Jul 272021

PSYCHOS (Depraved Sinners Book 1) by Sheridan Anne

Coming Soon …

Depraved Sinners is a New Adult, Dark, Reverse Harem, Contemporary Romance series. It contains explicit sexual content, graphic violence, drug abuse, and coarse language. It is recommended for mature readers.

Depraved Sinners is planned as a four book series.

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Jul 052021

Things I Wanted To Say: (but never did) by Monica Murphy

Whit Lancaster burst into my life like a storm. Dark and thunderous, furious and fierce. Cold, heartless and devastatingly beautiful, like the statues in our prep school gardens. The school with his family name on the sign. He can do no wrong here. This is his domain.

He’s a menace on campus. Adored and feared. Hated and respected. His taunting words carve into my skin, shredding me to ribbons. Yet his intense gaze scorches my blood, fills me with a longing I don’t understand.

When I stumble upon him one night alone, I find him broken. Bleeding. My instincts scream to leave and let him suffer, but I can’t. I sneak him into my room. Clean him up. Fall for his lies. Let him possess every single part of me until I’m the one left a gasping, broken mess.

When he leaves me alone in the dead of night, he takes my journal with him.

Now he knows all my secrets. My hate. My truth. And he promises to use my words against me. I’ll be ruined if my darkest secret gets out.

That’s when I strike a bargain with the devil.

I’ll let Whit Lancaster ruin me behind closed doors instead.

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Jul 052021

Jax (The Heights Saga #2) by E. M. Moore

I had real love once. The all-consuming, toe-curling kind of love.

Fate had other plans for the two of us though.

Ruled by a world of dangerous men, I did something reprehensible. I did what I needed to survive. I betrayed Jax—the only man who ever truly cared whether I lived or died.

Years later, I remain a brokenhearted plaything. A puppet to maneuver around a chess board. Psycho uses my body, my face, my skills to get him exactly what he wants.

I’m the predator no one sees coming.

And my next job is to come face-to-face with him again. My Jax. Once Psycho gets something in his head, he won’t let up. What he wants next is what Jax has, and he’ll do anything to get it.

Including using me in any way he can.

Now, I have to make a choice between my safety and my conscience. My life…and my heart.

But there’s one thing I know for sure: my second chance is the most treacherous game I’ve played.

JAX is a full-length m/f dark romance standalone in the Heights Crew world.

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Jul 012021

Trouble by Tia Louise
Legend has it, the man you kiss at a wedding is the man you’ll marry.
In my case, it’s nothing but trouble.

Spencer Carrollton is a dark-haired, hazel-eyed beast.
When I collided with him at my cousin’s wedding, I wasn’t looking for love.
But his naughty eyes flashed, his full lips curled into a knowing smile, and I should have run.
I didn’t.
I kissed him instead.

Then he gave me a job when I needed it the most.
I never get involved with clients, but Spencer Carrollton is wickedly handsome in a bespoke suit.
He’s devastatingly sexy out of it.
He’s possessive, demanding, and the best night I’ve ever had.

He’s an arrogant billionaire, who thinks I’ll fall at his feet, but I’m not going down that road again.
Then he pulls me out of danger and insists I move in with him until it’s safe.
As the nights pass and we grow closer, I know I’m losing this fight.
Spencer Carrollton always gets what he wants.
The trouble is, he wants me.

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Jun 212021

The Edge of Chaos (The Edge Series Book 4) by J. Saman

You know that awful moment when you realize you accidentally slept with your best friend’s older brother?

I met him on my last New Year’s Eve in New York. Sparks flew. Madness ensued. And after the hottest night of my life, I ran out on him.
Three years later he and I come face-to-face again.
Now do I not only learn his name but realize the heat between us hasn’t dissipated for a second.
Thankfully, I’m a woman who can spot his type from miles away. Especially when my friend goes on to explain just how off-limits her older brother is. A player who has wrecked her friends’ hearts a time or twenty.
He doesn’t agree.
In fact, the gorgeous and persistent man believes we should pick up exactly where we left off three years ago.
Sorry, not gonna happen. My life is already filled with more chaos than I can handle and the last thing I need is some hot playboy adding to it.
Only he turns out to be so much more than I expected and resisting him becomes impossible–All over my place, his stairs, it doesn’t matter. We’re insatiable.
Now I just have to figure out how to keep my heart out of the game.
Not so easy to do when he’s determined to win it.

