Jul 152021

Brazen by Jaci Burton

A country girl embarks on a brazen pursuit of love in this bold romance from New York Times bestselling author Jaci Burton.

Ranch owner Jolene Mcmasters has always worked hard–and played hard. She’s used to going after what she wants until she gets it. And what she wants is ranch foreman Walker Morgan. The only problem is Walker can’t afford to lose his job by getting too familiar with his boss. And getting intimate with Jolene is the last thing on his mind–or maybe it’s all that’s been on his mind lately, which could be a career ender for him.

But Jolene wears Walker down and soon the two of them are having hot interludes on the ranch and are together all the time–but only in private. Jolene wants more–she wants Walker to be by her side in all ways. But Walker holds a secret that could end his relationship with Jolene for good. Can Jolene trust in her love for Walker, or will this secret break her heart?

Excerpt Brazen by Jaci Burton – read Chapter 1 here.

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Jul 152021

Branded by Jaci Burton

Love is in the air in this sizzling romance from New York Times bestselling author Jaci Burton.

Brea McMasters has always been shy around men, living out her fantasies in all her favorite books. But sexy horse wrangler Gage Reilly is making her want to turn all those fantasies into reality. With a little help and encouragement from her two sisters, Brea finally gains enough confidence to go for it with the sexy cowboy, and Gage is more than happy to teach her all there is to know about pleasure.

Now they’re both spending steamy nights together under clear moonlit skies. But can Brea and Gage find the courage to commit, once intimacy turns to love?

Branded by Jaci Burtonread Chapter 1 here.

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Jul 152021

Bound by Jaci Burton

Love is bound to be a wild ride in this sexy romance from New York Times bestselling author Jaci Burton.

Valerie and her two sisters are reunited at their family’s Oklahoma ranch for the first time in two years. When Valerie left for the big city to become a doctor years ago, she kissed her foreman husband goodbye–along with the best sex she’d ever had. Now, seeing him brings back sizzling memories. As Valerie gets back in touch with her ranching roots, she starts to question why she left the ranch in the first place, and struggles to resist the walking temptation that is her ex-husband. As the citizens of her hometown beg her to become the town doctor, Valerie must choose between big-city life and country life—and the man she left behind.

Excerpt Bound by Jaci Burton – read Chapter 1 here.

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Jul 152021

Dashing Mr. Snow by Jaci Burton

Christmas isn’t Claire Asher’s favorite season. But she endures it for her teenage daughter. When Sullivan Snow moves in next door with his teen daughter, all holiday breaks loose. Suddenly there are twinkling lights and blow up decorations littering the yard, and when the two girls become friends, all kinds of nauseating jolly ensues thanks to her annoying but oh-so-good-looking new neighbor. It isn’t long before Sullivan is dragging her along tree shopping, gift buying, and making her feel things she hasn’t felt in a very long time.

Sullivan doesn’t get why anyone wouldn’t love Christmas. Claire is as grumpy as a Grinch, but also smart and beautiful and funny. He intends to show her what the season is all about—with some holiday spirit, warm nights in front of the fire, a lot of steamy cuddling, and the magic of falling in love.

Excerpt Dashing Mr. Snow by Jaci Burton – read Chapter 1 here.

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Feb 192021

The Engagement Arrangement (A Boots And Bouquets Novel Book 2) by Jaci Burton

What do you do when you catch feelings for your fake fiancé? From New York Times bestselling author Jaci Burton comes an accidentally-in-love romance sure to warm your heart.

Brenna Bellini will never get married again. She plans to live out her days as a happy, successful, single woman. When she’s chosen to be a bridesmaid in her friend’s wedding at the Bellini family vineyard, she’s thrilled. That is, until she realizes who else is in the wedding party. Brenna’s going to have to spend four days in the company of not only her ex-husband, but also her high school nemesis. She just knows the fact that she’s single and alone is going to be rubbed in her face all weekend long. Well, not if Brenna can help it. She’s going to find herself a fake fiancé.

Finn Nolan is thrilled to be offered the job. He’s had it bad for Brenna ever since he came over from Ireland to live at the vineyard. After falling for Brenna from afar for years, this Irish cowboy is determined to show the woman of his dreams that he is her Mr. Right.

So what does a confirmed never-getting-married-again woman do when the man of her dreams unexpectedly lands right in front of her? Because for the first time, she might not be able to walk away. This time it might be forever.

Excerpt The Engagement Arrangement by Jaci Burton … read it here, on the author’s website.

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Apr 252020

Wanton (Wild, Wicked and Wanton #3) by Jaci Burton

Love is wanton and unexpected in this sexy romance from New York Times bestselling author Jaci Burton.

Abby, Blair, and Callie are inseparable best friends who delight in sharing their wildest secrets and dares. But their latest bet is the boldest one of all: Each must sleep with whomever the other two have chosen for her. And come back with every juicy detail… Wanton tells Callie’s story.

Callie is the sensible one, but beneath it all she’s a true romantic with the broken heart to prove it. But long-dormant fantasies may just become reality when a new man enters her life, and everything about him is irresistible.

To read Abby and Blair’s stories check out the novellas Wild and Wicked.

This novella previously appeared in the anthology Wild, Wicked and Wanton.

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Apr 242020

Wicked (Wild, Wicked and Wanton #2) by Jaci Burton

Love is a little wicked and a lot of fun in this sexy romance from New York Times bestselling author Jaci Burton.

Abby, Blair, and Callie are inseparable best friends who delight in sharing their wildest secrets and dares. But their latest bet is the boldest one of all: Each must sleep with whomever the other two have chosen for her. And come back with every juicy detail… Wicked tells Blair’s story.

Blair is the town heartbreaker. Afraid to commit, she’s broken off three engagements. Yet there’s one man she never had the courage to bed—the one who knows her better than anyone. But now, to meet Abby and Callie’s challenge, she’ll have to open up her heart and risk losing the only man she’s ever loved.

To read Abby and Callie’s stories check out the novellas Wild and Wanton.

This novella previously appeared in the anthology Wild, Wicked and Wanton.

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Apr 232020

Wild (Wild, Wicked and Wanton #1) by Jaci Burton

Love runs wild in this fun, sexy romance from New York Times bestselling author Jaci Burton.

