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A Delicious Dilemma by Sera Taíno

Different worlds collide in Sera Taino’s debut novel.

It’s hard to remain enemies when you’ve broken bread together

Val Navarro’s first mistake: going out dancing after a bad breakup when the chef should be focused on her family business. Her second mistake? Thinking the handsome, sensitive stranger she meets could be more than a rebound – until she discovers he’s Philip Wagner of Wagner Developments. His father’s company could shut down her Puerto Rican restaurant and unravel her tight-knit neighborhood. When Philip takes over negotiations, Val wants to believe he has good intentions. But is following her heart a recipe for disaster?

From Harlequin Special Edition: Believe in love. Overcome obstacles. Find happiness.

Hana’s Review

-️Opposites attract
-Latinx romance
-OWN voices

I’ll admit that I am a complete sucker for any romance that involves a chef, a baker or something similar. If there is food and sparks in a kitchen (but not a kitchen fire), I’m allll the way on board.

Enter Valeria Navarro, a feisty, smart, determined Puerto Rican chef /part-owner of her family restaurant. We meet Val on a night out with friends and family, one of her first nights of enjoyment after a very humiliating, public and pride-breaking break up. Though reluctantly out, it feels like she’s ready to just forget about the ex and try to enjoy living again, outside of her restaurant at least.

There she meets golden boy Philip. There’s an immediate connection – an ease of flirting and conversation that usually isn’t always so easy at all. What we learn, but Val doesn’t, is that Philip is Philip Wagner of Wagner Developments – the group that is gentrifying the East Ward and is a direct threat to Val’s neighborhood, her restaurant, her home and her family.

Taino wrote a beautiful story about the immigrant experience, the strength of family (not just Val’s but Philip’s family experience as well, to some extent) as well as their cultural experiences. She also touches on class and socio-economic differences. It’s a well written story that is complex and leveled and brings you in with it’s vibrancy and emotion.

The book unfolds and we follow this couple through lies and compromise. The story of community and food and the people who love and enjoy it all. And how love and compassion may conquer all the fears and uncertainty of the heart and mind.

I connected so strongly and so well and read this book in a day. Definitely be sure to check it out!!

I received an eARC of this book in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

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Sep 042021

Where Bad Boys are Ruined (The Good Girls Series #3) by Holly Renee

I ate leftover cupcakes and cracked macarons for breakfast.

I was ninety percent sure he simply ate up girls like me.

I was covered in paint splatters, cake batter, and sweat the first time I met him.

He was covered in badass tattoos and a smile that seemed to hold a secret I would never figure out.

Rule number 1 was never, under any circumstances, fall for the man who I wrote my lease check to.

So, I tucked him away in the “Fantasize Only” compartment of my brain and called it a day.

But he didn’t make it easy.

He was arrogant, funny, and the biggest flirt I had ever met.

Most of the time, I didn’t know if I was just a game to him.

If I didn’t know better, I’d say he was on a mission to ruin my life.

And maybe my heart, too.

OMG! This series was on our July reading list, or more like the first book but I enjoyed it so much I’ve read them all.

In this book we read the story of Brandon, the 3rd guy at the tattoo shop and how he meets Charlie, the baker that rents the space next door.

LOOOOOVEd this series, honestly I couldn’t get enough and the fact that’s as closed as a insta-love as it can be was a plus for me. These guys are players but they see a good women when they meet her and their minds form quickly that they need to have her.

I can’t wait to have some time and check out the rest of her books, because if they are as good as this one… damn… take my money now!!

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Aug 232021

Perfect Grump by Nicole Snow

Wall Street Journal bestselling author Nicole Snow returns with a laugh-out-loud wild office romance where two total opposites fight to deny their perfect chemistry.

I’ve caught a raging case of bosshole.
Signing on as a company driver for Brandt Ideas felt like a dream.
Big-girl salary. Stellar benefits. Glorious people—minus one.
Nicholas Brandt was put on Earth to drive me insane.
Of course, he’s my bossman.

