Sep 082021

Cold Hearted Bastard (Underworld Kings) by Jenika Snow

Coming soon from USA Today bestselling author Jenika Snow is a brand new full-length gritty mafia romance that blurs the lines between right and wrong… and love and hate.
He didn’t have a heart… but he wanted hers.

All I knew about life was anger and violence. Pain and suffering. Kill or be killed.

I was a “fixer” for the Ruin—a syndicate for the Bratva, Cosa Nostra, Cartel, and any other organized crime faction that dealt in the darker, crueler aspects of humanity.

I was a free agent who was called upon to do things weaker men didn’t have the stomach for.

And when you surround yourself with death for long enough, soon, you didn’t remember what it felt like to be alive.

And then I saw her. She was a fragile little thing who tried to be strong. But I could tell she’d seen too much horror in the world, too much of the ugly within people. I should have stayed away. I’d only bring her farther down into the darkness.

But for the first time in my life, I felt a stirring in my chest, this protectiveness and possessiveness toward another living person. And it was painful. It made me feel alive.

Lina tried to hide how broken she was, but I was an old friend of being ruined. She held secrets I’d find out. Because for the first time in my miserable life, I wanted something for myself. I felt something more than apathy and indifference.

I wanted to possess the innocence she clung to. I wanted to break it open and consume it for myself.

I could look into her too trusting blue eyes and knew I’d maim for her. I’d kill for her. And that became our truth when her past finally came back for her, when my present tried to destroy her.

They thought they could take the one thing—the only thing—I’d ever wanted for myself. They were wrong.

When I looked at her, I felt some of the monster that made me who I was retreat back to my black soul. He’d never leave… but he’d share the space.

For her.

A complete standalone novel in the Underworld Kings series.

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Aug 202021

Ember (The Dragao Book 1) by Jenika Snow

This was the only home I’d ever known, the only one humans had.

Alev was a world of heat, inhospitable terrain, dangerous lands, and the fearsome Dragao… dragon-shifting males.

I’d never seen one in person. Until now.

And he said I was his fated female and born to be his and his alone.

Azar was monstrous in size, had horns that curled back from his temples, claws tipping his massive hands, and sharp fangs that he said he’d use to give me his mating mark.

And apparently I was the only female to wake his inner beast.

Azar may treat me as if I was his greatest treasure, but he also refused to let me go. He kept me in his mountain cavern, giving me gentle touches and pleasures I didn’t even pretend to hate.

Fear should have been the only thing I felt when I looked at him, but when he stared at me as if I would give him the world—and heirs—it was hard not to fall for my big dragon-shifting mate.

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Aug 132021

Matched to the Mafia (Seeking Curves) by Jenika Snow

I wasn’t a good man. Not by society standards, and certainly not by the bare minimum. When people heard my name—Enzo Santini—it wrought fear and respect.

I did horrible, violent things, all in the name of power, all because I was the Capo of the Los Angeles Italian crime syndicate known as The Family.

The mafia.

But because of my status, the next step for me should’ve been to get a wife and produce heirs. It’s what the men in my world did to secure even more power, to be stronger. But I’d never had the need to do what was expected of me. And listening to others had never been who or what I was. It was one of the reasons I was as powerful as I was.

But the first time I saw Bianca Alfonso, the gorgeous and curvy secretary for Seeking Curves—the matchmaking company The Family had a business hand in—I knew one thing for certain.

She’d be mine.

I’d never wanted anyone or anything as much as I did Bianca. And if I were a man who experienced fear, my bone-deep need to claim her would have scared the hell out of me.

Bianca didn’t know it yet, but I’d make her mine, and not just for one night.

Because I wanted her as my wife and the mother of my children.

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Jul 202021

The Alpha (The Lycans, 4) by Jenika Snow

I’d never felt like I was missing anything in my life, not until my only friend left to start a journey to find out her own history. It had been clear in the ugliest way that I relied on her company too much over the years.

I needed to make my own path, create my own story.

But then one video call changed my entire life, and I was thrown into a new world where creatures that had only ever been in fiction and movies were now very much real.

