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He Made Me Do It by Zee Shine Storm


What is it like to be both Muslim and gay? Honestly? It feels like I’ve been cursed for all eternity. And then I had to go and fall for Asher Hannes and make it even more complicated.

Not only was he a guy, he happened to be my cocky and rebellious stepbrother who became the reason I began to get in trouble for things that weren’t even my fault.

Just seven months of his mother having married my dad, seven months of living under the same roof with him and sometimes even sharing the same bed and I already knew I was going to hell. Because I couldn’t keep fighting who I was around him. I couldn’t keep ignoring how I felt.

Wanting him was wrong. I never intended to cross any lines. But he made me do it anyway.

Note: This is a high school romance but with 18+ content. It does contain controversial themes relating to religion and homophobia but overall, it’s a feel-good love story.

Hana’s Review

-️Stepbrothers/Taboo Romance
-Queer/MM Romance

Perhaps my moral compass is a much darker grey than most because though this is labeled taboo, stepbrothers aren’t related… so, all fair in love and lust in my little, crazy world haha

In any case, I really, really enjoyed this book. I was lured in by the prospect of taboo as well as the description of diverse main characters – a Muslim gay main character? I’m so in!! And I loved Zayn. All he wants is to be a good son, a good Muslim – which is all made difficult by the realization, from a young age, that he’s gay.

And which is further complicated when his gorgeous new stepbrother moves in after his dad remarries. Bringing along all sorts of temptation and rebellion with him. Asher is all those things and utterly vibrant and unapologetic for who he is. And it’s impossible for Zayn to stay away. Especially once they both realize that the attraction is mutual. Asher is the bad boy to Zayn’s good boy but in all Asher’s rebellious behavior, the love that his feelings evolve into is so supportive and sexy and strong and I was hooked.

The book had so much – sweetness, spiciness, laughter and heartache. It was well-written, dual POV, with distinct voices. There were some parts that I didn’t really buy into (the strange way that Asher made his money) but it didn’t necessarily detract completely from the love story I was wholly invested in.

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Jul 272021

A Final Family Affair: An Extreme Taboo Anthology

Seven authors.

Seven new families.

Seven taboo romance stories.

Get lost in this final set of brand-new, never before released, forbidden romance tales.

Can you keep Our Little Secret and Escape the Fractured Prelude with only Butterfly Kisses?

When Love Trips and you find out that We Are Chaos in this Indecent world, a family’s love will conquer all.

A Family Affair Volume 3 is the last book in this collection of taboo and forbidden stories that will have leave you breathless and turning pages non-stop.

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May 032021

Legendary Daddy (Love in LA Book 1) by Mia Monroe

I knew he would be my Daddy one day. Now I have to convince him.

My vision board has three things on it:

Move to LA
Become a popular director
Meet my idol and make him fall for me

What can I say, I’m a dreamer.

My chances of making that last one happen were slim to none, until one day, fate shined upon me and I was standing face to face with the man himself, Legend. A scandal took him out of the spotlight and the dating world, but I’m determined to make him mine AND return him to his rightful spot as the adult industry’s top Daddy.

He’s been wronged in the past, but I know I can be his perfect boy. Convincing him to give his career and love life another chance isn’t going to be easy, but if fate is still on my side, our life together could be: Legendary.

Legendary Daddy is a steamy, age gap, Daddy/boy romance with a tenacious aspiring director, a scandal weary performer, a dash of hurt/comfort, and learning that it’s never too late to live life on your own terms. It is book 1 in the Love in LA series featuring doting Daddies and sweet boys finding love in Los Angeles.

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Apr 252021

Seducing My Guardian (A Touch of Taboo #4) by Katee Robert

On the night my parents die, I meet a sexy stranger who tells me he’s my new guardian. Before I can as much as blink, he ships me off to boarding school and then ignores me for three years…until he shows up on my nineteenth birthday to save me from myself.

For six years, that’s his routine. Show up on my birthday. Save me. Tempt me. And then send me on my way when the chemistry between us sizzles too hot.

That all ends tonight. I’m twenty-five and at midnight I get control of my trust fund. After this, I never have to see Devan again and he’ll no longer drive me crazy with his devastating dominance.

This year, all I want for my birthday is twenty-four hours with my guardian. After nine years of taboo desires and built-up lust, I have a lot of unfulfilled fantasies to act out.

