Jul 012021

Dirty Toe Drag (Nashville Assassins: Next Generation Book 6) by Toni Aleo

Stella Brooks is a woman who knows what she wants. From her first glimpse of Paris Fashion Week at the tender age of eleven, she has only ever wanted to be a designer. Hardworking and dedicated, she knows she can make a success of it. Until…she is driven to trade fashion for frosting, a move that makes her soul sing but shakes her confidence in her decision-making to her core.
And when you add in that her sexy hookup from her older brother’s wedding is sniffing around again, things are about to get out of hand. Wesley McMillan seems different, no longer putting off love-’em-and-leave-’em vibes, which only adds to Stella’s emotional chaos.
Wesley McMillan has had a thing for Stella since she first served him a fried pickle platter at her mom’s restaurant. He may have only ordered a snack, but he found he wanted a whole meal—in the form of Stella Brooks. How could he not? She’s stunning, smart, and confident. She knows her worth and what she wants, and she owns whatever room she’s in, the ultimate turn-on for him.
He just has two problems: Stella is his best friend’s sister, and she thinks he’s a playboy. The first issue, Wes is willing to face off against. As for the second…Wes doesn’t blame Stella for her assumption. He used to love to play the field, but now that he has his demons under control, he is ready to show her and the world that he is worthy of her love.
Wes may be known for his sick signature move on the ice, but will his dirty toe drag be enough to score Stella’s heart?

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Jan 302021

Hard Hit (IceCats Book 3) by Toni Aleo

Kirby Litman has been abandoned by everyone in his life at one time or another since childhood. And when his cheating ex drops their baby girl in his lap and leaves the country, he vows he won’t abandon his daughter, Celeste, like he was. Between parenting, hockey, and mentoring three brand-new young players, he doesn’t have much time for himself. Though, when Jaylin Raventorn crosses his path again, he wants to stop the clock for her.
Jaylin has had her eye on Kirby from the first moment they met over a year ago, but his surprise fatherhood threw their plans into the penalty box. Now that he’s back in play—and with a cute new teammate to boot—Jaylin is as eager as Kirby to pick up where they left off.
But will the love-’em-and-leave-’em lawyer be able to let go of her fears to build a future with the man who’s always been left behind? Or will the hard hit from their pasts be too much for them to overcome?

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Oct 172020

The Chase is Over (Nashville Assassins: Next Generation #5) by Toni Aleo

You are cordially invited to the wedding of Shelli Adler and Aiden Brooks…Shelli has been planning her wedding to Aiden in her scrapbook since she was old enough to wield a glue stick. And now that day has finally arrived. Sure, it’s over the top, but what else would you expect from the firstborn daughter of hockey royalty?
Aiden is along for the ride with Shelli’s grand ideas, just as long as his beloved Stanley Cup gets a position of honor on their big day. Whatever his beautiful bride-to-be wants, he’s going to make sure she gets. Even if he has to do some soul-searching to figure out how to get the job done.
Shelli knows she’s only getting married once, and she’s not throwing away her shot.

The Chase is Over by Toni Aleo releases on October 27th!

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Jun 212020

Blades of Glory (Nashville Assassins: Next Generation #4) by Toni Aleo

Old vs. Young
Experience vs. Attitude
No Teeth vs. Also No Teeth…
It’s the game some of these players have been waiting a lifetime for. The veterans of the Nashville Assassins versus the new generation of players—their sons.
As part of their prewedding festivities, Aiden Brooks and Shelli Adler have invited the retired Assassins to play a friendly game against the Stanley Cup-winning current team.
And while the guys are battling it out on the ice, the women are running the show from the stands.
Publication Date: June 15, 2020

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Apr 282020

Bring It Home (Nashville Assassins: Next Generation #3) by Toni Aleo

Boon Hoenes only has three goals in life.

To make Posey Adler his wife, to win the Stanley Cup for the second year in a row, and for Shea Adler to like him.

The first, hes got on lock.

The second, hes well on his way.

And the third

Well, two out of three aint bad.

