Jun 122021

Forever After All by Kaylee Ryan


I’ve always had a thing for my best friend’s older brother. In fact, I’ve been planning our wedding since elementary school. Then I grew up, moved away, and studying, and law school became my only focus.

Now that I’m back, the sexy cowboy is everywhere I turn. I shouldn’t mind so much as Rip Callahan is all levels of fine. My problem? His presence… his attention is sending me in a spin. And our reconnection? It’s fast and intense and everything I’ve ever dreamed of.

So why am I getting in my own way?


I didn’t know the first kiss I ever had would still play on my mind over ten years later. But with beauty and brains, McKenna Dawson is under my skin and very much off-limits.

Crushing on my sister’s best friend isn’t the worst part. That connection? I can’t ignore it. Should I fight it? Probably. Do I want to? Absolutely not.

A challenge among friends is all it takes for me to know she’s what I’ve been missing. That and one incredible trip with those same friends means there’s no going back. Not for me.

It was only supposed to be a weekend, but maybe we were meant to be forever after all.

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May 262021

Stronghold (Vino & Veritas #14) by Ana Ashley

The last place Judson wants to be is back home in Burlington, living with his mother. Not so long ago he was a world-class chef with the lifestyle to prove it. Now he’s serving drinks and flying under the radar until he can get the hell out again. But when his childhood best friend reenters his life, looking finer than any entree at a Michelin five-star restaurant, he wonders if it’s time to update his menu of life choices.

Working through past wounds with Skyler won’t be easy, though–especially with a reality-show television camera following (not quite) their every move. When their loyalty is tested, will their newly built stronghold be sturdy enough to withstand the storm?

Stronghold is a sweet and sexy romance for childhood friends to lovers, with some creative use of maple syrup and a TV crew determined to keep appearing out of nowhere.

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May 052021

Caught in Us (Caught Series Book 4) by Kacey Shea

“I can’t be the one to rescue you. You have to save yourself.”

I never expected Alicia Martin to walk back into my life. Not after the way she left. Not after her letter. Yet here she is, more alluring than ever, and with a secret that flips my world on its axis.

Three years ago I would have done anything to be with her, but now things are different. Complicated. I have a life here in Richmond, one I’m proud of and worked hard to build.

That doesn’t mean I’ve given up hope.

If anything, she’s restored my belief in second chances. The last time we were together, I gave her plenty of reasons to run. This time, I’ll convince her to stay.

Caught in Us is the conclusion to Chase and Alicia’s story and should be read after Caught in the Chase.
The books in the Caught series are interconnected stories and can be enjoyed in any order, however the recommended reading order is:

Caught in the Flames – Callie and Ash’s story
One Hot Night – Jill and Cam’s prequel
Caught in the Lies – Jill and Cam’s story
Caught in the Chase – Book 1 in Alicia and Chase’s story
Caught in Us – Book 2 in Alicia and Chase’s story

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Apr 232021

Since You’ve Been Gone (Magnolia Sound Book 8) by Samantha Chase

Emmaline Ryan has always been the smart, shy girl who plays it safe. But all that’s gotten her is a divorce and a mountain of debt to pay off courtesy of her ex-husband. Needless to say, she’s stopped believing in miracles and fairy tales a long time ago. Except now she’s in desperate need of one those miracles if she wants to save her family’s animal rescue. Emmaline knows just where to go for help, but that means putting her faith in the hands of the man who once broke her heart without even realizing it.

Garrett Coleman met the girl of his dreams when he was just eight years old – only, he never told her. But that was years ago. Now, Garrett has become a reluctant social media star – the shirtless #HotDoc and #SexyVet who saves scared and helpless animals. Sure, it’s been great for business, but he’d give anything for people to see the real him, preferably with a shirt on. When a visit home to Magnolia Sound has him running into the shy girl he left behind, he sees his chance at the future he never thought he deserved.

Unfortunately, he’s not the only one back in town, and wooing Emmaline just became a lot more complicated. A lot has changed since he’s been gone and Garrett is going to have to prove that he’s up to the challenge. Emmaline might still be the sweet and quiet girl he left behind, but he’s not sure she willing to wait.