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Apr 102021

The Groom, The Maid of Honor, and The Runaway Bride (A Touch of Taboo #5) by Katee Robert

I was supposed to marry the love of my life last weekend.

Instead, I left him at the altar and ran. It’s not that I don’t love him. I do.

The problem is that I love my maid of honor, too.

Not wanting me to be alone, Nadia insists on accompanying me on what was supposed to be my honeymoon. A few too many drinks our first night in paradise and I find myself confessing my feelings to her. One thing leads to another…

Which is when Owen walks in and catches us. I expect him to be furious, to hate me.

But it turns out my fiancé has been keeping secrets, too…

***This book is not a love triangle. It ends in a happy polyamorous relationship.***

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Jan 282021

The Vendetti Coward (The Vendetti Famiglia Book 4) by Sapphire Knight

I’m a coward. The second born son of the powerful Vendetti mafia famiglia. Vengeance and fearlessness should run in my blood.
They say I’m a liability, an addict, the embarrassment of the famiglia. None of them know the weight I bear, the guilt clawing in my gut for trying to escape it all. I’ll never be underboss, that I’m certain of. Yet, my life changes in a mere moment when I discover I have a daughter. She’s someone to live for and protect, an innocent baby depending on me.
The nanny comes into my life soon after, testing my resilience. She’s a new temptation, a craving I shouldn’t desire. I’m faced with more choices, none of them simple. Succumbing to my addiction is the easy way out, but I’m finally ready to fight. I’m Salvatore Vendetti, and I’m done being the coward.

(Book 4 in the Vendetti series- Empire, Queen, Seven, Coward)
WARNING!!! This series is VERY steamy, so be ready!* OTTA *Dark* Taboo* Possible triggers* If you can’t handle thinking outside the box, you can’t handle this book. It’s hot, full of racy scenes and for open minded readers wanting to read a suspenseful, non-cookie cutter book. This book is for those of us bored with the everyday romance reads everyone else is writing. If you click, you’re warned. Also, welcome to the dark side, let me entice your mind.

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Dec 302020

My Dad’s Best Friend (A Touch of Taboo Book 3) by Katee Robert

He’s the one man I’m not supposed to want… My dad’s best friend.

After he rejected me six years ago, I’ve steered clear of Jonas. Until now. I need his help, and I won’t take no for an answer. The plan is to show up at his house and plead my case, but a rainstorm derails everything, trapping us together for the weekend.

When he catches me in a compromising position, things quickly spiral out of control. We promise each other the weekend to purge the desire that’s been simmering for six long years. No fantasy is too dark, too filthy, too forbidden, to play out.

The only rule is that this thing between us ends when the storm does.

Surely it’s the one rule I can keep from breaking?

In My Dad’s Best Friend, You’ll Find:
– Grumpy One + Sunshine One
– Daddy Stuff
– Age Gap Romance
– Kinky roleplay
– Only One Bed!

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Nov 052020

Bound Together (Torn and Bound Duet Book 2) by K Webster & Nikki Ash

From USA Today bestselling author K Webster and Nikki Ash comes an angsty, new adult, why choose romance.

Oh, look, Ashton Carter destroyed his life—again.

Dad’s disappointed in me.
No shocker there.
But with them, it’s worse.
We’re torn apart and I’m responsible for the shredding.


I’ve made a mess of it all.
I’m not sure it’s even fixable.

Four broken hearts…
Anyone got any tape?

I may be self-destructive and have sucked them into my mess, destroying everyone’s lives in the process, but I’m sure I can fix it.

It’s gonna take focus and determination, both of which I’m sorely lacking.

I’m a spoiled boy who’s used to getting what I want.
In this case, I want them. All of them.
And I sure as hell won’t stop until I succeed.

Not until we’re bound together by…

Authors’ note: Bound Together is a full-length mature, new adult, why choose romance between friends to lovers, enemies to lovers, with a bit of taboo thrown in. This story contains MF/MFMM/MM scenes. It’s the epic conclusion in the Torn and Bound duet. Torn Apart must be read first.
Publication date : November 17, 2020

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Oct 142020

Promise (Redemption Series Book 0) by T.K. Leigh

Everyone has a chapter they don’t want to read out loud.