And one of them was coming after me.

A werewolf—Lycan—from myth and lore.

He said I was his. He said he was coming for me.

So there was only one thing for me to do. Run.

Cian said he wouldn’t stop until he found me, until he put his mark on my neck. He said he’d go to the ends of the world to make me his mate in all ways.

He’d have one hell of a chase on his hands, because I wasn’t going to make this easy on him.

That was my plan until everything changed–and someone else was hunting us.

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Jul 142021

Own Her (The Warriors of Hades #3) by Jenika Snow

Mekenna’s life started off on the wrong foot as soon as she was born.

As the daughter of a servant, her path was already carved out. And because she was only half human, she was looked down upon due to her bi-species genetics.

But Mekenna kept her strength, not letting the awful hand she was dealt control or shape who she was.

Vicktor, Savastian, and Fillip were brothers from the planet of Hades, and known as fierce male alien warriors. Their species was known for their brutal and violent nature. They fought to survive, victorious in all they challenged.

And now it was time for them to find a female to share not only their life with, but also their bed.

The first time they saw Mekenna, they knew instantly she was the one.

They’d move heaven and hell to claim her. They’d level anything and anyone who thought to hurt her. And they’d make her see that no matter what, she’d be the most important thing in their world.

They just had to convince her of that.

*If you’re looking for straight-up sci-fi sm*t, where one woman gets to keep 3 sexy alpha aliens all to herself, look no further! *

READER NOTE: This story was previously published under the same title in February 2015. It has since been recovered, reedited, and minor plot points tweaked throughout. If you read this book before, nothing significant has changed.

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Jul 082021

Mate Her (The Warriors of Hades #2) by Jenika Snow

Minka was a human, a dying species that was both weaker and more vulnerable than any other being in the galaxy. Because of this, humans were hunted down and taken to the intergalactic auctions to be sold.

Brawn, Thorque, and Lukin were warrior brothers from the planet Hades. Because their need for finding a female and procreating with her had come upon them, they were in search of one to share.

But when they were forced to land on a planet infested with dangerous beasts, the last thing they thought they’d find was their human mate.

When demon-looking warriors rescued Minka from certain death, she knew there would be a price to pay. She just didn’t know that price was to mate all three of them, or to be the mother of their alien babies.

*If you’re looking for straight-up sci-fi sm*t, where one human woman gets to keep 3 sexy alpha aliens all to herself, look no further! *

READER NOTE: This story was previously published under the same title in 2014. It has since been recovered, reedited, and minor plot points tweaked throughout. If you read this book before, nothing significant has changed.

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Jun 262021

Claim Her (The Warriors of Hades #1) by Jenika Snow

Rylan, Zarek, and Soran came from a planet of fire and stone.

One known as hell itself.

They were powerful warriors, feared by all in their galaxy, and born and trained to be killers.

But the time had come for them to settle down. To take a mate. Grow a family.

Share a woman between the three of them.

With no females on their planet, they must purchase one at the intergalactic auction—not something they were proud of, but necessary, nonetheless.

And once they had her, they’d be bound forever, dedicated only to her, and would protect her with their lives.

Tessa was a human—an almost extinct race.

After she was captured by slave traders, she was thrust upon an open market. A savage and barbaric auction.

And when she was purchased it wasn’t by just one buyer… but three.

She certainly isn’t on Earth anymore, not when she’s now claimed by three giants with fire-colored skin, eyes as black as the galaxy surrounding her, and massive onyx-tipped wings.

Can Tessa accept her fate and the fact that the three alien males are intent on not only making her theirs… but ensuring she gets pregnant with their babies?

*If you’re looking for straight-up sci-fi sm*t, where one human woman gets to keep 3 sexy alpha aliens all to herself, look no further! *

READER NOTE: This story was previously published as Breed Her in 2014. It has since been recovered and titled, reedited, and minor plot points tweaked throughout. If you read this book before, nothing significant has changed.

