Jul 122021

Bitten by Deception (True Immortality #4) by S. Young

English rockstar Elijah Webb is more than meets the eye. Being different might have made his childhood hell, but as an adult it’s opened doors to fame and fortune … and the supernatural underworld. Now that he knows all about the creatures that go bump in the night, Elijah’s pretty sure he’s a warlock. Powerful than most, but a warlock, nonetheless.
What else could he be, right?
Vampire Echo Payne is more than happy to infiltrate Elijah’s life to uncover whether the rockstar is one of the seven fae-borne prophesied to open the gate to Faerie. Having encountered one of his kind before, she knows he’s fae as soon as they meet. Her adoptive father, William, might want her to kill Elijah, but Echo has other plans now that she knows William is the monster who destroyed her family. She plans to end William Payne’s reign of terror and save her sister from the same fate she herself endured. But Echo needs Elijah’s help. Who cares about the blazing attraction that flares between them? Not Echo. She needs his fae gifts, not his addictive kisses.
When Elijah discovers Echo’s deception and the truth about what he is, he wants nothing but to protect his human parents. To do that, he has to trust the sexy vampire he can’t help but wish wanted him as much as she wanted revenge. Together they will travel across continents to help the other protect those they hold dearest and in doing so discover how deeply entwined their destinies really are…
For a peaceful future together might just be in the cards if Echo can let go of the past. But to win it, they will have to join forces with the other fae and their mates. It will take all of them to bring down their enemies. And if they fail, no one can save the human world from the darkness of Faerie.

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Jun 172021

Wild Spirit (A Soul Sister Novel) by Audrey Carlan

The newest sizzling romance from Audrey Carlan, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Calendar Girl series.

When I was born, I was beloved by my parents. I felt their warmth from the tips of my toes to the untamable curls in my hair—until tragedy hit and I lost them both.

With no extended family, I ended up in Kerrighan House, a home for girls just like me—girls who’d lost everything. Mama Kerri took me in and treated me with nothing but love, as did the rest of my sisters of the soul. In that house, we formed a bond that could never be broken.

Now danger seems to follow all of us. But what danger could come to me: a petite, high-school Spanish teacher who’d never hurt a fly? The only one on my tail is Omar Alvarado, the bodyguard hired to protect me from the danger lurking around my sisters. The more I shun his advances though, the harder he tries to earn my favor. Omar seems to like my brand of sass and doesn’t hide the fact he wants me for his own.

I’m determined to not get caught up in his beautiful smile, the sexy suggestions he whispers in my ear, or that incredible body that would make any woman swoon with desire.

Even with the tension rising between us, all seemed to be kept in check—until I found myself in the middle of a high stakes bank robbery.

And the only one who could save me, was the one man I tried so desperately to push away.

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May 072021

Miss Independent by Amali Rose

Independence Day weekend: Beach, BBQ and… a billionaire?

As a foster child, holidays never meant much growing up, and these days they mean even less. Despite my day job working for a company that thrives on the holiday spirit, to me they’re simply a chance to pick up some extra work.

So when Independence Day weekend rolls around and I find myself let go from my second job, I don’t feel much like celebrating.

Until my best friend convinces me to join her at her family’s 4th of July BBQ on a pristine Hampton beach.

There, I meet Weston Armstrong. A smart a** billionaire who saves me from a rampaging crab, and sweeps me off my feet—literally. He’s the type of guy most girls dream of.

But I’m not most girls.

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Mar 172021

Southern Secrets (Southern Book 7) by Natasha Madison

Never make the same mistake twice is my motto.
After being left in the dust of an old pickup truck, I promised that I would take care of myself
and never trust another man with a sexy smirk and cowboy boots.
Then he showed up, and he’s everywhere I turn, making me want something I shouldn’t.

I grew up in foster care, and on my eighteenth birthday, I was set free.
I spent years coasting from town to town.
Staying wasn’t a part of my plan and neither was love, but somehow, I found both.
This was all supposed to be temporary.
I’m just hoping my secret doesn’t destroy the only family I’ve ever known.

Buried secrets are never buried for long.
Expected publication: July 27th 2021

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Feb 112021

Wild Beauty (A Soul Sister Novel #2) by Audrey Carlan

My life has never been easy. Not from the day I took my first breath until now. Only days old, I was placed in a laundry basket and left in front of a firehouse. I never knew who my parents were before being shuffled around from one bad foster home to another. Until the day I arrived at Kerrighan House.

My safe haven.

My home.

I was welcomed with open arms into a world where love and sisterhood were the rule, not the exception. From that moment on, I believed I was safe. That nothing bad could touch me.

