Cover Reveal WOLF CROWNED by Avery Song

Jul 172021

WOLF CROWNED (Ruby’s Royal Demon Pack Book 1) by Avery Song

What shall one do when their entire life is nothing but a lie?

Ruby Phoenix. Luxury Fashion Designer and Celebrity Stylist. To the world, I’m the woman who blends in until the grand reveal at the end of a sold-out fashion show. The one who observes and keeps secrets instead of leads.

I’d never been destined to be a leader, but as the Princess of the Royal Phoenix Pack, many believe I’ll one day sit upon the throne.

A throne that’s not mine to claim.

I’m a mere decoy from the hidden truth, but once all the cards have been revealed and the true heir awakens, what would that leave me with? Surely nothing, right?

Little do those in power know of the dark addiction I have hidden in the shadows. The antihero men who wear suits and black leather gloves during the day, only to be cloaked in designer at night and do the tasks no one else wishes to take within this world of deceit and bloodshed.

Some say we’re a Secret Society. Others compare us to the Mafia. Motorcycle Club? Illegal Drug Ring? Billionaire Gang? Better yet, a pack of royal wolves with nothing else to do. The list is rather extensive, but the truth of it all is it potentially may be all of the above. The best part?

I may be their Demon Ring Leader and I’m ready to come out of the shadows to be crowned.

WOLF CROWNED is a 150,000-word Paranormal Wolf Shifter Romance with enemies-lovers/bully themes.

Lovers of WOLF AWAKENED and WOLF REJECTED will love this new series in the Forbidden World of Misfits and Royalty. 18+ Audience is advised.

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