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May 072021

The Hunger (The Lycans, 3) by Jenika Snow

I had no family, no friends. I was utterly alone and always had been. And once I aged out of the system that raised me, I decided to find out exactly who I was.

Where did I come from? Who were my parents? What made me… me?

It became the fire in my veins.

My journey led me to Scotland, the Highlands, and for the first time in my life, I had this feeling of… belonging.

What should have been a simple hike through the Scottish countryside led me to things far more mysterious than trying to find out who I was.

There were other things—creatures—lurking in this world, ones who were stronger, fiercer. Ones who were not human.

Everything I’d ever known seemed like a fable now. And what was once a fable was now true.

It was one of those otherworldly creatures who stalked me—chased me. I knew I couldn’t outrun him. I couldn’t escape.

He was bigger than any man I’d ever seen, stronger than anyone should be. His growls were feral, his fangs animalistic, and when he watched me, it was with glowing eyes.

I found myself at his mercy, chained to a bed and alone with this man who wasn’t really a man at all. I asked him why I was there, why he took me, held me against my will.

And all he said was… I was his mate.

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Apr 152021

Knocked Up: A Secret Baby Romance Collection

What happens when you’re left with more than just the memories of an incredible night together?

Settle in and get your fill of sixteen NEW secret baby stories where hidden secrets are revealed and couples that were once separated are reunited. Each story guarantees cuteness, sexiness, lots of love, and of course a HEA.

This collection includes stories from USA Today bestselling authors Nicole Blanchard, Kaylee Ryan, Jenika Snow, Marley Valentine, and K Webster. Nikki Ash, Lacey Black, Jacob Chance, Kelsey Clayton, J.D. Hollyfield, Rebecca Jenshak, CoraLee June, Heidi McLaughlin, Lauren Runow, Micalea Smeltzer, and Misty Walker.

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Apr 102021

His Everything (Not Just Friends Book 2) by Jenika Snow

Ace Renaldo and Lauren Dunn have known each other since high school, and she’s loved him for longer than she’d ever admit. But the darkness that Ace has in his life has changed the boy she once knew.

He’s harder, damaged. Scarred. And she doesn’t know if any amount of love could penetrate the thick wall he’s built around himself and his heart.

To block the pain in his life, Ace fought. He needed the violence as an outlet for the agony he harbored inside.

Before Lauren had come into his world, Ace knew all too well what being alone felt like. She became everything to him, a light in his darkness. But he feared he’s far too scarred to ever be what she deserved.

But she’s everything to him, his entire world, and he wanted to be a good man for her, to love her in the way he always wanted to.

But will giving in to their mutual feelings ruin their lifelong friendship?

Reader note: This was previously published as His Greatest Pain. Although it has been re-edited and parts of the plot tweaked, the story itself is the same. There may be material that is sensitive to some readers. This is not a safe read.

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Apr 032021

The Best Mistake (Not Just Friends Book 1) by Jenika Snow

One drunken night, Shoshanna Clarke let her inhibitions go and said yes to Toby Mason.

But it wasn’t just one night of fun because sleeping with the town bad boy ended up completely changing her life.

Everything changed for Toby after the night he shared with Shoshanna. He knew he’d never want anyone else, but fear of scaring her away with his need to keep her close left Toby not saying anything.

She’s a good girl, and he’d been known for being the bad boy. But before Toby could tell Shoshanna he wanted her for more than that one encounter, he was forced to leave town due to a family emergency.

Finding out she was pregnant after a one-night-stand wasn’t ideal, especially not when the father left town and she had no way of contacting him. It wasn’t until Toby’s return that she had to finally face her new reality and tell him everything.

But was Toby ready to be a father? Was he ready to start a family with her? Or was their one night all he wanted?

Reader note: This was previously published as Her Best Mistake. It’s been recovered and re-edited, but the story itself is the same. It may have material sensitive to some readers. This is not a safe read.

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Mar 082021

And Then There Was Us (And Then There Was, 2) by Jenika Snow

–Official blurb coming soon–

I was never supposed to sleep with my boss.

And when I all but sneaked out of his bed while he still slept, doing the Walk of Shame, I worried that things could never work between us no matter how much I wanted him.

