Sep 232021

Daddy on Duty (Crescent Cove #12) by Taryn Quinn

I’ll do anything for the cookie…
I’m used to playing the field. But specialty baker Tabitha wrapped me up in her the first time I tasted her…frosting.

Suddenly I’m offering my services in any way I can.

Need some furniture moved? Check.
Followed by rogue ducks? Check.
Weird noises late at night? Check.

Except that late night when I’m on patrol, when she calls for assistance, we fall into bed.

And onto the kitchen counter.

And into the shower.

Spoiler: I didn’t need help finding the soap.

Turns out that whole protect-and-serve thing apparently doesn’t extend to birth control. Oops.

But if I can convince her I’m ready to be a one-woman man, our spontaneous hookup might just lead to forever.

Author’s note: Hot cop Brady McNeil is a deputy, but his handcuffs aren’t just for show. Ooh, baby. Daddy on Duty is a standalone accidental pregnancy

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Sep 162021

Secrets, Lies, and Family Ties (Baldwin’s Shore Romantic Suspense Book 2) by Elise Noble

After leaving her fiancé at the altar, all Gabrielle wants is a day alone to reflect on the mistakes she’s made. But when her car breaks down in the small town of Baldwin’s Shore, a day turns into a week, and perhaps—if the goddesses of fate smile kindly—a little longer. But someone from her past has a different plan.

Sheriff’s deputy Colt Haines isn’t looking for love, and he definitely isn’t looking for a flighty blonde to move into his spare room and complicate his life. But his young daughter has other ideas. So too does his heart, and when Gabrielle’s secrets catch up with her, he’s left with no choice but to fight for her future and for his.

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Sep 062021

Ground Zero (Birch Fire Department Book 1) by April Canavan

Ground Zero: The center or origin of rapid, intense, or violent activity

I carried her lifeless body out of a burning building.
One that collapsed on top of us, forcing us to fight for survival.
Where she gave her life so that I could live.
That nightmare wasn’t the happy ending I thought I’d find in the flames.
Turns out, it wasn’t our ending at all.
It was the beginning of our story.
The one where I fell in love without ever knowing her name…
Or the destruction she would thrust into my path.

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Aug 202021

Forrest for the Trees (Green Valley Heroes #1) by Kilby Blades

Forrest Winters isn’t just a federal fire marshal; he’s a thorn in Ranger Sierra Betts’s side. The way he swings his big axe, fixes her with his chameleon gray eyes, and talks about his jurisdiction has a way of breaking her concentration. He has a way of showing up everywhere he doesn’t belong, including Greenbrier Ranger Station. And he really needs to quit stealing her bacon bites.

When a series of suspicious fires, an underhanded co-worker, and a cagey Parks Police Chief threaten her job and the park itself, Sierra grudgingly agrees to partner with Forrest. Their side investigation may be her best shot at preventing the framing of an innocent man. But can his firefighting expertise and her detective skills lead them to the real arsonist before Forrest breaks her with his charm?

‘Forrest for the Trees’ is a full-length contemporary romance, can be read as a standalone and is book #1 in the Green Valley Heroes series, Green Valley Chronicles, Penny Reid Book Universe.

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Aug 132021

Make You Miss Me by B. Celeste

Stevie Foster thought her happy ever after would come easily after saying “I do” to her high school sweetheart at nineteen.

But twelve years later, she finds herself divorced, settling into a new home, in a new town, with a new job as an elementary teacher trying to pick up the pieces as she goes.

On top of struggling to cope with the future she always wanted versus the one she’s been dealt, she soon realizes that her new neighbor is a strict, stone-faced man she’s all too familiar with.

Lieutenant Colonel Fletcher Miller.

The man once in charge of her ex-husband’s unit.

And as if the reminder across the street of what she lost wasn’t painful enough, she also becomes his young son’s teacher.

A single dad. A divorcee. A second chance at love neither knew they’d get.

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Aug 132021

Broad Daylight (Westbridge #2) by A. M. Wilson & Alex Grayson

USA Today Bestselling Authors A. M. Wilson and Alex Grayson return to Westbridge with the sequel to Pitch Dark. Detective Niko James may have found what he was looking for, but his brother Reece has no idea what’s coming for him.

