Jul 312021

Vindicated (The Rejected Mate Book 3) by Bella Klaus

The thrilling conclusion to the Rejected Mate series.

Description coming soon!

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Jul 202021

Burn (Fuel Series Book 3) by Ginger Scott

**Burn is the third and final book in the brother’s-best-friend, friends-to-lovers Fuel Series by Ginger Scott. This second-chance romance completes this angsty, steamy, new adult trilogy.

Dustin Bridge’s world is about speed. About the edge. His life has been carved by cutting corners and making moves, following impulsive decisions while weighing the facts at hand.

On the track, that has never steered him wrong.

In life, though? That’s another story.

On the cusp of greatness, the world’s up-and-coming racing star seems to be living the perfect story. A hero to his hometown. A partner to his best friend. A man poised to take the throne, to become the greatest, and to reap the rewards and attention that come along with it.

He’s been branded the track’s most eligible bachelor. And rarely does he cross a finish line without a dozen screaming, adoring women brandishing his name on glitter-covered T-shirts across their chests, just hoping he’ll break his own rules and take one of them to bed.

But he won’t. As loose as Dustin may be on the road, he’s become disciplined in life. He let love in completely—once. For one person. Hannah Judge. And she wrecked him.

And now, she’s back.

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Jul 152021

Claim Me (Crimson Pack Trilogy Book 3) by A. Lonergan

Who knew the bad boy I hated would eventually turn out to be my fated mate?

Finding out Rafe Crimson was my mate wasn’t even the hardest pill I had to swallow in the last year.
Not even finding out I was a werewolf or being kidnapped…
The worst and hardest thing I had to deal with was Damian.

Damian tried to take my sanity, my wolf, and my confidence. Now he’s trying to take my mate.

When a twist in fate happens, will any of us be able to recover? Did someone forget to tell him about the monster inside of me?

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Jul 132021

Fable of Happiness: Book Two by Pepper Winters

From New York Times Bestseller, Pepper Winters, comes the second book in Kas and Gem’s twisted romance.

A valley full of secrets.
A history full of nightmares.
A man who cannot be saved.
And a woman who holds his very life in her hands.

Strange how the villain of a story can so easily become the victim.
Utter lunacy to think the captive might now become the caregiver.
Gemma has a decision to make.
Her life or his.
Follow her heart, even when it’s screaming at her to run?
Or turn her back on the man who could become her everything?

Please note, this is a dark romance and not suitable for people with triggers.
Full length book. Second book of the Fable of Happiness Trilogy.

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Jul 082021

I Will Revel in Glory (DEATH BY DAYBREAK MC #3) by CM Stunich

The final book in the series.
Gidget is queen.
Blurb coming soon; release date will be moved forward.
Current Publication date ‏ : ‎ October 20, 2021

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Jul 052021

The Damaged by Tijan

The Damaged is the second novel in a page-turning trilogy from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Tijan…
Publication date ‏ : ‎ February 8, 2022

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Jun 302021

Feral Sins (Deviants & Doves Series 3: Cut Throat Love Trilogy Book 1) by A.J. Macey

I left with the intention of never returning to the Undertakers compound…

Until one day, he comes to claim what’s his.

Years I’d left and never looked back and while it wasn’t all glitter and roses during that time, it sure as hell beat the alternative. Owned a bar, had a business partner who put up with my sh*t, everything going exactly how I wanted. Until one day I wasn’t fast enough to get away and I found myself back at the criminal enterprise I’d known my whole life.

Staring at the man who used to be my childhood best friend, but that was in the past. His great looks would never take away that he thought he owned me mind, body, and soul.

His wife and all the crap about till death do us part.

But soon enough, Cyrus will learn that I’m no one’s property.

Book 1 of the Cut Throat Love Trilogy

The Cut Throat Love Series is a mafia/motorcycle club M/F trilogy. Please note, this series is a part of the Deviants & Doves world which includes crossovers and mentions from the main characters featured in The Aces/The Cat’s Crew series as well as new and upcoming Deviants & Doves series. While you can read this book without the other series, it is recommended to experience the full criminal world.

This book contains references involving PTSD, sexual assault recollections, abuse, violence, and other themes that some readers may find triggering.

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Jun 282021

Stolen Crush (Lost Daughter of a Serial Killer Book 1) by CM Stunich is being released on July 14th.