For me, it’s the summer before my junior year of high school.

The summer boys finally begin to notice me.

The summer he finally begins to notice me.

Andrew Brinks. Handsome. Popular. Star hockey player.

My best friend’s brother.

The more time we spend together, the more hopeful I become that he’ll give me what I’ve dreamt about for years…

My first kiss.

But just like everything else in my life, it comes at a price I may not be ready to pay.

One he may not be ready to pay, either.

Promise is an optional extended prologue to T.K. Leigh’s Redemption Duet. Start this second chance, best friend’s brother romance today.

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Oct 132020

Dark Notes by Pam Godwin

They call me a slut. Maybe I am.
Sometimes I do things I despise.
Sometimes men take without asking.

But I have a musical gift, only a year left of high school, and a plan.
With one obstacle.

Emeric Marceaux doesn’t just take.
He seizes my will power and bangs it like a dark note.
When he commands me to play, I want to give him everything.
I kneel for his punishments, tremble for his touch, and risk it all for our stolen moments.

He’s my obsession, my master, my music.
And my teacher.

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Oct 112020

Forbidden Attraction (Forbidden Series Book 1) by S.R. Watson & Ryan Stacks

Siobhan Gallagher has just started her senior year at the University of Southern California. She has her best friend and her boyfriend of five years by her side. As the countdown to graduation begins, her world comes crashing down when her boyfriend confesses that he has cheated on her. Her past has shown that love is volatile, but she had hoped that this time would be different. Siobhan becomes a cynic – doubting the existence of love. She vows to never give her heart to another.

In walks Professor Michaels. He is a sexy billionaire playboy who limits his encounters to one night, maybe two. His jaded past and multitude of secrets shapes his aversion to love and relationships. He makes no promises of forever. Offers no apologies for his preference for variety. When he first meets Siobhan, the attraction is mutually instantaneous. He knows she is supposed to be off limits, but he has never denied himself of something he wanted.

Siobhan and Professor Michaels share the same sardonic outlook on love. What happens when these two paths cross? If they give into this forbidden attraction, can they both come out on the other side unscathed?

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Oct 112020

Redemption (Redemption Series Book 2) by T.K. Leigh

Everyone deserves a second chance, but not for the same mistake.

At least that’s what I try to tell myself.

Over the course of my long, complicated friendship with Andrew Brinks, I’ve given him more than enough chances. What have I received in return?

Heartache. Pain. Agony.

But also love, as cruel and beautiful as it’s always been between us.

One second, I want to give him the benefit of the doubt. Want to believe he’s not the same person who stole my heart, then crushed it.

The next, I’m reminded of all the times he made me feel invisible.

And I hate feeling invisible.

When outside circumstances threaten everything Drew holds dear, can I finally put aside the grief of my past and give him the support he needs?

Can I give him the love he needs?

Or was our fate sealed all those years ago when he broke his first promise to me?

Find out today in the epic conclusion to T.K. Leigh’s Redemption Duet.

The Redemption Series:
Each duet in this series can be read separately as they each stand on their own and revolve around a different couple.
1 – Commitment (Redemption Duet #1)
2 – Redemption (Redemption Duet #2)
3 – Possession (Possession Duet #1)
4 – Atonement (Possession Duet #2) (Coming this winter)

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Oct 042020

Over Easy (Dragon Born Academy #2) by T.L. Christianson

A taboo romance. A destiny revealed. Secrets uncovered.

I’ve finally accepted my place at the Dragonborn Academy, but my search into my mother’s shadowed past is still on.

As I begin to piece together her life and the circumstances of her suspicious death, I can’t help but wonder if history is repeating itself… the similarities between us make me wonder if I’ll be the next victim?

At least my friends, Olivia and Logan, have my back. They have stepped in to help me dig into my mom’s past. But tensions fly as rumors of my friendship with Logan find their way back to Ashe, my partially bonded mate, who’s serving in the Dragonborn Militia.

As if my non-existent love life weren’t enough to handle, I now have a mysterious Prime who’s popped up claiming to be my father. When he tells me things about my mother that contradict my grandmother, I find myself torn between them. One is lying and only the man who raised me can set the story straight. Will George step up and make things right or will I be forced to face this all on my own?