But Bishop said–vowed–he’d never let me go, that I was meant to be his… that it was meant to be us.

Excerpt And Then There Was Us by Jenika Snow

God, she was absolutely gorgeous. The most beautiful woman I’d ever seen. When I first locked eyes on her as I’d come out of the office, I literally lost my footing, unable to move—hell, unable to fucking breathe.
Breathtaking. Yeah… that’s what she was.
I found myself lifting a hand and rubbing the center of my chest. I knew I should have said something, but I was literally tongue-tied by how stunning she was.
Her hair was thick and curly, and so dark it reminded me ofonyx. Her eyes were big, soulful, and a rich brown that reminded me of mahogany. Her dark skin was smooth, flawless, and her lips were pouty and red, drawing my eyes to them over and over again. I thought back to her body when I’d first seen her standing there. Despite the jacket and slacks she wore, I could tell she was curvy, feminine in all the ways that turned me on.
No, nothing and no one has ever made me feel like this.
“Well,” she said, and I blinked, bringing myself back to the present. “I love this bar and the atmosphere. It’s eclectic and unique, and my father loves all things jazz—as do I—so I thought this would be a perfect fit.”
“No,” I said, and she stopped, her eyes going wide. “Korrie, tell me why you want to work here.”
It took her a moment, but I saw that she knew I wanted the truth. I’d never asked an interviewee this, because it wasn’t my fucking business, but there was no denying there was something special about this woman, and a part of me grew curious to know all the things, all her secrets.
Finally, she exhaled and glanced down at her lap, her thick curls falling over her shoulder. My fingers itched to touch her, to smooth my thumb under her chin and bring her head up so I could look into her warm mahogany eyes once more.
“My father is sick, and I need this job to pay his medical and prescription bills.” She looked up at me, and I leaned back, not expecting that to come from her. “And this is the only place that called me back for an interview.” She shrugged and glanced back down at her lap. I could see she twisted her hands together nervously.
“Look at me,” I said gently, coaxing. She lifted her head,and I smiled. “Thank you for being honest. You can’t know how nice it is to hear the truth.” I watched her shoulders relax, and she gave me a tentative smile in return.
“I wasn’t lying about loving this place though. All of that was the truth.” She licked her lips, and I was riveted to the sight.
I got hard.
My heart raced.
My palms started to sweat.
Nothing mattered but her. This tunnel vision settled in, and I embraced it.
“So when can you start?” I gave her a grin when I saw the surprise on her face.
“Just like that?”
I looked down at the application she’d dropped off just a few days ago, one of the waitresses having taken it. Hell, if I had taken the application from Korrie myself, I would’ve hired her right on the spot simply from the connection I felt with her alone.
And the truth was, I still would have hired her even if she hadn’t told me about needing this job, because she had to help her dad out. I wanted her close. It was this strange, sudden, but very strong sensation in me. It was as if this feeling I had toward Korrie was ingrained in my very DNA.
Not having her work for me—not keeping her close—seemed like the worst possible idea I could’ve ever come up with.

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Feb 202021

302 Forbidden Ave. (A Cherry Falls Romance) by Jenika Snow

*A complete stand-alone romance in the Cherry Falls series*

Amelia Richardson was innocent, maybe even forbidden to me.

She was a good girl, played piano for the church. Pure. That’s what she was.

Cherry Falls was an idealistic community, a place you could have a family, have the dream and settle down. Picturesque was a word used most frequently to describe my town, and it’s why I decided to stay here, to keep calling this my home.

As a firefighter, I prided myself on taking care of the community and keeping control.

But Amelia had that control leaving me completely.

Despite working as a team to keep Cherry Falls safe, I’d always seen myself as a one-man show, not needing anyone or anything to be happy, even if I felt pressure from my family to settle down and have kids.

I never saw that in the cards for me… not until I’d first seen Amelia.

She cracked the world around me, opened my heart, and showed me there was far more in this life, more than I’d ever thought possible.

It started out as a friendship. It’ll end with her being mine.

