Sep 222021

Just A Kiss (Lyrics and Love Book 4) by Samantha Lind

It all started with just a kiss.The first was ten years ago in high school.Our second was in a bar on the dance floor. We agreed to keep things casual.But we were like a fire burning behind closed doors. Those sparks had me wanting more. When I took a shot in the dark and asked for more, it brought us to the ultimate crossroads.Do we do things right, with just a kiss goodbye?Or do we do things right, with a kiss goodnight?

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Sep 182021

The Lost Fisherman (Fisherman #1) by Jewel E. Ann

It’s been five years since I’ve seen him. An unexpected event takes me back to the place where it all began.

But I’m no longer the naive young women he once knew. And he’s no longer the man who took nearly everything from me.

Can this be our time? Or is it too late? Did I find myself only to lose him?

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Sep 162021

Forbidden to Love by Siobhan Davis

Natalia Mazzone has grown up knowing she is promised to a made man. As the only daughter of one of New York’s most powerful mafia dons, she knows she can’t refuse. It’s her duty, and she would never dishonor her beloved father.

But the man she’s promised to is a monster. And there is nothing but torture, pain, and heartache lying in wait.

So, she grabs happiness when she finds it—in the somewhat reluctant arms of Leonardo Messina.

Leo is her brother’s best friend. A soldato for the Mazzone famiglia.A man with strong ambition and an even stronger resolve. He won’t allow them to give in to temptation, so Natalia is forced to love him from afar.

Until one forbidden night changes everything, and she readily hands Leo the key to her heart.

Leo risked everything for the one woman he can never have. He doesn’t regret it. It saved Natalia from a life of hell, but his actions set her on a different course.

One that doesn’t involve him.

Years have passed, and his feelings remain the same. Yet he keeps his distance, dedicating himself to his new role as underboss to Bennett Mazzone, while the love of his life is married to another man.

Until a twist of fate puts Natalia in his path again, and this time, he is powerless to resist.

Expected publication September 30, 2021

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Sep 162021

The Shaadi Set-Up by Lillie Vale

In this witty and heartfelt rom-com debut for fans of Jasmine Guillory, Emily Henry, and Tessa Bailey, an Indian American woman signs herself and her boyfriend up for a matchmaking site to prove they’re a perfect match, only to be paired with her ex instead.

High school sweethearts Rita Chitniss and Milan Rao were the golden couple, until the day he broke her heart. Now, six years later, Rita has turned her passion for furniture restoration into a career and has an almost-perfect boyfriend, Neil. The last thing she needs is for Milan to re-enter her life, but that’s exactly what happens when her mother, an unfailing believer in second chances, sets them up. Milan is just as charming, cocky, and confident as he was back in school. Only this time, he actually needs her business expertise, not her heart, to flip a hard-to-sell house for his realty agency.

While Rita begrudgingly agrees to help, she’s not taking any risks. To prove she’s definitely over him, she signs herself and Neil up on, a Desi matchmaking site famous for its success stories and trustworthy enough to convince everyone that she and Neil are the new and improved couple. Instead, she’s shocked when MyShaadi’s perfect match for her isn’t Neil…it’s Milan. Ignoring the website and her mother is one thing, but ignoring Milan proves much more difficult, especially when she promises to help him renovate the beach house of her dreams. And as the two of them dive deeper into work—and their pasts—Rita begins to wonder if maybe her match wasn’t so wrong after all….

Hana’s Review

– 4 stars

– diverse characters

– second chance romance

– slow burn/closed door


I am complete sucker for a second chance romance. Throw in the fun, quirky, diverse group of characters, and some adorable pups found in The Shaadi Set-Up by Lillie Vale and I am SOLD!

Granted, I truly do enjoy more explicit romances and smut, to be frank. However, this slow burn, closed door romance is just so well written and enjoyable, that the minor steamy foreplay worked for me. I fell for these characters and for their love story and was truly invested. Vale’s prose is engaging and colorful, she brings everything to life. I can see and taste everything she describes – I need to make those paneer tacos ASAP, honestly. Aji verde!!

