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Nov 172019

My Warrior (Bewitched and Bewildered #12) by Alanea Alder is being released on August 25th.

Ari Lionhart is the youngest warrior in Èire Danu, yet despite his lack of years, he is trusted by the queen’s consort Brennus to act as the unit leader for every unit in the fae city. He works hard at balancing his life between being a unit warrior and being a Lionhart, and secretly fears he is failing at both. With a genius politician for a father and two older brothers that are shining examples of what it means to be a warrior and an Elder, how can he possibly try to do both with any degree of success.
When their city unexpectedly faces tragedy after tragedy, and a vote of No Confidence is brought before the queen on how these things are being handled, and Ari finds himself facing his greatest fear, failure.
Brie Wilson has been a Deputy Sheriff in Monroe for years. She loves the small town of her birth and the laid back atmosphere that makes it a wonderful and safe place to live. But even small towns have their own quirks and problems. Outside a few exceptions at the station, she pushes daily for her efforts to be recognized by the men on the force. Still smarting over her last break up where her ex likened her to a man, she decides the safest route is to stick to herself and never get her heart broken again.
When these two selfless warriors find one another can they learn to lean on one another before the body count escalates? What does it say about them when it’s easier to face murder than the deepening feelings they have for one another.


My Warrior – Unedited – Copyright Alanea Alder 2020
Meryn spun back around. “So the queen is stuck on being stubborn stupid.”
“Meryn,” Aiden chided.
“What? It’s true. She’s smart enough to realize that what we’re reporting is true. She’s just wallowing in guilt and pity and it’s making her obstinate.”
Aiden gave her a flat look then pointed around the table. “She is still their queen.”
Meryn crossed her arms over her chest. “Well, she’s my aunt so I can say what I want cuz I’m family.”
Kathrine sat back cradling her tea. “If it were for any other reason I would say she’s more than earned the time to process, but we’re already fielding concerns from cat and bird shifters alike.” She looked at them, sadness in her eyes. “They want to leave Éire Danu.”
Meryn’s nostrils flared. “She has one tiny hiccup and they’re ready to abandon ship?”
Jedrek shook his head. “Meryn, if she told us to fight and die defending Éire Danu, we would, to the last man. It’s the blatant denial that has everyone spooked. They’re afraid that when the time comes the city won’t be prepared to face what may happen.”
Leo and Ryuu came in carrying heavy platters. “I thought it got quiet in here. Soundproofing spell?” Leo asked.
Rex nodded absently before turning to Meryn. “Is there anyway you can convince the queen to send out a public message. Even something as simple as, she’s looking into the matter could make all the difference in the world.”
Ari sighed happily as eggs and bacon were piled on his plate. He had just taken a huge bite when Meryn gasped loudly, causing him to almost choke.
He pounded his own chest as Meryn grinned wickedly around the table. “I know what I can do! In times like this you’re supposed to help family. You know, give them encouragement and stickers.” She frowned. “Or something. Ryuu’s been helping me understand familial dynamics.” She looked around the table. “But more than stickers I know what I can do to help Aunt Aleks.”
Ari was terrified to discover what this ticking time bomb was planning.
Aiden looked absolutely sick as he stared at his mate. “What’s that baby?”
“I’m gonna take over Éire Danu.”
“Oh gods above, please give me strength,” Aiden prayed fervently.
Meryn sat back looking positively pleased with herself.
Ari looked over to Rex who was convulsing with laughter. “Can she do that?” he whispered.
Rex wiped his eyes and reached for the spoon to the bowl of fresh berries. “Brother, you will quickly learn there isn’t much this amazing child can’t do.” He turned to his father. “I’ll be at the palace if you need me. I wouldn’t miss this for anything in the world.”

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  1. Looking forward to the new book. This series is like chocolate, very addictive!

  2. CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Still waiting for release date but will be excited to read it whenever it comes out.

  3. Hurry, I can’t wait. Love this series, they can’t come fast enough!

  4. Nossa eu estou muito ansiosa para poder ler esse livro. Eu simplesmente amo essa série

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