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Mar 032020

Spiked by Love (Bellevue Bullies #6) by Toni Aleo

Allison Titov and Asher Brooks have been best friends their whole lives. Brought up together as part of the Assassins family, they might as well be related. But… Ally has never felt anything sisterly toward Asher.

In love with Asher since she was a teen, Ally has gone pro at keeping her feelings a secret. It’s been easy…as long as he’s stayed halfway across the country at college and she has a volleyball to slap her frustrations out on. But now, he’s home. And having his quick wit, heart-filling laugh, and adorkable smile so close is going to test her like never before.

After being dumped by his fiancée, Asher is at a loss what to do next. He craves stability, but with an unexpected kiss, Ally might as well have spiked Asher in the face with a volleyball. Now he’s faced with the dilemma of his life. Does he keep Ally in the friend zone, or does he take the ultimate risk for love?

If they’ve learned one thing growing up in the glow of hockey greatness, it’s that you can’t win it all if you don’t play the game. And by serving one hell of an ace into the middle of Asher’s safe little life, Ally is ready to claim victory.

Friends to LOVERS
Nashville Assassins: Next Generation folks at Bellevue Bullies

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Oct 162019

One Timer (Nashville Assassins #13) by Toni Aleo

You’ve known Harper Allen and Jakob Titov since you met them in Taking Shots. You know their story already, right? Ha! You only think you do. In One-Timer, they’ll tell it for themselves.

Harper has been hurt so many times, and she has no interest in anything more than a one-time thing, but Jakob Titov has other ideas.

He is looking for his forever. He has his sights set on a girl who is so good at blocking his attempts, she could be a star goalie in the NHL. Jakob is persistent, though, and he knows what he wants: Harper—forever. together, he knows they’ll make one hell of a team.

The last twenty years have been even better than they could have dreamed. But when their daughter comes home, informing them she’s giving up everything for a boy, they know it’s past time to tell the truth about the shutout they scored all those years ago to get where they are.

It wasn’t easy. But sometimes, that one-time thing leads to a fairy-tale kind of ending.

Below you will find the complete reading list starting with book 1 – 5 ASSASSINS SERIES, continued by NASHVILLE ASSASSINS Series with books 1 – 13.

Taking Shots

review soon

Trying to Score

review soon

3 Empty Net

review soon

Falling for the Backup

review soon

5 Blue Lines

review soon

Breaking Away

review soon

Laces and Lace

review soon

A Very Merry Hockey Holiday

review soon

Wanting to Forget

review soon


review soon

Rushing the Goal

review soon

Pucks, Sticks, and Diapers

review soon

Face-Off at the Altar

review soon

Delayed Call

review soon


review soon

In the Crease

review soon

Two-Man Advantage

review soon

One Timer

review soon


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Oct 162019

Power Play (Nashville Assassins: Next Generation #2) by Toni Aleo

Posey Adler is coming home. After a devastating journey for what she mistakenly thought was true love, she is saying to hell with men and love forever. As the Nashville Assassins’s new assistant coach for special teams, Posey is ready to focus on her job and have the attention on her for a change. She’s been haunted by her place in her sister’s shadow, but this is her chance to shine and force her family to take notice. But in order to make a name for herself, she’s going to have to go toe-to-toe with her team’s leading power play scorer.

Boon Hoenes lives for special teams. The power play is his favorite thing about the game. He loves having that advantage over his opponent. And most of the time, it’s his quick thinking that sends the puck to the back of the goal when he’s on the ice. Off the ice, however, no amount of quick thinking prepared his heart for being dumped by his college sweetheart. Boon has sworn off women, but when Posey Adler comes onto his ice—and kicks him off his beloved power play—he decides she’s one woman he doesn’t want to swear off.

They’ve both been hurt, but instead of going in for the penalty kill, Boon is ready to convince Posey their hearts are the secret to how they’ll win.

How they’ll score the ultimate goal.

A forever kind of love.