Rita is our lovely heroine, making her living restoring furniture and enjoying her life with her boyfriend Neil. Except for the part where he keeps wanting to tell their traditional Indian parents about their relationship. Rita isn’t looking for forever or complications and doesn’t want to open up the can o’ worms that is the history of their parents’ relationships. She enlists Neil in a plan she has to use the Indian dating site, MyShaadi, to somehow tell their parents of their relationship and get them to be ok with their dating. It’s a crazy and convoluted plan that, of course, doesn’t actually go as planned.

In the meantime, the one that broke Rita’s heart, Milan Rao, comes back into her life through the loving meddling of their moms. Milan is her childhood sweetheart, the one she thought was her forever, who broke her heart in the most hurtful of ways. And, at first, she wants no part of having him back in her life. But love endures, right?

What follows is a wonderful story of finding each other again. Old miscommunications uncovered, old love re-ignited and the strength to fight for what they love is finally found.

I did feel that the ending dragged a wee bit but still got to their happily ever after. I truly loved this read and finished it within a day.

Thanks to NetGalley and and Penguin Group Putnam for the early digital ARC in exchange for a review.

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Sep 132021

The Trouble with Whiskey (The Whiskeys: Dark Knights at Redemption Ranch #1) by Melissa Foster

From New York Times bestselling author Melissa Foster comes The Whiskeys: Dark Knights at Redemption Ranch, a new small-town, big-family series of standalone romance novels featuring fiercely loyal, insanely sexy bikers who give horses—and people—a second chance. Buckle up for a wild ride in Hope Ridge, Colorado, as these big-hearted badasses and their sassy sisters wrangle in their forever loves. No cliffhangers, no cheating, and always a happily ever after.

She’s the only woman he’s ever loved, and the one he could never have…
Years after losing one of their best friends to a dare gone wrong, Devlin “Dare” Whiskey continues to live up to his name, endlessly testing fate, while Billie Mancini buries the best parts of herself. Billie is beautiful, tough, and determined not to go back to the adrenaline-driven lifestyle she once craved like a drug and now fears like the devil. But Dare is done watching her pretend to be something she’s not and takes on his most important challenge yet—showing the woman he loves that some dares are worth the risk.

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Sep 072021

Wild Heart (Dirty Wild Book 3) by Laurelin Paige

Book three in the Dirty Wild trilogy that began with Wild Rebel.

Secrets, surprises, and second chances.

This trip down memory lane with Jolie has mended as much as it’s torn up.

I promised her I could handle anything. Whatever she was hiding, my wild heart would always belong to her.

But I could never have imagined this truth.
And she can’t blame me for how this will all end.

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Sep 062021

A Very Mountain Man New Year (Fallen Peak Book 5) by Shaw Hart

A surprise pregnancy. A second chance to realize how right they are together.


It all started five weeks ago. That’s when I had a one night stand with the hottest lumberjack that I’ve ever seen.

I thought that it would be fine. I would finally do something crazy before I settled into my boring life as an accountant.

Then I miss my period and all three pregnancy tests come back positive.

I’m kind of freaking out and I have no idea what to do next. The only thing that I do know, is that I need to track down that lumberjack and let him know that he’s about to a daddy.


When Snow shows up on his doorstep, he can’t wait to get her out of his house and his town. He knows that he can’t be in a relationship so maybe he’s a little harsh with her as he escorts her back to her car. He just doesn’t want to waste anymore of her time.

Then she tells him that she’s pregnant with his baby and everything changes.

Wells’ New Year’s resolution this year is to convince Snow to give him a second chance, but will he be able to make that come true?

Get ready to fall in love with the mountain men of Fallen Peak. These five men are all determined to be alone until the women that they’re meant to be with find their way past their defenses. Grab a blanket and curl up as we head up the mountain to Fallen Peak!

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Aug 312021

Man of the Month Club: NOVEMBER by Callie Love & Ann Omasta

Sloane Ford and Logan Fox were the hottest, most popular couple in high school, but bad-boy Logan shattered beautiful Sloane’s heart.