Abby, Blair, and Callie are inseparable best friends who delight in sharing their wildest secrets and dares. But their latest bet is the boldest one of all: Each must sleep with whomever the other two have chosen for her. And come back with every juicy detail… Wild tells Abby story.

Abby married the town bad boy, with heartbreaking results. She’s sworn off relationships for good, but never counted on a pair of sexy veterinarians who are fulfilling a desire of their own.

To read Blair and Callie’s stories check out the novellas, Wicked and Wanton.

This novella previously appeared in the anthology Wild, Wicked and Wanton.

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Feb 112020

The Best Man Plan (A Boots And Bouquets Novel #1) by Jaci Burton

New York Times bestselling author Jaci Burton kicks off a dreamy new series with a sweep-you-off-your-feet friends-to-lovers romance.

Three days before Erin Bellini’s wedding, her fiancé breaks up with her–in an email! Hurt and embarrassed, she decides to have a fling with veterinarian Jason Callum, who’s both the best man and the hottest guy she knows. But Jason wants a lot more than just a one-night stand with the woman he’s cared about for years. So he’s taking things slow. And hot. And showing Erin what real love can look like.

Suddenly Erin finds herself spending a lot more time with Jason than she intended. Feelings she never planned on having again are wrapping around her heart, refusing to let go. Erin isn’t sure she can trust her instincts, though. After all, she made a terrible choice with her ex-fiancé. But Jason intends to convince her that he’s the best man for her, and that what they have together is a real love that will last forever.

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Aug 042019

Riding the Edge (The Wild Riders #3.5) by Jaci Burton

New York Times bestselling author Jaci Burton lets loose in a story of a hot undercover Wild Rider biker hired to keep an eye on the reckless daughter of a Nevada senator.

Wild Rider Rick Benetti has been tasked with keeping watch over a senator’s daughter Ava Vargas. She’s joined the Hellraisers, a biker gang suspected of drug smuggling. Not a hard assignment for Rick—Ava is beautiful and fun, and he’s looking forward to getting up close and personal with his charge.

Ava has zero interest in bikers, and only infiltrated the biker gang since her best friend dropped out of grad school and lost herself in this group. Getting close to her bestie again is the only way to rescue her. But riding with hot biker Rick turns out to be more exciting than Ava could have ever imagined.

When Rick realizes he’s fallen for Ava, he knows he’ll do whatever it takes to protect her, even if it costs him his job—or his life.

Excerpt Riding the Edge (The Wild Riders #3.5) by Jaci Burton

Speaking of people . . . where the hell had Lacey gone off to? Ava hadn’t seen her since they’d arrived here. Ava searched her out, but the crowd had thickened and she couldn’t find her.

“Looking for your friend?” Rick asked.


“I saw Bo take her upstairs. Let’s go find them.”

Once again, he took her hand and led her up the stairs, though they had to wind their way through a crowd of people using the stairs as a seating area. They didn’t seem to mind though, in fact, made room for Rick and Ava to find their footing until they made their way to the second floor.

Ava studied the hallway that branched out in two directions and led to lots of doors—closed doors.

“Uh, maybe we shouldn’t be up here.”

Rick cocked his head to the side. “Why not?”

“I think people came up here to find some privacy.”

He grinned. “I’m sure they did. But you wanted to find your friend, didn’t you?”

“Well, yes, but if she and Bo want to be alone . . .”

He shrugged. “It’s just sex. They won’t mind being disturbed. Let’s go.”

Just sex? He was joking, right?

Apparently not. He started down a hallway. Ava ran after him and grabbed his arm before he turned a knob. “Are you serious? Stop that.”


“You can’t just barge in on people having sex.”

“Why not?”

“First. It’s rude. And second . . . oh my God. Do I have to spell it out?”

He leaned against the wall and crossed his arms. “Sure. Go ahead.”

“Do you really want to watch people . . . you know.”


God. The way he said it. She flushed with heat all over. He made it sound dirty. And exciting. And compelling.


“I guess if people don’t want to be bothered they’ll lock the door. Unless they forget. Most don’t really care. Watch.”

Riding the Edge by Jaci Burton
She took a giant step back as he turned the knob and opened a door that was, as he said, unlocked.

“Anyone in here having sex?”

“Get the fuck out of here!” came a sharp retort from the darkened room.

Rick laughed and closed the door.

“See? They didn’t want guests.”

She shook her head. “I can’t believe you just did that.”

He ignored her, took a few steps down the hall, and opened the next door. “What’s going on in here?”

There was heavy breathing. Then giggling, followed by a male voice that said, “Fucking. Why, do you wanna watch?”

“Maybe. I’ll get back to you.”

He closed the door and turned to her. Ava put her hand over her mouth to smother her laugh. “You’re something.”

He waggled his brows. “You have no idea, honey.”

“You don’t mean to go into every room and do this.”

“Sure I do.”

This time she quickened her step and rushed to cover the next door, putting her hand over the knob in the hopes she could spare another couple some embarrassment. “Really. Stop.”

Undaunted, he leaned into her, and her breath caught when he placed his hand over hers. She felt swallowed up, cornered, and for some reason didn’t mind at all.

He turned the knob and pushed the door open, sending her flying into the room with him.

“Anyone in here?”

No one replied.

“Hey, we’re in luck. Looks like we have this one to ourselves.”

Before she could say a word, he’d closed the door behind him. Ava heard the click of the lock.

“The smart ones lock the door to prevent assholes like me from coming in.”

She was now locked in a dark bedroom with Rick. And yet she wasn’t at all afraid. Intrigued, yes. Excited, definitely.

Riding the Edge by Jaci Burton
“Are you there?” he asked, his voice lowering.


“Keep talking and I’ll find you.”

She licked her lips. “What would you like me to talk about?”

He was drawing closer. She moved farther away, though it wasn’t from fear. She bumped into something with her hip. Dresser, maybe.

“I don’t know. Tell me what you’re thinking.”

“I’m thinking I’m locked in a bedroom with someone I don’t know very well.”

“Do you need to know me well?”

“I don’t know. Maybe.”

“What do you want to know about me, Ava?”

He was getting closer. She inched farther to the right. “Tell me where you’ve been for the past ten years.”