THE EDGE OF CHAOS is a forbidden, best friend’s older brother, swoon-y second chance romance filled with scorching steam, intense feels, and witty banter. It can be read as a standalone. Download today!

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Jun 192021

Ruined Sinner by Becker Gray

It’s no secret that Aurora Lincoln-Ward hates Phineas Yates, but what most people don’t know is the reason. Last summer, Phineas broke Aurora’s heart in the worst way, and she promised herself then and there that she would never fall prey to the sinner of Pembroke Prep again.

But now sin is in the air, and the Hellfire Club’s number one sinner has his sights set on her…

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Jun 022021

Tailspin by Anna Paige (The Driven World)

Tailspin is a sexy, swoon-worthy contemporary romance novel written in K. Bromberg’s Driven World Project.


When I left Harrington Heights, I vowed never to return.
In the years that followed, I built not one empire but two.
Aidan Wright no longer existed.
Now, I was Aidan Decker.
Finance mogul. Race team owner.
I had the world at my feet.
I should have been happy.
Or, if not happy, at least content.
But I was neither.
What was worse; I had no idea what to do to fix it.
Not until an old friend talked me into coming dangerously close to the hometown I despised to celebrate his upcoming nuptials.
A bachelor party.
At a gentleman’s club.
And who should appear onstage but the only girl I’d ever loved.
The girl I couldn’t bear to hold back because I knew she was destined for so much more than “The Heights” had to offer.
More than I had to offer back then.
The girl who’d long ago abandoned this place to chase her dreams of starring on Broadway.
Dreams changed; I knew that better than anyone.
But there was one dream I’d held tight to since I was fourteen.
And it was right in front of me for the first time in a decade.
I wasn’t about to let her go a second time.


Aidan Decker.
Everyone knew the name.
Even I knew it, if only in passing.
But until I strolled into the club that night, I had no idea that Aidan Decker was Aidan Wright.
My Aidan.
My best friend growing up.
The one who bid me goodbye on graduation day with a single, sweet kiss and a promise I never forgot.
Not even after ten years apart.
Unfortunately, we were completely different people now.
Maybe all that had changed about him was his name.
But my whole world imploded and the girl he knew was long gone.
The friend he’d shared his dreams with was living in a nightmare, one to which he didn’t deserve to be exposed.
All that was left was pain and fear and the will to survive.
There was no way I could let Aidan back in.
No matter how much I wanted to.
We might have been in the same room for the first time in years, but we were still worlds apart.

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May 282021

Black Thorns (Thorns Duet Book 2) by Rina Kent

A bet turned into a nightmare.

She broke my heart.
Broke me.
Broke us.
Only one thing could mend the gaping wound she left behind.
All mine for the taking.
All mine for owning.
All mine.

Black Thorns is a dark romance book that contains dubious situations some readers might find offensive and/or triggering. This is the last part of a duet and is not standalone.

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May 212021

Tragic Lies (Rixon High Book 2) by L A Cotton

From bestselling author L A Cotton, comes a forbidden age-gap romance. Angst… drama… friendship… and football. Will you survive senior year?

Peyton Myers has always been the life of the party.

But behind her smile and sass is a girl lost and alone, searching for her place in the world.

Xander Chase has always been on the outside looking in.

But behind his cool indifference and hard exterior is a guy afraid to open his heart to anyone.

When he saves Peyton from a tragic accident, their lives are entwined forever. But Xander’s not the hero of her story… no matter how much she wants him to be.

She’s a girl with her whole life ahead of her.
He’s a guy who is drifting through life.
And although these two lost souls might be able to heal each other, there’s one glaring problem.

She’s still in high school…

And completely forbidden.

Excerpt Tragic Lies by L A Cotton

He framed my face with his hands, eyes searching mine, deep and intense. “What?” I whispered, my heart stuttering in my chest so much it felt hard to breathe.