I’m solving this Dragonborn puzzle one piece at a time. I just hope that the truth won’t tear me apart when I do.

The Dragon Born Academy Series:
1. Cracked Open
2. Over Easy
3. Hard Boiled
Publication Date : November 25, 2020

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Sep 302020

Torn Apart (Torn and Bound Duet Book 1) by K Webster & Nikki Ash

From USA Today bestselling author K Webster and Nikki Ash comes Torn Apart: an angsty, new adult, reverse harem romance.

I’ve spent the past three years in college terrorizing the dean, also known as my father.
I’m everything he hates.


But I’m only getting started.
I’m about to make Dad really proud with my newest life choices…

I fall for my best friend, Mia, who’s a freaking chick.
I’m dying to make out with my enemy, dude bro Brayden.
And best of all, I want to bone my new roomie, Drew, who happens to also be the school’s new hockey coach.

Senior year’s great.
I’m still the world’s worst human.
I’ve made all the wrong decisions, and when Dad gets wind of my newest mess, he might actually disown me this time.

But I can’t stop.
I don’t want to stop.

In typical Ashton Carter fashion, I wreck my life in the worst possible way.
It isn’t until it’s all torn apart, I realize I have a problem.

Authors’ note: Torn Apart is a full-length mature, new adult, why choose romance between friends to lovers, enemies to lovers, with a bit of taboo thrown in. This story contains MF/MFMM/MM scenes. It’s the first book in the Torn and Bound duet and ends with a cliffhanger.
Publication Date : October 20, 2020

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Sep 292020

Defy You (Rebel Ink #3) by Tracy Lorraine

I hated her defiance…

But it made me want her even more.

Her brother was my friend… and my boss. She was off limits.

Kassie Fox.

From the first moment she looked in my direction, I knew she would be mine.

It’s impossible to stay away.

I’m breaking all the rules… and shattering the golden rule I live by.

Never trust a woman. Ever.

The more she pushes, the more I pull. We’re the same. I know what she needs.

And I’m about to prove that she can trust one man. Her man. Me.

Will her defiance land her in my bed or out of my life for good?

Dear reader,

Defy You is a steamy and emotional forbidden brother’s best friend romance and is the third book in the Rebel Ink series.
Publication Date : October 8, 2020

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Sep 202020

Risk by Harlow Layne (The Driven World)

Harlow Layne’s Risk is a forbidden, sexy, doctor/patient contemporary romance in K. Bromberg’s Driven World.

There was no turning back once the line was crossed…

Callum Crew loved control — on and off the track. It’s what made him the best Formula One driver of his generation.

But being the best was a lonely road.

In his line of work there was no room for doubt or distractions.

It was my job to help him get out of his head. Instead — I risked it all and fell for him.

Aspen Belle was under my skin. The beautiful therapist was driven and dedicated, two things I was drawn to.

There was no denying the chemistry between us was combustible. I couldn’t get enough.

Our romance was reckless — our relationship forbidden.

But that didn’t stop us… nothing could.
Publication Date : October 15, 2020

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Sep 172020

A Lesson in Blackmail by KD Robichaux (Black Mountain Academy)

I’ve made it my life’s mission to make the school librarian squirm.
This school is mine—literally, my family built Black Mountain Academy generations ago—and I own everything in it. And I, Nathaniel Black IV, won’t stop until that includes her.

She just started this year, my senior year, her first job right out of college. She calls it her dream job, but I’ve had the sick pleasure of making my study period with her every day more a nightmare. I’m fixated on her, obsessed with her, and all I want is to feel the skittish little mouse beneath me.

I can’t get her out of my head, not even while partying at my friend’s house, every girl vying for my attention. But they don’t stand a chance, not when my focus is on Ms. Evelyn Richards. She makes me feel… things I don’t understand. Possessive yet… protective. I can f— with her, but no one else can.

Compulsion strikes, the other half of my disorder, and that night I set out to find where she lives. And what I discover changes both our lives.

The perfect information for blackmail. The perfect secret to hold over her head to get what I want.


A Lesson in Blackmail is a full-length novel in the Black Mountain Academy series. It is a crossover standalone with KD Robichaux’s Club Alias series.
Publication Date : October 9, 2020

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Aug 112020

Kings of Souls (Verona Legacy #2) by L A Cotton

He’ll fight for her. He’ll die for her… but is love enough to save them?

