Dec 172020

Wolf’s Obsession (Mafia Monsters Book 6) by Atlas Rose & Kim Faulks

Chaos ruled my life.
Dark, foul…malevolent.
I thought my battles were over. Thought I was finally part of the pack.

But that Unseelie curse in my chest has other ideas.

She wants the Wolves for herself…and she’ll force me to do the unthinkable.

Betray the Vampires.

Now Crown City’s Immortal Mafia Clans are divided.

Wolves against Vampires.

The Fae trapped in the middle.

And the FBI is hunting all of us down.

But there is a new enemy in the shadows. A darker, more powerful beast who’s out for blood and Phantom faces a predator like he’s never battled before.

There is no more running now, no more pleading.

No more deals to be done. There is nothing but standing up to be counted…and fight like never before.

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Dec 162020

Wolf’s Hunger (Mafia Monsters Book 5) by Atlas Rose & Kim Faulks

Crown City is divided.
Mortals on one side of the river and the beasts on the other.
Only I’m a woman caught in the middle, and now I’m forced to choose a side. Return to the FBI who’s hunting us, or run with the Wolves?

Phantom, Church, Vitold and Arran.

They’re hiding for a crime they didn’t commit, bullet-riddled and bleeding they’re considered weak now and their territory fair game.

But there’s nothing weak about Phantom.

Or our pack.

As other Wolves start circling, looking for a way to take what’s ours a new darkness emerges. One that has hunted me before.

And as Phantom’s past rises we are forced to confront a beast so powerful it could destroy us all. Only I won’t let it.

I will fight. I will hunt. I will love.

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Dec 142020

Wolf’s Bite (Mafia Monsters Book 4) by Atlas Rose & Kim Faulks

“Don’t come any closer,” I warned, my FBI badge useless in the face of this fanged monster. “I’ll scratch and bite.”

“You’ll crawl and beg too.” Phantom promised as he strode closer, a glint of desire danced in his eyes. “And that Special Agent…will only be the start of it.”

The Costello’s were mine.
Mine to corner. Mine to hunt. Mine to bring to their knees.
I’ve hunted Ruth for years now. Sat outside her house. Tracked every shady deal she’d ever done. She’s my ticket to her family, and the entire cesspool they play in. The Costello’s are lower than low…they are liars…they are mobsters.

They are Mafia.

This is more than a case for me. This was personal. The last bullet in my father’s ruined policing career. He’s a drunk now and alone…and I’m his only visitor—pathetic huh?

Only a war erupted. A war which I’m now part of…a war between the beasts that roam west of my city and the powerful Immortals they answer to.

I replayed that night in slow motion. Fangs. Blood…and Phantom. The Alpha of the Wolves. The one I saved from a rogue Vampire.

And the one who saved me.

I carry his bite mark on my shoulder…and the memory of his pack.

He might think he has a handle on me…

He might think this is more than what it was…

He’s about to find out how wrong he is.

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Dec 132020

Vampire’s Promise (Mafia Monsters Book 3) by Atlas Rose & Kim Faulks

He captured my hand and kissed my palm. “If anything happens to me they’ll take care of you.”

Tears shimmered in my eyes, like a damn burst inside me.

A car crash finally igniting.

He was the flames.

They were all the flames. Burning inside me like a damn inferno.

He stretched my arm over my head. I lifted the other in instinct, feeling his fingers grip my wrist. I’d never been so turned on…so agonizingly desperate for a man to consume me.

“You are ours.” He warned. “Say it…say who you belong to.”

“You.” My heart blazed as I whispered. “I belong to all of you.”

They promised to keep me alive.

They promised to keep me safe.

But what happens when death is payment for a debt I never knew?

Death or an eternity in servitude?

The Costello’s are steeped in betrayal.

Lies and corruption taint my family’s bloodline, owing debts to monsters more dangerous than the Vampires I love.

Now the Inner Circle has come to collect.

Only I won’t go easy. To protect those I love I’ll fight for them a thousand times over…if need be I’ll die as well.

In a dark alley I face down my corrupt past. I have one small chance to keep us alive. As my thoughts turn to those I love; Elithen, Hurrow, Justice, Rule and my savage Unseelie bodyguard, Russell, I pray we make it…hearts and lives intact.

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Dec 112020

Vampire’s Sin (Mafia Monsters Book 2) by Atlas Rose & Kim Faulks

I was their payment on a debt…and they were my salvation.
My Vampires dragged me from the river and brought me back to life, and In turn I saved the one man who gave his life for me…my bodyguard.

Only to save him will be to turn him into the monster he despises.

With Unseelie Fae blood in his veins Russell locks himself away until danger comes for me once more.

I vowed revenge on those who tried to destroy us.

I’ll make them pay with five merciless Immortals at my side.

Because to them, I’m not a possession…to them I am forever.

I’m starting to think they’re my forever too…

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Dec 092020

Vampire’s Kiss (Mafia Monsters Book 1) by Atlas Rose

He captured my wrist, smooth black leather against my skin. The kiss was hungry, and urgent. His hard chest pressed me against the bricks and before I knew it, my hand was rising to meet the wall.

He had me. Gloved hand pinning my wrists above me. His finger at my temple.

And his lips taking…taking…taking.

The Hidden, we call them. Four Vampires who run this city west of the river.
And my family runs the east.
They’re immortal beasts…more dangerous than my family, the Costello’s.

Only my dying dad has left behind a fuck load of trouble. One of them, a deal with these fanged beasts…a deal that’s now gone south.

Threats on my windshield, and a dead rat impaled on my door makes me confront these monsters.

Elithien, the leader of the Vampire Clan wants to tell me the truth.

Only it’s a truth I don’t want to believe.

But somehow I always return to them.

These Vampires invade my mind…and leave me craving their touch.

Hurrow, Justice and Rule are possessive, and jealous and every bit the bloodthirsty hunters I knew them to be.

I will fight the lies they tell me. I will hold on to the last traces of my sanity.

I won’t become a monster like them…not even for love.

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