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Oct 162019

Dump and Chase (Nashville Assassins: Next Generation #1) by Toni Aleo

Shelli Adler has known what she wanted since she was eleven years old.

Aiden Brooks.

But Aiden has always had other ideas. After spending the early years of his life without his dad, hockey legend Lucas Brooks, Aiden is determined not to settle for anything less than true love. When he’s ready. Now he’s living the fast life of an NHL bachelor. He won’t give his heart to any one girl, but they can have his body—all night long.

The party to celebrate the start of the second half of the season was supposed to be no different from any other night. And when a stunning stranger approaches him, he can’t seem to keep his hands off her.

The next morning, she’s gone, and he’s been traded to his dad’s former team, the Nashville Assassins. All of his professional dreams are coming true, but he can’t shake the memory of the girl from that last party. He wants to see her again. Though, after moving across the country—and without knowing her name—that dream seems like a puck destined to miss the net.

For Shelli, her night with Aiden was everything she’d ever imagined it could be, and she’s sure it is all about to change for them. But for that to happen…he would have to know who she was.

The Dump was only the beginning. The Chase is worth waiting a lifetime for.

Excerpt Dump and Chase (Nashville Assassins: Next Generation #1) by Toni Aleo

Chapter One / Shelli

I can’t seem to catch my breath. Every single fiber of my being is vibrating with nerves. I feel the tension everywhere. My chest, my arms, my legs—I’m pretty sure my ass is shaking with excitement. I can’t believe I’m here. I’m really here.
In Aiden Brooks’s apartment building.
When Chris, my buddy, passes me a bottle of tequila, I take a long pull before passing it back, shuddering from the bitter liquid. I need it, though. I need the liquid courage to get me into this building. I run my hand down the long platinum blond braid of my wig. I didn’t want to wear my wig from the show, but Chris was in a rush to get here. We came straight from the theatre after our last performance. I washed my face free of the dramatic stage makeup, but I wish I’d had time to take this damn wig off. Chris convinced me it didn’t matter one way or another.
Being here, though, I find that it does matter to me. With each step I take, I regret my decision not to change. To be me, instead of the character I’ve played for the last six months. Not anymore, though, and as much as I want to be sad that my part in our show is over, I’m not. I had every opportunity to re-sign for another six months, but I decided not to. I’m done. I’m going home, and I am so damn excited.
I haven’t lived with my parents full time since I was sixteen. I know most girls wouldn’t be complaining, but I really do love my mom and dad. My siblings are okay on a good day, and I enjoy being with them. I miss them constantly, and I’m finally ready to go home. I need the distance from New York, I need to figure out who I am, what I want, and what my future holds. I am done with Broadway.
I know my mom is sad I’m quitting, but I don’t like who I am becoming here. I don’t feel happy, and I’m not living my life to my fullest. I feel like I’m just going with the flow, doing whatever my castmates do, and I don’t want that. I don’t want to develop a drug habit. I don’t want to sleep around or get drunk every night. I don’t need that stuff. I was good with who I was before I was exposed to this world. Don’t get me wrong. It’s been great, and I’ve made wonderful memories. The standing ovations have been intoxicating and the money has been awesome, but this doesn’t feel like my path anymore.
I want something more. I just have no clue what that is yet.
Tonight, though, I don’t have to worry yet about what the future holds. It’s my last night as a New Yorker, so I’m going to make it the best night ever. Because tomorrow, I head back home to my new reality. I want to say I’m scared, but I’m not. I’m stoked.
I bite my lip as I climb the stairs to the entrance with Chris. As animated as always, he is talking with his hands. “Are you sure you’ve gotta go?”
I don’t even look at him as I nod. He’s taller than me, way taller, and good-looking to some. I knew the moment I met him, though, that he would only be a friend. He didn’t get that memo, and he has begged me daily to date him. I don’t see him as boyfriend material. Even with his blond hair, green eyes, and beautiful jawline, he isn’t who I want. He isn’t the one I’ve been crushing on for most of my life. Which is probably why every guy I’ve ever met has not been boyfriend material. But now is not the time to evaluate that.
“Yeah, I’m ready for a change.”
“You’re turning your back on your art. You were made for the stage. You’re Elli Fisher’s daughter, for fuck’s sake.”
I smile at the use of my mom’s maiden name. I’m not sure anyone really remembers Elli Fisher. Even though she was one of the most amazing performers of her time, I don’t even think my mom misses her. Not once Elli Adler made her mark on the world as one of the best owners and general managers for the Nashville Assassins. My mom started making a name for herself when she was the youngest owner in NHL history. She’s always been ruthless and makes bold moves. She was one of the first owners to sign a woman and play her on the ice. She makes trades like no other, and she loves her players as if they were her kids. She’s absolutely phenomenal, and if I can be half the woman my mom is, I’m winning.