From bestselling author L A Cotton comes the highly anticipated conclusion to Nicco and Arianne’s duet

Arianne Capizola is living a lie.

Angry. Abandoned. Afraid.

She’d rather spend her days locked away on her father’s estate than with the guy who stole her innocence: her fiancé.

Niccolò Marchetti is living a nightmare.

Broken. Banished. Betrayed.

He’d do anything to save the girl he loves, even if it means paying the ultimate price.

As the truth surrounding their legacies begins to unravel, everything they thought they knew shatters. But Nicco will do anything to protect the girl who taught him how to love, and she will risk it all to save the guy who stole her heart.

The clock is ticking as old and new enemies close in.

Only this time, their love might not be enough to save them.

*King of Souls in the second book in Nicco and Ari’s duet. Due to mature content that some readers may find distressing, this book is recommended for readers 18+

Excerpt Kings of Souls by L.A. Cotton

“Nicco!” Arianne clambered off the bed and rushed to my side.
“Wait.” I held up my other hand to stop her. A dark angry storm was raging through me. I wanted to hit something, to hurt and bleed.
I needed it.
Dark rivulets of blood seeped over my hand, but I barely felt it. I was too wired. Too hungry for the kill.
“Let me take a look at it.” Arianne stepped forward and I jerked back, like a caged animal being riled.
“Nicco, it’s me. It’s only me.” She had me cornered with no way out. My body trembled violently as I desperately tried to hold on to my frayed rope of control.
“Nicco…” Arianne brushed the hair from my face. My head hung low, my shoulders hunched and tight. I wanted to kill him. I wanted to hunt him down and kill him with my bare hands.
“Come back to me.” She gently lifted my busted hand and inspected the damage. “It needs cleaning. Let me see what there is.” Arianne left me and went into the bathroom. When she came back, she had a small first aid kit. “I found it in the cabinet. Sit.” Her gaze went to the bed, but I remained rigid.
“I need to stand.”
“Okay. Hold still.” She worked in silence, cleaning me up and bandaging my hand. My pulse began to slow, the tightness in my chest easing.
It was her.
Her touch, her calmness.
“I’m sorry,” I choked out.
Arianne took my face in her hands and looked right at me. God, I wanted to drown in the dark pools of honey. “Talk to me.”
“I want to kill him… I should have killed him.”
“So why didn’t you?”
It was the last thing I expected her to say, but I knew this wasn’t about her, it was about me.
“It’s not that simple,” I released a heavy sigh. “If I’d have killed him… it would start something we might not be able to finish. I can’t do that to the Family, to you.”
She nodded, dropping one of her hands to mine and lacing them together. “I hate Scott for what he did to me. I hate him so much that sometimes I wish you had done it.” Arianne took a shuddering breath. “But I want a life with you. I want a future. I can’t have that if you’re behind bars… or worse.”
“If he hurts you again, I can’t promise I won’t do it.”
Something flashed in her eyes, but before I could decipher it, Arianne kissed me. “I don’t want to talk any more, Nicco. I want you to love me. I want you to make me forget about the monsters.”

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Aug 012020

Skirt (Ruthless Kings MC Book 5) by K.L. Savage

There are a few things people know about me.
I’m Scottish with an accent to prove it.
I really hate pants.
I’m a Ruthless King. One thing people don’t know?
I don’t fight because I have to.
I breathe it.
I live it.
I love it. Flesh.
Brass Knuckles. I lived my life fighting for nothing.
Until I saw something worth fighting for.
Her. Dawn belongs to one of my rivals.
An Irish bloke with more power than common sense.
The kind of man stupid enough to use it.
And stupid enough to put bruises on her pretty face. This fight won’t be my last.
But it may be his.
If he tries anything stupid with me?
He’s gonna find out that my MC always has my back.
Even if it starts a war…

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Jul 132020

Stalkers: A Dark Romance Anthology

You should never fall for the bad guy…
Over thirty of your favorite USA Today and bestselling authors have come together to create an epic collection of forbidden, dark romance stories.

Get lost in this unputdownable mixture of short stories. From heroes to bad guys, there’s something for everyone.


A person who stalks: a person who pursues someone obsessively

Stalkers is a taboo romance collection jam-packed with captivating stories.

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