He went silent. When he spoke again, his breath brushed against her cheek. “I was in prison for a while for theft. Then I just rode freelance here and there, ended up in Chicago.”

She found it hard to breathe with him standing so close to her. But at least he’d been honest. “In prison?”


“For how long?”

“Three years.”

“How long ago was that?”

“Seven years ago.”

“Not since then?”


She inhaled, blew it out, then stopped breathing when he wound his arms around her waist. “Does that bother you?”

“Honestly? I don’t know.” She thought about it. Just because he did time in jail didn’t mean he was a bad person now. People made mistakes. Some people learned from them. She’d seen plenty of that.

He laughed, and took a step back. “Go away, Little Red Riding Hood.”


She heard the creak of the bedsprings.

“You can’t handle the Big Bad Wolf.”

Affronted, she moved forward, her knee making contact with the mattress. “Now just a minute. I didn’t say that.”

Riding the Edge by Jaci Burton
“You didn’t have to say a word. You’re a scared little rabbit.”

Dammit. “I am not.”

“Aren’t you?”

He sounded so smug. “No, I’m not. I just don’t have indiscriminate sex with strangers.”

He laughed, the sound as dark as the room they were in. “Sorry. I left my resume in my other bike.”

What an asshole. She should leave, march downstairs and . . .

And what? “Do you often bully women into having sex with you?”

“I’ve never had to beg a woman to have sex with me, Ava.”

She believed that. Women probably fought each other for the right to get in bed with him. And why not? He was gorgeous, oozed sexuality. So what the hell was wrong with her? She wasn’t a virgin. God knows the man got her juices flowing.

“If you have to think that hard about it, you should go. I promise not to chase you.”

“What if I wanted you to?”

“Wanted me to what? Chase you?”


“I don’t chase women. I like them to be willing.”

She blew out a breath. He had a point.



“What’s wrong with letting go and just enjoying yourself?”

She didn’t have an answer to that because she rarely did it. “I don’t know.”

“Want me to show you what it’s like?” He was challenging her, daring her to let go. Could she? Her life was all planned out, so orderly, so controlled. This moment represented everything that wasn’t her. And everything that was Rick. He didn’t appear to be a threat to her, at least not that she could discern. Then again, what did she really know about him?

What had she really known about any of the guys she’d had sex with in her lifetime?

Not much other than what they’d told her. She hadn’t known them any better than she knew Rick. And she was way more turned on by him than she’d ever been by them. Just standing in this dark bedroom with him, listening to him talk to her, had her wet, her nipples puckering and begging to be touched, licked, sucked.

The thrill of the forbidden, she supposed. Was that the lure that pulled Lacey in? The bad boy in leather offering the apple in the garden? Tempting, oh so tempting.

Then again, what was so wrong about going a little wild? She was certainly overdue for it.

She sat on the bed. And suddenly, he was right there, his chest against her back.

Riding the Edge by Jaci Burton
And when he leaned in and pressed his lips to the side of her neck, she shivered at the contact, tilted her head back and let him have access. She turned and he pulled her against him, her breasts pillowed against his chest.

She laid her hands on his arms and felt the corded strength of his biceps flexing, and knew she wanted him naked, wanted to explore his body with her hands and her mouth.

She wanted something she’d never had before.

The chance to live a little bit on the edge.

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Aug 042019

Riding to Sunset (The Wild Riders #4.5) by Jaci Burton

New York Times bestselling author Jaci Burton blisters the asphalt in another steamy Wild Rider novella where a hot biker craves a life of passion and danger–and finds it with the woman he’s sworn to protect.

Jed Templeton is one of the newest Wild Riders, and anxious for adventure. He doesn’t expect to be tasked for a personal mission by his boss General Grange Lee. When he discovers the job involves safeguarding the general’s niece, Jed realizes the stakes have climbed as high as they’ve ever been.

Elena Madison has her life just as she wants it—a successful career running her gallery in Daytona Beach. And if her love life is a little thin, that’s okay. But when a sexy biker walks into her shop and asks her out, fiery passion erupts—followed by a series of burglaries and near attacks, turning her life upside down. Now she’s on the run with the man who lied to protect her, a man she thinks she’s falling in love with…

Jed’s found the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with. Now he has to keep Elena alive long enough to prove to her that love is always worth the risk.

Excerpt Riding to Sunset (The Wild Riders #4.5) by Jaci Burton

“Hey, the newbie’s back.”

“Survived the latest mission, huh? Did Diaz hold your hand so you wouldn’t be scared?”

“I’m pretty sure Diaz said that Jed was afraid of the dark.”

“I give him a year and he’s going to run back to the FBI, tail between his legs.”

Jed Templeton cracked a grin, not at all insulted by the ragging he’d been getting from General Grange Lee’s crew of veteran Wild Riders. On the job for about a year, Jed was still the new guy. And when you were the newest of any crew, you took shit until you proved yourself.

He dropped his bag and headed into the kitchen of Wild Riders headquarters to grab a beer before moving to the living room, where Mac, Lily, Diaz, Jessie and Spence were huddled up watching a football game on the big-screen TV. He grabbed one of the available seats, unscrewed the top off his bottle of beer and propped his booted feet onto the scarred table.

“So?” Jessie asked, leaning forward to clasp her hands together. “Diaz said it got rough.”

“He would say that, being a pussy and all. I had to do most of his job for him, but I’ll cover for him when I file my report to the general.”

Jessie snorted. Diaz scowled, but didn’t say anything.

“So really, Diaz, how did he do?” Mac asked when the commercial came on.

The room went silent except for the sound of a manic announcer on TV, selling car insurance.

Diaz shot a glare to Jed, who smiled at him.

Diaz shrugged. “He can hold his own. Kicks ass in a gun fight and hand to hand. He’ll do all right.”

The rest of them nodded and tilted their drinks in his direction. He nudged his bottle of beer toward all of them, and when the game resumed, they argued over teams.

That was it. With Diaz’s endorsement came acceptance.

Lily came over to sit next to him on the two-person love seat. She laid her hand on his forearm. “It’s hard to dig into this group,” she said. “I was the first, and a woman at that. When I joined, I had to prove myself. So did Shadoe. Even Jessie, though she’d been mostly brought up here, had to prove she could hack it on her first assignment. We all have our trial by fire.”