He spent the first month mistaking me for a dude.
Then he “apologized” with the grace of a drunken moose.
A perfect grump with a brutal reputation.
A heart-thief sculpted like a fallen angel.
A master at making me question all of my life decisions.

Why is it always the terrible ones who make a girl tingle?
The longer I’m stuck with Satan in endless Chicago traffic, the faster he wears me down.
When he needs a “date” at this rich-people charity dance, I crack.

I say yes.
I kiss my incurable, broken, off-limits boss—and God help me, I like it.
I invite disasters fated to rip my heart out.
And just when Nick Brandt can’t cut my life into tinier confetti, the unthinkable does.
Guess who wants to save me.
Now guess how much barbed wire I’ve got to keep Mr. Anti-Perfect in exile…

Full-length enemies-to-lovers romance overflowing with hilarious quips, teary-eyed twists, and slow-burn steam that sizzles off the pages. A magnificently bad-tempered boss pursues his spitfire driver in a knock down, claiming, need-you-to-live whirlwind to the Happily Ever After.

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Aug 172021

Never Be the Same by MA Binfield

They say opposites attract. They aren’t kidding.

When Casey meets Olivia—the actress she’s driving around for two weeks—she figures it’s going to be all business. Sure, Olivia’s hot and has women throwing themselves at her feet, but Casey is only interested in making the money she needs before going back to Portland. London is full of painful memories, and anyway, perfectly put together celebrities are not really her thing.

Olivia loves being “Susie,” her TV alter ego. She’s sassy, sexy, and never short of admirers, but living her life in the public eye is taking its toll. When her new driver turns out to be tall, dark, and undeniably handsome, Olivia is intrigued. But Casey seems like she has something to hide, and the last thing Olivia needs is someone she can’t trust.

Hana’s Review

4 stars

Celebrity romance

Queer/Lesbian romance

Opposites attract


I was really excited going into this read of “Never Be the Same” by MA Binfield and I was not disappointed. A lesbian celebrity romance? Count me in!

I’m always excited to see representation of LGBTQIA+ characters in romance and I think the author did a great job of creating complex and complete characters without making it just about being a lesbian or gay – it was about the full human experience – flawed, uncertain, and sometimes insecure. But also filled with friends, family, healing, laughter and happiness. Don’t get me wrong, I love all kinds of stories but I did really enjoy the storyline and the varied characters that Binfield created and that kept me invested and hooked.

Our main heroines, Olivia and Casey, come from very different walks of life but are both recovering from betrayal and hurt from previous relationships. Trust does not come easy and though I understood that, I would still get a little miffed at the assumptions and lack of communication between the two of them. They came together with lots of baggage and had a lot to work through – within themselves and together – and I often found myself growling “Would you just say what you mean!? All this turmoil could be avoided and we could get to kissing!!!” Clearly, I was invested!

Olivia comes from the glitz and glam of stardom, the feature character of a hit TV show. We find, though, that all the extra hubbub that comes with fame is really taking its toll on her. She loves the acting but not all the extra crazy that comes along with it.

Casey returns home to London to help her mom out and takes a job driving Olivia and the rest of the cast around for two weeks. Casey uses the job to avoid reliving the heartache and drama that made her escape London for the US just a year or so before. But what she finds is Olivia, a stunningly gorgeous actress who does not fit the stereotypical mold of a spoiled diva.

Over the next two weeks, the initial spark of attraction develops further and though they both know they’re leaving, will be separated, they cannot deny the feelings they have for each other. Two weeks is an incredibly short amount of time (uhaul joke anyone?!) but also, given their level of attraction and spark, I understood that for this to have a chance, it needed to move fast. I bought it.

I will say that sometimes the story dragged a little… the pace could have been a little faster or the story a wee bit shorter. However, I still really enjoyed this book. I loved the backdrop of London, I enjoyed the secondary characters and I was happy to see how Olivia and Casey eventually found their way.