Finding out you’re the daughter of a millionaire true crime novelist isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
When I was two, I was kidnapped. Kidnapped by a loving family, sure, but still kidnapped.
Now, my biological mom wants me to live with her on the opposite side of the country.

Her … and my new stepdad and his jerk of a son: Parrish.
Wannabe tattoo artist, languorous rich boy, pouty mouth.
Starting a new life on the West Coast sucks, especially when there’s no love lost between me and my new family.

Oh, and my biological father? Did I mention that he’s a serial killer who wants me to play his games?
Find the right clues, follow the right trail, or someone I love gets hurt.
But what if he’s just kidnapped someone I hate instead?

Parrish Vanguard is a royal asshole.
The question is: does he deserve to die?

With the help of Parrish’s best friends—Maxx and Chasm—I have to risk everything to save a boy who considers himself my sworn enemy. Even if I save his ass, he’ll never thank me.
Lucky for him that our love-hate relationship isn’t a deal breaker.

I’ll play, Dad.
Start the game.

STOLEN CRUSH is a 150,000 word love-hate/high school romance with suspense/thriller themes. Includes foul language and sexual scenes; any sex featured is consensual. This is a reverse harem novel, meaning the main character has more than one love interest. This is book one of three in the series.

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Jun 232021

Best Kept Secret (Rochester Trilogy Book 3) by Skye Warren

The secrets haunting Beau Rochester come alive.

He doesn’t deserve happiness, but he holds it in his hands. A woman he loves. A child. The past threatens to rip them away. He risks losing them forever.

Jane Mendoza is determined to protect the people she loves from every threat–the mysterious arsonist, the corrupt police force. The darkest danger comes from a place she never expects.

She risks more than her newfound family. She risks her life.

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Jun 222021

Stolen Love (Beauty in the Stolen Book 3) by Charmaine Pauls

Once upon a time, a thief stole me in the middle of the night. He took what he wanted, gave me an illusion, and ripped it all away to claim his ultimate trophy. My heart may be physically weak, but fighting to live made me stronger. I won’t perish as easily as that. I’m turning the tables on him. After all, I learned from the best. I’m robbing him of what he stole from me.

*Stolen Love concludes the trilogy.

Other books in the Diamond Magnate collection:
Beauty in the Broken (Standalone)

Diamonds are Forever trilogy
Diamonds in the Dust (Book 1)
Diamonds in the Rough (Book 2)
Diamonds are Forever (Book 3)

Excerpt Stolen Love by Charmaine Pauls

I suck in a breath. His back sports a new tattoo. An orange tree runs from his flank up to his shoulder. The roots branch out over his lower back and side. It’s so well drawn it looks as if the network of roots is grafted with his skin. A branch with orange blossoms runs up to his shoulder. The petals curl over the arch, only the tips of a flower visible on the curve as he faces me again.
Why did he get it? The answer is obvious. The truth stares me in the face. He never said it, but he declared it in permanent ink on his skin next to the values that govern his behavior, his life.
“It’s not some kind of gravestone,” he says in a quiet voice.
My gaze slips to the pendant on the leather string that hangs in the center of his breastbone. “What’s not a gravestone?” I ask, pretending not to know what he’s talking about. It’s too deep, too personal. We don’t share that kind of intimacy any longer.
“The tattoo. It doesn’t symbolize grief.”
I can’t help from asking, “What does it symbolize?”
“Love.” His gaze intensifies. “The kind that gets under your skin.”

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Jun 202021

Demon Valley Pack (Pretty Little Monster Trilogy Book 1) by Avery Stone

“Fated love means nothing when we can avoid extinction. One tiny sacrifice will appease the shadows. It’s a shame, really. You’ve always been my pretty little monster.”

Those were the last words I heard from my Alpha, my fated mate, before his Beta tossed me off the cliff into a land of no return: Demon Valley, the place where no human or wolf shifter survives. Legends claim there’s an escape from the shadowy, demon-infested haven, but no one has ever returned to confirm the truth.

Except me.

There’s a reason no one comes back from Demon Valley, and when I reach the end of its dark tunnel, I finally understand why. At that grand exit lies a place of rejected salvation. Our Goddess may have blessed me with the ultimate plot for revenge, starting with the Alpha of Nightmare Daemons himself.

