Universe of the Underworld Kings – standalone mafia books

Aug 092021
Universe of the Underworld Kings - standalone mafia books

SStep into the dark and gritty universe of the Underworld Kings.

A multi-author series of standalone books filled with mafia families waging war, danger and violence, arranged and forced marriages, angst, love, and everything in-between.

Light or dark, twisted or sweet, the Underworld Kings has something for every reader.

As a help note, please check our Reading Abbreviations for Romance Books to understand the romance language most of us use in Readers groups. If you often find yourself confused on what MC means, this link is for you.

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Razor’s Edge by Mila Crawford – Releasing October 4th

Step into the dark and gritty universe of the Underworld Kings.

A multi-author series of standalone books filled with mafia families waging war, danger and violence, arranged and forced marriages, angst, love, and everything in-between.

Light or dark, twisted or sweet, the Underworld Kings has something for every reader.

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Cold Hearted Bastard by Jenika Snow – Releasing October 5th

Coming soon from USA Today bestselling author Jenika Snow is a brand new full-length gritty mafia romance that blurs the lines between right and wrong… and love and hate.
He didn’t have a heart… but he wanted hers.

All I knew about life was anger and violence. Pain and suffering. Kill or be killed.

I was a “fixer” for the Ruin—a syndicate for the Bratva, Cosa Nostra, Cartel, and any other organized crime faction that dealt in the darker, crueler aspects of humanity.

I was a free agent who was called upon to do things weaker men didn’t have the stomach for.

And when you surround yourself with death for long enough, soon, you didn’t remember what it felt like to be alive.

And then I saw her. She was a fragile little thing who tried to be strong. But I could tell she’d seen too much horror in the world, too much of the ugly within people. I should have stayed away. I’d only bring her farther down into the darkness.

But for the first time in my life, I felt a stirring in my chest, this protectiveness and possessiveness toward another living person. And it was painful. It made me feel alive.

Lina tried to hide how broken she was, but I was an old friend of being ruined. She held secrets I’d find out. Because for the first time in my miserable life, I wanted something for myself. I felt something more than apathy and indifference.

I wanted to possess the innocence she clung to. I wanted to break it open and consume it for myself.

I could look into her too trusting blue eyes and knew I’d maim for her. I’d kill for her. And that became our truth when her past finally came back for her, when my present tried to destroy her.

They thought they could take the one thing—the only thing—I’d ever wanted for myself. They were wrong.

When I looked at her, I felt some of the monster that made me who I was retreat back to my black soul. He’d never leave… but he’d share the space.

For her.

A complete standalone novel in the Underworld Kings series.

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Tears of Salvation by Michelle Heard – Releasing October 4th

Coming soon from USA Today & Wall Street Journal bestselling author Michelle Heard comes a new standalone, full-length mafia novel.

Alexei Koslov’s book. Blurb TBA.

A complete standalone novel in the Underworld Kings series.

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Kings of Blood & Money by Ker Dukey – Releasing October 8th

This is not a story of love.
This is a story of revenge and the bond created from it.


The Gallo family took everything from us.
They killed my mother and sister, leaving me and my twin brother fighting for our lives.
My father was supposed to be there that night. He should have been there. Should have protected them—us.
When you strip a man of all he cares about, you’re left with a soulless entity seething with primal rage. He promised to turn Gallo’s bloodline to dust to get his retribution.
And he did.
All but one.


I was seven years old when I was taken in the night. I don’t remember much of life before that.
All I know now is the glaring eyes of a boy who hates me, and the comfort I find in the boy whose face mirrors his.
I’m not part of this family, but they’re all I have familiar as one.
To hate is easy.
And I do hate them.
But to love even in hate is what hardens you, strengthens you, gives you reason.
The truth is I shouldn’t love them, that all these years are leading somewhere I won’t want to go.
But I do…
Love them.
I love them both.
The only question left now is, do they love me?

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Kiss of Death by Mary Elizabeth – Releasing October 12th

Details coming soon.

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Inked Kingdom by Carrie Ann Ryan – Releasing October 14th

I fell for Sarina the moment I saw her.
When the Kingdom tore her for me, I promised revenge.
My claim was forfeit the moment she ran, but now I will follow.
I will find her.
I will earn her.
And I will burn the world if they dare touch her.

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The Bratva’s Heir by Jane Henry and Sophie Lark – Releasing October 15th

Worlds collide in a brand-new mafia romance by Sophie Lark and Jane Henry

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Bad Medicine by KD Robichaux and CC Monroe – Releasing October 21st

Lethal DeLuca
That’s what they call me in the underground world.
During the day, I parade around as a man who saves lives,
secretly taking them in the dead of night.
I was hired to end her.
Hired to rid the threat she caused to The Ruin.
Little did I know the only threat she caused was to me.
I want her.