“I hear you, but I want more.”
“More? What’s more?”
“I don’t know yet,” I admit with a smile. “But I’m going to find out.”
He rolls his green eyes, every bit annoyed with me. I know he wants me to stay so he can get me to fall in love with him, but that won’t happen. Not when my sights have always been set on one guy in particular.
The stairs into the lobby are endless, it seems, but when I see the elevator, my heart stops. I clear my throat. “So, he’s here? Aiden?”
Chris chuckles. “Yes. Why would we be going to a party at his house if he weren’t here?”
I shrug as he pulls out a card, sliding it into the slot before the doors open. “You have a card?”
Chris flashes me a grin. “Aiden and I are good friends.”
I know this. Ever since Chris found out I had a thing for the Rangers’ center, he likes to rub it in my face that he knows Aiden. It’s crazy that in the two years I’ve known Chris, this is the first party he’s taking me to. I don’t know if it’s because I’m leaving or if he really thought he was going to get in my pants and make me fall for him so I’d forget Aiden.
If it’s the latter, he’s so very, very wrong.
“Do you want another hit?”
I glance over to where Chris is lighting up his blunt. I shake my head. “No, I’m good.”
I should have taken a bigger hit before, but what the hell. I do take the bottle of tequila, though, and swallow one more gulp as the elevator takes us up to the top floor that is apparently Aiden’s penthouse. My heart rises into my throat with each floor we ascend. Chris takes the bottle from me as I pull up on my belt loops. The pants I’m wearing are a bit too tight, squeezing my waist and cutting off circulation to my legs, but they make my ass look really thick and big. I almost didn’t wear the crop top I stole from my cousin, but I want to impress him. Problem is, Amelia, my cousin, is a small, though she wears a medium so her breasts don’t show underneath. Because I’m a solid large on top, it’s easy to say my breasts are peeking out the bottom in a way that would make my mom cringe.
But my mom isn’t here. Aiden is, and I want him to notice me.
I’ve known Aiden my whole life. There are pictures of him holding me when I was a baby and from every year at my birthday. He was such a big part of my life; he even babysat my little brothers when my sister Posey and I had hockey tournaments. Our families have always been so close, and I’ve been infatuated with him forever. I still remember the moment I knew I’d never want anyone else but him.
He came to the house in a badass Willie Nelson tee. I was learning the chords to “Georgia on My Mind,” and I wanted to gush to him that I was learning to play Willie Nelson’s version, but I was nervous he wouldn’t think I was as cool as he was. He was letting his hair grow long, and he had a faint mustache on his lip. He was downright gorgeous—unfairly gorgeous—so much older than me. He never even noticed me. I was just one of those Adler kids. Even when I begged my mom for a Willie tee because I wanted him to see me, to see that I loved Willie too, he didn’t.
He never noticed. It was like I was invisible to him.
In his defense, though, he was older and so busy keeping up with his grades and his skills on the ice. He never dated much—yes, that may make me a stalker for knowing that, but his mom always bragged about how he was so driven. He graduated early, went to college, and didn’t even finish the year before the NHL wanted him. He is absolutely amazing, and all I want is for him to see me.
To want me.
When I moved to New York, I was convinced our paths would cross. Surely, right? Nope. Never. Even when our moms tried to set us up for a group dinner, we were just too busy. It annoyed me so much because all I wanted was a chance. Once I was eighteen, I knew he couldn’t see me as a little girl anymore. But I never got the chance.
Until now.
When the doors open, my heart is in my throat as I take in what’s before me. The party is in full swing, but I can’t ignore the spectacularness of the penthouse. It’s all glass. There are absolutely no walls, just glass looking out over the New York skyline. I wonder if Aiden walks around naked in here? Not that anyone would be able to see him; we’re so high up. The black furniture is sleek, modern, and ostentatious art hangs on the walls. A piano sits in the corner, the bench being used right now as a chair for a few girls, and I’m curious if Aiden plays.
“Yeah, it’s pretty awesome,” Chris says as we walk farther in. “He’s swimming in money.”
Of course he is. His entry-level contract was one of the highest salaries ever for a rookie. Reason being, everyone wanted him. And I mean everyone. He had his pick of teams, but he chose the Islanders. Mom didn’t have the salary cap for him, so the Assassins weren’t an option, which, of course, bummed me out. But then I moved to New York, he was traded to the Rangers, and things were supposed to change.
They didn’t. Though, maybe now they will.