Lightning never strikes twice in the same place. Or so they say…The small town of Westbridge isn’t so lucky.

When his brother’s best friend went missing eighteen years ago, Reece James swore to himself that the pain of loss would never touch him. Walls of concrete fortified his resolve, and as a grown man, he keeps to himself and works hard to earn an honest living. No wife, no kids, not even a dog to rely on him.

His quiet life is upended when strange things start happening to him. As the events escalate, he can’t continue to blame the neighborhood kids who roam freely at night. Forced to report a break in, he anticipates a swift investigation and the person responsible to be caught.

What he doesn’t expect is the woman he’s loved in secret for twenty years to return to town and lead the investigation.

His attempt to protect Dani as kids was pathetic at best, but when his stalker gets wind of a woman in his life, no matter that she’s merely investigating a case and nothing more, Reece will do anything to keep her out of harm’s way. Including sacrificing himself.

What his captor has in store will rock the very foundation Reece lives upon and will force him to face his past head on for a chance at survival.

Poor Reece has no idea what’s coming for him.

This book contains dark triggers.

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Aug 092021

North (Billionaire Ranch Book 1) by Vanessa Vale

Everyone thinks I’m the disgraced cowboy.
That means my cover’s working. The focus of my FBI investigation?
North Wainright.
One look at her and I’m f$cked.
I want her, and not behind bars.
The closer I get, the more I learn about the woman I’ve decided is mine.
When I find out what happened at Billionaire Ranch, I discover I’m not the only one hiding the truth. North also has secrets and they just might get her killed.
How can I save her when she finds out I’m the biggest lie of all?

Welcome to Billionaire Ranch, USA Today bestseller Vanessa Vale’s new cowboy romance series. Where love points you in the right direction when you least expect it.

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Jul 302021

Hidden Harbor (The Port Mustand Series #1) by Emma Renshaw

Run or die. It was a simple decision.

Reyna had no choice but to escape her life and start somewhere new. A place where she’d finally feel safe. She fled, plunging straight into the depths of the unknown with only a hope she would land safely. She never would have expected to land straight into Everett’s arms.

Fight or flight. It was instinct.

Everett was ordered to flee, but it was his instinct to fight. His DEA team was being hunted and taken out one by one. Now, there were only two left and his boss ordered him to take leave. A few weeks on the beach of his hometown didn’t exactly sound like paradise, especially not with a killer on the loose. He vowed he’d find who was taking out his team, even if it defied orders. He’d fight.

He didn’t find peace on the beach. He found Reyna. A woman on the run. His family took her under their wing, but he wasn’t so quick to trust the woman with a boat-full of secrets. A gorgeous roommate that surprised him at every turn was the last thing he needed.

It was impossible for them to deny the sparks igniting between them. As they get lost in their passion, a killer lurks waiting to strike and take everything away.

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Jul 202021

Undercover Engagement (Private Pleasures Book 5) by Samanthe Beck

Buttoned-down Eden Brixton is less than thrilled when she’s partnered with smooth-talking wild card Marcus Swain in an undercover op. Both their careers hinge on convincing folks in tight-knit Bluelick, KY that he’s the love of her life. She’d sooner tase him than prance around in practically nothing, hanging all over his chiseled body like she can’t get enough.

For Swain, being partnered with the too-gorgeous-for-his-sanity Eden promises to test his well-honed control. She’s smart, she’s skilled, she’s not just by-the-book—she knows the damn book backward and forward. And she hates his guts.

When Eden absolutely nails her role as his sexy fiancée—where the hell did she learn to seduce with a single glance?—Swain is knocked right on his ass. Living with a temptation like Eden makes it hard to remember their chemistry is strictly for show. And when the heat gets too real, doing the undercover op might prove to be their undoing.