“You slay me, Peyton.”

And then he kissed me.

His hand curved around the back of my neck, gripping me possessively as Xander licked and teased the seam of my mouth, coaxing me to let him in. My hands fisted his hoodie as I fell willingly into him, the feel of his lips, the heat of his body beneath me.

“Xander,” I breathed, kissing him harder, deeper. Our tongues slid together, slow and searching. Xander’s fingers twined in my hair and he yanked gently, giving him better access to trail hot open-mouthed kisses over my jaw and down my throat.

“I must taste lovely,” I chuckled, all too aware that I’d just worked a six-hour shift at Cindy’s Grill.

Xander met my gaze, pure need glittering there. “You think I care?” He rolled his hips, showing me exactly how much he didn’t care.

A bolt of lust shot through me.

“More,” I panted.

But I saw the torment in his eyes. Xander wouldn’t cross that line. Not here, not yet. But God, I needed him to touch me. I needed something to tamp down the flames threatening to burn me inside out.

Feeling a lick of confidence, I shifted above him slightly and then lowered myself down. Right over him. His throaty growl made my skin vibrate, sending delicious shivers shooting through me.

“Fuck, Peyton.” His hands slid to my ass again, pulling my body closer, rocking me against his hard length. “This is dangerous…”

“We’re not doing anything.” I leaned in, smirking against his mouth as I kissed him. “Not really.”

He chuckled darkly, kissing me back with as much desperation as I felt.

This wasn’t wrong.

It wasn’t.

How could it be wrong when it felt so right?

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May 182021

The Sophomore (College Years #2) by Monica Murphy

Jackson Rivers.

My not so secret crush.

He’s popular. Gorgeous. Talented.

Also my biggest weakness.

I’ve stood by him for years. Been a friend every time he needed one, but he doesn’t see me. Not like I want him to.

Move on, my friends said. Find someone new. Someone who sees your worth. Someone who gets you. I know they’re right. I’m only a friend to him. He’s never going to see me like I see him. So I take their advice, and try to move on.

But Jackson is always right there. In my face. Running to my rescue. And when I meet someone else, Jackson isn’t having it. For some reason, he’s suddenly determined to stay in my life. Right by my side.

Now he says he wants me, but does he want an actual relationship? Or is that he can’t stand the thought of losing me to another guy?

It’s time to find out what Jackson truly wants…and I’m going to make him work for it.

For me.

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May 142021

Never Saw You Coming by Erin Hahn

In Erin Hahn’s Never Saw You Coming, sometimes it takes a leap of faith to find yourself.

Raised by conservative parents, 18-year-old Meg Hennessey just found out her entire childhood was a lie. Instead of taking a gap year before college to find herself, she ends up traveling north to meet what’s left of the family she never knew existed.

While there, she meets Micah Allen, a former pastor’s kid whose dad ended up in prison, leaving Micah with his own complicated relationship about the church. The clock is ticking on Pastor Allen’s probation hearing and Micah, now 19, feels the pressure to forgive – even when he can’t possibly forget.

As Meg and Micah grow closer, they are confronted with the heavy flutterings of first love and all the complications it brings. Together, they must navigate the sometimes-painful process of cutting ties with childhood beliefs as they build toward something truer and straight from the heart.

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May 052021

The Dark Elite: Complete Series by Eva Ashwood

This set contains all three books in the bestselling Dark Elite series. Dive into a world of violence, obsession, heart-twisting angst, and dangerous romance. Complete trilogy with a HEA!

They say the devil goes by many names, and I know four of them:
Ciro, Hale, Zaid, and Lucas.
My father was once a powerful player in the Chicago underground, but six years ago, he left that life behind.

We changed our names.
Our identities.
Our lives.

The ghosts of the past never forgot him though. They never forgot me.

Dad promised me we were safe, but I should’ve known that was just another one of his lies.

The past always finds you, and mine finds me on my wedding day when four brutal, dangerous men drag me from the altar in a hail of gunfire.

Four men who used to be four boys.
Four boys I cared about.
Four boys I left behind.