I received an ARC from Bold Strokes Books through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!

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Aug 092021

Give Me A Reason by A.L. Jackson

From NYT and USA Today bestselling author A.L. Jackson comes a single-dad, enemies-to-lovers stand-alone romance about a jaded club owner and his son’s teacher…

Eden Murphy came into my club looking to make some extra cash.

A girl like her didn’t belong in a place like this.

She’d get ripped to shreds.

Most likely by me.

There’s nothing but sweetness dripping from her sexy little body, and I’m the monster who’s salivating to get a taste.

Trent Lawson is the last man I should want.



So wickedly gorgeous he makes my knees weak.

He’s also an arrogant jerk who happens to be my new boss.

When I discover his adorable son is also in my kindergarten class, I know I have to keep my distance.

But neither of us can ignore the attraction that flames.

One glance, and our hearts race.

One touch, and we’re aching for what we can’t have.

One night, and we’re falling fast.

Dragging her into my sordid world is wrong.

It doesn’t matter.

Eden Murphy is mine.

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Aug 092021

North (Billionaire Ranch Book 1) by Vanessa Vale

Everyone thinks I’m the disgraced cowboy.
That means my cover’s working. The focus of my FBI investigation?
North Wainright.
One look at her and I’m f$cked.
I want her, and not behind bars.
The closer I get, the more I learn about the woman I’ve decided is mine.
When I find out what happened at Billionaire Ranch, I discover I’m not the only one hiding the truth. North also has secrets and they just might get her killed.
How can I save her when she finds out I’m the biggest lie of all?

Welcome to Billionaire Ranch, USA Today bestseller Vanessa Vale’s new cowboy romance series. Where love points you in the right direction when you least expect it.

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Aug 062021

Hamptons Heartbreak (A New York City Romance Book 4) by Tara Leigh

One beach house.
Two months.
Countless lies.
What could go wrong?

It was supposed to be the perfect summer job.
Housesitting in the Hamptons.
And then he showed up.
Lance Welles.
Moody. Broody. Wealthy. Sexy.
And cocky. So damn cocky.
He’ll let me stay for the summer.
But only if I pretend to be his girlfriend.
I agree. Why wouldn’t I?
It’s not like I’ll fall in love.

The first time I saw Vivienne Radcliffe,
she was in a fire-engine-red bikini.
Setting fire to my house.
Well, not exactly my house.
The garden of my Hamptons estate.
She says the house is hers for the summer.
But it isn’t long before I realize . . .
I want Vivienne to be mine forever.

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Aug 062021

Heartless Player (Westfall U Series #1) by R.C. Stephens

A brand new hockey series from best selling author R.C. Stephens

Notorious heartbreaker and handsome-as-sin hockey captain, Wolfe Judd is the golden boy on campus. He could have any girl he wants… and he wants me.

He sees beyond my surface. The way his stormy blue eyes watch me… I feel beautiful for the first time since my accident. Little by little, he tears down my walls, exposing a passion that leaves me breathless and a vulnerability that could leave me shattered.

But all my scars aren’t on the outside, and the ones inside whisper that a guy like him will never fall for a damaged girl like me. Turns out Wolfe is just as broken as I am. He might be a heartless player, but that won’t stop me from playing his game.


Rebel thinks she’s invisible, but I see her… even when she doesn’t want me to. Even when I wish I could get her out of my mind, because falling for her is a complication I can’t afford.

My reputation proceeds me, but Rebel is a game-changer. And if I get too close, I’m afraid she’ll see right through me. Behind the person who my family and teammates expect me to be, to the person who’s been keeping secrets.

With every scorching touch, every unapologetic kiss, the rules change, and the truth unravels around us. If only we could go on living this lie, then I wouldn’t risk losing the only girl I’ve ever loved.

Authors Note: A heartfelt college sports romance with an HEA. No Cliffhanger.
For mature readers.

