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Cami - 

I refuse to review a book that I couldn’t get through, or I did not connect with it.
I have been honest about this in the past, especially during ARCs, because I respect too much the work of an author and those who manage to make it happen. This is only because I know that a certain book can be a favorite to others, but not my cup of tea. Please respect that when working with me, because I need to be true to myself.

I am an avid reader and my eyes read inhumanly fast! I am a big dreamer. I love nothing more than to escape the real life to find those very few magical moments in a book. I love how it has the power of stealing your worries away, putting a smile on your face.

Since January 2019 I have managed to write some successful articles that the Google Gods like, and my community is slowly blossoming. As long as I see even a small call to action, I will keep doing what I do.

I have a major in English & German lit., my maternal language being Romanian. I encourage all authors to reach out if you need any help with Romanian language. It’s a hard one to understand and trust me when I say Google Translate will only do you harm. I was actually planning to do a column with books who include this small part of the world in their fantasy. Another one on my to-do list. Full disclosure: I have too many!

Since you now know more about me let’s do some hard truths to wrap this up!

I am a bit “fan” of Karma biting back:

  • I have always wanted to live in a big city, yet here I am living and loving my small town.
  • I have always said I’d never date someone from my hometown, well, I married one.
  • I always made fun of my mom reading romance novels, now here I am!!! .. doing her justice!

YES, here I am with my mother’s legacy of romance, romance and romance. Thank God during her time she did not have internet, because she’d be like me now!

As a conclusion, I will never ever make another major decision regarding my life, because Karma likes me too much. Just live without stress and be happy!

I read fast and got lucky enough to start reading some very gorgeous romance novels that made me fall irreversibly in love. The more I read, the pickier I become. Little did I know that I would be doing some silent research all those years back, so I can write this blog as complex as possible.

Currently I own a notebook where I write all my ideas for my future book, if I ever plan on writing one. They say the difference between a creative person and a non-creative one is that they see up to 5 potential stories per day. How many do you see?

My talent: Not sleeping at night!

Quotes I live by:

  • “In this day and age, it’s so easy to find inspiration that moves you. Stuff that really speaks to you aesthetically, spiritually, creatively. Go out and find it. Trust your eye and your personal point of view. Pin it. Bookmark it. Photograph it. Keep it in your mental (and literal) files for a creative boost when you need it. Better yet, create your own work and put it out there for other to seek inspiration from as well.”
  • “It is OK to lose your equilibrium when others think your life should be smooth sailing. It is OK to question your life’s purpose. It’s OK to say: “I don’t know who I am”. It is better to ask the questions and seek the answers than to live a numb life”
  • This is the ending of a book that marked me:
    “Love was easy. All I had to do was look in his eyes and know that.
    In the uneven balance of my life, I’d experienced love and loss. The loss challenged me to be strong, but it was the love that supported me when I was weak. I was a survivor. And now I wanted to focus on living my life.
    This was just the beginning of our healing. Of being forgiven. I knew I would struggle with it at times and feel like I was fighting for every breath. I just had to remember, there was always a choice.
    And I chose to live. I chose to love. I chose to breathe.”

Now that you know the soundtrack of my life, enjoy my way of bringing happiness through the love we share for romance.

Hana - Review Page

Lola would tell you that I read to much. She would tell you that my books take up too much space and that I am always looking at my kindle or my phone or have my nose in a book.
Lola’s my 6-year-old rescue mutt that thinks I do not pay enough attention to her, do not feed her enough and do not give her enough room to play. She is a little biased.
I guess she might not be exaggerating about the books or about how much time I spend reading though.
When I was 13, I would watch my mom devour mass market paperback romances and was intensely curious. Why can’t she put them down? What is with those pretty covers? When I asked to read them too, she told me they were inappropriate for my age and would hide them from me. Of course, this meant I would sneak them out of her purse and bedroom and stay up at night to read. I was immediately hooked and could not stop. I would go to the local library and take home shopping bags filled with 15-20 books at a time to read over the following 3-4 weeks. The librarians put up some objection but when my mom said it was fine and they realized that I really did read everything, they were incredibly supportive and sweet. The public library became my haven through the craziness of middle school and high school.
Though my tastes changed over the years, reading was always the constant. Every time I moved, my books were boxed with love and care and sent where I ever I was. My library makes me incredibly happy and always brings me joy. The advent of ebooks was tremendous in keeping up with my voracious appetite for reading. (Yes, I remember what it was like before ebooks!)
I have always been an avid reader and would recommend books here and there but never made a formal effort to create reviews and provide feedback. After spending some time on bookstagram and starting discussions with some like-minded friends – and really needing a break/distraction from the craziness of real life – I started my own bookstagram and have started doing reviews and am loving it!
My reading preferences are pretty varied - I’ll pretty much try almost any subgenre or trope to see if I like it, if I haven’t read it already. I’m a huge fan of paranormal romance, queer romance and so many others. Listen, if it is written well, I will give anything a chance. It’s really about being invested in the characters, having them jump off the page and making me care about their story (whatever that story may be).
I am excited to keep reading, try new books, meet new people, expand my book-related universe! Be sure to join in too!

Connect with Hana:
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Kassie - Review Page

My love and passion for reading was reignited at the beginning of 2020 when I watched After on Netflix and my sister told me how it's a book series that started out on Wattpad and how the series is way better. I immediately bought the After series by Anna Todd and binged read all the books including Landon's two books. This was after months of anytime I saw my sister she was reading a book and I was making fun of her (now look at me). I enjoyed reading in highschool, mostly Twilight and the House of Night Series but then stopped reading for many years. I'm so glad my sister pushed me to read again and even pushed me to start a Bookstagram. I love the connection to other readers and not to mention all the amazing indie authors. I like giving different books a try and most of the time go into them blindly so I can be surprised by what I read. I especially enjoy reading books by indie authors because when I enjoy their book I love to hype them up.

I have a nice immediate circle of book lovers in my family, my sister and my mother. I'm excited to continue to open that circle up to other book lovers I meet to share good books, authors, ideas, and more. I also look forward to extending my reach to a new wider audience and to be introduced to more books/authors that I haven't had the pleasure of discovering yet.

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