When head cheerleader Sloane and football quarterback Logan were crowned their high school’s prom king and queen, Sloane thought they were destined to be lifelong loves.

Sloane was crushed when Logan broke up with her and left her behind to accept an out-of-state scholarship to play college football.

Life has dealt them each some devastating blows, leaving them both wondering if they peaked in high school.

No one is surprised when these two are matched at November’s Man of the Month Club meeting, but will Logan be able to convince Sloane that she can entrust her fragile heart with him one more time? Find out when you read Man of the Month Club: NOVEMBER.

The Hot Shots of Romance Quickies are scorching short stories featuring sexy heroes, curvy heroines, seductive instalove, sizzling bedroom scenes, and satisfying happily-ever-after endings. Start anywhere. Binge-read them all. Grab NOVEMBER now and enjoy a perfectly-portioned taste of steamy romance to satisfy your craving.

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Aug 292021

Where Good Girls Go To Die (The Good Girls Series #1) by Holly Renee

It was a bad idea from the beginning.

He was my brother’s best friend and the definition of unavailable.

But I didn’t care. I had loved him for as long as I could remember.

He was worth the risk. He was worth everything.

But then he broke my heart as easily as I fell for him.

He watched me fall, spiraling out of control, and as I reached for him, he wasn’t there to catch me.

So I ran.

Four years later, I never expected to see him again.

He was still my brother’s best friend, and he was more unavailable than ever.

He looked every bit the bad boy I knew he was, covered in tattoos and a crooked smile.

Guarding my heart from him was top priority because Parker James was where good girls go to die.

Unfortunately for him, I wasn’t a good girl anymore.

Man this book was good. I started it not knowing what I would go into because this was a pick for our July reading book club for BABE 2023. But chapter 1 had me dying and see what angst I would be in for.

I was scared because I felt deep with this one… Livy has been in love with Parker, her brother’s best friend since she was little. At one point he confessed his love but managed to break her heart the next day. She fled her old life and now she’s in no position but to return and accept Parker is getting married.

Let me tell you the struggle is REAL. The pull and the heartburn made me ache for these two and my emotions were all over the place. It felt good and bad and I wanted their HEA with any price and I’m happy the author delivered.

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Aug 192021

Falling Into Forever (Singletree Book 5) by Delancey Stewart

I had it all. Killer job, to-die-for apartment overlooking the Hudson, and the successful, doting boyfriend.

Well, he was successful, at least. Guys who dote don’t break up with you via Post-It.

After that, I did the one thing I swore I’d never do. I went home to the smallest small town there is—a place so backward my family was still engaging in a hundreds-of-years-old feud with the Tuckers. Maybe it had evolved from the days of shooting one another to slightly more benign things, like filling family stores with crickets and moving a two-ton moose around town. But still.

This was not NYC.

It was meant to be a stop-over. But when a little old lady died suddenly and left her dilapidated haunted house to me, things got complicated. Because she didn’t just leave the house to me. She left it to me and Michael Tucker jointly.

Because who doesn’t want to live in a haunted house with their sworn enemy?

Only I’m not sure Michael Tucker is my enemy. In fact, he’s turning out to be kind of… hot. In a strong single dad kind of way.

And I’m not sure how much I really want to get back to New York City, anyway.

Falling into Forever is the fifth book in Delancey Stewart’s Singletree – a series of interconnected stand-alone romcoms that will charm you and make you swoon. It’s a book about haunted houses, making choices, and re-thinking the things we’ve been told about other people all our lives.