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Aug 022021

Broken Love (Love Like This #2) by Cassia Leo

Their love shouldn’t make sense.
But somehow, it’s the only thing that does.
Can two broken people make each other whole?

I didn’t want to be there.

Sitting in a circle with a bunch of people twice my age at my weekly PTSD group meeting was nothing but an inconvenience. Until week three, when he walks in.

With my blue hair and dirty mouth, Nick Bradford is my complete opposite: straight-laced, confident, and ruggedly handsome. I don’t pay him any attention until he opens his mouth to speak.

The story that comes out, and the way he tells it, makes my heart ache. This is someone—the only someone in the group—who may be more screwed up than I am.

Every week, we get to know each other over stale donuts and cheap coffee. But, like most good things in my life, Nick and I can’t last.

I have to leave Seattle to attend Stanford in the fall—and for my own sanity. There are too many painful memories here.

But it’s clear neither Nick nor I are coping well on our own. And when I’m expelled from Stanford, I seize the opportunity to return to Seattle.

Now, Nick and I have a second chance to see if it’s true that “opposites attract.” Or if the connection we forged will break under the weight of our violent pasts.

Broken Love is a steamy, angsty stand-alone new adult romance about second chances and how love can mend a broken spirit from New York Times bestselling author Cassia Leo.

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Aug 022021

Romancing His Rival by Poppy St. James

Two enemies. One wedding.

The plan was simple . . . until they started to fall for each other.

Noah and Olivia are total opposites. She’s buttoned up and proper, focused entirely on her career, and has no time for messy, inconvenient feelings. He’s a big-hearted bachelor who loves pushing her buttons and has always secretly pined for the feisty heroine. The fact that she’s vowed to never fall for him? Doesn’t deter him in the slightest.

A NYC playboy turned business mogul has ninety days to win over the woman he’s always desired in order to save his father’s company. One tiny problem: she hates his guts.

Note: This book was previously published under an alternate pseudonym.

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Jul 282021

Wreck Me (Madison Ridge Series Book 3) by Eliza Peake

Life was simple. Until she wrecked his heart.

Aidan Reynolds has enough to handle being interim sheriff in the small tourist town of Madison Ridge. With a woefully understaffed force and the busy season approaching, he doesn’t have time to babysit a big city stranger who literally crashes into his life.

When Megan Gentry wrecks her car passing through town, he’s just doing his job making sure her vehicle gets towed, the town doc stitches her up, and she has a roof over her head for the night. But peak tourist season means no vacancies and while he’s a broody bastard preferring an orderly life, his job is to protect and serve. And that includes the captivating Megan.

But every moment together makes it harder to keep his distance. If he’s not careful, she’ll break more than just his rules.

When it comes time for her to leave, will he stop her?

Or will he let her go and wreck his heart in the process?

Author’s Note: A steamy opposites attract, small town romance with a charmingly messy heroine, broody, protective hero, and a new perspective on caramel syrup.

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Jul 212021

Fame and Lies (Lords of Lyre Book 3) by Cora Kenborn

From USA Today Bestselling Author Cora Kenborn comes a dark and gritty opposites attract/forbidden love rock star romantic suspense.

Never Fall in Love With a Lie


We were doomed from the start. Now look at me.
Senator’s daughter. Publicist to the stars.
Torn between a violent vow and a tattooed dream.
Zane owns my heart.
But the target on my back stays off his as long as he hates me.
They say if you love something, set it free.
Nobody tells you what happens when someone cages you both.


I let down my guard. Now look at me.
Badass rocker. Hardcore womanizer.
Broken up over some uppity chick.
No one can know I fell for a woman I can’t have…
Then Faith shows up covered in bruises, and I snap.
She may not be mine to save…
But I’ll make sure she’ll never be his to ruin.

*Fame and Lies is book 3 in a series of interconnected standalone novels. While it isn’t necessary to have read the two previous books in the series to enjoy Fame and Lies, in order to avoid spoilers, it is highly recommended.