They’re not the same boys I knew though, and whatever we may have once been to each other, it doesn’t matter anymore.

Because they’re only one thing to me now:

My captors.

This is a reverse harem new adult dark romance series that includes high steam, violence, and foul language.

Vicious Kings
Ruthless Knights
Savage Queen

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May 012021

Of Bishops And Pawns (Ridge Rogues Book 2) by Renee Harless

I played the game.
There were rules.
There was strategy.
There was always an escape.

No one knew how my past dictated my every move.
I did everything to keep the nightmares of my childhood at bay.
I reveled in my playboy reputation.

Then Sarah Hodges made a wrong move.
One that left me wondering how to match her play.

We weren’t supposed to work.
She was everything I wasn’t.
But she had secrets of her own.
Ones that left me shocked and furious.
Ones that gave me a leg up.
Or so I thought.

It only took one quick game to land us in checkmate,
something Wellington University never saw coming.

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May 012021

The Ash Moon (The Ariane Trilogy Book 1) by Michelle Dare

A kept secret. A life altered. A new journey.

Ariane lived her life one book at a time. She would never have guessed those books were about to change everything.

They led her to Orion.

Tall, dark, with eyes only for her. The rest of the world ceased to exist when Orion was around. But during a fateful ash moon, he shifted into a wolf. Ari thought she was dreaming, but she’d recognize those eyes anywhere.

Fiction became reality. Fantasy was actually history. And soon, Ari would learn her role in it.

A pack war was on the horizon, and she was the only one who could stop it.

Nothing would ever be as it once was, because Ariane was now part of the Avynwood Pack.

I was recommended this series by a friend and started reading in blind. What I knew was that it started slow but the rest of the series is worth it.

Ariene is a normal human, in love with her romance paranormal author. She goes to a signing and there she is invited by said author to an after party.

Ari soon learns that she was there for a reason and that she soon will met her wolf mate, Orion. This is how she learns that every romance she’s ever read are real and inspired from the pack life she is now part of.

Yes, the book starts slow, no sexy times as they are both virgins. I was promised the book goes better and I will read into it more. Kept posted on my reviews for the following. Keep in mind that the first one is setting the pace and building their world. We learn of it as Ari does, while Rion is patiently waiting to claim his mate.

While I’m loving the main characters, I can’t help but feel more for the vampire and his unrequited love for Ari. It’s heartbreaking, but I know he will have his own HEA.

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Apr 252021

Bright Midnight by Karina Halle

From the New York Times bestselling author of Where Sea Meets Sky and Racing the Sun comes a wildly romantic STANDALONE about a young American abroad in Norway who runs into the man who broke her heart eight years ago.

After years of bartending her way across Europe, Shay Lavji has seen almost everything the continent has to offer, but there’s one country she hasn’t crossed off her bucket list yet: Norway. It’s not that she doesn’t want to visit the land of the midnight sun–far from it; she’s obsessed with the culture and is dying to see the majestic fjords for herself.

What she’s not dying to do is run into her Norwegian ex-boyfriend, Anders Johansen, who broke her heart in America eight years ago before returning to his ancestral home. The last time she saw Anders, he was a cocky, rebellious, and tortured teenager who couldn’t stop himself from pushing all of her buttons–both good and bad. But Shay isn’t going to let Anders stand in the way of her wanderlust, and besides, it’s a big country, right?

She doesn’t count on Anders seeking her out the moment he learns she’s on his home turf. When Shay sees him again, she’s shocked at his transformation into a bearded, tattooed farmer and fisherman who values family over everything else. Is it possible that time has tamed this former bad boy? Shay wants to believe that everything can be new and bright again under the summer sun, but she knows, when it comes to Anders, the darkness is never too far behind.

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Apr 232021

Aiden’s Awakening (Paranormals of Avynwood Book 10) by Michelle Dare

Aiden’s world was rocked when he learned paranormals existed.

Since then, he’d made new friends, but every encounter only emphasized how ordinary his life was.

Eighteen years was very young for a vampire. During that time, Honey hadn’t seen much. What she lacked in experience, she made up for in intelligence.