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Apr 042021

A Fourth of July Proposal (Cupid’s Crossing Book 2) by Kim Findlay

Coming home, he’d expected fireworks…

He hadn’t expected redemption

Former bad boy Ryker Slade hadn’t returned to his hometown to stay. He doubted anyone would want him to. Then the pastor’s daughter, Rachel Lowther, made him a unique proposal: she’d help him if he helped her. But as their connection deepened, Ryker wondered—could a man with his past ever be good enough for a woman with her bright future?

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Mar 232021

Return to Us (Willow Creek Valley #1) by Corinne Michaels

From New York Times Bestselling author Corinne Michaels comes a new second chance standalone love story.
At eighteen, I walked away from Willow Creek Valley for good.
I was young, scared, and stupid, and it cost me the love of my life—Grayson Parkerson.

Fourteen years later, a crash sends me back home to recover.

Back to where we met, fell in love, and planned a future.
The one he’s now living as a single dad to his daughter.
Working at The Park Inn together gives us a chance to reconnect, and seeing him with his little girl makes me long for the days when he was mine. One look in his gorgeous blue-green eyes, and it’s like I never left. One kiss, and my world is upside down. One night together, and I know without a doubt, in his arms is where I belong.

I’m not the girl I was—intimidated by his wealthy family and desperate to escape our small town. I can imagine a new life for us here.

But he’s learned to guard his heart, and trust won’t come easily.

How can I convince him to give first love a second chance?
Publication date : February 23, 2021

I have been reading this book last night until 3 Am. When a book starts with a plane crash, you have no choice but to finish it, am I right?

If you’re a newbie to the series of Arrowood, don’t worry, you’ll still enjoy the heck out of this book.

Jess fled her hometown and the man she only loved. Her first love, Grayson had to stay behind because she had dreams to follow and she left him before he left her. At least that is what she thought.

But now, after suffering a plane crash and surviving, she returns home to recover from a brain injury. Headaches, nightmares… this isn’t easy for her and knowing the man she still loves is here doesn’t help.

But she sees Gray again and their feelings return full force. He hasn’t forgotten her, but he fears being left behind again.

He is a single dad now, but Amelia is a sweetheart and connects with Jess.

Will their second chance at love be easy? Nope, but it’s worth the ride.

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Mar 202021

Perfect Summer (Mason Creek Book 7) by Bethany Lopez

Ten years after leaving, I never expected to run a business and raise my daughter back in Mason Creek, where nothing is private. Now there’s no chance I can avoid Mitch, the man I left behind—the town will see to that.

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Mar 182021

Perfect Night (Mason Creek Book 4) by Terri E. Laine

New from USA Today’s Bestselling Author, Terri E. Laine, is a standalone small-town romance with heart and heat.

Emma thought she was finally leaving Mason Creek for greener pastures until Aiden waltzes back in to town. Their timing for anything more than just friends had always been wrong. But when she needs his help, nothing could stop their chemistry from being just right.

Emma Hawkins is sure her life is set. She’s finally leaving Mason Creek behind, the small town she’s lived in her entire life.
That is until her former high school crush, Aiden Faulkner, strides back into town. The hot new Deputy Sheriff still gives her butterflies and is in a perfect position to help as she deals with the mystery surrounding tragedy that has struck her life.

When she asks for his help, she knows it’s a lot for him to keep her request a secret. Only, the time they spend together doesn’t go unnoticed. Rumors threaten everything, including their growing connection.

Undeniable attraction has never been their problem.

Timing is.

With her not so perfect fiancé in the rearview mirror, it becomes impossible for Aiden and her to remain just friends.

They say love is patient.

And Aiden’s been patiently waiting to give Emma that one perfect night.

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Mar 172021

Perfect Song (Mason Creek Book 2) by Lauren Runow

I came back to Mason Creek when my life was turned upside down, both literally and figuratively. Scared and alone, I packed my belongings and left New York where I’ve made a career as a writer for a national publication to stay with my parents in the town so different than the big apple they might as well be on different planets.