I look around the party, hoping to spot him. I notice many of the Rangers’ players, along with some very gorgeous women. Puck bunnies, of course. I’ve been around this sport my whole life; I know them when I see them. My dad played in the NHL for close to fifteen years. With my mom being an owner, it’s easy to say I live, breathe, and sleep hockey, and if I’m honest, I wouldn’t want it any other way. I love the sport.
A massive TV sandwiched between two stunning guitars captures my attention. From where I am standing, I’m pretty sure they’re Gibson electrics, and I want so badly to go over and check them out. When Chris’s hand grips my wrist, I look over to where he is pointing.
And there he is.
Aiden Brooks.
In all his gorgeous glory.
He stands taller than the group surrounding him. A mixed group of beautiful women, hockey players, and businessmen. He wears a black bomber jacket with a white tee underneath it. Even in his jacket, his shoulders are massive, while his waist is trim. His dress pants are tight on his thighs and low on his waist, but they are loose around his ankles. He’s barefoot, looking every bit like a Greek god. His gray eyes are spectacular from where I stand, with his long lashes kissing his cheeks every time he closes his eyes. While his dark brown hair is up in a messy ponytail, wavy pieces fall along his temple from where they’ve come out of the elastic. His chin is covered in thick, coarse hair, but I can tell his jaw is so chiseled and strong.
When he smiles, the world stops and all the air rushes out of me audibly. His teeth are so white, his face is so bright, and this all seems unreal. I move my hand to my other wrist, pinching myself hard. I can hear Chris laughing, but I don’t care.
“He’s expecting you.”
I shake my head. “No way,”
“Yeah, I told him you were coming.”
My stomach swirls. “Really?”
“Yeah,” he says with his easy grin. “Are you going to go say hi, then?”
I nod, though I don’t move. I hear my cousin Amelia in my head. She always teases me for never having the balls to go up to Aiden. But not today.
I inhale deeply, licking my lips as I watch him walk away from the group he was with. He moves through the crowd with a grin, a cup in his hand. He stops at a group of guys, and they each take a shot before his laughter fills the room. Over the music, over all the conversations, I hear him. He slaps hands with his friends, even nods at a girl who has her eyes on him. I assume he’s going to go to her, but he doesn’t. He steps to the side and pulls out his phone as he leans into the wall, taking a sip of his drink.
I know this is my chance.
My legs are moving before I even realize it. My heart is so loud, I can’t hear anything but it thudding in my chest. The way he’s leaning, his shirt has pulled up a bit on his stomach, showing off a naughty sliver of skin that makes my mouth dry. I swallow hard as I weave my way through the crowd, my gaze locked on him, hoping he doesn’t move. When he looks up, his eyes land on me, and good Lord, his eyes are hooded. The air is knocked out of me, but a grin moves across my lips.
This is it.
Aiden nips at his bottom lip as he slowly tucks his phone into his pocket. “Hey.”
“Hi,” I whisper, and his lips curve even more. “How are you?”
“I’m really good now that you’re here.” He takes a long sip of whatever is in his cup before licking his lips as he lowers the cup to his hip. “You came with Chris?”
I nod, but I can’t feel myself doing it. I feel as if I’m on autopilot, I’m so lost in his gray eyes. “I did.”
He pushes off the wall and takes a step toward me, towering over me in the sexiest way. Almost like a lion stalking its prey. His lips are so wet as he gazes down at me with those naughty, hooded eyes.
“You’re really fucking beautiful.”
I think I just died. Aiden Brooks just called me, Shelli Adler, really fucking beautiful. And not just beautiful. Fuckingbeautiful.
I mean, he’s isn’t wrong.
I have my dad’s eyes and my mom’s beauty. But knowing that about myself doesn’t mean my face doesn’t flush with color and my lips don’t curve into the brightest smile. Because it’s him. The guy I’ve crushed on for most of my life. He thinks I’m beautiful, when I thought he never even saw me. “Thank you.”
He looks me up and down, his eyes poring over me like the sweetest syrup. “Usually, Chris’s friends aren’t this gorgeous.”
The way he says friends is weird, but that’s neither here nor there. Aiden Brooks is looking at me, and I swear he sees me. He really sees me.
He grins, and Lord, he is so charming. A simple grin has my heart fluttering in my chest. “That’s one hell of a compliment. He’s brought a lot of girls through here.”
“This is my first time.” Well, no shit, Sherlock! He knows this. Why the hell did I say that? I’m such an idiot!
He reaches out, taking my hip in his grip. I look down at his hand as my body burns with fire from his touch. I have wanted to feel his hands on me for as long as I can remember. I look up at him, wide-eyed, as his white teeth blind me. “Believe me, it won’t be your last.”
I blink, and when my eyes open, it’s just in time to see his lips coming for mine. His hand moves to the middle of my back, pushing me into him as his lips capture mine. It’s like a siren is going off in my head as I fall into the kiss, my hands sliding up and around his neck to hold on for dear life.
Because Aiden Brooks is kissing me.