You can fall in the love with The Ruin, but you won’t survive it.
I was young, charmed by the monster who was my husband.
But things soon turned dangerous inside my home,
and I was made to be the enemy for his cowardice.
I wanted to run, but he ensured I couldn’t escape the world he ran.
Instead, he wants to end me.
Take my breath from my body.
Only problem—I didn’t know when the enemy was coming.
Then he took me.

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Marriage and Malice by Trisha Wolfe – Releasing October 27th

From USA Today best-selling author Trisha Wolfe comes a fierce and seductively thrilling Dark Mafia Romance as part of the Underworld Kings, a multi-author series of standalone books filled with mafia families waging war, danger and violence, arranged and forced marriages, angst, love, and everything in-between.

Rapture, desire, need – the yearning for our passions is the reason we strive, the reason we breathe. I’ve devoted my entire existence to the pursuit of my passion for dance. Ballet is my escape from the dark underworld I was born in to. As a Carpella and the daughter of a made man, I’ve accepted certain traditions. Yet, having just been promoted to principal within a prestigious dance company, I’m so close to being free…

Until a devil with blood on his hands and an Irish curse inked into his skin tears into my world, now passion holds a whole new, sinister meaning. With ruination in his steel-blue eyes and me in his crosshairs, Lucian Cross traps me in his gilded cage and uses me to deliver his retribution.

Forced to sign a marriage contract to unite two warring families, my father traded my life to save his own. Now I’m bound to Lucian, owned by a monster who swore an oath of pain and suffering to the Carpellas.

Lucian’s passion is revenge.

And because my family destroyed what he loved, he’s vowed to destroy what I love. Every night he forces me to dance until my breaking point. He wants to condition me to loathe the very thing that once gave me hope.

I can’t let him break me, but the closer we get to the wedding date, the more entangled I become in his dangerous, tempting world, and I’m losing myself in this man.

His vow is my pain.

My vow is not to fall for the enemy.

But how can I dance with the devil himself and not be singed by his fire?

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When Dove Cries by Carmel Rhodes – Releasing October 28th

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The Wedding Debt by Clarissa Wild – Releasing November 1st

The mafia prince wants her,
But she only wants his brother.

Some boys are popular.
Some boys are heartthrobs.
But Luca and Liam De Vos?
They have what no other boys in my school have…

They’re heirs to one of the biggest mafia empires in the Netherlands.
And now our parents are doing business together.

They’re dangerous boys that get everything they need with one snap of the finger.
But boys like them always want what they can’t have.

The younger brother, Luca, can’t stop teasing me.
And it makes me hate him.
So I fight back by going after his brother instead.

But when boys like Luca don’t get their way …
They will find one.

We’re like fire and gasoline.
All he had to do … was light the match.

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Disavow by Bella Di Corte – Releasing November 2nd

Aniello Assanti was a monster dressed in a gentlemen’s suit.

He was everything I should’ve feared and run away from. A walking nightmare. He belonged to an organization that valued money over life; power over free will; codes over love.

And if that wasn’t enough of a deterrent, he was strictly forbidden.

I, Rosalia Lombardozzi, solemnly vow…no fraternizing with the men who belong.

I worked for the same organization, and even with that oath forever marking my tongue, I was drawn to him like a moth to a flame. Something existed between us that not even the fire of disloyalty could turn to ash.

Some called it obsession. I called it love.

The world we lived in called it an act of betrayal. To disavow meant certain death.

When the heart takes an oath, though, it is more sacred than any vow spoken—it’s the one thing worth living and worth dying for.

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Vengeful Kingpin by Isabella Starling and Bella J. – Releasing November 3rd

Bestselling authors Bella J and Isabella Starling present a dark, twisted and irresistible arranged marriage, enemies-to-lovers mafia romance that will leave you breathless.


Katiya Markov is a poor substitute for her sister, but I’m not letting that stop me.

I built everything I own from the ground up, and I’ll do anything to gain more power. Including marrying a Russian mafia girl who despises me.

Everyone can be broken using the right methods. Insolent Katiya is no different.

I’m going to love breaking her until she finally accepts her place.

On her knees in front of me.


Remo Altieri is the devil. A cold-hearted murderer who took my sister from me, and now expects me to take her place at his side before God.

He thinks I’m weak. That I’ll bow and submit. But he doesn’t know me. He doesn’t know the blood that flows through my veins. Bratva blood.

I’ll fight him. I’ll survive him. And in the end…I will kill him

Vengeful Kingpin is a part of the Underworld Kings series, but can be read as a complete standalone. This is a dark, mafia romance novel.

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Kingdom Fall by A. Zavarelli – Releasing November 9th

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Ruthless Arrangement by Jordan Marie – Releasing November 10th

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Twisted Obsession by Dani Rene – Releasing November 11th

Coming soon from USA Today bestselling author, Dani René, is a steamy arranged marriage, mafia romance that crosses the line between obsession and love.
There is no right and wrong in my world.
I’ll make her pay for her father’s sins.

**official blurb coming soon.**

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Blood Vow by LP Lovell – Releasing November 12th

A dark mafia, arranged marriage romance. Releasing November 2021.

