick Heart by JA Huss DARK MMA FIGHTER ROMANCE Cort van Breda has won 35 death matches as a fighter in an MMA circuit so deep underground there are no rules and only the winner gets out alive. They call him the Sick Heart. They say he’s a shameless monster. They say he’s a ruthless […]

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