Excerpt Falling Into Forever by Delancey Stewart

I held the glass door open for my son, and together we climbed the stairs just inside the small entryway. When we reached the landing, I was surprised to find Addison Tanner standing just outside the suite we were looking for, looking a tiny bit lost. She wore slim jeans with a longer shirt, and something about the casual but put together look appealed to me, making me hope I looked okay. I realized it was dumb—it didn’t matter what this woman thought of me. That didn’t stop my hand from going to my hair though, hoping it wasn’t sticking up in thirty directions.
“Hi,” I said. “What are you doing here?”
Maybe asking that question wasn’t the right move. Her open expression shuttered, and her brows lowered over those dark sad eyes. Her mouth opened, but before she spoke, her eyes slid sideways to take in Daniel, and apparently she thought better of whatever she’d been about to say.
“I got a call from this guy, Anders about poor Mrs. Easter. I have a meeting with him at five.”
“Us too,” Dan volunteered.
Addison’s brows rose now, and she looked between us.
“Did you knock?” I asked.
She crossed her arms. “No, is that how these door contraptions work?”
Dan grinned, but I was not going to respond to that question. I could play the sarcasm game too, but since he was here, it was my job to model good behavior. I knocked on the door. Hard. The sound of my knuckles rapping echoed around the small space at the top of the stairs.
“Thank God you were here to take care of that. Whatever would I have done?” Addison said.
I bit my tongue, but I also had to hide a smile. I liked her fire. More than I should have.
Daniel was snickering, and I poked a finger in his shoulder to shut him up. I was about to knock again when the door behind us flew open to reveal a short round man with little round glasses perched at the end of his nose.
“Well hello there,” he said, looking between us. “I’m afraid Dr. Kelly goes home by five each day. No one home, as it were.” He chuckled and took a step back. “Just popped out to make sure you weren’t knocking on my door. I’m expecting folks.” He moved to close the door, and I was relieved when Addison piped up.
“You’re not Augustus Anders, by any chance?”
“Why yes, last I checked, I was indeed.” He smiled and dropped his eyes, rocking a bit on his feet as if he was bashful about delivering this news.
“We’re your appointment,” I told him. “You said you were in Suite 2A.”
“Oh, no. I’m in 2B.” He pointed to the clearly marked suite number on the door. He didn’t appear to be older than fifty or so, but I was starting to wonder if he might be losing a few marbles.
“I’m Addison Tanner, and this is Michael Tucker, and his . . . son?” Addie looked at me, uncertain.
“Daniel,” I confirmed. “It’s my week, so he had to come along.”
“Sorry to be such a burden,” Dan muttered.
“That isn’t what I meant, and you know it,” I told him. I could have phrased that better, but Dan knew how much I enjoyed having him.
Addie was smiling at him warmly, and even Daniel’s surly pre-teen heart seemed to feel the effects. “Nice to meet you, Dan,” she said. As my son smiled at Addison Tanner, a little twinge of admiration swelled in me for her. I liked people who spoke directly to my son instead of talking around him, like so many adults did to children.
“Well, well. Come in then,” said the lawyer. “Not sure why you didn’t just knock on my door.” He shook his head as if in disbelief at our stupidity. This was Mrs. Easter’s trusted attorney? I was becoming a little skeptical—he’d probably called the wrong people altogether. Of course Mrs. Easter did not leave anything in trust for me. She barely knew me. This guy had made a mistake—it appeared he might make them regularly.

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Aug 132021

Hook Up by M.L. Broome (The Driven World)


Ryder Gray is a racing legend with one weak spot—me. At least that’s the line he used on me eight years ago, right before he ghosted me.

The worst part? I believed him—every sweet, romantic line. Turns out, that’s all they were.

I moved on, or so I thought, until we wind up spending a weekend together in Vegas. We’re there to celebrate my brother’s wedding, but Ryder has a different plan—to reclaim the heart he abandoned years earlier.

I’d be a fool to fall for Ryder again, so why can’t my heart tell him no?

Do I trust him, or is this another Ryder Gray hook up?


Since I was ten, I wanted two things from this life—a career as an F1 racer and Greer Hammond. Turns out winning championships was far easier than winning Greer’s heart.

But I’m no quitter. When I see something I want, I don’t stop until it’s mine. And Greer is the one thing I’ve wanted for twenty years.

She’s the only woman who’s ever set my heart racing, and now that she’s back in my life, I have a plan to keep her in my arms forever.

This time, she won’t get away.

This time, she’s mine.