Malifer Nightshade.
A beast of shadows. A seductive master. Creator of this forbidden valley.
And the rejected older brother of my Alpha.

To gain salvation, one must be tested. For me, that means destroying my bond with the Alpha I expected to spend my life with. After his shattering betrayal, it’s the only option, and I won’t deny the ultimate truth.

I’m angry – broken – and with the help of these very addictive shadows, I’ll show my old pack of deceitful wolves exactly what a pretty little monster I can be.

DEMON VALLEY PACK is a full-length (150k+) Paranormal Rejected Mates Romance. Recommended for 18+ due to language and sexual situations

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Jun 172021

Wild War (Dirty Wild Book 2) by Laurelin Paige

As soon as I saw him, it was war.

I thought at first it would be between me and him.
Cade was cold and hard and didn’t want anything to do with the headmaster’s daughter. I was off-limits.
He didn’t need that kind of trouble.

I didn’t need that kind of trouble, either. And since I did my best to avoid any kind of trouble, that should have been the end of it.

But when I saw him, he also saw me.
All of me.
The lonely parts. The dark parts.
The secret parts.

He became my ally.
I lost the battle with myself and fell in love despite the risk.

But the war isn’t over for either of us.
Not as long as my father is alive.

Book two of three in the final trilogy in the Dirty Universe.

Excerpt Wild War by Laurelin Paige

She’d moved closer during my rant. Too close. And when she opened her mouth, I was sure she was about to deliver some consoling platitude or insist that I was wrong when it was so very obvious that I wasn’t.

But instead, she stood on her tiptoes and leaned forward, and I was so stunned, that her mouth was already brushing against mine when I had the sense to step back. “What the fuck are you doing?”

Her heels came back to the ground, but she didn’t move. She kept staring at me, barely blinking, and I noticed for the first time that there were green flecks in her blue eyes, and that she had a sweet scent I couldn’t place, and that I wished that I was dumb enough to lean in instead of away.


This was trouble. She was trouble. Being anywhere near her would get us both in too much trouble.

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Jun 072021

Wolf Mated (Luna Marked Book 3) by Heather Renee

This will be the epic conclusion to the Luna Marked series!

You won’t want to miss this ending. Full synopsis coming after Wolf Taken releases.

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May 312021

House of Cards (Forged in Twilight Book 1) by Jessica Lynch

To the humans, Raziel seems like a god on Earth. If only they knew how close they are…

Because Raze isn’t a god — he’s an angel. Cast out of Heaven millennia ago, Raze and his two brothers have survived banishment by relying on each other. From shepherds to farmers to kings, these days the trio of Fallen Angels are right at home in Sin City. Running a casino that caters specifically to the different factions of paranormal beings, they haven’t given up on a return to the celestial cities. Without their key — a literal golden key — to the pearly gates, however, that return is impossible.

That’s not their only trouble. Despite being considered royalty among their kind, the three angel princes harbor a secret. For longer than they’d liked to admit, their angelic senses have been fading, their power draining. They still control their corner of Las Vegas easily, but Raze can tell something’s wrong.

And then he meets Becca and he knows it.

The beautiful redhead tempts him like no other. With her lovely grey eyes and angelic smile, he doesn’t want to believe what his waning senses tell him: that she is a demon… and his fated mate.

For Becca, visiting the infamous Angels of Sin City was her last resort. She’d hoped to trade information for protection because, after betraying Lucifer, she would need it. But when she sits down with the imposing Raziel, she realizes she’s in over her head.

And no amount of praying is going to save her now…

House of Cards is the first novella (~25,000 words) in a new trilogy featuring three strong and sexy angel princes. Cursed by Lucifer and banished from Heaven, the trio of Fallen Angels have to find their soulmates and track down their missing talisman in order to break their curse and get their HEA. House of Cards is the story of Raziel and Becca, an angel and a demon who have nothing in common except everything…

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May 302021

Unite Three Times (The Ryckerdan Trilogy #3) by Esther E. Schmidt

Windsor – The mob has put the life of the woman I love in the balance too many times. Yet now, they’ve managed to blindside all of us along with it. The will to fight the mafia has turned into full blown hatred along with the need for justice to prevail. But will it be in time to save lives or will plans forged for decades take a spin and leave all of us to take a choice between life or death?