I just needed to show her what I could offer, how I saw a future with her… for us.

Forbidden or not, Amelia would be mine.

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Feb 022021

You Are Mine (The Lycans #2) by Jenika Snow


I’d lost my mind, was more animal than man. More crazed than sane.

And all because I hadn’t found my mate, that one female born to be mine and mine alone.

As an over four-hundred-year-old Lycan, a supernatural being who was able to shift from human to my inner wolf, my kind was known as fearsome beasts with unimaginable power. All feared us, and rightfully so.

I had given up hope of ever finding my mate and because of that had let my inner beast reign supreme, control me. I was far more rabid than anything else.

But then it happened. I saw her, my halfling mate. Part Lycan. Part vampire. She was perfect and made just for me.

I craved her like no other, and I’d have her as mine no matter what.

For there was nothing more dangerous than a male of the Otherworld finding his mate and keeping her close.

But she had protectors, brothers and a father who saw me for the beast I was, and were ready to go to war with me… to keep her from me.

I’d been waiting my entire life for her, and they’d soon realize I’d level anything and anyone who thought to stand in the way of claiming my prize, no matter the consequences or repercussions.

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Jan 232021

Big Bad Wolf (The Lycans #1) by Jenika Snow


It was spur of the moment, maybe reckless, definitely a shock to everyone I knew when I decided to take a trip across the ocean to a foreign country and stay for an undetermined amount of time.

Renting out a cottage in a tiny European village whose residents barely spoke English was the perfect escape from overbearing parents, fake friends, and a future that seemed bleak. And helping out an elderly woman with her shopping to earn some extra cash seemed easy enough.

Mindless, hour-long walks through the thick woods that surrounded said village also sounded ideal. No Internet. No television. And just the bare basics to get me by.

Perfection. Stress-free. Exactly what I needed.

Or maybe I was wrong about it all.

I felt someone or something watching me from the darkened, dangerous woods.

I felt someone—something—stalking me. I didn’t know what or who it was, but I knew with certainty it wasn’t human… and that it wanted me.


I wasn’t human, not completely.

A Lycan—a centuries-old wolf-like creature that was feared by all, stronger than anything on the planet, and who was only ever after one thing.

My mate.

For over three hundred years, I had one purpose in life. Find her, the one female born to be mine. My female who’d cause the Linking Instinct—that supernatural connection that told me she was mine and I hers—to finally take root and make me whole.

And for hundreds of years, I’d been alone, saving myself for my mate, never stopping the search.

Until I scented her, saw her, finally felt my heart beat and the blood rush through my veins with hope and anticipation.


She didn’t see me, but she sensed me. And she ran. She couldn’t possibly know how much the chase turned me on.

I didn’t know how I’d make her understand I could never let her go, that nothing and no one would stop me from making her mine.

Because once a Lycan found his mate… nothing in this world, nothing supernatural or human, could keep him from her.

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Jan 212021

Tattooed Sweetheart (Sweetheart, Colorado) by Jenika Snow

*Special 0.99 pre-order price. Will increase to $2.99 after release.*

I’d always been a loner, the label of “bad boy” always following me around because I was tattooed and pierced—although, it wasn’t like anyone ever saw my piercing.

People saw me as some kind of delinquent, when I was anything but, and they were too afraid or wary to try to get to know me.

And as the years went on, I accepted that was my reality… until I had enough.

So, with nothing else to lose, no family or friends, I decided to make a change. I packed up, moved to the Colorado mountain town of Sweetheart, and started my own business as a tattoo artist. Seemed like the perfect distraction, the ideal way to reinvent myself.

And it was working out for the last three years. I’d been content with what I had and never wanted more than that. That was until I saw her, and I realized exactly what I’d been missing in my life.

Because she wasn’t in it.

Flora Harrison, owner of the brand-new coffee shop that opened up right across from my tattoo parlor, was everything I didn’t know I needed in my life.

And I couldn’t stop from inserting myself into hers until there was no doubt that I was meant to be there. That she was meant to be mine.