Each book in the Private Pleasures series is STANDALONE:
* Private Practice
* Light Her Fire
* Falling for the Enemy
* Wet and Reckless
* Undercover Engagement

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Jul 012021

Riley Thorn and the Corpse in the Closet by Lucy Score

Summer is heating up for reluctant psychic Riley Thorn and her handsome private investigator boyfriend, Nick Santiago. First, her disapproving grandmother arrives determined to make Riley take her powers seriously or face the wrath of “the Guild.” Then there’s the homicide detective who needs her help figuring out who murdered the well-dressed corpse in the walk-in closet.

Nick’s got his own hands full with a tricky missing person case and his parents who want to know why he didn’t tell them about his live-in girlfriend. Then there’s the fact that he’s still the tiniest bit stressed about Riley almost getting murdered earlier that summer. The last thing he wants is her getting involved in another investigation.

Things go from bad to worse when the body count starts stacking up, the meet-the-parents dinner goes horribly wrong, and their elderly roommate is up to no good…dressed like a mime.

To top it off, Riley is forced to return to Channel 50 on official police business to question her spray-tanned news anchor ex-husband and his new weather girl fiancée.

The trouble comes to a head when Riley receives a warning from the killer: Back off or she’s next. Someone has to solve these murders before she becomes the next corpse.

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Jun 302021

Code Name: Disavowed (Jameson Force Security #8) by Sawyer Bennett

Life works in mysterious ways. Jameson Force Security has just received notice of a disavowed CIA agent in need of rescue in Central America. My blood runs cold when I learn that agent is none other than Greer Hathaway—my former fiancée.

Having gone our separate ways more than a decade ago, I still have bitter feelings toward Greer and the demise of our relationship. Those feelings don’t change the fact that I loved her more than anything, so I’m on the next flight out to embark on a rescue mission. Besides, Greer once saved my life, so now it’s time to return the favor and put her firmly in my past.

Face-to-face for the first time since ending our engagement, Greer and I are left with not only anger, unanswered questions and regrets, but also the undeniable chemistry we apparently still have. Will the promise of a new future together be enough, or will the same obstacles tear us apart again?

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Jun 162021

Travis (Pelion Lake #1) by Mia Sheridan

Travis Hale has it all. An important role as the sheriff of the idyllic town of Pelion, Maine. Looks that regularly and consistently make women fall at his feet. Two nephews and a niece he adores, and a family who’s mostly forgiven him after a series of unfortunate decisions years before. Perhaps his past is riddled with regrets and misguided choices, but his future looks bright and limitless.

Until the new guy in town crosses him in a way both shocking and indefensible.

A guy who, as it turns out, has a sister who may be equally as disastrous to Travis’s well-ordered plans, though in an altogether different manner. Not that there’s any real risk of him falling for the smoothie-making, birdseed-eating wild woman. She’s not even his type. A plant lady from California with a head of unruly curls and an equally messy past. More than that, she’s only in town for the summer, busy mooning over perfect-in-every-way Gage Buchanan.

And if Travis knows anything, it’s that he refuses to be second best. Ever again.

Haven Torres’s life fell apart. Or more to the point, it burned to the ground. At the time, it seemed like a solid idea to jump in her car, her brother a mostly-willing co-pilot, and embark on a cross-country adventure.

When they land jobs at an exclusive tennis and golf club in a picturesque lake town in Maine, Haven’s hopeful it might prove a summer to remember. Especially if she can catch the attention of the most eligible bachelor in town and her current crush. Even the kindest, most upstanding, perfect of men aren’t opposed to summer flings, right?

But when she meets the local sheriff—all swagger and arrogance—and learns of her brother’s scandalous misdeed, she knows that Pelion is just another town where their stay is best . . . short-lived. Still, she and Travis strike up an unlikely friendship and Haven sees that the gorgeous lawman isn’t only easy on the eyes, but he has . . . layers. Not that she’s going to peel any of them. He’s only her friend. A friend willing to scratch her back, if she scratches his.

It seems simple enough. She’ll help him make her brother sweat a little. And he’ll help her win over Gage. But before either Travis or Haven knows it, simple turns complicated, friendship gets flipped on its ear, passion faces down perfection, and they both discover that sometimes you have to lose it all to find exactly what you need.

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May 152021

928 Happy Bottom (A Cherry Falls Romance #39) by Barbra Campbell

In all my years in Cherry Falls, how had I never laid eyes on Bayleigh Green?