I was so wrong.

Neither my success as a full-figured lingerie and fashion model nor my street smarts as a born and bred Chicago native, safeguarded me against walking into the clutches of a monster.

As I try to pull my life back together, I’m brought face to face with a man whose wounds mirror my own. Under his protection, I’m gifted the opportunity to find beauty where there has only ever been pain. And yet, danger lurks, as a new evil threatens to bring me to my knees.

Can my savior protect me, or has my fate been sealed?

Note: Each book in the Soul Sister series can be read as a standalone.

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Jan 312021

Flipcup (Vino Veritas Series) by Kim Hartfield

After being rejected one too many times, Chelsea makes a bold vow: No more men. Her friends doubt a boy-crazy party girl can handle not dating for a year, but that only makes Chelsea more determined.

Tara has made a vow, too. After growing up in foster care and suppressing herself to please others, she’s going to live her truth. When she sees a beautiful woman, she’ll make her attraction known.

Chelsea appreciates Tara’s flirtatious compliments, not to mention her androgynous beauty. There’s a loophole in Chelsea’s vow, and it’s more tempting every day. Could swearing off men lead Chelsea to the perfect woman?
Publication date : April 5th, 2021

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Jan 222021

The Crown of Fools (An Underestimated Novel Book 5) by Candice Wright

The fates hadn’t always been kind to Sunshine…

Abandoned as a baby with nothing more than a blanket and a name
Katia ‘Sunshine’ Jones knows what it feels like to be alone.
With her childhood spent navigating the foster system,
She finally finds a home in the arms of a boy who becomes her entire world.
But six years later, a devastating tragedy rips her fairy tale to shreds,
And plunges Sunshine’s life into darkness.
Falling in love had been easy.
But trying to live without him is like trying to breathe without air.
Until they walk into her life and change everything,
Now the woman who clawed her way out of the dark
Might just get a second chance at finding her happily ever after
But with a war heading for Carnage

It seems fate hasn’t finished with her yet…

Please be advised that this book may cause shallow breathing, exploding ovaries, and spontaneous disintegration of panties. As a result, all readers should be over the age of 18 and refrain from reading in public places.

Trigger warning: This book contains swearing, violence, and scenes that some readers may find uncomfortable. As with the previous books in the series, Sunshine ends up with more than one love interest, but you’ll have to read The Crown of Fools to find out who they’ll be because I’m sneaky like that.

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Dec 142020

Twice Bitten (New Moon Series Book 1) by Belle Harper

For seventeen years Alexis “Lexi” Turner has been running. From foster homes, creeps on the street and the law.

Lexi is a survivor, she has spent her whole life moving from one abusive foster home to the next, until she decided to take charge of her own life. Living in abandoned buildings, couch surfing and working at a strip clubs were a huge improvement on what she had before.

All she needs is enough money to feed herself, finish high school and hopefully go to college.
She has a plan.
That is until she is caught and sent to live with a strange foster family up-state, —her new high school isn’t much better.

Rafferty King was forced like Lexi to this new foster home, but he fits in better. And that’s saying something for a total misfit. Hot as hell and getting into fights, while ignoring her existence. Whatever.

Then there are the twins Ranger and Maverick, also known as “The joker and The Loner.” They know who she is and give her the new girl treatment she is all too familiar with.

And how can a history teacher look that hot, there should be rules against that kind of thing. But there is something about Galen Donovani, that has Lexi feeling safe when he is near.
While everyone else avoids him.

What the hell is going on in the state of Washington. And why are there so many wolves roaming at Port Willow High!

17+ RH shifter and vampires.
Some M/M themes

I have been in the mood this week for any shifter book I could lay my hands on. I had this on my TBR list for a while now, so finally I went in.

I tend to read blurbs a lot when doing cover reveals and now I just add whatever seemed interesting at this time and when I have to read one, I just choose based on the cover because I don’t remember ant other details. It’s a fun way to go in blind.

So Twice Bitter has Alexis at it’s center on the run for the foster system. She ends up being sniffed by a Vampire but her smell is different and they don’t know what she is.

This means she gets shipped of to a shifter pack when she smells amazing to everyone there. Because of this only a few think they are her mate and this is how she finds herself into a paranormal world and conflicted on the males around her and who to choose. There is her, unknown supernatural, a vampire and 3 shifter wolves.

The 1st books ends on her choosing them and admitting to herself she wants them, but we still don’t know WHAT she is.

I’ll dive right in to book 2 and post my review shortly.