“Yeah, good thing you didn’t suck worse than the women,” Spence said, grabbing a handful of chips.

“I did not hear that, Spencer,” Lily said. “You don’t want to upset me and my hormones.”

“Sorry, oh pregnant one.”

Jed leaned back and cocked a brow. “A baby, huh?”

She grinned. “Yeah. Mac and I are having a baby.”

His gaze shot to Mac, who grinned. Jed lifted his beer. “Congrats to both of you.”

“Thanks,” she said. “Hence the reason for all the mad recruiting the general has been doing over the past year. With a lot of us getting married, and now Mac and I having a baby . . . obviously I’ll be taking some downtime—”

“Retiring,” Mac said.

“Maternity leave,” Lily argued.

“Retiring,” Mac said again, his gaze focused on the game.

She rolled her eyes. “We’re still discussing that part. Anyway, we’re so glad to have you on board, Jed. Diaz already told us you did a great job on the Montana assignment. How do you like working for the Wild Riders?”

No one had ever cared whether he liked his job or not. Not when he was in the Marines, not when he was in the FBI. He did what he was assigned to do, like it or not. This was a different atmosphere entirely.

“It was fine.”

She laughed. “You’re going to have to loosen up, Jed. I promise we don’t bite.”

Riding to Sunset by Jaci Burton
“Jessie does,” Diaz said.

“And you like it,” Jessie shot back.

Jed shook his head. “Are all of you paired up?”

“Yes,” Lily said. “Like I said, that’s why the general needs some new blood. Some of us are moving on and out and it’s time for the next generation. That’s you, Jed.”

He didn’t know about the whole “next generation” stuff, but he liked the job. It was adventure, it took him around the country, and it beat the hell out of the boring shit he’d done for the FBI. When General Grange Lee had recruited him, he’d jumped at the chance to have a little more leeway in what he did for a living, while still doing a service for his country.

For the past year the general had trained him, put him through grueling eval. Then the general had let the other guys run him through maneuvers and practice scenarios, which meant time out here at headquarters in Dallas. He’d gone on a couple light assignments, nothing major, followed by the big one with Diaz—a harrowing undercover in Montana.

It had gotten ugly. He and Diaz had gone full throttle when the bullets had started flying. They’d taken down a group of survivalists, pulled in all the gunrunners and tied up the mission with a bright red bow. And hell, he’d done it all in his leathers and riding his Harley.

He liked this job.


He stood when the general came in. “Sir.”

“First thing, I keep telling you not to call me ‘sir.’”

“Sorry, sir.” Shit. Old habits died hard. “Sorry, General.”

Spence snickered. The general shot Spence a look that would freeze the devil in hell.

“You want dishwashing duty for the last month you’re working with me, Spence?”


“Then mind your own fucking business.”

“You got it. Minding my own fucking business here, Grange.”

“You’re with me in my office, Jed.”

Jed got up and followed the general to his office, shutting the door behind him. He stood and waited while the general took a seat.

Grange rolled his eyes. “You’re not in the military anymore, Jed, and neither am I. And I’m getting tired of reminding you. You don’t salute me, you don’t stand at attention, so just relax. Call me Grange or General. I don’t give a shit. But pull the stick out of your ass and sit the hell down.”

Jed pulled up a chair in front of the general’s desk.

“You know, kid, I get that you thought you were going to be career military, and that you went straight from two tours in the Marines to four years with the FBI. And you suffered doing nothing with the G-men because they’re stick-up-the-ass regimented asswipes, but here we’re more relaxed and nobody jumps unless I’m pissed off. And when I’m pissed off, Jed, you’ll know it. Understood?”

Riding to Sunset by Jaci Burton
“Yes si . . . General.”

“Good. Now, for your next assignment.”

Thank God. The last thing Jed wanted was downtime. He was ready to go.

The general clasped his hands together. “This one’s a little different. I want you to fly to Florida. Daytona Beach. Your target is Elena Madison, age twenty-six.”


“You’ll be undercover. Sort of.”

Jed cocked a brow. The general raked his hand through his hair. “It’s hard to explain. I know Elena’s mother, Carla. She’s gone missing, but Elena doesn’t know that.”

“And you do.”

“Yes. Carla has always been sort of a free spirit, very New Age. Kind of a hippie, back when hippies were the thing. She comes and goes as she pleases, takes off whenever she feels like it.”

“So Elena wouldn’t think anything of it if her mother was gone.”


“But you—being friends with Carla all these years—have kept tabs on her.”

Grange nodded. “You could say that.”

“How do you know she’s missing?”

Grange stood, rubbed the back of his neck and turned to look out the window. Jed could tell he was uncomfortable as hell. Obviously having some kind of personal relationship with this Carla was doing a number on him. From what he knew of the general, he left his personal life out of all his dealings with the Wild Riders. Why he was giving Jed this assignment, he didn’t know. But he was going to be patient and listen.

“I’ve kept tabs on Carla for years. I always know where she is. But this time . . . I’ve lost her.”

“Lost her?”

“Yeah. And that’s not good.”

Whatever was between Grange and Carla Madison, it was something deep and meaningful, or at least that’s what Jed was taking away from that comment. “Okay. Have you . . . lost her before?”

“On occasion, but I always pick her back up. This time I haven’t been able to.”

“Oh.” Well, hell. How was he going to do this mission without stepping on the general’s toes?

“Ask your questions. Nothing’s off-limits. I’m not going to send you into this blind.”

“Who is Carla Madison, General?”

He blew out a deep breath. “She’s my sister.”

“Okay, which means Elena is your niece.”


Riding to Sunset by Jaci Burton
“Can’t you just go to Elena and the two of try to figure out—”

“Elena doesn’t know about me.”

Jed frowned. “Why not?”

“Because we didn’t want her to.”

Jed scratched his head. “You’re her uncle, sir.”

“I know I’m her uncle, dammit. But I’ve kept my family away from who I am and what I do because of my lifestyle and career choice. My enemies. It would make both Carla and Elena targets.”

Jed nodded. “Okay, that I understand. Tough choice for you.”

“It was, but it was the right one.”