Excerpt Hook Up by M.L. Broome


With a final breath to center me, I toss my long hair over one shoulder and stride toward the group. Let the games begin. “Ryder Gray. Breaking hearts as always, I see.”
Ryder’s head flies up at the sound of my voice, a grin breaking across his features.
But it’s not the practiced smile that decorates magazine covers. It’s the goofy, crooked grin I remember from eight years ago. Ryder’s real smile.
Suddenly, I’m not feeling as confident in my quest.
Focus, Greer. Don’t let this man get the better of you again.
He meets me halfway across the parking area, wrapping his hand around my nape and pulling me to him. Without permission, he presses his mouth to mine, and my hands fly up to his chest as my heart threatens to beat out of my own.
Pulling back, those baby blues twinkle at me. “Greer Hammond. Can I just say how jealous I am of your dress tonight? It gets to touch every one of your luscious curves.”
I bristle at his well-practiced delivery. Typical playboy, figuring I’m going to melt at the feet of racing royalty.
Nice try, Ryder. I remember when you used to wet the bed.
With a chuckle that’s as fake as his smirk, I reply, “I figured you’d be jealous of my bra and g-string since they have a front-row seat to the goods.”
His eyes widen, momentarily thrown by my comeback. But he recovers quickly. “Those I plan to dispose of directly. Can’t have them crowding in on what’s mine.”


“Did you really want to dance with that guy?”
“Not particularly,” I remark, glancing at the handsome gentleman across the floor.
“Do you want to dance with me?”
Moving my gaze to meet his, I capture my lower lip between my teeth, fully aware Ryder is watching my every move. “If I say yes, that makes it too easy. Women always come easy for you.”
Ryder chuckles, his lips moving against my ear. “Greer, I’ve waited twenty years for this moment. Nothing about you has been easy.”
“You weren’t waiting for me.”
He stops moving, his gaze focused on me with such intensity I fear I might melt into a puddle. “My heart was.”

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Aug 132021

Broad Daylight (Westbridge #2) by A. M. Wilson & Alex Grayson

USA Today Bestselling Authors A. M. Wilson and Alex Grayson return to Westbridge with the sequel to Pitch Dark. Detective Niko James may have found what he was looking for, but his brother Reece has no idea what’s coming for him.

Lightning never strikes twice in the same place. Or so they say…The small town of Westbridge isn’t so lucky.

When his brother’s best friend went missing eighteen years ago, Reece James swore to himself that the pain of loss would never touch him. Walls of concrete fortified his resolve, and as a grown man, he keeps to himself and works hard to earn an honest living. No wife, no kids, not even a dog to rely on him.

His quiet life is upended when strange things start happening to him. As the events escalate, he can’t continue to blame the neighborhood kids who roam freely at night. Forced to report a break in, he anticipates a swift investigation and the person responsible to be caught.

What he doesn’t expect is the woman he’s loved in secret for twenty years to return to town and lead the investigation.

His attempt to protect Dani as kids was pathetic at best, but when his stalker gets wind of a woman in his life, no matter that she’s merely investigating a case and nothing more, Reece will do anything to keep her out of harm’s way. Including sacrificing himself.

What his captor has in store will rock the very foundation Reece lives upon and will force him to face his past head on for a chance at survival.

Poor Reece has no idea what’s coming for him.

This book contains dark triggers.

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Aug 132021

Maverick (Ryder Ranch Book 3) by Anna Brooks

I was going to love her until my last breath, and she promised to do the same… but she lied.

Cricket McBride packed up without warning, ditching our small town and the life we were going to build together. She left me with tears in her eyes, a kiss on my cheek, and an empty heart that had done nothing but hardened over the years.
My life wasn’t what I thought it would be, but I’d long since accepted it for what it was. I was content with working on my family ranch and being the best father I could. And I was fine with that.

Or so I thought.

When Cricket returned, one look was all it took for me to admit I still cared, but it wasn’t until I saw the marks on her skin and the pain in her soul that I realized just how deep that love went. Because the same hands that held her tight also promised to protect her… and I never broke a promise.

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Aug 122021

The First Rule by Nicole S. Goodin


Being left at the altar wasn’t part of my plan.
Neither was my ex-fiancé’s twin brother offering to be my sperm donor.
I could have said no. I should have said no. But that’s the thing with hindsight… once you’ve got it; it’s too late to take anything back.