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Dec 112020

Deception by A.S. Roberts – A Driven World Novel

A. S. Roberts’s Deception is a sweet, sexy and emotionally raw, contemporary romance written in K. Bromberg’s Driven World’s project.

Racing Indy car almost cost me everything.
Luckily, I still have my son.
But I will always remember the cruel pain of deception twisting in my gut.
And I’ve learned my lesson.
When your life falls apart, you get back up and hold onto the truth.

Moving to America to be a psychologist for a race team offers a new start.
For me and my daughter.
But I can never forget the terrifying sting of deceit.
After what we went through, I won’t make the same mistakes again.
And I’ll do whatever it takes to keep my daughter safe.

Now, with us both on the same track, the future has never looked better.
But life is full of ups and downs…
Twist and turns…
Full-throttle bursts and earth-shattering emergency stops.

When our pasts come speeding back into our lane, can we discover where the truth ends and the lies begin?

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Nov 272020

Her Christmas Soldier (Mistletoe Montana Book 3) by Hope Ford

I don’t do forever. I don’t do Christmas.
And I definitely don’t do emotions.
I was a foster child that never had a home, never celebrated a birthday and never felt loved.
So when my troops get a Christmas tin full of cookies, I send a thank you email.
That’s what you’re supposed to do when you get a gift, right?
But before I know it, I’m writing back and forth with a sweet, young woman that has hearts in her eyes.
I wish I could give her what she wants, but I know that’s not me.
She’s too young and too happy for the likes of me.
She’s better off without me and I’m better off alone.
That is, until she shows up at my door and gives me a glimpse of what I’ve been missing.
I can be her Christmas Soldier… but now I’m wondering how I’m going to let her go.

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Oct 172020

The Aussie Next Door (Patterson’s Bluff Book 1) by Stefanie London

American Angie Donovan has never wanted much. When you grow up getting bounced from foster home to foster home, you learn not to become attached to anything, anyone, or any place. But it only took her two days to fall in love with Australia. With her visa clock ticking, surely she can fall in love with an Australian—and get hitched—in two months. Especially if he’s as hot and funny as her next-door neighbor…

Jace Walters has never wanted much—except a bathroom he didn’t have to share. The last cookie all to himself. And solitude. But when you grow up in a family of seven, you can kiss those things goodbye. He’s finally living alone and working on his syndicated comic strip in privacy. Sure, his American neighbor is distractingly sexy and annoyingly nosy, but she’ll be gone in a few months…

Except now she’s determined to find her perfect match by checking out every eligible male in the town, and her choices are even more distracting. So why does it suddenly feel like he—and his obnoxious tight-knit family, and even these two wayward dogs—could be exactly what she needs?

Excerpt The Aussie Next Door by Stefanie London

Tears sprang to Angie’s eyes so quickly, they caught her off guard. Oh, hell no. She hadn’t kept herself together all through that meeting this afternoon only to lose it now.

She spun around to face the sink—now more concerned about her emotions than the big black dog in her tiny kitchen. Why did she have to act like a melodramatic teenager in front of Jace now? He was pretty much a level of adulthood she could never hope to achieve. He always had a cool head about him. He was quiet and composed, thoughtful. And hot…so hot.

Like, exactly what you think a sexy Australian guy should look like kind of hot.

Blue eyes, sandy hair. Crooked Hemsworth smile. Tanned skin. Shoulders broad enough to carry the world. She’d seen him in board shorts a number of times and knew that what he had going on under his usual T-shirt and jeans was the stuff of her horny dreams.

Holy freaking physical perfection, Batman.

Except that he most likely thought she was a mess of a human. Which, to be fair, she was. Call it a by-product of the fact that she had only one mode of operation in dealing with nervous energy: grin and bear it. Or, as was more accurate, grin and verbal diarrhea.

In the case of Jace Walters, that meant flitting around with a too-big smile and starting conversations about literally anything that popped into her head. Like that one time she suggested he plant cacti instead of annuals, because they were easier to care for. Except that he should be careful because this one time she fell on a cactus, and pulling the prickles out of her leg was torture. But that it would definitely be worse for a guy because their nether regions were so much more exposed. Which had been super awkward, so then she’d changed the topic and started talking about how strange it was that eggplants had nothing to do with eggs.

She cringed remembering how he’d stared blankly at her. Sometimes it seemed like he had no idea how to react to her or what to say, but who could blame him? She talked sixty miles a minute and changed conversation topics like the wind.

Jace cleared his throat. “Should I go? I don’t want to…intrude.”