“So what do you need me to do?”

“We need to find out where Carla is, and keep Elena safe.”

Now the light was beginning to shine on this mission. “You think one of your enemies has figured out that Carla is your sister and has targeted her?”

“Possibly. I don’t know and won’t until I get down there and try to find her. But I can’t go hunt for Carla and protect Elena at the same time. So I need you to help.”

“Why me, General? I’m the new guy. Why not one of the others?” This was a pretty deep secret to share with the most recent recruit.

“Because I haven’t told them this secret. And because they’ve built up relationships with each other and stand to lose a lot if this goes wrong.”

Now he got it. He didn’t have the ties they all had—they all had someone to love. He was a loner, and therefore the easiest to take along on this assignment. “Understood.”

“I knew you would. Pack it up, we’re leaving in an hour. I’ll fill you in on Elena on the plane down there.”

Jed pivoted and left the office, realizing he’d just gotten royally fucked.

The general’s niece? And she didn’t know?

Yeah, this one had no-win scenario written all over it.

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Aug 042019

Riding Wild (The Wild Riders #1) by Jaci Burton

He’s a Harley-riding ex-thief…she’s a gun-toting ex-socialite. Together they’ll take the ride of a lifetime in this erotic romance from “an undoubted master.”*

Mac Canfield was the last man Lily West expected to see again, never mind aim her gun at. But there he was, the bad boy who’d broken her heart years ago-still a thief, hijacking a priceless artifact-and it was all she could do to push aside the memories of how it felt to have his perfectly chiseled body next to hers.

Mac was no less shocked to see the beautiful girl next-door again, threatening to shoot him. Little did she know she was blowing his cover. He had to get her out of harm’s way without succumbing to his desire to take her on a hot trip down memory lane.

But Lily has no intention of going anywhere with Mac, which means he’ll have to resort to kidnapping. Unless she agrees to let him take her for the kind of ride destined to drive them both unbelievably wild.

Excerpt Riding Wild (The Wild Riders #1) by Jaci Burton

“You were a cop?” His eyes widened.

“That’s not what we’re talking about. We’re discussing your macho show of over protectiveness back there.”

“I was trying to prevent you from being shot.”

“I didn’t need your help.”

Ignoring her outburst, he unzipped his jacket and slowly started peeling it off his shoulders, as if he wasn’t paying the slightest bit of attention to her.

“Are you listening to me at all, Mac? Are you hearing what I’m saying? I am competent, goddamit. I am not some air headed idiot who needed protecting. And where’s the vial?”

Once he had the jacket off, she zeroed in on the dark stain on his arm and a river of blood pouring off the ends of his fingers. Any anger she felt dissipated in a rush of panic and concern.

“Oh. shit. You were shot?” She rushed over and began to pull up his shirt.

“I’m fine,” he said, but he didn’t try to stop her.

“You’re bleeding.”

“Bullet just grazed me.”

Her gaze rocketed to his. “Oh, and you’re some kind of psychic doctor, I suppose. How do you know?”

He shrugged. “I’ve been shot a few times. I know.”

She shuddered at the thought. “Spare me the details. Let’s get this shirt off.” She drew the shirt over his head, then peeled it gently away from his shoulder, taking special care when she pulled the fabric down his injured arm.

“We need more light.” She looked around the campground, spotting a grey brick building with a single overhead light a short distance away. Bathroom. “Have you got a first aid kit in the bike?”

“Yeah. Left saddlebag.”

She hurried over and fumbled through the bag, found the first aid kit and a flashlight, then pushed him toward the bathroom. The light switch revealed a dim bulb hanging from the ceiling. Thankfully there was a sink and paper towels in there.

“Sit,” she ordered, pointing him toward the wooden bench next to the shower.

“Bossy,” he teased, grinning up at her.

Ignoring him, she wet some paper towels, turned on the flashlight and placed it on the edge of the sink so it was pointing toward his arm. She cleaned the wound, wiping away the blood so she could get a look at the injury.

Riding Wild
Like he said, it was a graze. Mean looking and about three inches long, but not deep enough to need stitches. He was lucky the bullet had barely scraped the flesh of his arm. She cleaned it, applied pressure until the bleeding stopped and after spreading some antibacterial ointment on it, placed a bandage over the wound.

The hot rush of adrenaline she’d felt after she’d seen the blood dripping down his arm calmed somewhat. She was surprised at the fear she’d felt seeing him bleeding like that, having long ago convinced herself she was immune to ever having feelings for Mac Canfield again. She should have known better than to think he would ever mean less to her. She sighed.

“You’re going to be fine,” she said, pushing her emotions deep as she cleaned everything up and turned to him.

“I could have told you that.” He stood. “But thank you anyway.”

“You’re welcome.”

Mac couldn’t believe the woman standing in front of him. The one who’d faced down a barrage of bullets, hopped on the back of his bike for a quick escape, then yelled at him because he’d prevented her from diving for her own gun.

She sure as hell wasn’t the same Lily West he’d known so many years ago. That girl had been sweet and gentle and fragile. The woman who stood in front of him now looked similar, though obviously more grown up. And a hell of a lot tougher. Curvier too, with low slung jeans hugging her hips, a snug-fitting polo shirt that accentuated fuller breasts and a slender waist. But what was completely unrecognizable was her attitude.

She stared at him, not speaking. Hell, he didn’t know what to say. She licked her lips and he followed the track of her little pink tongue swiping across her full bottom lip.

His gaze went from her mouth to her eyes and the past mingled with the present.

God, she really was here. He moved toward her and she took a step back, stopping when she hit the wall. But her gaze never left his. Even in the darkened bathroom the look she gave him was unmistakable. She was thinking the same thing he was.

Ten years ago. The heat between them. The fact they’d just been shot at a little while ago.

Aw, fuck it. He never was much good at thinking things through. He braced his hands on either side of her head and moved in closer, crowding her.

“Your arm,” she said, looking at the bandage, then back at him.

“Is fine.”

Her lips were still parted and he heard her breathing. Rapid little pants in and out, like she was having trouble catching her breath. But this time she wasn’t pushing at him to let her go.

“Mac,” she whispered, whether in warning or invitation he didn’t know.