The situation was complicated, but the rules were simple.

Rule number one: No catching feelings.
Rule number two: We do this one time and one time only.
Rule number three: This is our little secret.

We made a hasty agreement fuelled by heartbreak and liquor, but it turned out to be so much more.

Darcy Shearer isn’t the same woman I laid eyes on five years ago – everything has changed since that night… except the way I feel about her.

I gave her my word, but now I’m taking her heart. She forgot the most important rule… that they’re all made to be broken.

The First Rule is a standalone, full length novel with no cliff-hanger.

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Aug 122021

Homecoming Queen (Carlisle Cellars Book 2) by Fabiola Francisco

Madison left me with a broken heart and not even a backward glance. She was everything to me until she chose her music career over our relationship. I would’ve followed her to the moon, but she didn’t give me a choice.

Now, she’s back in our small town, but she’s nothing like the carefree girl I loved. Despite the anger I feel, I still care about her.

Something isn’t right, especially when I hear she’s abandoned her career in the music world. I’m determined to get to the bottom of it.

The truth about why she is home is even worse than I could’ve imagined, and I vow to protect her. Her secret is safe with me. She’s safe with me.

She says she’s broken, but I’ll prove to her she can heal. I only hope I don’t lose her in the process.

Homecoming Queen is an emotional romance. If you like swoony heroes, small towns, and twists and turns, then you’ll love this second chance romance.

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Aug 102021

Noble Neighbor by Nicole Ann Nielsen

Escaping the publicity following the murder of his wife, Oliver and his son relocate to a small town and start afresh.

He never expected to fall for another woman.

After years of moving from place to place, Sunny and her daughters finally settle on a little slice of Nebraskan soil.

Falling for her neighbor was not part of her plan.

But Oliver is hard to resist. And he’s determined to break down Sunny’s walls.

When Sunny’s past collides with her present, will she do what she’s done before — take her girls and run?

Or will she stay and fight for love?

Excerpt Noble Neighbor by Nicole Ann Nielsen


With a disgruntled curse, Oliver shoved back from his desk and prowled his office. What the ever-loving hell was happening here? He’d dressed for his run, but instead of hitting the road, he’d taken position in front of his computer and started writing. The words flowed, yes, and he’d quickly reached his daily target, but …
Two-thirds into his fifth book and suddenly Dirk — a lone PI, for pity’s sake — deviated from the plot and took on a new partner. A female partner. One with pretty blue eyes and shiny brown curls, and a rounded ass he — Dirk — was dying to get his hand on.
Oliver flung open the French doors and stepped onto his veranda. “It’s all your fault,” he muttered, concentrating his gaze on the rambling house a mere half mile across the way.
Since she’d moved in twelve days ago, Sunny Jones hadn’t been far from his thoughts. And yesterday morning …


“I’m going to tell Oliver everything. Today.”
Sunny ended the call, chucked the phone onto the bed, and stormed from the room before she talked herself out of her decision. A couple of minutes later, she let herself into Oliver’s home.
“Hello?” Listening, the only sound within the house was the tick-tock from the grandfather clock in the hallway. She shrugged out of her jacket and hung it on the rack before making her way to his office.
It was empty, but the aroma of a steaming mug of coffee on his desk called to her. Sunny meandered over and took a sip. One sip led to a second, and she settled into his chair, closing her chilled hands around the ceramic, figuring he wouldn’t mind if she waited.
He might object to her finishing his coffee, and the thought brought a smile to her lips. She could always offer to pay penance.
But her smile dimmed as she remembered her reason for the visit. Oliver deserved the truth before he — either of them — took that final step.
Hopefully, he would be as understanding as she reckoned. Then again, his wife was a murder victim. And taking on the Jones girls and their baggage was a huge commitment. And maybe he wasn’t the man she thought him to be.
Urgh. Stop second-guessing yourself.
She placed the mug down, accidently knocking the mouse. The monitor lit up, drawing her gaze.
Shock bulleted through her.
The words filled her vision, ricocheting in her mind.
She shook her head and read them again.