“No, stay. Please.” She cursed herself for the desperation in her voice. Warning: stage-five clinger. She turned around and offered him one of her too-big smiles. “I mean…it’s been a long day. I could use some company, actually.”

Falling apart was not an option.

He absently scratched his chest, as if he wasn’t sure what to say next. Then he blurted out, “Want to help me look for the other dog?”

She blinked. “You lost him already?”

“I didn’t lose him,” Jace replied, frowning. “I…misplaced him.”

Angie let out a half laugh. “Sure. I can help with the dog hunt. We’re looking for the little one, right?”


“And you’ll lock up the big one.” She eyed Tilly warily.

“Yes, I’ll lock her up.”

“And you’ll let me make you a cup of coffee after.”

A crooked smile pulled at Jace’s lips, making a dimple form in one cheek. “Sure.”

“Give me a second to change.” She darted off to her bedroom and quickly wriggled out of her pencil skirt and blouse. She wanted to burn the damn things—useless talismans that they were. She reemerged in jean shorts, a white T-shirt, and thongs…which she still couldn’t say without giggling. Although now, not even the Aussies’ funny word for flip-flops could lift her spirits. The meeting today had left her feeling like a husk.

Like someone had hollowed her out and taken a match to her future.

You could always find a bloke to marry. I wouldn’t be totally opposed to the idea.

Paul’s words swirled in her head, but she shut the thoughts down. There was no way she could marry a guy for a visa. She’d always known she would marry for love—because her life would have been very different if she’d had love…from anyone.

No way would she shortchange herself where that was concerned.

Not even for the life of your dreams? Not even for the chance to live anonymously and happily?

No. She deserved more.

“I’m outside,” Jace called, and Angie jogged through the front door, then slammed it shut behind her. “Big dog is locked up.”

“Well, that is a giant relief.” She also didn’t love small dogs. Angie didn’t hate them, of course, but she’d had such a bad experience earlier in life that she’d never bonded with any other dog since. “Okay, Dr. Watson. What’s your read on the situation?”

“How come you get to be Sherlock?”

“Because Sherlock would never have lost the dogs in the first place.”

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Sep 072020

Wild Child by Audrey Carlan

The newest sizzling romance from Audrey Carlan, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Calendar Girl series.

Twice my life changed in a single day.

The first was when I lost my parents. Hand in hand I walked with my big sister up the steps of Kerrighan House, a foster home for girls. We were lucky to be met with open arms and a house filled with children just like us. Children who’d lost everything. From that day forward, we were raised as one big family. Our bonds of sisterhood were strengthened through shared experience, pain, sacrifice, and love. Sisters not by blood, but by choice.

Soul sisters.

The second day my life changed was on the worst day of my adult life. My boyfriend broke up with me via text. My sleazy boss hit on me, forcing me to quit a job I desperately needed. And the cherry on top, was getting pulled over by an FBI Agent. Little did I know, he’d also save my life that night.

From the moment we met, Agent Fontaine wouldn’t dare let me out of his sight. And between his alpha ways, kind brown eyes, and heroism, I was lost to the man who hid behind his job. But this agent had a rule: never fall for a woman you’ve saved.

Yet I wasn’t just any woman. I was known among my sisters for taking risks and dreaming big. I was the wild child of the group. We were raised to appreciate every day as the gift it was, and not let anything stand in our way. The more I got to know the brooding, serious FBI man, the more I realized maybe it was my duty to save him.

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May 282020

Love the One You Hate by R.S. Grey

Nicholas Hunt is the man I hate.
For good reason.

His opinion of me is tainted by prejudice even before my arrival at his grandmother’s estate, and my first impression of him is just as abysmal.

His arrogance and icy demeanor make it clear that he’s the type of man who’s best handled at a distance.

Fortunately, space shouldn’t be an issue inside this Gilded Age mansion and its lush gardens. If I stick with the servants and he keeps to his sailboat and vintage Porsche, we should hardly cross paths at all. Unfortunately, at Rosethorn, I find that all roads eventually lead to Nicholas Hunt.

Sparks fly as we spar at the dinner table. Fighting words are flung in the shadows of the palatial halls.

We hang suspended in our hatred of one another, painfully oblivious to the heat and tension that build with every moment we’re left alone. We’re liable to kill one another, I think…right up until my eyes land on his lips and a new feeling grips hold of me: lust.

What’s worse?
He knows it.

They say you should keep your enemies close, but when Nicholas tightens his grip on my waist and draws me near, I’m not sure if it’s out of loathing or love.

One thing’s for sure—I intend to find out.