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Oct 102019

Juicy Rebound (IceCats #1) by Toni Aleo

Chandler Moon’s career as a defensemen for the IceCats is on fire. However, his marriage has gone up in flames…literally. He’s resigned himself to the single life and being the best dog dad he can be, but he still holds out hope that one day he’ll find “The One.” So, imagine his surprise when he runs into “The One Who Got Away.”
Amelia Justice.
His best friend’s baby sister.
AKA: “The One Who Is Totally Off-Limits”
Amelia is broken. The punches that life, and her ex-husband, have thrown at her have her down for the count. She’s cut herself off from her family and friends as she works to rebuild her self-esteem and her spirit. Hidden away in a small town, she never expects to reconnect with “The One She Should Have Chosen.”
Chandler is so much more than he was in college: more handsome, more muscular, more tattooed… It was supposed to be a casual fling while Amelia and Chandler worked to put the pieces of their lives back together.
But as every good hockey player knows, a rebound can turn into one hell of a goal.

Excerpt Juicy Rebound (IceCats #1) by Toni Aleo


“Do you remember Chandler? Ryan’s best friend from college?”

Anyone else, I wouldn’t ask. With Shelli, though, I tell her the deepest, darkest shit, and she still loves me.

With an appreciative moan, she says, “Oh yes, tight ass and beautiful golden eyes. Defensemen for the IceCats, number twenty-three, I think.”

“You could make a hockey fan jizz in his pants.”

She snorts. “Yup, but I want a hockey player. Rawr.”

“You mean a hockey player who plays for the Rangers and has to braid his man bun?”

“Will you leave his man bun out of this?”

“How can I? It’s awful!”



She groans. “What about Mr. Chandler Moon?”

I hesitate for a moment and then say, “He came into the coffee shop yesterday and today.”