**Fame and Lies contains dark subject matter such as domestic violence and may bother some readers.

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Jul 202021

The Aristocrat by Penelope Ward
Model: Kacey Carrig
Release Date: August 30, 2021


From New York Times bestselling author Penelope Ward, comes a new standalone novel.

The one that got away. Every girl has one, right?
Mine was a charming, British aristocrat who turned my world upside down one summer.
From the moment I first spotted Leo in the distance through my binoculars, I’d been captivated. I certainly never expected to find a man showering outside of the property across the bay in his birthday suit.
Then I noticed his housemate staring back at me with binoculars of his own—watching me watching Leo.
That made for an interesting conversation starter when I inevitably ran into them.
Turned out, the handsome Brits were only renting that house for the summer in my seaside town.
Leo and I formed an instant connection, even though we were technically opposites by all appearances. I taught him how to dig for clams, and he taught me that not all wealthy and powerful guys are pretentious.
Despite knowing he was totally wrong for me, I couldn’t seem to stay away.
It was a wild and crazy few months. And before I knew it, we’d fallen in love.
We both had one wish: more time together.
But Leo had obligations back home. He lived a life I’d never fit into. And I was going to law school. So, we decided to end it and never look back.
A part of me always felt like I’d let my soulmate walk away.
I believed our story was over.
Until five years later when he sent me a letter that shook me to my core.
I’d thought my world was turned upside down that first summer?
Well, I knew nothing yet.