In typical RS Grey, this book was a fairy-tale like.

Maren is 23 and she has had a pretty bad hand dealing with life. When she was just 13, she was left in the hands for fate, after her parents died in a car accident. Now, she is taken under the wing of Cornelia Cornwell, a very wealthy woman who decides to change Maren’s life.

I couldn’t help but waiting for the other shoe to drop and discover a hidden reason for Cornelia’s intentions, but she was genuine.

At the Rosethorn Estate, Maren is taught to behave lady like and accompany Cornelia through her social affairs. But, when Nicholas Hunt, Cornelia’s grandson learns about Maren, he has to chase her off. It doesn’t help the background check he has on her.

This book was set in a world of highborn upper class, where we get a glimpse of what it could be.

There are some things I have felt were a bit stretched, like Cornelia being in her 80’s and the epilogue is after 10 years. I feared a sign of illness, but nothing there. Also the fact that nobody questioned Nicholas wanting and having Maren. I expected a lot of social scrutiny, but again, nothing of that.

All in all, this was a good time and I enjoyed the world RS Grey built in her book.

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May 182020

Black Tangled Heart (Play On #3) by Samantha Young

The New York Times Bestselling author of the On Dublin Street series and As Dust Dances delivers a dark, sexy and emotional standalone romance about love, revenge, and surviving both.

To my siblings, Jane was a friend. A pseudo-sister, the girl we grew up with.

To me? She was everything.

Our passion consumed us.

When our world fell apart, I thought our love would be the thing that held us together.

She was the love of my life. But she abandoned me when I needed her most.

And I’ll never forgive her.

For years I’ve been planning my revenge against the people who took everything from me.

Jane won’t be an exception. I’m coming for her.

She knows it.

She says she wants to help me serve my version of justice on the people who hurt me.

I’ll let her.

She probably thinks it will save her from me.

It won’t.

The book is Out May 14th.

Will go live in Kindle Unlimited on Day of Release.
*This is a complete standalone. The Play On books are connected by the theme of the arts industry, not by characters.

I am a BIG FAN of any books that Samantha Young writes. I discovered her through her On Dublin Street Series and continued to read and one-click every book after that.

The story in Black tangled Heart does justice to her Play On Series, where every book can be read as a standalone because the series connects on their love of art.

Jane Doe has been a foster kid and life was not easy for her. When she meets the new kid, Lorna, that moves in her neighborhood, she is immediately thrown into a best friendship she cannot refuse because she was raised to believe she cannot be loved. With Lorna, comes her sister Skye and Jamie McKenna.

Jane has had a crush on Jamie since she met him, but it will take him a couple of years to notice her. After all, they have a 2 years difference. They have to keep their romance alive while dealing with life, betrayal and a lot of hurt.

50% of the book is about how they came to be Jane and Jamie. After a terrible twist of life, Jamie is thrown in jail for a crime he did not commit. The Jamie that goes out of prison, is not the one Jane loved as a kid. Now he is out for vengeance, and he thinks Jane has also wronged him.

I feel like a just read a movie script and 2 books in one. I spent the whole night finishing this one and my heart is still breaking for a love so pure as theirs.

To be fair, book 1 and 2 of this series were better from my point of view, but that is just because the trope in those ones are a hit for me.

If you are a newbie I wholeheartedly recommend to start at the beginning. Trust me, it’s a fantastic read.

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Apr 262020

Reckless Love (Hard to Love #2) by Kendall Ryan

One reckless fighter.

One night of passion he can’t forget.

The battle between sex and love is fierce and unrelenting.

And love is about to knock him on his ass.

Reckless Love can be read as a standalone novel, but is a follow up to the New York Times and USA Today bestseller Hard to Love.

Long Version:

Cage fighting always came first for him…
Ian’s life is full of sacrifice. His intense training schedule means brutal workouts, no drinking, and worst of all, no pussy. But it’s all worth it because he’s about to go pro. When a tempting young nurse starts working at his gym, he can’t escape the dirty desires clouding his mind, and it’s driving him crazy. He’d love a taste, but he needs his focus now more than ever.

She’s kept her heart on maximum-security lockdown…
Growing up in foster care, MacKenzie learned early on that love was something other people experienced, something she’d seen but never felt. When she meets sexy cage fighter, Ian, she expects nothing more than a one-night stand, but he walks away before they seal the deal. Now she’d like to forget the night they almost hooked up. But she’s just taken a job working at his gym, and despite her efforts to move on, his allure is overpowering. When Ian gets injured, they begin working together on his rehabilitation, and their one-on-one physical therapy sessions are so hot they sizzle, leaving them both desperate for more contact.
The battle for their love is about to become a fight to the finish.