Getting to see my friends was a big plus, but meeting someone new never crossed my mind until a ruggedly handsome man in jeans and a worn baseball cap came over to say hello. Not knowing someone in this small town is like not knowing how to breathe. The slightly older man caught my eye, just as much as I caught his. A witty and roguish personality kept me on my toes, even if falling for someone new is the last thing I need.

Neither of us wants a relationship, yet we keep finding each other in this small town. Rumors fly, hearts connect, and there’s more at stake than either of us are willing to share.

This man has secrets everyone wants to know, but when more than he’s willing to share is revealed I hope I’m strong enough to help him. I may have come back to town to save myself, but saving him might be the real reason I’m here.

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Mar 162021

Rejected Exile (Wolf Ascendant Book 1) by Lucy Auburn

I was rejected by my mate. Exiled by my pack. Cast out by my own father.

Seven years later, I get the call. It’s time to return to pack territory and bury my father. I intend to sign some paperwork and head straight back home.

But Juniper has changed since my exile. A dark curse has taken hold and killed all the female werewolves in town. The land rots as vampires drain the pack. My father, the alpha, was unable to stop the curse.

The people here have changed too. There are new werewolves around, like gorgeous, burly Lance and sinful, charming Finn. And the boy I once knew as a skinny beanpole has grown up into a stunning man named Roarke.

My would-be mate Kieran has changed most drastically. The strong young teen who was going to be my father’s successor is a shadow of his former self. One who rejects me again the instant I step foot in town.

I’m not going to leave my homeland so easily a second time around. Especially when I discover my entire exile was based on a lie. As new secrets come to light and enemies emerge from the shadows, it becomes clear my pack needs a leader.

Or we’re all going to be destroyed from the inside.

This new series about a rejected mate has action, adventure, romance, steam, and absolutely no choosing.

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Mar 152021

Doubletalk (Busy Bean #6) by Teralyn Mitchell

Basketball has always been his one love, until now . . .

Zeke Armstrong never imagined he’d be back in Vermont, but here he is, living in Colebury and trying to rehab an injury that could mean an early retirement from pro basketball. Running into his former classmate, Mallory Barrett, shouldn’t be a distraction. It shouldn’t mean anything, so why is he accidentally on purpose showing up at the coffee shop where the beautiful barista spends her time?

Mallory Barrett has met a guy. Well, she hasn’t met him yet, except for on the dating app she almost refused to download. “Coby” sparks her interest and gets her jokes–and gives the romance-novel heroes she loves so much a full-court run for their money. When their first date doesn’t work out, she decides to give him another shot . . . just as a man she despises reenters her life. While her interest in the mystery man on the app grows, she clashes constantly with Zeke in real life. She can’t forgive him for humiliating her in high school, yet she can’t deny she’s drawn to him now.

She’s somehow gone from confirmed bachelorette to the tie-breaker between two men. Meanwhile Zeke has a secret–one that will cost him the game if Mallory finds out . . .

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Feb 142021

Pure Seduction (Chamberlin Brothers Book 1) by Ella Frank

From USA Today Bestselling Author Ella Frank comes a small town, second chance romance.

Small towns are definitely not for me. Probably because I was born in one, raised in one, and eventually run out of one. The understanding was that I would one day return to Chamberlin California. After all, it is my namesake. What my father didn’t count on however, was that once he sent me away, I would never come back—at least not until he was gone.

Which brings me to now, his wake, at the family winery that was supposed to be mine. It also brings me to her. The sweet girl I left behind. The girl who has since grown into the most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid eyes on—Laurel Anderson.

She’s looking at me as though she wishes I was the one she watched get buried this morning. But she’s out of luck. I’m alive and kicking. I’m also stuck in this town with nothing to do but wait until the will is read.

Well, nothing to do but see if I can seduce the pure and passionate Laurel, and change that anger I see in her eyes to something just as fiery…desire.


The last time I saw Noah Chamberlin, I was a doe-eyed innocent and he was the boy of my dreams. My future was all planned out down to the wedding dress, until one morning I woke up and he was gone.

You’d think after all these years, I’d feel the same blind indignation and rage that has haunted me since that day. Instead, the second I set eyes on him again, I felt something altogether unwanted and unexpected—lust.