Excerpt The Aristocrat by Penelope Ward

Hell was the moment I stepped into the grocery store a few days later and nearly knocked right into him.
“It’s you.” He held up a long, phallic-looking baguette and shook it. “Remind you of something?”
My face felt hot. “Very funny.”
“I haven’t seen much of you outside over the last couple of days. Did we scare you?”
This was not Shower Guy, but rather the one who’d caught me peeping. He had a strong British accent and was extremely tall, with dark hair.
“I’ve just been taking a break from the backyard.”
“Too hot outside for you, eh?”
“Look, I didn’t intend to see what I saw. I’ve been into…birdwatching this summer. Then one day you two moved in, and I—”
“Whoa, whoa, whoa…” The other guy had appeared next to his housemate. “I’m sorry for anything he might have said to you just now. Rest assured, it’s all shite. He’s just playing around.” He, too, had a strong British accent. “I don’t believe we’ve properly met.”
“Although, you’ve improperly met…” his friend chided.
“Put a sock in it, Sigmund.”
Okay, so the asshole is Sig—or Sigmund. The previously naked one must be Leo, then. They were both tall and good-looking, but Leo, with his chiseled features, lustrous hair, and striking eyes was on another level—a total Adonis, and intimidatingly gorgeous.
Sigmund shrugged. “Surely she knows I’m just kidding.”
“But you don’t know when to stop. That’s always been your problem. Can’t you see how red her face is getting? You’re embarrassing her.”
Uh…how red is my face getting? This was mortifying. I couldn’t control that about myself. After all, I was a redhead with fair skin covered in freckles. Whenever I got embarrassed, I basically turned red from head to toe.
Leo’s tone softened. “I apologize for his rude behavior.” He held out his hand. “I’m Leo Covington.”
I took it, enjoying the warmth of his skin. “Felicity Dunleavy.”
The other guy offered his hand. “Sigmund Benedictus. But please call me Sig.”
Been a dick-tus.
He sure had.
“Good to meet you,” I said.
“And you, as well, Freckles.”
Freckles? He couldn’t have come up with a more original nickname? I was self-conscious about my freckles, and typically wanted to murder anyone who dubbed me Freckles.
“Do you mind not calling me that?”
“Do you prefer a different nickname?” Sig asked. “Peeping Tom, perhaps?”
Leo gritted his teeth. “Enough. Seriously.”
“All right. I’ll behave. Going in search of tapenade for this bread.” He winked. “Be back.”
Relief washed over me as he walked away.
“I’m…really sorry about him,” Leo said.
“Well, given how you came to know of me, the ridicule is warranted. I shouldn’t have been spying.”
“I don’t reckon you anticipated seeing me in my birthday suit. That was the first time I’d ever done that. I assumed no one was in the vicinity, of course. For the record, I don’t make a habit of showering for all the world to see. I never had an outdoor shower in England. So it’s a novelty.”
Leo was simply striking. His hair was light brown with golden undertones. He had beautiful bone structure and full lips that were difficult not to stare at. There wasn’t one thing I would change about his face. His eyes were a deep blue. They reminded me of a piece of sea glass I’d used to make a necklace once.
I cleared my throat. “What brings you to Narragansett?”
“I’m taking six months off from life. It seemed like a good location to get lost. We picked this place randomly on a map, actually. Sigmund and I have spent our time in a few different locales. First was California, then New York, and now Rhode Island.”
“Are you two…together?”
His brow lifted. “What do you mean by together? We’re rooming together. But if you mean romantically together, then no. Exactly what did you assume?”
“I thought you might be gay.”
“If I were gay, I’d have far better taste in men than that wanker cousin of mine. What in God’s name made you think we were gay?”
“I don’t know. Two handsome men…living together in a big house…”
“So, if I’m a guy living with another man, I’m automatically shagging him?”
“You’re right. That was a hasty assumption.”
“Thank you for the compliment, by the way.”
I just called him handsome, didn’t I? Feeling suddenly hot, I looked toward the produce section. “Well, I’d better be going…”
“Before you do, I want to apologize for the flowers he sent your way the other night. I urged him not to. Not everyone appreciates that sense of humor.”
I shrugged. “It was fine. And they were pretty. I was embarrassed, at first, but then I ended up laughing about the whole thing. Mrs. Angelini certainly got a kick out of it.”
His brow lifted. “Mrs. Angelini?”
How do I explain who she is without unloading my history on this stranger? I kept it simple. “She’s my roommate.”
“Ah. Roommate. So she must be your lesbian lover, then.” He raised an eyebrow, and I had to smile. “Anyway, why do you call her Mrs. Angelini? She doesn’t have a first name?”
“Well, she’s seventy. It’s more of a respect thing. It’s what I started calling her some years back, and it stuck. She’s always asked me to call her by her first name, but I got used to calling her Mrs. Angelini.”
“I see.” His eyes seared into mine for a moment. “Your roommate is seventy. And how old are you, might I ask?”
“Twenty-four. What about you?”
“Twenty-eight,” he answered. His eyes lingered on mine for a bit. “Listen, we’re going to be renting the house across from you for the entire summer. We know virtually nothing about Narragansett. I’d love to pick your brain about places to go and things to do here. Maybe you wouldn’t mind coming over for tea sometime this week?”
“Tea? You really are British, aren’t you?”
“Guilty as charged.” His white teeth gleamed.
Looking down at my feet, I said, “I don’t know.”
“I promise not to take off my clothes…” He added a crooked smile.
I let out a much-needed laugh. “Well, since you put it that way.”
“Tomorrow at two, then? Or whatever time works for you.”
A part of me wanted to refuse, but why? It wasn’t like I had anything more exciting going on. I didn’t quite understand whether he genuinely wanted my expertise on Narragansett, or if there was something more to the invitation, now that I knew he wasn’t gay.
“Sure. Two tomorrow works.”
“Brilliant. You know how to get to the house without having to swim across, I take it?”
“Yes.” I smiled.
“Very well, then. And I promise, Sigmund will be on his best behavior.”
“I can handle it if he’s not.”
This seemingly rich traveler had no idea just how much I could handle. I might turn red when I was embarrassed, but I’d grown a pretty-thick skin over the years.
That’s the way it is when you always had to fend for yourself.