Excerpt Reckless Love (Hard to Love #2) by Kendall Ryan

His touch awakened a need in me, one I’d been desperate to suppress, and I leaned into his warm palm. His touch felt so good, so right, that I struggled to comprehend why I’d been holding myself back from this for so long. I stepped closer.

His gaze moved between my lips and my eyes. “What about Chris?”

I shook my head, my bold gaze not straying from his. If only he knew the truth. “What about him?”

“Fuck it.”

Ian curled a rough palm around the back of my neck and guided my mouth to his. His lips barely brushed against mine. His overt strength took a back seat, and the gentleness of his touch surprised me. His hot breath whispered across my skin, causing little tingles of heat to crackle along my skin and down my spine, pooling low in my belly.

A tiny whimper escaped my throat. I needed more. When his tongue lightly brushed against my lower lip, I opened for him. His tongue flicked along mine, dampening my panties and sweeping away all my good sense.

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Apr 142020

Visions of Love (Arden’s Glen Romance #3) by C.M. Albert

Rosalie Alexander never fit in. Raised by adoptive parents in the small town of Arden’s Glen, her mixed Latina skin and ability to talk to the dead kept most folks away. When her radio program takes off and a small TV network offers her an opportunity she can’t refuse, visions of love are the last thing on Rosalie’s mind. But when the town’s sexy young surgeon goes and mucks things up by setting his sights on her, Rosalie’s heart is torn in ways she never expected.

Dr. Zade Zampogna had everything going for him: Sexy? Check. Doctor? Check. Rich? Check. But he missed the excitement of the large hospital he transferred from in order to take care of his aging mother. When she passes unexpectedly, Zade has nothing left to keep him in the small community. Until . . . Rosalie. He knew from the moment they met that she was the one, and he would stop at nothing to win her over.

Despite the charming doctor’s persistent and flirtatious attention, Rosalie doesn’t know if she can trust Zade’s intentions—or if she even wants to. When resistance crumbles, and her visions unearth secrets she’d rather leave buried, will Rosalie grab her one shot at stardom or take a chance on something a little closer to home—love?

Excerpt Visions of Love by C.M. Albert

It was as if Zade was pleading for Rosalie to understand. As if her opinion of him mattered. He was so vulnerable in that moment, opening up to her as if they were equals. She did the one thing she promised herself she wouldn’t do—especially on their first date.

She placed her hands on both sides of his face and she leaned forward and kissed him. It was slow and soft, just a brush of her lips on his. It wasn’t meant to be sexual, it was meant to comfort, to heal. But he wanted more. She found him kissing her back—really kissing her this time. His mouth was warm yet strong, his teeth nipping gently at her lip as he explored, tasting her. Slowly, patiently, lip on lip.

She’d never had girlfriends to talk to about stuff like this, though she’d had her fair share of kisses since her high school mistake. But she had nothing to compare this kiss to. It was familiar and gentle, as if she were remembering the kiss rather than experiencing it for the first time. But when his tongue parted her lips, gently finding hers and connecting for the first time, she felt the spark. The tingle that Brecken always told her she would feel when she found “the one.”

She never believed in it before. And she wasn’t letting her mind even consider it now. But the energy between them was absolutely electric. There was no denying that. His tongue swept along hers slowly, leisurely, despite the heat that was simmering between them. She was tangled up in their shared grief, and their shared passion. She didn’t want to mingle the two, but she couldn’t let go of him either.

Emptiness. She had no one else to grieve with, so she clung to him, her hands finding his hair and deepening the kiss. Before she knew what she was doing, she found herself in his lap, curling into him. Her mouth found his neck, his ears. She rubbed her cheek along his jawline, his stubble shooting spears of lust straight between her legs.

“Rosalie,” he groaned against her hair, as she brought her lips back to his. This time she drew in his bottom lip, sucking it in as her nails scraped his five o’clock shadow while she held his face in her hands. She loved the rough brush of his scruff against her palm and the confident caress of his tongue as it matched her pace—slow and languid, deep and sensual.

It shocked her when he was the one to pull back first, taking a deep, shaky breath. “God, Rosalie. I want you so bad it physically hurts,” he said, pressing himself against her bottom to make his point. Her whole body shivered with anticipation, with desire. “But I want you more than just this one night. And I don’t want to make a mistake taking things too fast.”

