Oct 012019
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The Books from Pennyverse Romance

The Books from Pennyverse Romance Below is the current list of books that have been listed as part of the world created by Penny Reid. I was lucky enough to register and be picked for ARCs, meaning all these lovelies will get their review on publishing date. So far, here are the cover reveals. Click […]

Sep 122019
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My TOP 20 Hysterical Romance Books

My TOP 20 Hysterical Romance Books – Below is the current list of books that had me laughing out loud, thrown out of the room can’t stop laughing. I can’t make up a chronological list, or a favorite pick, so all will be in random order. As a general note, i only recommend books that […]

Sep 092019
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Cocky Hero Club Books

Several authors are joining Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward’s Cocky Hero Club World. What does this mean? Lots of new books in 2020 with characters from Vi and Penelope’s blockbuster series. Below you’ll find what we know about Cocky Hero Club World. With each cover you’ll find the title of the book the author was […]

Apr 152019
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Reading Abbreviations for Romance Books

Always clueless when you read a thread on a Facebook Group or sometimes when reading a Romance novel? Wellm below you’ll find out list with every word out there that has been used and might be unknown to you. ARC – Advanced Reader / Review copy (usually provided by author or publisher) KU – Kindle […]

Jan 162019
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How and why to review books?

I have written this article because I cannot stand it anymore. People!!! Books are works of art, just as any other art, there are critics who can judge expertly! Sure, there will always be fans and haters, but sometimes I feel very frustrated when I read reviews about a certain book that I absolutely loved […]

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