Before it became a denial spilling from her lips, he slanted his mouth over hers and took possession.

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Riding Temptation (The Wild Riders #2) by Jaci Burton
He’s a biker working undercover for the Feds. She joined the Wild Riders for reasons of her own. Together, they’re burning up the asphalt and tearing headlong into danger and passion…

Ever since runaway Jessie Matthews teamed up with the gang of special ops bikers, the guys of the Wild Riders have thought of her as their kid sister. Except for Diaz Delgado. Over the past few years he’s been watching the budding of a ripe young woman. Jessie’s glad somebody finally sees her for who she is—and she’s thrilled it’s Diaz. His dark good looks and killer body have tempted her since day one.

Diaz’s unbrotherly urges have been hard to fight but the last thing he’d want to do is hurt Jessie and break up the gang. But when they both go undercover to infiltrate a group of killer survivalists, he knows it’ll be hard to keep his distance—especially when the mission takes a risky turn. Now Diaz has no choice but to open himself up to the one woman who may be strong enough to take him on.

Excerpt Riding Temptation (The Wild Riders #2) by Jaci Burton

She didn’t say anything for a few minutes, but then he heard her move behind him, her breasts once again pressed against his back as she studied the laptop screen. He sucked in a quick breath, heat surging through his veins.

Christ. Just being near her sent his nervous system haywire. And she thought of him as a brother. He was such a fucking pervert. He had to get her out of his room.

“I think I can finish this up now.” He shut the lid on the laptop and pushed the chair back, forcing her to move away from him.

Jessie backed up a couple steps, a confused frown on her face. “That’s it? You’re done with your research?”

“Yeah.” He moved to the door, hoping she’d follow.

She didn’t.


He hovered near the door. Come on, Jess. Get the hint.


She walked toward him. He watched the way she moved. So graceful, so slow, so seductive. She stopped in front of him, tilting her head back to look him in the eyes. Her lips were parted a fraction of an inch, revealing just the tip of her tongue as she studied him.

He was beginning to sweat. His cock twitched. His heart pounded.

Fuck. He wasn’t seventeen. He was thirty-one goddamn years old, too old to let a young woman affect him this way.

She inched closer, so close that the tips of her breasts nearly brushed his shirt. His knees almost buckled.

“Why are you so afraid of me?”

He tilted his chin down and stared at her. “What?”

“You’re afraid of me. It’s obvious. You’ve been avoiding me for years. You never talk to me. I enter a room, you leave. I try to talk to you, and you mumble a few unintelligible phrases, but otherwise, you won’t engage and then you make up some excuse to get away from me.”

“That’s not true.”

“It is too.” Her gaze swept his body, from his feet to the top of his head. “Now you’re, what? Six-two or so?”


“Fine then. And I’m five-six, so you’re almost a foot taller than me. And you have to outweigh me by over a hundred pounds, if not more, so I don’t think my mere presence scares the shit out of you.”

Darlin’, you have no idea.

“I just can’t figure out what it is about me that makes you keep your distance.”

“You don’t scare me, Jessie.”

“Yeah, I do.”

She moved in on him, and he backed up a step.

“Otherwise, you wouldn’t be backing away from me. So, see, I’m right. You are scared of me.”

“I’m not afraid of anything, or anyone.”

Riding Temptation
A small smile teased the corners of her mouth. “That kind of false bravado could get a guy killed in our line of work. Everyone is afraid of something. With me, it’s cliffs—looking over one and that fear of falling. Gives me a vicious case of vertigo. Oh and I hate spiders in a major way. A girlie thing, I know, but I can’t help it. And I’m really not too keen about sleeping alone in the dark. I like a light on. So what about you? What scares you?”

“I told you. Nothing.”

He flattened his back against the door, but Jessie kept coming, pressing her palms against his chest and leveling him with a teasing grin. “Nothing except me. Big bad Jessie scares you.”

She was playing a game. He wasn’t. “Stop.”

She did. She had to. There was nowhere else to go unless she climbed up on him. He smothered a groan at the visual that presented. Naked, her full breasts pressed against his chest. Her legs wrapped around him, his hands filled with her sweet ass as she bounced up and down on his cock. Her pussy would be wet, tight, gripping and squeezing him until he shot loads of come inside her.

Shit. “Get out of here, Jess.”


He inhaled. Big mistake. The scent of her filled the air around him. Intoxicating, sensual. He went hard in an instant.

“Because you’re playing with fire, little girl.”

Her eyes went smoky. “I’m not a little girl. And I like a little heat, Diaz.”

Invitation was written all over her face, her body. Tempting. Oh, so tempting.

But that’s not what they were here for. And this was Jessie, not some random woman to fuck. It was Jessie. He had no right. She belonged to all of them. All the Wild Riders. All the guys who counted on him to take care of her. Because they all loved her.

Like a sister.

He grasped her by the shoulders, taking in and memorizing the small surprised gasp she made. He wanted to put his lips on hers, to swallow her gasp, to slide his tongue inside her mouth and taste her.

God, he wanted that bad.

He pushed her back the few inches it took to open the door and set her on the other side of it.

“Go to your room, Jess.”

He shut the door in her face, not hearing as she opened her mouth to speak. He threw the deadbolt, feeling like a coward, which he was. He turned around and leaned his back against the door, blowing out a breath.

Not afraid? Yeah, right. Jessie had called it right. She scared the shit out of him.

It took him a few minutes to regain the ability to breathe normally.

One woman. One small woman and she sent his entire nervous system haywire. He should be able to handle her, to ignore her. But he couldn’t, because one look at her, one whiff of her unique scent and he was like a freakin’ bloodhound, salivating and on the hunt. How was he going to do this assignment, be an effective leader, with Jessie under foot? How was he going to remain immune?

He dragged both hands through his hair, pushing off from the door to pace the small confines of his room.

Priorities. Taking down the gun runners was his objective. He’d have to compartmentalize Jessie to that place in his mind where she didn’t exist. Or jackoff a lot while he was alone, to ease the stress of having her near. His cock twitched, aching for touch, but it wasn’t his hands it wanted. It was Jessie’s. Her hands, her mouth, her pussy.