Copyright © 2021 Penelope Ward

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Jul 172021

Vow of Justice (Vow Series Book 7) by Emma Renshaw

She’s been betrayed by everyone she trusted.

Daphne has been keeping her past a secret from everyone in her new life. Her best friend doesn’t even know her real name. All she wants is her quiet life with foster animals and the justice she finds through crime scene photography. She’s built a wall around herself to stay safe. That was until the rugged detective crashed into her world.

He lives for the honor of his badge.

For Maddox, rules and routine are necessary. He has been living with the sole focus of making up for his past mistake. A mistake that almost cost him everything.

The wild and quirky photographer was a distraction that he didn’t need, but her beauty is impossible to ignore. With one snap of Daphne’s shutter, her past comes back to taunt her and puts her life in danger. Every answer Maddox finds only brings more questions. As a spark flares between them, Maddox finds he wants to protect her more than his badge.

When Maddox and Daphne get too close, someone is watching and keeping them in their crosshairs and they’ll do anything to keep them in the dark.

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Jul 132021

The Bet (Winslow Brothers Collection #1) by Max Monroe

When it comes to life’s fun and games, always know:
The rules.
What’s at stake.
When to quit.

Wise words from…well…my fortune cookie. But wise words, nonetheless.

I just wish the Fortune Cookie People had considered how hard the whole “knowing when to quit” would be to carry out when a woman like me is gambling with her feelings.

Heart-palpitating, vageen-tingling, butterflies-in-my-belly feelings for a noncommittal, hot-as-sin player by the name of Jude Winslow.

After a crazy night where we were both pretending to be someone else, I’ve found myself immersed in the fun of the fling.
The thrill.
The irresistible charm.
The pleasure of being with a man like him.

Problem is, I’m positive he’s the exact opposite of husband material, and that is a serious issue for someone who is fixated on finding her happily ever after.

I know the rules and I know the stakes, oh wise Fortune Cookie.

Now I’d just like to know how close to self-destruction I have to get before I find the will to quit Jude Winslow.

Goodness knows, when your heart is on the line, you can’t ante up your bet with an IOU.

Author Note: The Bet is a full-length standalone romantic comedy and the first standalone book in the Winslow Brothers Collection. This book is chock-full of hilarious rom-com moments, but also, it’s spicy. We’re talking alllllll the sexy.

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Jul 052021

Mr. Big Stuff (More Than Money #2) by L. Nicole

Kiefer Marks.
Bad Boy Biker.
Tattoo Artist.
Chiseled Abs.
My next-door neighbor for the last year.
The hottest guy I’ve ever seen.

That pretty much sums up the guy I’m in love with.
And oh yeah, he’s also the guy I’ve barely spoken to.

The thing is, I’m not his type.
I’m the town librarian.
I’m way too curvy—and much too shy.

They call him Mr. Big Stuff around town and I’m pretty sure the nickname is all about what he’s packing in those gray sweatpants he rocks when he goes to the gym.
(I go to the bakery across from the gym and eat a doughnut–while waiting for him to come out all sweaty and hot.)

That’s why I watch him from a distance, daydreaming and putting his face in every fantasy that I can imagine. You would think that wouldn’t be very many for a virginal introvert who gets tongue-tied around the opposite sex, but I read a lot of romance books and trust me, Kiefer Marks is the star in some very hot dreams.

It’s all harmless and never going anywhere.
Until he kisses me and I start to believe in dreams….

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Jun 282021

The River In Spring (Lyon Family Series Book 2) by Leslie Pike

Falling out of a tree at the feet of a naked woman is not Nobel Lyon’s usual MO.He’s more the Invisible Man type. A name given to him in childhood. The observer. The logical thinker. A man who loves solitude.When he sees the sexy mountain woman fishing on his property, other impulses take over. The ones that want a better look. What can it hurt?There are people who live every moment to the fullest and Dove Solomon is one of them. She can hook a line, gut a fish, and pitch a tent. She also sings like a fallen angel.The handsome man that just dropped into her life intrigues her in a way no one else has. He’s an introvert, she’s an extrovert. But there’s no denying how drawn they are to each other. Two people destined by fate to be together, no matter how different they are. The one thing they can agree on? Opposites attract.