Linnette – Who knew life as a civilian would be more hazardous than as a special agent? I won’t hesitate to put my life on the line when it comes to my future husband, but his is not the only life on the line in a fight for the throne. There’s also more at stake than a kingdom. Will we find the strength to grab hold and fight or will our future fall apart?

Love, family, loyalty; united as one or lost forever.

Unite Three Times is book three in a royal romance trilogy set in a biker world where mafia collides with justice.

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May 282021

Fallen Rose (Beauty and the Beast Book 3) by Amelia Wilde

Leo Morelli has lost everything.

His safety. His sanity. But worse than that, the woman he loves. He will destroy Bishop’s Landing to get her back, even if it means becoming the monster she fears.

The entire city will feel his wrath.

Haley Constantine loves her beast, but she can’t walk away from her family. They need her now more than ever. It will take more than violence to face these enemies. It will take sacrifice.

Can she give up the man she loves to save him?

Excerpt Fallen Rose by Amelia Wilde

Leo’s grip tightens. He takes my air away. Makes it hard to breathe for long enough that my heart kicks up into a sprint. Even now, even when I can’t breathe, he smells so good I could die. Like a clean winter forest. Like a dark night.

And then.

He leans down and bites me. His teeth sink into the place where my neck curves into my shoulder, the heat of his breath tracing the marks. I’m on fire, lit up with him, every nerve responding to the pain. He’s never bitten me this hard before, never while he’s choking me like this, and I suck in a gasp.

Leo shoves himself away from me. My spine knocks against hardwood as he backs away with a growl. “Get out of here,” he says. “Go to the guest room.”

“What?” I put my hand where he touched me, press in like I can recreate the sensation. “No. I don’t want to leave.”

Leo looks me in the eye, and my heart thuds. Cracks. “I’ll be too rough with you. I’ll tear you apart.”

A heartbeat of fear. Another one of recognition. The gold in his eyes blazes with fury he’s not bothering to suppress.

Or that he can’t suppress.

The truth arrives like a bullet.

I’ve only ever had sex with Leo Morelli. The man standing in front of me now is the Beast of Bishop’s Landing.

This is the person Leo became to survive his father. This is the person he became to protect his siblings, and his secrets. I thought it was all an act. I thought he was only pretending to be angry. That it was skin-deep. A performance. And sometimes it is. Sometimes he allows people to think he is angry when he is really in pain. He allows people to think he’s ruthless and bloodthirsty when he is considered and calculated.

But now?

Now it’s real.

I’ll tear you apart sounded so raw, so violent, that I know it’s real. And it’s too late to stop it. Too late to hide it.

He’s trying anyway, though his anger is all in the open, it’s crackling in the air around us. It’s making the hairs on the backs of my arms stand up.

“Go,” he orders.

“No.” I separate myself from the door and take three steps toward him. Close enough for him to reach me. My body quakes with how lethal he is but I’ll never run from him. Never. Never. Never. “I want all of you. Even the beast.”

I look at him then. Really look. And I see everything. The agonized set of his shoulders. The way he stands up so tall as a way to keep himself in check. His hands shoved into his pockets to keep them off me.

The need in his eyes. A deep, animal need. He’s practically vibrating with it. Leo’s jaw works. “I promise, darling. I won’t be gentle.”

It’s as clear a warning as I’ve ever heard. This is my only chance to back out of this. To run to the guest room and lock the door. He’ll let me do it. Leo’s voice swears off softness.

I lift one hand and pull down the neck of my nightgown to bare my throat to him.

I show him the marks he’s already made.

“All of you,” I tell him. “Please.”

One second he’s standing there, and the next he’s all furious motion. It’s like the night he came after me. Watching him run into that alley was the most magnificent thing I’ve ever seen. He is equally stunning now. A graceful violence. His hands are all over me. Squeezing. Pinching. Bruising. He bites me again, layering more marks on top of the fresh one, and I cry out at how sharp the pain is. How little he’s holding back.

Leo tears my nightgown off. Shreds the fabric. Splits it down the middle.

He tears through the panties I’m wearing underneath.

When I’m naked, when there’s nothing left between us, he takes my face in his hands and kisses me in the ruins of my clothes. He kisses me so hard I taste blood. There is nothing gentle in his tongue, or his teeth, and I owe him everything, he is everything, because if he was soft with me now, I would be sick.

It’s not cruelty, the way he hurts me now. We are beyond things like cruelty and kindness. This is claiming.