Tough. His dick was just going to have to suffer, because he wasn’t going to fuck her. Even though it seemed she’d wanted that tonight. She’d put one hell of a move on him. Any other guy would have taken what she’d so obviously offered.

She was playing a dangerous game with him. But Jessie was a kid. She didn’t know what she wanted. It was going to be up to Diaz to show restraint.

He groaned. This assignment was going to be like a long ride into Hell.

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Riding On Instinct (The Wild Riders #3) by Jaci Burton
Department of Justice agent Shadoe Grayson is out to prove she’s no rookie, and eagerly accepts her first undercover assignment at a strip club in New Orleans. Working with the Wild Riders, a government agency of bad boy bikers, her goal is to expose a corrupt DEA agent. All she has to do is learn to strip like a pro.

Standing in Shadoe’s way is arrogant and smokin’ hot Spencer King, her new partner and one of the Wild Riders. Spence thinks she looks more like a schoolteacher than a stripper, and doubts her ability to do the job. But when he mockingly challenges Shadoe to strip just for him, he finds out there’s more to the surprisingly sexy agent than by-the book rules and Government Issue pantsuits…

Excerpt Riding On Instinct (The Wild Riders #3) by Jaci Burton

“Let’s stretch a bit, then we’ll get to movements,” Jessie said.

They went down on the floor and did some basic stretches. Shadoe was aware of Spencer still hovering near the door, but she tried her best to ignore him and concentrate on Jessie. She figured he’d get bored soon enough and leave for something more exciting, like wrestling on television. Or maybe a game on Xbox.

No such luck. By the time they had finished their stretching and Jessie went to put music on, not only had Spencer pulled up a chair, two more of the guys had come in to watch.

“Hey guys,” Jessie said with a wave. “We’re going to work on some dance moves. Want to join in?”

“I’d rather have the hair on my balls plucked out with tweezers,” Paxton said with a grimace.

“Don’t look at me,” A.J. said. “Two left feet, remember?”

Spence stayed silent.

“Pussies,” Jessie replied, then laughed. “Let’s get going.” She turned to Shadoe. “Do you have dance experience?”

Shadoe nodded. “Years of it as a kid all the way through college. Mostly ballet though.”

Jessie grinned. “Perfect. That’ll help a lot. At least you know how to move your body.”

“True enough, but I think ballet and stripping are two entirely different things.”

Jessie laughed. “Dancing is dancing, honey. It’s just a different type of movement. As long as you have rhythm, you’ve got a head start.”

The music was slow and sexy, and Shadoe followed Jessie’s lead.

“First thing you have to do is relax your body. Breathe in and out,” Jessie said, her chest rising and falling as she deeply inhaled and exhaled. “If your body isn’t relaxed, you’ll be out there dancing around like you have rigor mortis.”

Shadoe snorted. “Good point.” She did the deep breathing as Jessie instructed.

“Ignore the audience. Concentrate on the music and how it makes you feel. Because you’re the only one who counts. It’s just you and me dancing.”

Shadoe focused on the music, relaxed, breathed, watched only Jessie. Jessie had a way with her body and the music, sliding her hips back and forth. Slight, but oh so sexy.

Ballet was all about certain moves, maintain your body structure in certain positions. What Jessie did was nothing like that—it was all free form movements. Shadoe was used to something entirely different and she tried to follow Jessie. She tried to concentrate, but knew she was failing miserably.

Jessie reached out and grabbed Shadoe’s hips. “Honey, you are one tight ball of tension. Let it go. This is fun stuff. Loosen your hips and let them slide. Back and forth, back and forth. That’s it. Now raise your arms over your head and swing your ass.”

It was difficult for Shadoe to let go. Jessie was right. She was always tense, always on the job, always thinking, planning, plotting…working.

But…this was work, wasn’t it? And her focus was on being the best. So she had to be the best at this.

“Come here,” Jessie said, bringing herself up hip to hip with Shadoe and taking Shadoe’s hands in hers. “Now, move your body in time with mine.”

They were breast to breast, hip to hip. This made it much easier to follow Jessie, undulating her hips in a side to side rhythm. Oh, yeah, now she was getting it. She settled into the music, letting her body relax and flow along with Jessie’s. Jessie pulled back, then Shadoe moved up close to her again until their breasts were touching. Then Shadoe would move back and Jessie would rock her hips against Shadoe.

Riding On Instinct
“Oh yes, now you’ve got it. That’s hot, babe,” Jessie said. “Keep doing it.”

This was fun. And Jessie was right. Dancing like this was hot, so much easier than the structural form of dance she was so used to.

When she turned to face the men, there were several sets of equally steamy eyes riveted on them, anticipation written all over their faces.

Jessie was right. There was power in this. And she hadn’t even taken her clothes off yet.

“Fuck me, that’s hot as hell,” A.J. said in a tight whisper.

“I don’t think my dick’s supposed to be getting hard, but it is,” Paxton replied.

“You’d better all be staring at Shadoe or you’re dead,” Diaz said.

Spencer said nothing, but his throat was dry, his cock like steel and his balls quivered. Watching Shadoe and Jessie dance together was one hell of an erotic scene. Though he wasn’t focused on Jessie at all.

Now that she was out of her loose pantsuit, he realized Shadoe had a body. Not the knock-your-eyes-out-of-their-sockets body that Jessie had, but the woman definitely had curves. Nice breasts pressed against her snug fitting T-shirt, an indented waist and hips made for a man’s hands. And legs. Long legs. He wanted to see those legs under the sweat pants she wore, dammit. A woman could have tits like mountains and he wouldn’t care. He was a leg man.

And he was wrong—she could move. She learned quickly, and though he could tell she was a novice, once she was given instruction, she was a quick study. If Maria could teach her a few moves, she might make one hell of a stripper.

If she could actually handle it, and that was the key. Could she handle it? He’d have to find out before they put her up on stage.

He knew exactly how to do that.

He waited while she and Jessie practiced awhile longer. All the other guys but Diaz left, obviously unable to stand the girl-on-girl torture any longer.

When Jessie finished up, Shadoe indicated she was going to hang out and practice for awhile. Jessie winked at Diaz as she strolled by and left the gym. Diaz walked out right after her, but Spence hung back, watching. Shadoe was immersed in the music, clearly oblivious to his presence.