Rosalie backed up, sliding off his lap. She ran her fingers through her hair to straighten it, drawing in her swollen bottom lip as she did. She nodded, her mind agreeing that this wasn’t the time or place to take this further. Hell, she wasn’t even the one looking for this—this thing—with him. But logic doesn’t always answer when there’s a knock at the door. And what her heart heard was rejection once again.

She stood up, looking for the sandals she’d kicked off earlier. “You’re right,” she mumbled. “Absolutely right. I don’t know what I was thinking.”

Zade grabbed her hand, pulling her back into his lap. “I didn’t say I didn’t want you, Rosalie,” he growled. “I was actually saying you deserve better than that on a first date. I want to give you more than that—in time. If you stop pushing me away.”

Their eyes met, his searching hers for answers she knew she kept buried deep. “I don’t know how to do this, Zade. I truly don’t. I don’t know what you want from me—but I’m pretty sure it’s not something I can give you.”

“Rosalie, I want nothing and everything from you. I’m sorry if that terrifies you. It terrifies me too. I never planned to stay here, to find someone worth staying for. Arden’s Glen was supposed to be a temporary stop for me,” he said, resting his forehead against hers.

“And it still can be, Zade. Nothing is stopping you.” She leaned forward and kissed him one last time, regret and confusion crushing her heart and making it hard to breathe.

“Take me home,” she whispered.

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Mar 222020

To the End: Hannaford Prep Year Four by J Bree

Joey is dead.

His head was delivered to me in a box, wrapped with a bow and an ominous card tucked inside.

One of the biggest threats has been removed from the board but it hasn’t made us any safer.

The Jackal has teamed up with the notorious sadistic killer Joseph Beaumont Sr. to take my family out, sure that we’re responsible for the death of his favored child.

The body count is only getting higher.

Can I get us all through graduation alive?

And who the hell is sending me heads in boxes?

Title: To The End (Hannaford Prep #1)
Author: J. Bree
Publication Date: March 20th, 2020
Shelves: Contemporary; Romance; RH;
Format: Kindle (352 pages)
Rating: 10/10

I have waited this book since I figured out in book 1 that I would devour this series too soon and March was a faraway date.

It was bittersweet to know that this book will be the end of this group of characters I have come to love, but J Bree did a fine job at including new characters and plan a bit for the new series to come.

I am fairly certain we will see more of their family in the next books.

The beginning was a very looooong foreplay and I expected something bad to happen at any point during the book. I refuse to read spoilers and I hope you do the same because it was totally worth it.

Ash becomes the man I hoped for and I loved how he was with our girl, Lips. I like that Harley is ever the protector, but I feel Blaise was a bit left out. I know he’s the rock star, but he proves himself to be an asset, so the family is strong ‘til the end.

Avery and the Crow will have their ups and downs and we don’t know anything else, because they will have their own book, but apparently someone will have to work harder because a 3rd wheel just attached himself to their wagon.

I hoped I piqued your interest in starting or finishing this one, because J Bree has become one author I will one-click from now on.

Oh! And I think when we go and chat in the spoilers thread made by authors, I think they read them and their evil mind comes up with ANYTHING else other than our suspicions.

Evil. Evil, I tell you!

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Feb 232020

Make Your Move (Hannaford Prep #2) by J. Bree

I’ve won over the queen of the school but now her brother hates me and he’s out for my blood. He thinks I’m a spy, he thinks I’ve aligned myself with the sociopath drug addict who walks the halls with murder on his mind.

Every choice I make is being watched, there are more eyes on me than the privileged guys who want me gone.

If I survive the halls of Hannaford Prep I still have to face the Jackal.

The game is only just beginning and now I need to make my move.

Title: Mave Your Move (Hannaford Prep #2)
Author: J. Bree
Publication Date: October 1st, 2019
Shelves: Contemporary; Romance;
Format: Kindle (320 pages)
Rating: 10/10

Finally, we have some action in this book, but still PGish. I love how well written this series is, and the character development is great.

Lips is slowly showing who she is. Hannaford Prep is not read for the Wolf.

When Avery Beaumont realized that Lips is more to what she shows, they call a truce and agree to become friends. Little by little, secret by secret, they become best friends and soon family.

I loved the dynamic of the group, and how the guys fit around the girls. Avery is still the “boss” of them, but how she manages them is quite the show.

Ash, Blaise and Harley soon show feelings toward Lips, but she’s a bit clueless and still a virgin.

I loved every page. I don’t know if there were any errors, because the plot is so catchy that you read and read and devour the book.

Some readers say it’s a dark romance, but since it involves gangs and drugs and murders, I get the dark part, but until reading that it wouldn’t cross my mind to recommend it as dark. Yes, all of the have dark past and it will be mentions, but explicit scenes are missing.