If the rumors are true, he’s only going to be in Chamberlin for a few days. I can handle that, as long as he stops looking at me as though he’s thinking about the last time we were together.

But when Noah’s forced to stay and run the family business, it puts us in dangerously close proximity. And in a town this small, that can only mean one thing—trouble.

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Feb 092021

One More Time (Ruby Falls #2) by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Back in her hometown of Ruby Falls, Aria Heart is determined to find herself and the happiness that has always felt just out of reach. Something that would be a lot easier to do if her parents weren’t so close by, reminding her just why she left town as soon as she could, and if the house she just purchased wasn’t already giving her problems.
Just when Aria starts to second guess her decision, Tide Goodman knocks on her door and shoves his way under her defenses. Is it possible that the happiness she’s been searching for is attached to a man like Tide, the guy she crushed on in high school who didn’t even seem to know she existed? A man with an adorable daughter and baggage of his own?
In order to find out, she’ll have to put everything, including her heart, on the line one more time.

If you loved Falling Fast and Tide you’re going to want to read this book

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Feb 072021

Befallen (Carmel Cove Book 4) by Dr. Rebecca Sharp

From bestselling author, Dr. Rebecca Sharp, comes an emotional, second chance standalone romance in the Carmel Cove series.

It took only a matter of moments to turn Cambria Mariano into a survivor.
Moving back home, a ghost of her former self, Cammie hoped family and a familiar routine would help her find a new normal.
But months and miles couldn’t erase the trauma that had befallen her.

Something needed to change. Cammie knows she needs to fight for a stronger version of herself before she loses everything. Unfortunately, the only way to hone that fight has a name: Bennett Covington, her new martial arts instructor and the golden boy whose heart she broke.

Benny has always had his eye on the shy baker’s daughter. Though the spark between them burns hotter than ever, he sees Cammie’s heart is even more guarded. But Benny is a patient man; He’ll give her time to trust herself—and him.

As Cammie’s confidence returns, so do the demons from her past. To stop the crimes in town, she’ll have to speak up against those who will do anything to keep her silent. And when she does, she’ll risk not only her new life but her second chance at love.

Warning: This novel contains references to subjects that may be sensitive to some readers.

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Jan 312021

Love Next Door (Lakeside Book 1) by Helena Hunting

When Dillion Stitch left her hometown, she had no intention of going back. But when her brother gets into trouble, Dillion reluctantly agrees to return home to take her place at the family business.

Being back in Pearl Lake after all these years feels familiar, but also brings a few surprises. She’s quick to notice that someone new has shown up at the cottage next door. Dillion gets more than an eyeful when she goes to check out the newcomer and meets Donovan “Van” Firestone—her beloved neighbor’s grandson—in all his unclothed glory.

Having gotten off to a rocky start, it’s not long before they begin bickering with each other all over town. All that back and forth inevitably sparks an undeniable attraction. But Dillion’s family has issues, Van’s family resents him, and neither Dillion nor Van feels truly at ease in the small town. For these Pearl Lake exiles, home isn’t just where the heart is—it’s where things get complicated.
Expected publication: July 27th 2021

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Jan 272021

Winter Awakening (Wyoming Fever Book 4) by Elizabeth Lennox

Some say you can never go back.

But what if going back felt right? And what if your first love still made you feel those crazy sensations? Kate had never forgotten Mack or the dreams they’d talked about. Mack of the shocking kisses and intense silence. Mack, her first lover and her first love.

Nothing had changed.

Mack knew she was trouble. Kate had always been his kryptonite, but watching her flit back into town was like a knife tearing through his gut. He tried to resist her, tried to pretend that she didn’t affect him. But this was Kate. And she was even more beautiful now.

They were both older and wiser. Could their life experiences help them remain sane this time around?