Her crop tops, cut-offs, and enchanting smile were enough to attract any man’s attention, but I saw something deeper. And, no matter how hard I fought it, I couldn’t shake the belief I would put a ring on her finger.

There were only a few problems:
-her age, which was closer to my grown daughter’s than my own
-her passion, which was clearly children since everything in Bayleigh’s life centered around kids… babysitting, working as a nanny during weekdays, and her job at the mini-golf course
-her future, which should include children of her own, but with only six years left before I retired from the Cherry Falls Police Department, we were at totally different stages of our lives

I’d paid my dues raising my daughter alone, and as amazing as it was to be a father, I was ready to be free from obligations.

I had no right to deny Bayleigh the chance to raise a family of her own, but fate and my heart didn’t seem to understand the roadblocks my brain kept dredging up.

As our lives continued to intertwine, one moment alone, one whispered request from her sweet lips, and one moment of weakness, I learned that some things can’t be controlled.

Would I have to give up everything I’d worked for to give Bayleigh the life she deserved?

Cherry Falls is filled with returning characters and iconic destinations that will begin to feel like family. When you leave the city, and drive into Cherry Falls, it’s like you’ve finally come home.
The cherry on top? Each book delivers a swoon-worthy romance!
So welcome to Cherry Falls, we hope you stay awhile!

This book can be read as a stand-alone, and as always, I guarantee a dirty-sweet romance with no cheating, no cliffhangers, and a Happily Ever After!

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Apr 092021

Ridin’ Solo (Sisters From Hell Book 1) by Marika Ray

A cop with a shady past falls for his boss, the straight-laced captain of his department.

At a measly five foot three, Captain Oakley Waldo seemed just fine riding solo at work and in her personal life. But when I accidentally burst in on her in a, shall we say, compromising position, she’ll have to work double time to keep the tension between us at a low simmer.

My mission as her new partner? To bring out the wild woman I know is there underneath the starched uniform. Only problem is, she seems dead set on discovering the past I vowed to keep hidden away.

With stolen moments of forbidden passion in between arrests, creative uses for those handcuffs, and four meddling sisters who won’t butt out of Oakley’s life, this law enforcement partnership is set to explode!

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Apr 022021

Irished (The Invincibles Book 7) by Heather Slade

He’s an undercover double agent.
She’s his partner’s younger sister.
Together, they’re INVINCIBLE.

Undercover for years, I learned one thing: be careful who you trust. Now, I need to know who’s killing our best operatives. Back on the ranch, I can uncover the secrets, while proving myself to everyone who doubts the truth. But Flynn Wheaton knows more, feels more, than meets the eye. She’s the first truth I’m going to conquer..

Pain hidden by kindness. He’s the perfect mystery, the rugged and inked man with secrets to unfold. He may be my brother’s partner, but I plan to know more, uncover it all. When my life is threatened, there’s only one thing I want to know, Will I finally get IRISHED?

While each book in the Invincibles series is a standalone with its own HEA, they may be more enjoyable read in order.

Excerpt Irished by Heather Slade

Buck led me and the two other people we were traveling with into the ranch’s main house.
“Hello?” he called out.
“Hey, Buck,” I heard a female’s voice answer; she walked up and hugged him.
“Where is everybody?” he asked.
“Out surveying.” The woman turned and looked directly at me. “Who are you?”
“Paxon Warrick,” I said, stepping forward and extending my hand. When she took it, a feeling I couldn’t explain, other than to say I never wanted to let go, washed over me.
“Flynn Wheaton,” she said. Her cheeks flushed and I gripped her hand tighter.
“Great name,” I said.
“Yours too.”
When Buck tapped her on the shoulder, I dropped Flynn’s hand and watched as she met and shook the hands of the other people in the room. More than once I saw her look over her shoulder at me.
I knew from the brief I’d received that Buck only had one sister, which meant Flynn was twenty-one years old. What I’d give to take ten years off my age and be five years older than her rather than fifteen.
When most everyone left other than me, Buck, and one person besides Flynn, she walked back over to me. When she looked into mine with her mesmerizing blue eyes, all thoughts of age faded into irrelevance.
I longed to reach out and run my fingers through her long hair that was light brown with golden highlights. When she turned her head just slightly, I saw shades of red too.
Flynn took a deep breath when I stepped closer. I opened my mouth to speak, but words escaped me. If she and I were alone, I’d tell her how beautiful she was. But we weren’t, as I was immediately reminded when her brother, who’d left momentarily, returned.
“Ready?” he asked.
“I should head out now too, but I’m sure I’ll see you later,” said Flynn, seemingly jarred out of the same trance I was in.
“I’d like that.” I followed her to the front door and watched her walk away, wishing, maybe for the first time ever, that I could leave the wretched hell my life had become, and follow.