“Is he still as fine as ever?”

I groan at the thought of him. “So much more. He has all these tattoos and a beard.”

“Girl, I don’t run, but I’d power-walk for a guy with tattoos and a beard.”

“And a man bun.”

“Shut it!”

I giggle at her exclamation.

“Didn’t y’all already hook up, though?”

I brush my hair out of my face, remembering that one night at a Bullies’ party back in college. Ryan was trying hard to get Sofia to give him a chance, and I was in the corner with Chandler. We talked about school, his major, and then I kissed him. He didn’t expect it, but he sure took over the moment it happened. If I think really hard, I can almost remember the way his lips felt. “We kissed, but it was interrupted by some drunk dude. And then Drew happened.”

“Stupid Drew,” she says, and I can just see her rolling her pretty blue eyes. I haven’t seen her in months, but I can imagine her in my head, and I miss her terribly. “So you saw him and…”

“He asked me out.”

“And you said…”


“Ugh! I knew it,” she groans, and I roll my eyes.

“There is no way I can start anything with anyone right now.”

“Why not? You’ve been divorced over a year. It’s okay to move on.”

“It’s not that. I’m just damaged, I guess.”

“Well, that’s to be expected, so maybe find a guy who wouldn’t mind mending you back up.”

I scoff. “No dude wants that.”

“Chandler might.”

“No way. I wouldn’t do that to him. He’s too wonderful. Or he was. I don’t know the guy now, but I’m sure he’s amazing.”

“Who says you can’t get to know him?”

I shrug. “I don’t know.”

“Maybe hook up. It would be good to get out there, get the first relationship after that fucking dickwad out of the way. You know Chandler would be one hell of a juicy rebound.”

I balk. “Ew. You made that sound so gross.”

She laughs loudly. “You’re so weird. Juicy and moist are normal words.”

“No! They’re disgusting!”

“You’re insane. I bet he has a juicy ass and can make you moist.”

“I just puked in my mouth. Goodbye.”

As I hang up on the sound of her laughter, a shiver runs through me. Shelli’s words play over and over in my head, but they mean nothing. There is no way. I’m in no position to even try to be with someone right now. I’m too messed up. No one would understand me. Especially someone as amazing as Chandler.

When my phone vibrates in my hand, I glance down to see a text from Shelli.

Shelli: I get it, you don’t want to put yourself out there. But why not? Have some fun, get to know him. I mean, what’s the worst that could happen?

I let my hands drop as I look out at the ocean. What could happen?

Simple. He could break my heart too.

End of Excerpt Juicy Rebound (IceCats #1) by Toni Aleo

Juicy Rebound

review soon

Wild Tendy

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Jul 272019

Wild Tendy (IceCats #2) by Toni Aleo

Nico Merryweather loves women—all women. Sure, they’re sexy and fun. But “Player” is an easy reputation to hide behind, a way to keep the good times rolling and reality at bay. He’s loud, he’s cocky, he says exactly what he’s thinking, and people just laugh it off because they think they know him. But Nico makes sure no one is close enough to know the truth. With a new season starting, he is ready to play the game he can control. They’ll all be watching Nico, the goalie, but they’ll never know the man behind the mask who is just trying to breathe. He hasn’t ever wanted anyone close enough to him to see the truth, until Aviva rams herself into his ass. Literally.

Aviva Pearce’s life is a collection of bad days all wrapped up without a bow. If it can go wrong, it will. All she wants is to run her business, take care of her sister, and keep her head above water. But with a father who is out to ruin her like he has himself and debt trying to drown her, it’s hard to stay afloat. Aviva isn’t the type to waste time dwelling on her misfortunes or to give up, though. She’s got too much fight in her. And she definitely doesn’t have time to waste on the wildly sexy, rich, showboating goaltender everyone wants. She’s got goals.

What she doesn’t know is that Nico has goals of his own.

And she’s number one on his list.