Blurb to come…

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Kingdom Come by Aleatha Romig – Releasing November 16th

They say the price of freedom is learning that you have nothing left to lose.

There was a time when I had it all. Money. Power. Love. And in the blink of an eye, it was gone.

Along the road to my new life, I have a chance meeting with Cecilia Abernathy. Born to greatness, this American princess is out of my league. That doesn’t mean I don’t see her for the woman she is behind the headlines. In a rare glimpse I see not only her outward beauty but her inner determination. I’m moved by her in ways I don’t allow myself to ponder.

Time passes and I’m moving forward, persevering beyond my loss, and making a new name for myself. And then I’m given an assignment.

One job.
One quest.

If I succeed, my kingdom will be at hand.
If I fail, there will be no more chances.

Men like me aren’t saviors, and that isn’t my assignment. My mission is to find the daughter of one of the most powerful men in New York, in the country, and maybe the world. Find her and deliver her to her family’s rival.

Cecilia Abernathy has been kidnapped. All I have to do is exchange her current hell for another. And then I can walk away and claim my reward.

Has my taste of freedom made me willing to sell my soul for a kingdom?

Find out the answer in KINGDOM COME, a dangerous forced-proximity stand-alone romance by New York Times bestselling author Aleatha Romig.

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Twisted Bargain by Alexandria Bishop – Releasing November 17th

I’ve been cleaning up after my father for most of my life. Between his drug and gambling addictions, it seems like whatever I do, we’re always drowning. Until he does the unforgivable.

Trading me to the tortured billionaire in our small town. His debts are erased and I have to do whatever Marco Blackstone demands. I should have run screaming when the first task he gave me was to clean the blood stains from his expensive five piece suit.

When I overhear a conversation I shouldn’t, our bargain becomes even more twisted when Marco fakes an engagement to save my life. And I become even more trapped in this world I never wanted any part of.

I don’t know who I can trust. But I’m running out of time when my fake engagement turns into anything but and I just might have to say “I Do,” for real.

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Dark Kingdom by Stevie J. Cole – Releasing November 18th

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Made in Ruin by Maria Luis – Releasing November 19th

Coming soon from bestselling author Maria Luis comes a dark and dangerous enemies-to-lovers mafia romance set in New Orleans.

**Official Blurb Coming Soon**

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Sexy as Sin by Willow Winters – Releasing November 23rd

From USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Willow Winters, comes a sexy second-chance MC romance set in a gritty underworld you won’t soon forget.

Sexy and sinful.
Those words have been used to describe me a time or two. But they fit her too. My ride or die. My one and only. My addiction and my sanity. Our pairing was a business decision done right.

Until all hell broke loose.

I took the fall for her, and it cost me everything.

Prison made me harder; this life made me colder. Seeing her again for the first time in years, eyes wide with promises and heartbreak, I can feel time falling away.

But danger still haunts her, and I’m not the man I once was. There’s no way she could love the monster I’ve become. Still, I’ll do anything to protect her. Even if it means taking down everyone standing in my way.

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Dangerous Innocence by Cora Reilly – Releasing November 24th

**Official Blurb Coming Soon**

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A Thousand Cuts by Anne Malcom – Releasing November 25th

A dark mafia romance…

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The Fixer by Ellie Isaacson – Releasing November 29th

When Eliza Westbrook stumbled into my arms at her father’s funeral, I wanted nothing more than to help the beautiful, broken girl. I wanted to take away the pain in her eyes and heal her fractured, lonely heart. My presence was the last thing she needed, yet I couldn’t stay away.

What started out as a mild obsession quickly turned into a game of survival. Unexplainable events threatened us at every turn, but was it because of my dark past, or the man intent on taking her life?

I wanted to keep her safe, to give into the pull I felt tugging me toward her from the moment we first met. But would I be able to push my demons aside to save her, or will she have to fix me first?

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City of Thieves by Cora Kenborn and Catherine Wiltcher – Releasing November 30th

From bestselling authors Cora Kenborn and Catherine Wiltcher comes a new mafia romance where love is the most dangerous crime of all…

This city tells a story of a man seeking vengeance…

Renzo Marchesi gives me two choices when he walks, unannounced, into my art gallery:
Help him find his brother’s killer or suffer the consequences.

He’s a mafia prince…

Heir to the Marchesi throne.
A man consumed by his demons.
I don’t belong in his world, and he doesn’t belong in mine.

Still, I’m not the spoiled politician’s daughter he thinks I am…

This is the City of Thieves, where lies are hard currency and deception is the real art.
Trust no one.
Love no one.
Too bad I don’t follow my own rules…

They say black arrows make for bleeding hearts.
Now, I’m planning the ultimate heist for a man who never misses.

City of Thieves is an enemies to lovers mafia romance with no cliffhanger and a guaranteed HEA. For mature readers only.

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Forbid by Nikki Sloane – Release date TBA

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