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Aug 102021

Fearless Rebel by Eden Butler




Ed Mescal had been all those things.

None of them fit.


That one did.

To the people who loved him, he’d been a brother. A grandson. A friend.

To Piper Warren, he thought, he’d been much more.

But lies that get buried are old and ugly once they’re unearthed, something Ed’s enemies are about to discover.

Now he’s back, freed from the past and ready to reclaim the life and love stolen from him.

If he can prove that even a rebel deserves a second chance.

Author’s Note:
Careful research into the Native American culture and the powwow circuit was conducted prior to the writing of this novel.
Please forgive any discrepancies that may be present. They come from my own mistakes and not from the kind educators, friends, and content editors who helped me.

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Aug 102021

Revengeful Romeo by Ashley Bostock

Money doesn’t buy happiness.

Trust me, I’ve had it all my life and I have nothing.

No love. No joy. No pizzaz.

To make matters worse, my parents are pushing me to marry someone who doesn’t even give me orgasms.

Yes, it took me awhile to figure out that I needed to stand up for myself.

Which is why I was on my way to NYC—boyfriendless and out on my own for the very first time in my life.

Except when I got there, I ran in to someone I wasn’t expecting.

Holden King aka my new boss. I was hired to work directly beneath him.

Did I mention he was my ex-best friend who left me without a backward glance when I was sixteen?

I never thought I would see him again.

I tried quitting. Oh, God, how I tried. Even though I officially gave him up seven years ago, it was like he was already back in my heart.

Plus, he fueled my desire to live for myself. Hello, bucket list. It was back in business.

Only, Holden King was never crossed off my bucket list. He was still there, written in black ink, enclosed with tiny red hearts.

It was clear he had completed his bucket list.

Own a corporation. Check.
Billionaire. Check
Lamborghini. Check.

Only he added something to that list that I never would have dreamed about in a million years.

Revenge against my dad. Almost check.

Yeah, that was the part I didn’t see coming.

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Aug 092021

Wicked Wingman by Sage Spelling

I’m a workaholic and proud of it. I’ve accomplished everything on my ten-year plan, except getting married before turning thirty. The problem is, I don’t believe in romance or true love anymore—but my biological clock is screaming at me. I probably shouldn’t have accepted an arranged marriage proposal, but I did, and I boarded a plane to Argentina to meet my future husband. Fate, however, had other plans. When we experienced engine trouble and had an emergency landing in Rio de Janeiro, I didn’t think things could get worse. But then I bumped into Naseem Kakos, the man who broke my heart and shattered my faith in love twelve years ago.

Life is too damn short. In a blink of an eye, things change, or worse, tragically end—because tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. I spend my days and nights jet-setting around the world looking for my next adventure, yet when I randomly bumped into the overconfident, prideful, and absolutely gorgeous Summer Seba, I was forced to face my inner demons and the hollow shell my life had become without her in it.

But would my declaration of love be enough to keep her in my arms and stop her from marrying a stranger? Or would she deny me if I couldn’t defeat my fears of my own mortality?

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Aug 062021

The Truth About Secrets by L.P. Dover

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author L.P. Dover brings you a sexy, contemporary romance mixed with laugh-out-loud comedy about two past lovers who want nothing more than to seek revenge on the other. However, they end up getting way more than they bargained for.

Clara and Zac thought they were headed for their happily ever after, until a break-up slathered in betrayal left them both jaded and vindictive.

Twelve years have passed since they left Wyoming, and during that time Clara found her calling at a prestigious PR firm in California while Zac moved to New Orleans to join his Broussard cousins at River Enterprises. They thought they could forget each other and move on… until a local charity auction in their hometown of Snowy Creek sets Zac up for the ultimate revenge. If he wins, Clara will be at his mercy, forced to work for him for one full week. Tantalized by the sweet taste of revenge, he eagerly ups the ante to claim his prize.

But what starts out as a week of filthy manual labor and bitter rivalry leads to a shocking revelation. Someone has been plotting for over a decade to keep Clara and Zac apart. Can the pair band together to uncover who? Or will their rift from the past continue to ruin their chance at a blissful future?

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