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Mar 242021

Rebel Rook (The Everyday Heroes World) by Ren Alexander

Ren Alexander’s Rebel Rook is a provocative, riveting, and poignant
contemporary romance written in K. Bromberg’s Everyday Heroes
Worlds project.

Dylan McGrath, a rookie cop with something to prove and everything to lose.

Dumped. There, I said it. The day after my twenty-first birthday, my girlfriend
of two years ditched me in front of an audience. Drowning my sorrows in a
park, a cop throws me into the back of a cruiser. It’s not my first ride or my
greatest achievement, angering legendary law enforcement swarming my
family tree, but who cares? Smelling fresh blood, self-righteous, law-abiding
family and friends gang up on me, drawing a line in the sand. Doing the
unthinkable yet inevitable, we strike a deal, but not without a fight.

Graduating from the police academy, I clash with field training officers who
hand me off faster than a live grenade. Though my job is to enforce laws, I
love to break the rules and refuse to follow any leader. On the verge of
embarrassing the revered Malones again, I’m reassigned to the Dragon, a
tough sergeant who hates me for existing on her dime.

Vowing to nail training, a gorgeous waitress blows that notion to smithereens.
Distrusting the police, Natalia Welch wants nothing to do with me. Because of
her horrific past, I’m told to steer clear or fail training. But I can’t, and Natalia
and I grow closer until she freaks out about our small age difference. However,
the more she avoids me, the more we crave each other, leading to a passionate
explosion that could end my career or her life.