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Jan 042020

The Opposite of You (Opposites Attract #1) by Rachel Higginson

I’ve sworn off men.

All men.

Famous last words, right? You’re expecting some epic tale of reluctant love and my dramatic change of heart? Well, you’re not going to get it.

I’m stubborn. And headstrong. And I’ve just survived the worst three years of my life. After escaping an abusive boyfriend to live in hostels and cheap hotels while I worked my way across Europe, I’ve come to two conclusions.

The first? Now that I’m back home, I’m going to squander my expensive culinary degree on a food truck that caters to the late night drunk crowd.

The second? I’m going to prove to the bastard across the plaza that my street food is better than his fussy five course monstrosities.

Killian Quinn might be Food and Wine’s Chef to Watch Out For. He might have a Michelin Star. He might have every food critic in the city wrapped around his too-large fingers. But he’s also pretentious and unbearably arrogant and the very opposite of me.

So he can keep his unsolicited advice and his late night visits and his cocky smiles. I want none of it. Or him.

I want the opposite.

Title: The Opposite of You (Opposites Attract #1)
Author: Rachel Higginson
Publication Date: March 30th, 2017
Shelves: Contemporary; Romance; chefs; foster home;
Format: Kindle (302 pages)
Rating: 8/10

The Opposite of you is the first book in a new series of standalone books Opposites Attract.

Vera is a professional chef with dreams of opening her restaurant one day, but unfortunately, she was in an abusive relationship with a man who did not allow her to grow. She was being kept small, that is until she managed to leave him and go in search of herself. She ends up owning a food truck while hiding from the world so that her ex-boyfriend doesn’t find out about her.

“You’re all mystery, Vera. Half-truths and bold statements, but you hide everything about you. “
Across from her gourmet food truck, Killian Quinn is as famous as he can be, running a successful restaurant. They start on the wrong foot, but soon a sweet friendship / romance blossom between them.
“I hate you almost as much as I hate salt.”

His lips twitched with an almost smile.

“You don’t hate salt.” He stepped closer. “And you really don’t hate me.”

I enjoyed their chemistry and how they connect through dishes along with sweet notes and jokes about them. I love the world of cooking in a book, but when it’s wrapped in a good story, it’s a good read for me.

Killian has a brother Ezra and Vera has a best friend. Honestly, I can’t wait to read Molly and Ezra’s book – The Difference Between Us.

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Dec 202019

Fahrenheit (The Power of Three Love #2) by Leigh Lennon

The Red Head
Growing up in foster care, I never had a family I could call my own. I’d finally found my place in this world. The only problem, it was in the arms of not one, but two men. Two distinctly different men I’d never be able to choose between.

The Doctor
Finally, I’d found the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. We were deeply in love. There was only one catch. She loved another, too. A surprising compromise was thrown my way. We’d share her, in a committed relationship. But, sharing wasn’t my style. Until, that was, I started to long for him just as much as I did her.

The Fireman
My redhead seductress had laid claim to my heart, along with the good doctor. He denied loving me but I would catch him watching me, with the same hunger in his eyes as he had for the woman we loved. They are both mine, he just didn’t know it yet.

Excerpt Fahrenheit (The Power of Three Love #2) by Leigh Lennon


“Hell, Scar,” I began, “those tacos are almost as delicious as you.” That earned me a laugh by both Jordan and my redhead seductress.

“I know, I’m awesome like that.” She smirked. “You should see what else I can do with my hands.”

“Is that supposed to be a challenge?” Jordan asked.

“I meant in the kitchen, boys. Get your head out of the gutter.” Scar stood, grabbing the plates to clear the items from the table.

As she attempted to snatch my food from in front of me, I spun her around and pulled her onto my lap. “Nope, you aren’t clearing the dishes, Scar. You cooked. Anyway, I think there’s something more important we might need to take care of. You with me, Doc?”

He looked around at the dishes on the table. I should have known the type A personality of our doctor wouldn’t let him concentrate with a mess. “Doc, work with me here.”

He stood, moving to where Scar was sitting on my lap, her skirt offering easy access. “Um, yeah, I can let a dirty kitchen slide this time because I have many dirty thoughts of you on my mind, Red.”

I loved his analogy. It was something a control freak would say to make him feel better about leaving a mess. And it was cute. Fuck, I wanted to dirty him as much as he wanted to dirty Scar. “Good one, Doc. Let’s get our girl upstairs.”

“Nope, I have plans for her right here.”

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