Excerpt Wild Tendy (IceCats #2) by Toni Aleo

Hey. It’s Callie. I need your help with this stupid equations crap. Can you come by? Please. Pretty please with a cherry on top?
Oh shit. Thankfully, I come to a stop at a stoplight to text her back quickly that I’m on my way.
Me: Is Aviva there?
Callie: Of course she is.
Me: Does she know I’m coming?
Callie: Yup.
Me: Will I be walking into the lion’s den?
Callie: I can’t confirm or deny that.
Little asshole.
Callie: One thing is for sure… She’s been jerk since you left. So, if you can fix that so my sister smiles again like she did Sunday morning, that would be great.
I don’t answer her. Instead, I drive off, heading toward the shop. I’d love to make Aviva smile again. I get giddy at the thought of making her laugh, but I don’t know how to do that and not feel for her. She isn’t the kind of woman I can be just friends with.
It’s all or nothing.
When I arrive at the shop, Callie is sitting outside with her head in her book. I pull my truck in, and when I shut it off, she looks up. Relief fills her features as I get out, shutting the door and locking it. I peek into the shop just in time to see Aviva look away. And just like every single time I see her, she’s beautiful. She has her hair up in a high bun, her bangs getting in her eyes. She moves around like she’s working, but there isn’t a soul in there.
“I hate this crap.”
Callie’s words pull my attention, and I chuckle. As I sit down beside her, reaching for her book, I ask, “Didn’t I tell you, you gotta try to like it?”
“I don’t like numbers. I have a calculator and Google. I don’t need this.”
I roll my eyes. “What if you don’t have your phone?”
She gives me a terrified look. “Why wouldn’t I have my phone?”
I shake my head. I pray for this generation. But truthfully, my phone is attached to me. That’s how I know Aviva hasn’t called or texted me. I don’t answer Callie as I look over what she is doing. “Oh, derivative concepts? Easy peasy!”
I glance over at her to find her staring back at me like I’ve lost it. “Easy peasy? What is wrong with you? This crap is so hard!”
“It’s fun,” I say excitedly. “Pay attention.”
For the next forty minutes, I make solid progress with her homework and her study guide. It doesn’t take long for her to catch on. I love this kind of math. While angles are my jam, I love watching numbers work. It stimulates me. When she gets through the backside of her homework, I hold up my hand.
She smacks my hand, and the look of confidence on her face fills my happiness cup. I love helping her. I love helping anyone with math. “You should volunteer and help kids with this. It would really be great for kids like me who have no clue what is going on.”
I laugh. “I actually do volunteer at the children’s hospital.”
“Aw, that’s so sweet! You should do, like, Big Brothers or something. This guy I dated for a while was in that program, and he sucks at math. He could really use your help.”
I nod. “Send me his info. I’ll contact him.”
She grins over at me. “How did you get so good at this?”
“I’m not sure. It’s just easy for me. I always was in advanced math classes when I was growing up. If I hadn’t loved hockey so much, I would have done something in the math field,” I say with a shrug. “But hockey is life.”
She leans on her hands, her eyes on me. “So, you were a nerd in school?”
I scoff. “Not at all. Math was the only thing I was good at. It has something to do with the numbers and how my brain works.”
She’s engrossed in what I am saying. “I have a friend in school. He’s autistic. I think Asperger’s, but he’s like that. Everything else overwhelms him, but he gets lost in science and math. He loves it, but man does he hate gym and English.”
My heart jumps up into my throat.
“He’ll freak out, but it’s understandable because he gets so overwhelmed. Super cool dude. He sits beside me in class and helps me a lot. He’s so funny too, big IceCats fan.”
I feel sweat drip down my brow as I breathe heavily.
She must have noticed the change in my body language, because she draws her brows in. “Nico? What’s wrong?”
I stare into her eyes for a long time. Everything inside me is going crazy, firing up like mad, and I don’t know what to do. Do I get up and leave? Do I ignore her statement and move on?
“I’m autistic too.”
Well, I guess that’s another option.
I tell a sixteen-year-old something I’ve never told anyone.

Juicy Rebound

review soon

Wild Tendy

review soon


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