Excerpt Rebel Rook by Ren Alexander

I’ve been field-training for three months and have nine months to go. But like Taggart said, I might not make it past this week. And now I want to stab people in a place called Joy Springs. This can’t be my damn life.
Following her, I walk, noting stares, smiles, and some frowns as we approach the front door. It’s both a morale boost and a ball-buster with nothing in between most of the time. I’m still getting used to wearing this blue uniform and carrying a gun—it’s who I am now.
But I’m also the same man mourning a breakup a fucking year later, having no other distraction than the rigors of this job I’m learning, albeit rocking the boat. Audrey has texted me twice, and I’ve had to hand my phone to my police officer roommate, Tristan, to delete them and her number. It was harder to do than getting through the academy.
Taggart holds the door open for me until I’m in reaching distance before she lets it close in my face. “Goddamn it,” I mutter as I yank it open and go to stand beside her at the podium.
A gray-haired, pasty hostess smiles at Taggart and then glances at me. “Is this your new apprentice, Lynn?”
She looks up at me and rolls her eyes before turning back to Doris, or so says her name tag. “For now, at least.” Why does she have to criticize me in front of people? Doesn’t that undermine any authority I might have as long as she says I do? Fuck me.
Doris’s eyes suddenly open like she just saw a ghost. “Wait a minute. I heard a new Malone is here. You’re Chief Malone and Lieutenant Malone’s nephew, and Grant, Grayson, and Grady Malone’s cousin, aren’t you?”
“That’s the rumor.”
She bobs her head, her limp gray curls bouncing to a sad tune. “Do you know them?”
Waiting for her to laugh or elaborate on the idiotic question, I narrow my eyes and slowly answer, “Yeah?”
She smiles at Taggart. “They’re so honorable in their vocations.” Her beady eyes assess me as if I’m the garbage family member no one talks about. She then checks out my nameplate. “Dylan? You do know Grady married a Dylan?”
“You don’t say? Not the same, though. Right?” I laugh while Doris and Taggart do not. Fucking shit, I might as well be citing someone for pissing on a wall.
“I would assume not,” she answers with a huff, and I bite my lip to avoid full-on laughing in her face. “Chief Malone is your uncle,” she states like it’s an unknown fact to me, and she’s the one to break the news of this twist. Doris and Taggart both stare at me like I’m supposed to comment. It’s confirmed when Taggart clears her throat, prompting me.
“Yeah. My mother is his younger sister, and Colin Malone was their uncle and my great-uncle.” I again answer slow enough, so Doris won’t misunderstand my fuck you.
“Well, you have enormous shoes to fill, mister,” Doris mutters, shaking her head and clicking her tongue like she caught me with my pants unbuttoned at all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast.
“I’m not here to fill their shoes. No competition there.”
Doris purses her thin lips, and her watery eyes make a loop over me. “You got that right.” What the hell, lady? “Your table is ready. Have a seat.”
Taggart smiles at Doris but turns to me with a glare. Then she leads the way to a corner booth, with her yanking on my leash. She slides into the furthest bench seat, and I reluctantly sit across from her, turning down the radio on my shoulder. I’m not hungry. Doris comes to our table, saying, “I figured the kid might need a menu. Maybe some crayons and a booster seat, too.” She laughs with Taggart, and I grin, taking it in stride since she’s an old woman. Still, I struggle not to pull my fucking gun, if just to jumpstart her decrepit heart.
“Be courteous, officer. They give us a complimentary lunch every day.”
I nod. “That’s nice of them.” I return to my menu, still not hungry.
Taggart says, “Good afternoon, Natalia.”
I continue to study the menu as a voice next to me asks, “Coffee and a Rueben, Lynn?”
“You know me so well.” Taggart loudly clears her throat, and I look up. “Are you going to be rude?”
“Not at the moment,” I reply, aiming to get her to laugh at one joke before training is over, now or later.
Taggart sharply but silently rebukes me as she again glances away. I follow to see a woman with her mahogany hair in a ponytail, holding a notepad. Her skin is deep, luminous copper, but her sparkling brown eyes grab my attention more than anything. However, the warmth in them ices over, and she stiffly asks, “Your order?”
I grin, not only because I’m on the clock, but because she’s hot as hell. “Uh, I don’t know yet.”
Taggart says, “He may need a children’s menu or a few minutes.”
She smiles at Taggart. “Of course. I’ll be back with your coffee.”
I watch her walk away, fascinated by her grace and her perfect ass. Several zings fly through me, a reminder I haven’t had sex or touched a woman in over a non-fucking year, not that I’ve handled more than one. I’ve found zero balance or desire for anyone other than Audrey. Until now.
Again, Taggart clears her throat, and I whip my attention to her. “What is so fascinating, Officer McGrath?”