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Jan 252021

Niro (Henchmen MC Next Generation #1) by Jessica Gadziala

Joining the MC had never been a question.
Raised by an ex-cage-fighting member, Niro hadn’t seen any future for himself that didn’t involve bikes, guns, violence, and the brotherhood he’d learned to revere above all else.
But joining the Henchmen meant he couldn’t have the only other thing in life he wanted.
The daughter of one of the OG members of the club.
His childhood best friend.
The only chink in his otherwise impenetrable armor.
For years she was gone. And he did everything he could to forget her, to become the kind of monster she would never look twice at again.
The problem was, she was back in town.
And new enemies were around every corner.
Ones who might set their sights on the only woman who could ever mean anything to him…

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Jan 242021

High School Sweetheart (Sweetheart, Colorado) by Frankie Love
Prom Queen and King.
The cheerleader and football captain.
Voted Most Likely to Marry.
We were in love, and at graduation I was naive enough to believe it would last forever.
But then my boyfriend, Baxter Ryder, was gone.
Rumors circulated: His parents were in the mafia, he was actually an AI prototype for the CIA, his family was in witness protection.
I didn’t know what was fact or fiction, but I did know this: the guy I gave my heart to was gone and he never even said goodbye.
Now, ten years later, I’m back in Sweetheart, Colorado, for our class reunion.
My life hasn’t gone as planned. I’m broke, single, and clearly peaked in high school.
But rumors are floating again. They say Baxter’s back in town.
This Valentine’s Day it’s time to confront the man who broke my heart.
Let’s hope he actually shows.

Dear Reader,
Baxter has a good reason for skipping town — it was to protect the girl he loved.
Now he’s back in Sweetheart and ready to prove to Bailey that he meant every I love you, every I’m Yours, every Forever.
This one’s full of sugary-sweet V-day heat… a love story over ten years in the making!

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Jan 152021

The Boy Next Door (The All American Boy Series) by Sierra Hill

Sometimes love takes the long road…

Jordan Rhoades was not my high school sweetheart.

In fact, he was anything but sweet to me.

Jordan was my nemesis. My tormentor. The bully who lived next door who tried beating me at everything.
We were complete opposites.

And while there were moments when I hated Jordan, hidden deep within the surface I harbored a secret…
I had a crush on him.

And sadly, it was my downfall.

And now “All American” boy and retired pro baseball pitcher is back in town. He’s the newest winery owner in Merlot and he has a job offer I can’t refuse. It’s a job I’ve worked years to earn but could never get on my own.

And now it’s mine for the taking, on one condition.

Jordan wants to let the past remain where it belongs but I’m not sure I can forgive him for what he did to my heart on prom night ten years ago.

Even if it means giving up on the job of my dreams.
Welcome to Merlot, CA, an idyllic all-American town in wine country where love is in the air, the boys are grown as fine as the wine and the town is a breeding ground for second-chances, weddings, and brand-new beginnings.

The All-American Boy Series gives you a taste of 15 of your favorite bestselling authors’ brand new stories in this shared world experience. All books are standalone but may include cross-over in characters or scenes.

Grab a glass of wine, put your feet up and let us whisk you away to wine country.

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Jan 142021

105 Desire Dr. (A Cherry Falls Romance Book 1) by Hope Ford

He can’t let her go.

Honey wants two things. To supply produce to the local pantry and for me, David Cantal to ask her out.

She is overalls, sunshine and freckles. I’m big, gruff, rough around the edges and I don’t know the first thing about women that are sweet and way too good for me.

We’re as different as night and day and that’s all anyone wants to talk about. So I plan to stay away from her, no matter how tempting she is.

But when she calls me in the middle of the night, asking for my help, I can’t tell her no. I go to her but she has plans to take more than just my help… she also wants my heart.

Cherry Falls is filled with returning characters and iconic destinations that will begin to feel like family. When you leave the city, and drive into Cherry Falls, it’s like you’ve finally come home.

The cherry on top? Each book delivers a swoon-worthy, sexy romance!
So welcome to Cherry Falls, we hope you stay awhile!

I was dying to try this new Cherry Falls romance and it’s finally here.

Keep in mind this is a short story, so it’s going to be sweet and fast.

Honey wants to settle down but she is yet to find somebody she just knows it’s going to be IT for her. When bad boy David comes back in town, he is sticking out with his long blond hair and tattoos. But as soon as they meet, sparks fly. The only problem, David is 14 years older and is not known for staying too long in one place.

But Honey really wants him and she goes for it. She’s lucky he falls hard and is willing to stay for her.

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