He stood and walked toward her. She rocked her hips back and forth in front of the mirror, her eyes open as he approached.

Maybe she wasn’t oblivious, because she locked gazes with him, yet continued to move, raising her arms over her head. He stopped behind her.

“Stripping is more than just shaking your ass, you know,” he said.

“I’m fully aware of that.”

She continued to move. She had a really nice ass. His dick continued to pound. He didn’t try to hide the fact he had an erection, either. He stepped beside her, and her gaze drifted down. She had to notice.

She did. Her gaze shot back up to his face.

“Yes, watching you and Jessie dance got my dick hard. Does that bother you?”

This time she stopped, turned to him, swallowed before answering. “No.”

“Good. Because as a stripper you’re going to be getting a lot of guys hard. Get used to it.”

She grabbed a towel from the back of the chair and wiped her neck. “There are a lot of things I need to get used to. But I’m not innocent, Spence.”

“Could have fooled me.”

“I’m twenty-eight years old. I’ve had sex before.”

“How many times?”

She stilled. “That’s really none of your business.”

He laughed. That answer told him a lot. “Oh, a woman of the world, are you?”

“You’re an ass.”

“Yes. But I need to be able to cover yours. And you need to be able to pull this off. So I’m not going to let you pretend to be something you’re not. If you can’t do this, you should stop now.”

“I can do this.”

“Prove it. Strip for me.”

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Riding The Night (The Wild Riders #4) by Jaci Burton

AJ and Pax are undercover operatives for a government agency of bad-boy bikers known as the Wild Riders.

While AJ is visiting Teresa, a high school sweetheart, a fight erupts in her bar between two biker gangs. One man is left dead and Teresa’s brother is wrongly accused of murder.

With no proof and Teresa as the only eyewitness, AJ, Pax, and Teresa point their Harleys toward the annual bike rally in South Dakota in hot pursuit of the real killer, and Teresa discovers a passion that brings both men to their knees.

Excerpt Riding The Night (The Wild Riders #4) by Jaci Burton

While AJ and Pax sat quietly drinking their beers, Teresa studied them side by side. AJ, with his dark good looks and smoky gray eyes, had always made her heart tumble. He had that sexy, bad boy quality about him that would make any woman look twice. Pax had dirty blond hair that he wore short and spiked, a dark goatee lining his jaw, his body all lean muscle, the kind of body a woman would want to run her hands all over. The two men were a study in contrasts—so different and yet so similar. Both screaming masculine and sexy, commanding a woman’s attention in ways that were elemental and yet inexplicable.

And she suddenly pictured herself between those two men, their hands gliding over her naked body, their lips pressed against her skin. Being sandwiched between them, touching them in turn, allowed access to their bodies, sliding down to worship their cocks—first one, then the other. They stood still and allowed her to touch, to taste, and only when she’d satisfied her curiosity did they pull her up and turn her face to each of them and kiss her. She wondered about their mouths, their tongues, the different tastes and textures, what it would be like to have that sensation of both of them kissing her, both of them doing . . . everything to her, with her.

Heat settled between her legs, a pounding ache and awareness and need that hadn’t been there in far too long. Her breasts felt full and her nipples tingled. She blinked and looked in the direction of the men of her fantasies, and found both of them staring right at her.

They knew. Somehow they knew what she’d been thinking about. It reflected back to her as they looked at her. AJ’s eyes had gone even darker, a storm on the horizon as his gaze locked with hers. Pax’s gaze was molten heat, all directed at her in a blast as hot as this August summer.

She should look away, move, get out of the room. But she was melted to the chair, unable to break the spell that tied her to these two men. And when Pax stood and moved toward her, her heart knocked against her chest, but it wasn’t fear shaking her—it was desire, curiosity, the need to continue to experience the sensations and emotions she was feeling.

Instead of looming over her, he dropped to his knees at the side of her chair. Teresa inhaled the scent of leather, of sweat, of man. She wanted to reach out and trace her fingertips over his goatee, but she didn’t, her hands gripping the chair arm so tight her muscles protested from the effort.

Pax smoothed his hand over her head, down along her hair, gently reaching the ponytail holder and drawing it down, releasing her hair. He didn’t say anything, just slid his fingers through her hair, draping some of it over her shoulder. There was nothing he did she considered out of bounds or dangerous. Except the look in his eyes, the deliberate sensuality she saw there—which he let her see—screamed danger at the highest decibel level.

She heard AJ rise from the couch. From the corner of her eye she saw him move toward her—toward them. He slid to his knees in front of her chair and laid his hands ever so lightly on her legs, pressing in just enough so she knew he was there.

Oh, she knew he was there. She was surrounded by two men who had awakened her libido to a screaming frenzy.

But could she do anything about it? Did she dare?

“There’s something you want that you’re denying yourself.”

Teresa shifted her gaze to Pax. She swallowed, her throat so dry she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to speak.

AJ slid his hand to her knee. Easy, a nonthreatening touch. “You’re skittish. Do we scare you?”

She turned her focus to AJ, forcing the words out. “No. You two don’t scare me at all.”

She felt the movement of Pax’s hand against her neck, lightly teasing her hair, massaging the tight muscles there. He leaned in and his breath caressed her ear. Her chest tightened as he pressed a kiss to her neck. She closed her eyes as desire flooded her.

AJ moved his hands further along her legs, light and easy movements, his fingers dancing along the denim to her ankles. He pulled her feet out from under her and let her legs drape over him, rubbing her calves with his strong fingers while Pax slid his tongue along her throat. Her breasts strained against her bra, her nipples tight with agonized pleasure. She fought for breath as delicious sensation danced along her nerve endings.

She wanted this so much, yet even as she did, the images assaulted her. She was on the ground and someone was spreading her legs, holding her down, tearing at her clothes. She fought to get away.

The heat and delicious sensation shattered as cold fear took hold of her.

Anger battered her, that even now, five years later, it still haunted her.

“I can’t do this. Not yet.” She pushed and AJ released her, Pax backed away. Teresa stood and turned to them. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” She couldn’t even look at them, had to get away. She went to her bedroom and shut the door, felt foolish even as she locked it, but couldn’t help herself. She still needed that barrier of safety between her and them.

Between her and men.

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