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May 282021

Rumors (Deviants & Doves Series 2: The Cat’s Crew Trilogy Book 1) by A.J. Macey

What’s a girl to do when there’s no revenge to be had?

Hey b*tches, my name’s Kiera. You might know me as The Cat, infamous cat burglar/thief.

No? Well, let me give you a little insight into my life over the last year and a half.

I was going about, doing my own thing when my entire life got flipped upside down. Alongside my little assassin, we were able to help The Aces MC with a little problem with a rival MC. Easy peasy, right? Wrong. Somehow though, I found myself falling for the club’s president, his suspicious enforcer, and the VP… who just so happens to also be my asshole stepbrother. The Alloy Kings MC didn’t stand a chance but they weren’t alone. Backed by my bastard father and his mob of minions, we had a hell of a fight. Sound like fun to you? Ha, yeah, I didn’t think so. But in the end, we came out mostly unscathed.

Six months later, I finally decided that was enough laying low. But I find myself surrounded by rumors, and I can’t let them lie when there’s so much to lose now. Can we figure out who’s watching us before it’s too late, or will we end up getting blindsided?

But I’m not the thief who became famous at 15 years old and survived the mob’s hell in my past just to lay down and get surprised in my own damned house. Again.

Those f*ckers won’t know what hit them.

I’m The Cat, and soon enough, they’ll learn that this is just the beginning.

Book 1 of The Cat’s Series

The Cat’s Crew Series is a second trilogy following Kiera and her men. It is highly recommended to read The Aces Series before this series. Both series are a WhyChoose/Reverse Harem trilogy featuring MMFMM meaning the female main character doesn’t have to choose between her love interests. Please note, some scenes may contain M/M contact.

This book contains references involving PTSD, sexual assault recollections, abuse, and other themes that some readers may find triggering.

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May 272021

We Two Shall (The Ryckerdan Trilogy #2) by Esther E. Schmidt

Windsor – The load of information about my background is hitting me full force. How does one deal when everything you thought was true turns out to be a lie? There’s only one solid pillar I trust in my life right now; the woman who holds my heart. And it’s exactly why her life hangs in the balance if she stays by my side.

Linnette – Some say love is easy. They’ve clearly never had to face not one, but two mafia families fighting to put their blood on the throne. A war has been declared, and we have to save not only the man who holds my heart, but a whole country along with it. All is fair in love and war, until your life is hanging on by a thread.

We Two Shall is book two in a royal romance trilogy set in a biker world where mafia collides with justice.

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May 252021

For One Chance (The Ryckerdan Trilogy #1) by Esther E. Schmidt

Windsor – She’s intriguing. Smart, brilliantly beautiful. She knocked me into awareness when I almost bumped into her. Anything but mundane, she’s a biker princess and a special agent trained to solve criminal cases. I guess she’s not the only one knocking the wind right out of me when my life takes an unexpected twist.

Linnette – Handsome. Kind. And let’s not forget those tantalizing abs, making him irresistible after he almost ran into me. A one chance meeting. They say a first impression matters, and with us it definitely did. And of course the first guy who jolted my heart into awareness becomes a case I need to give my full attention to. Can you spell disaster? Because I can, in full detail, when his family brings death to my doorstep.

For One Chance is book one in a royal romance trilogy set in a biker world where mafia collides with justice.

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May 072021

Alpha Returned (Feral Mates Book 3) by Sabrina Thatcher

One month as a shifter, and it’s already up to me to save the pack.

But to do that, I’m going to have to marry the enemy.

It’s a cruel twist of fate that’s left me marked as Rylan’s mate…but not as cruel as he is. From the moment I step into the compound where he bases his army of shifters, he makes one thing very clear.

He will be obeyed.

At all costs.

Taken hundreds of miles away from my own pack into new territory, I soon find I may have more allies than I anticipated. Not all at the compound are loyal to Rylan. I might be trapped here, but at least I’m not alone.

Or I won’t be for long.

If Roman, Teague, and Elon don’t find me soon…the demons will.

A war is brewing, and I’ve found myself placed at the very center of it.

I’ve made the ultimate sacrifice to save my mates, my adopted pack…but it still might not be enough.

Alpha Returned is the third (and final) book in a reverse harem romance trilogy full of rejected mates, surprising alphas, and plenty of steam. Recommended for readers 17 and up.

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