“N-nothing. Why?”
She taps her index finger onto the table. “Let me tell you something. That young woman right there? Natalia? She’s a big no for you.”
“I don’t know what you’re—”
“You think you’re the first police officer to lust after her?” Her creepy smile returns. “She’s not interested.”
“Uh, okay. Neither am I.” Taggart doesn’t need a status update on the happenings in the crotch of my pants.
Taggart frowns. “Yeah. We’ll see. You might just have to put your hand in the cage and get bitten before you learn that lesson. And I will warn you again…your career hangs on whether or not you successfully complete field training. So, as I have advised my previous recruits, keep your hormones in check. Being a police officer is extremely difficult, and your focus needs to be on learning and becoming a better officer, not finding your next fly-by-night fling. Your storied law enforcement family is counting on you. Understood?” I know what I have to prove and what’s at stake. I can’t fuck this up. She doesn’t need to remind me every five minutes.
Reluctantly, I nod when I’d rather tell her to go to hell. Taggart pulls her phone out of her pocket and says, “I need to make a call. Order your food. I won’t wait around all day for you to eat it.”
Taggart leaves the booth, but I shoot daggers at her skull as I observe our surroundings, always on alert now. A body obscures my vision as a coffee cup lands at our table. “Have you decided?”
Instead of ordering, I ask, “What’s the name of this place? I couldn’t make it out on the sign.”
“Dinah’s Diner. It’s a mouthful. Did they not think that through?”
“She was the cook’s grandmother and the owner. Your sandwich?”
I stall. “Do you know Sergeant Taggart well?”
Natalia’s gorgeous face rumples as if I asked for her bra size. “Since I was born. She eats lunch here every day and sits in my section. So, yes. Do you want to order?”
“Is she always so abrupt?”
“She’s blunt, yes. Do you need more time?”
“She’s my field training officer.”
“Cool,” she says, clearly bored as she taps her pen against the notepad. But inexplicably, I’m determined for a turnaround.
“Natalia? That’s a name I don’t hear often. Do you go by anything else?”
“Natalia. I can come back.”
“No, wait. I’m Dylan McGrath. Do you have a last name, or do you just go by one like Kesha?”
“Why do you need to know my last name, Officer McGrath?”
“Just curious since I’ll see you pretty much every day.”
“And you’ll probably eat the same thing every day, so I’ll get to know your usual, not your name, rank, and serial number.”
“Okay. I gave you my name. My rank is an officer, and I only have a badge number, 22506.”
I grin as she purses her lips and moves her gaze from me as she fidgets with her pen. “I have other tables, so…”
The nearly empty diner’s silence squeals as I look around. “Sure. Okay. I’ll take a club with a sweet tea.”
“Fine.” She offers a quick, courteous smile and takes my menu, leaving without so much as a fuck off.
Taggart returns, compounding the female loathing piling upon me. Taking a chance, I ask, “Natalia said she’s known you since she was a kid?”
Taggart radiates more sourness. “I told you to leave her alone.”
“I am. She offered.” Maybe I interrogated.
“I knew her father.”
“Knew? Oh, well…” I don’t know what to say to that.
“He’s not dead, for crying out loud. Let’s just leave it there.”
“Here you go…Doug, wasn’t it?” Natalia sets down a glass of iced tea in front of me.
“Right. Sorry.” She smiles, but it’s not for my benefit. Regardless, real or not, her smile is the best thing I’ve ever seen, and that’s saying more than I want to admit.
Natalia tucks stray hair behind her ear, and her silver nail polish glitters. “Lynn, your Reuben will be out in a few minutes.”
“Thank you, honey.” Honey? I didn’t know affection was possible from Taggart.
When Talia leaves, her body again draws me in as she walks. Her ass is flawless. My hands could cup her tits completely. Audrey’s tits are small, but I didn’t think much of it until now.
“And that was a time I was an Iron Chef.”
I look at Taggart. “I’m sorry?”
“You’re not listening to a word I said regarding needing to pass your field training. Natalia. You’re drooling.”
I send her an acidic frown of my own. “I’m positive I wasn’t drooling.” Maybe I was. I didn’t realize how much I need to get laid.
“She doesn’t need you to jerk her around.” But hell, she could jerk me.
“I’m not.”
“Lynn, your sandwich.” She sets a plate in front of Taggart and then turns to me. “Please excuse me. What was your name again?”
“Oh, yes. Here’s yours. Enjoy.”
I hear laughing, and I look to see Taggart, entertained. “She does not like you.”
“What did I do? I don’t even know her.”
“I told you to leave her alone.” She shakes her head, and I try to eat but steal glances, watching Natalia bending over tables, her uniform skirt sliding up her leg, and my once-dormant dick has so many thoughts about it.
“Ready? Let’s catch speeders.” Sure. She’ll sit there, judging me while I do all the fucking work.
I mumble, “Can’t wait,” which earns me a glare.
“Thin ice, McGrath.”
I wish I were falling through some.