If nothing else, I was persistent, and no one and nothing would dissuade me from claiming the woman of my dreams. Not even her.

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Dec 302020

And Then There Was Her (And Then There Was, 1) by Jenika Snow

My job had taken me into the city. I’d taken myself into a bar afterward.

I’d only gone there for a drink, but then I saw her, sitting on that stage, singing her heart out, her words sad and sorrowful, her voice beautiful and calling to me.

I wanted to know more about her right then and there. And after that night, after I took her back to my hotel, after we’d both been lost in pleasure, she left, no goodbye, not last name or phone number given to me so I could find her again.

Now, three months later, after trying to figure out where she was, searching the city, all but being a stalker, I was still nowhere close to finding out who Adele was. But that would change, because I was headed back to the city for work. My plan was simple.

Scour the city, go to every bar… find her, because leaving without making her mine was not an option.

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Dec 112020

Enemies with Benefits (A Real Man, 27) by Jenika Snow

All stories in the Real Man series can be read as complete standalone titles-

It was hate at first sight. That’s what I told myself anyway, because wanting Malachi, who was my brother’s best friend, probably wasn’t the smartest move.

He got under my skin in the worst kind of way… and I was pretty sure he got off on it.

I could have ignored my desire, an arousal that was at war with my annoyance with Mal, but then we found each other alone at my parents’ house and everything changed.

He taunted, teased… pushed me to the point I couldn’t stop myself from acting out, letting my arousal take control.

I started showing Mal exactly how much I wanted him, even if it was the worst idea of my life.

Or maybe it wasn’t.

What I didn’t anticipate was him giving me a night I’d never forget, a night that would shake all other experiences in my life. It was after that when I realized I didn’t hate Malachi. I was hopelessly, madly, and irrevocably in love with him.

Sleeping with the enemy never felt so good

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Dec 052020

Perfect by Jenika Snow

Nothing had ever been set in stone… except Rory’s relationship with Lena. She was it for him. If he was the darkness, she was the stars that lit him up.

They’d shared all their firsts together, but even the certainty of forever came with its own obstacles.

When Rory is forced to leave Lena for a job opportunity, one that can help secure their future, they fear the distance could press between them. Their relationship was stronger than steel, but even distance had its way of inserting it into someone’s life.

And then a surprise pregnancy changes the course of everything, and their love and loyalty are tested to the limits.

With the future so unsure, pressures mounting, and responsibility rising, the two have to navigate these new, uncharted waters together, of let it tear them apart.

Reader note: This story was previously published as “Just Give In.” It has since been retitled, recovered, and reedited. Brand new content has been included, and there have been minor tweaks throughout the entire book. Although this is the same romance as before, there have been some significant plot changes. Subject matter may be sensitive to some readers.

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Nov 262020

His Big Package (Mistletoe Montana, 4) by Jenika Snow
–Pre-order for only $0.99! Price increases to $2.99 after release–


I’d felt arousal for the first time in my life when I spotted him across the room.

Logan Marsh was a big, burly man, towering over everyone and everything, his size almost inhuman, his masculinity having me keenly aware I was very much female.

And he watched me… God, he watched me like there was nothing else in the world that fascinated him but me.

We’d been thrown together for the holidays, him playing Santa and me Mrs. Claus. It was a professional relationship that turned out to be anything but. And my inexperience should have had me frightened by the way he looked at me… like he imagined me naked and spread eagle just for him.

But instead of running, which would have been the smart move, I found myself wanting all of it. With him.


The world tilted under my feet the moment I saw her. This tiny little thing who was half my size but called out to every protective, possessive instinct in my body.
She was the woman I’d been waiting for, and there was no deviating from my path to claim her.

Blythe was so very female to everything in me that was male, and I wanted to memorize every inch of her body with my hands, lips, and tongue.

Whatever primal need rode me, it did it hard and without apology. I’d probably frighten Blythe with my need for her, but better she found out now what kind of man I was when it concerned something I wanted.

And I’d never wanted anything as much as her.

**A complete standalone story in the Mistletoe, Montana series!**

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