Excerpt The River In Spring by Leslie Pike
Chapter One

Can you be called a Peeping Tom if you’re on your own property? Either way I have no intention of looking away. Arrest seems a small price to pay. Besides, the stranger has to take some of the blame. Yesterday, even from a distance, I could see the woman’s part in my undoing as a lifelong introvert. What made her guilty couldn’t have been more obvious.
It was the honey colored skin-tone, forcing me to come up with descriptions like honey colored. The blonde hair, escaping from under the wide-brimmed hat as she fished. One long wavy strand, and how it made this man’s imagination swell. I become bold in my dreams. In bed last night I thought about the sun-kissed curl. How I would wrap it around my finger and give it a tuck under the brim. Yes, I’d like to tuck her.
That is why I’m heading back to the high spot at the edge of the spread, binoculars around my neck. That detail alone would prove premeditation. At times being an attorney is a buzzkill. Feigning ignorance no defense. There is no hiding from the fact behaving like a stalker is wrong. As easy as it was to reach that ironclad conclusion, I am just as sure to ignore the inconvenient truth. In this case I will do what I want. Nobody will ever know.

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Jun 212021

Stargazer (Speakeasy #8) by Wendy S. Marcus

Randall Dickson is coping. Sort of. An upcoming medical eval, one that could end his military career, has him stressed and making bad choices. So when a concerned friend issues a strongly-worded “invitation” to Vermont, R.D. is all in for a change of scenery, a temporary job as a bartender, and the opportunity to shake himself out of his self-destructive routine.

Then he sets eyes on his seriously sexy new co-worker…

Lily Reynolds, an artist by day, Speakeasy’s favorite bartender at night, works hard to stay positive, unlike her surly new coworker. He may be a treat to look at, but that grumpy attitude and terse manner are not her type. So when Lily finds herself in desperate need of someone to share expenses, she convinces R.D. to rent her vacant room. There’s no way she’ll find herself falling for him.

She’d like to find the secret admirer who’s leaving her secret love notes around the bar, though. But he won’t reveal himself…

This standalone contains: opposites who definitely attract, a workplace romance and an opinionated French bulldog.

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Jun 172021

Singe (Men of Inked: Heatwave Book 8) by Chelle Bliss

While everyone around Carmello Caldo found love, he was busy losing himself in pleasure and pain. But when his cousin Lily wants to help him find true love, he doesn’t hesitate to accept her offer.

Arlo King is not Carmello’s usual type. She’s a bookworm who doesn’t give herself away easy. But she’s the perfect woman to help reform the serial womanizer, even though she has commitment issues of her own.

Quickly, their fake relationship goes from slow-burn to scorching hot from the very first touch. But can they work through their trouble pasts and embrace a fairy tale future?

Singe is the eighth full-length standalone novel in the Men of Inked Heatwave series by USA Today bestselling author Chelle Bliss.

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Jun 152021

Henry & Ivy (Next Generation – Fighting #1) by JB Salsbury

Fall in love with the next generation of Fighting series characters and reunite with your old favorites in Henry & Ivy—an opposites attract, enemies to lovers novella.

I have the neighbor from hell.
The shared wall of our duplex holds no secrets to his wild Las Vegas lifestyle. He’s late nights and pizza for breakfast. I’m early mornings and deadlines. I’ve never met him. I’ve never even seen him. But his dog has delivered the ultimate blow, and I’m forced to confront him.

My neighbor is a buttoned-up priss.
She shows up on my doorstep angry as hell and making demands. Our dogs may have forced us together, but the more I learn, the more I like. As if things weren’t complicated enough, now I find myself falling hard for the girl next door.

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