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Mar 242021

Protect (The Everyday Heroes World) by Jane Blythe

Jane Blythe’s Protect is an emotional, action-packed romantic suspense written in K. Bromberg’s Everyday Heroes Worlds project.

Who killed the serial killer?
All Poppy Deveraux wants to do is bury her parents and get out of the town where she suffered through a horrendous ordeal. Unfortunately that plan is derailed when she finds herself at the centre of a police investigation. The sexy cop working the case makes her want to break her own rule and let things get serious, but as soon as she is allowed she’s leaving town with no plans to return, so what’s the point in falling in love?
Detective Beau Caldwell is attracted to Poppy from the second he lays eyes on her, but she’s involved in his case and it isn’t wise to mix business with pleasure. Doesn’t stop him falling for the beautiful woman he’d like to have a future with, but as soon as she can Poppy is leaving and she’s never coming back. Is it worth risking his heart on the off chance things might work out the way he wants or can he learn to live in the moment and let what happens happen?

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Mar 052021

Here With Me (The Adair Family Series Book 1) by Samantha Young

Settled in the tranquil remoteness of the Scottish Highlands, Ardnoch Estate caters to the rich and famous. It is as unattainable and as mysterious as its owner —ex-Hollywood leading man Lachlan Adair—and it’s poised on the edge of a dark scandal.

After narrowly escaping death, police officer Robyn Penhaligon leaves behind her life in Boston in search of some answers. Starting with Mac Galbraith, the Scottish father who abandoned her to pursue his career in private security. To re-connect with Mac, Robyn will finally meet a man she’s long resented. Lachlan Adair. Hostility instantly brews between Robyn and Lachlan. She thinks the head of the Adair family is high-handed and self-important. And finding closure with Mac is proving more difficult than she ever imagined. Robyn would sooner leave Ardnoch, but when she discovers Mac is embroiled in a threat against the Adairs and the exclusive members of the estate, she finds she’s not yet ready to give up on her father.

Determined to ensure Mac’s safety, Robyn investigates the disturbing crimes at Ardnoch, forcing her and Lachlan to spend time together. Soon it becomes clear a searing attraction exists beneath their animosity, and temptation leads them down a perilous path.
While they discover they are connected by something far more addictive than passion, Lachlan cannot let go of his grip on a painful past: a past that will destroy his future … if the insidious presence of an enemy lurking in the shadows of Ardnoch doesn’t do the job first.
Publication date : May 11, 2021

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Feb 242021

Arrogant Officer (Falling for the Stars #4) by Lauren Runow & Jeannine Colette

It all started when I got an email.

Let me rephrase. A sextortion email from someone claiming they tapped into my computer and recorded me while watching an adult graphic video. If I don’t send them money, they’ll show everyone in my contact list.

As a chemistry teacher at a private school, I panicked. Not only do I love my job, I need it. Desperate and afraid, I run to the police station and ask an officer for help.

A very gorgeous, very arrogant officer, Dax Harder.

Dax is a mixture of a fearless warrior and an undisciplined child. After he proves to me that it’s a spam email and they didn’t actually hack in to my computer, he uses the incident to tease me. I leave the police station in a huff hoping to never see Dax again.

Fate has other ideas.

Everywhere I go, I run into Officer Harder. Our tension turns into more and soon we’re embarking on a fiery and bold romance. The more time I spend with him, I learn there’s a dark past that lingers behind the eyes of the closely guarded cop.

And whatever it is, it’s enough for him to push me away.

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Feb 012021

Courage (Heroes of Big Sky #2) by Kristen Proby

From New York Times Bestselling author Kristen Proby comes an all new novel in her Big Sky series, Courage. This is the first story in the Heroes of Big Sky, all about men in uniform in Cunningham Falls!

Natasha Mills feels like she’s loved firefighter Sam Waters her entire life. Since she first met him during middle school, she’s harbored a secret crush on her best friend’s big brother. It’s just something she lives with every day—too bad he doesn’t notice her. To Sam, Natasha is his little sister’s best friend and that’s it.

Disaster strikes in the middle of the night when Natasha’s house catches fire, and of course it’s Sam who runs to the rescue, showing up with his fire crew and saving her life. Knowing she’s distraught and now homeless, Sam offers his home for her to stay temporarily. It’s the least he can do while she tries to put her life back together again.

The more time he spends with Natasha though, the more Sam realizes just how sweet and sexy she really is. He finds himself slowly but surely falling for her. But soon the time comes for him to let her go—can he somehow convince her to stay?
Publication date : June 22, 2021

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