When a violent car accident happened right before Honey’s eyes, she jumped into action.

Aiden was on the brink of death. He felt himself slipping away, then someone appeared. But she didn’t rescue him. She plunged him deeper into pain and darkness.

Being made into a vampire was an excruciating experience. Once the agony receded, Aiden had to embrace his powers. He had to learn to live an entirely new life—one that was far removed from his previously mundane one.

Their relationship was forged from the choices they had to make. Their love was something they both had to fight for. What they didn’t realize was fate was testing them.

They would either embrace what was right in front of them or watch as it withered away.

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Apr 232021

Brayden’s Return (Paranormals of Avynwood Book 5) by Michelle Dare

For the last several years, Brayden felt like an outcast amongst his friends.

Since the day he saw a man shift into a wolf, he knew he no longer belonged in their circle. They were immersed in the paranormal world while he was away at college, living the life of an ordinary human.

One night while he was walking home, he saw a dog in need of help. Turns out, it wasn’t a dog at all.

Kandra was a wolf shifter on the run.

She’d fled an abusive relationship, running from a male she once thought she could trust. As a lone wolf, she was free, but she was also slowly dying.

Pack life wasn’t something Kandra wanted, and she never thought she’d trust another male. Yet, she trusted Brayden. In him, she found the opportunity to join a new pack—shifters who would be there when she needed them.

But the past came calling, and they would take back what was theirs.

Kandra’s life was in danger and Brayden would do whatever it took to keep his mate safe, including asking a vampire to bite him. His new life was extraordinary—because she was in it.

With his vampire given powers, Brayden was ready to fight for the one he loved. Now all he had to do was find her.

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Apr 232021

Tempting Titus (Paranormals of Avynwood Book 6) by Michelle Dare

Life seemed to be moving in the right direction at last. Then the fires started.

As a wolf shifter with vampire gifted powers, Titus was better equipped to handle emergencies than others. But he wasn’t invincible.

Imogen was a typical senior in high school—except she was a powerful mage hiding in plain sight. When Titus showed up after class to help a pack brother, Imogen’s world was rocked.

Never had she met someone like him.

With the paranormal community under threat, their homes and businesses going up in flames, Imogen wasn’t worried. Too bad her abilities didn’t equal safety.

The magnetism between Titus and Imogen was potent from the start. Both tried to fight it. But fate had a different plan for them—a perilous one.

The world was burning around them. Everyone Titus and Imogen loved was at risk.

When the ashes cooled and the dust settled, they would find out if their love survived fate’s test.

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Apr 232021

Denying Davian (Paranormals of Avynwood Book 7) by Michelle Dare

Davian’s life hadn’t been easy.

After two near-death experiences, he held on to his optimism, even if danger still had a way of finding him.

Beneath her kind exterior, Robin was in unbelievable pain after losing her best friend. Sheer determination kept her going, even when she wanted to give up.

Then Davian appeared with his infectious smile and cheerful demeanor.

They were an unlikely pair.

One was a panther shifter and the other a fae princess. However, Robin didn’t want a mate, so she pushed Davian away at every turn. Too bad for her, he wasn’t the type to give up.

When an outside threat found its way to the fae realm, Davian leapt into action.

Fate had a way of placing paranormals where they were meant to be.

It was time for Robin to realize her destiny before it was too late.

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Apr 232021

Ladon’s Desire (Paranormals of Avynwood Book 8) by Michelle Dare

Being human while living with a pack of wolves wasn’t ideal.

Ladon wanted the connection the mated pairs had, but it was always out of his reach. One more leap into a relationship could destroy him… Or it could save him.

Belonging to the Verascue family had its benefits. As the most powerful vampires in existence, they were equally feared and admired. They were also the only family Genevieve had left.

Ladon and Gen’s friendship was comfortable and secure. Words of love weren’t voiced, even if they were felt. Until everything changed.

When death breathed down Ladon’s neck, Gen couldn’t let him go.

One bite and their bond became crystal clear. She would keep him by her side no matter the cost.

The pack was under attack. Lives were on the line. And it was up to Ladon and Gen to save them all. Together.

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