Dec 212020

Rebel Priest by Adriane Leigh

From USA Today Bestselling Author Adriane Leigh comes a searing standalone love story with a jaw-dropping twist…

When the bottom finally falls out of Tressa Torrado’s life and she’s given an eviction notice for her one-bedroom walk-up, she lands at the first place that’ll have her–and the last place she’d expect to find herself.

Father Bastien Castaneda is trained to heal the wounded of his flock, his warrior strength and mysterious moral fortitude as intoxicating as any superpower. Soon they’re working side by side together–chemistry simmering to a boiling point as two desperate hearts find the will to live again while forbidden love lights like lighter fluid in their hearts.

But it isn’t long before secrets so explosive come to light it torches the very foundations of their belief, and only time will tell if theirs is a love strong enough to survive the inevitable fall.

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Dec 112020

Cry Wolf (Pack Heat Book 2) by Sam Hall

Pick your lifelong mates, work out what Jedi mind tricks the black wolf is using on your mind and save the town you’ve come to love: it’s all in a day’s work for Jules.

Jules has been living the good life. She went from penniless and uncertain about her future to being able to turn into an incredibly strong paranormal wolf creature, living in a cute little town. Oh and with an expectation that she should create a harem from the many, many hotties fighting to be by her side. So how did it all go wrong?

Firstly, the heat has died down and so has the non-stop sexcapades, but Jules is now left with a group of guys who are starting to want a whole lot more from her. Mating bonds are permanent, usually for life and she’s not sure who to make that commitment to. Then there’s the black wolf. Lurking in his prison, he shouldn’t be able to touch Jules, so why is he entering her dreams, then creating chaos in life, all in pursuit of some mysterious goal he refuses to share? And to cap it all off, Sanctuary is under threat from hostile forces from beyond the trans dimensional gate.

Join Jules for the continuation of her story and see her fight for love, freedom and the town she now calls her own.

Cry Wolf is not a stand-alone. You will need to read A Wolf At My Door for this book to make sense. It contains 18+ very steamy scenes that make it not suitable for kids.

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Nov 232020

One Night Mistake (The One Night Series Book 2) by J. S. Cooper is renamed as :

Roommates with Complicated Benefits

What do tequila, furry handcuffs, shame and a 6”2 hot man with a black eye all have in common?
They were all in my bed last night. Well, shame was there this morning.

My asshole roommate up and moved out and rented her “room” to some guy her brother’s coworker’s cousin “knows really well.” The aforementioned roommate thinks we’ll get on like a house on fire. I tell her I don’t think anything related to fire is a good thing. Especially as this guy and I will now quite literally be sharing the same room, with a divider for “privacy.”

Sounds bad, right? Well, it gets worse.

Ethan Huntington is the most annoying, frustrating know-it-all, pompous jerk, I’ve ever met. I did try to be open and ask him about himself when he moved in. But his responses consisted of, “Ask me no questions and I’ll tell you no lies.” Yeah, okay. Cue major eye rolls as I walked away from him. It only made me angrier when I heard him laughing as I slammed the door; as if he’d gotten the last laugh.

He thinks he’s God’s gift to women, just because he’s hot. I can’t lie, I’ve seen him without his shirt and let’s just say, he got more than my heart racing. But that doesn’t mean I’ll succumb to him. No way. Well, that was the plan. Until that night. When we decided to play a few rounds of cards and drank way too much. Sure we had one night. But that’s all it’s going to be. I’m not going to let my one night mistake stop me from going out and meeting Mr. Right. Even if Ethan is still living with me and I can’t get him out of my mind. And then the first letter arrives and it changes everything. Maybe that one night mistake was just the beginning of something really special.
Publication date : February 23, 2021.

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Nov 072020

HIM. by L. L. Ash

I finally had my baby girl back home, but she came with a little baggage in the shape of her best friend. I could deal with that for some more time with my daughter. Only problem is, Bay’s not exactly what I’d expected. I’d been through hell and back with my ex, but even that didn’t compare to the turmoil that girl causes me. My stomach aches every time she’s in the room with me, and we’re drawn like magnets, but she can never be anything to me. Bay is young, vibrant and beautiful, and totally off limits. My daughter’s best friend has finally injected some color back into my dull life, and I can’t seem to give her up.

It was financial desperation that had me moving in with Georgia’s Dad. Her and I had been friends since we were kids, but with her parents long divorced, I’d never met the man. Now, with my boxes unpacked and my backpack ready to start college, I was settling down into a room across the hall from her, and her dad. The man is sin, wrapped in work boots and a blue collar, and I can’t help but capture him in the frame of my camera. It was blaspheme to let such perfection go to waste when it could be encapsulated in film forever. But then he became more than a subject, he became my muse. Right or not, accepted or not, I had to have him. And nobody could stop me.
Nobody but HIM.

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Nov 052020

Midnight Guardian by Tamara White

One night destroyed my life.
One bite turned me.
One truth, long buried, will change everything.

My life used to be so simple. After all, humans don’t have to worry about the creatures that go bump in the night. But after one fateful night, my world is turned upside down. I lose my home, my family and my humanity, all in one fell swoop.
After learning to live life in a world completely foreign to me, I thought life would finally get better again, that maybe I could even be happy. But being betrayed by someone I love pushes me back into the darkness and I embrace the rage that comes with it.
With a council of supernaturals after me, I have to be careful and stay off the radar as I hunt down anybody who would harm a human. When the council catch my trail, I have no choice but to take refuge in a place they’d never look for me.
Midnight Society, the place all turned supes go to learn the basics. The place that might just hold the answers to what makes me so different…

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Oct 282020

Gone Nerdy (Cousins Gone Series Book 2) by Katrina Marie

What happens when your one night stand becomes your new roomie?

When it comes to men, Tiffany doesn’t get attached. She has seen a broken heart and will do anything to keep hers intact. Her live life to the fullest mentality has her bouncing from bed to bed with no commitments until the one night stand, Spencer, she thought she would never see again walks through her door, surprising them both.

Though excited to have the chance to be around her, it becomes apparent that Spencer wants more from the fiery redhead living steps from his bed. Will they or won’t they? And can the girl with her walls up let in the one man who could be the one?

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Oct 212020

How the Mind Breaks by Dani René

USA Today Bestselling Author, Dani René, brings you a dark, psychological romance a twisted ending you’ll never see coming!

A dark past. A devastating secret. Two broken people.

Tia is focused on revenge, but she knows everything isn’t what it seems. With a painful past that continues to haunt her, she needs vengeance. As her sanity becomes more fragile, there’s only one person who can heal her. But it’s the one person she doesn’t want to allow inside her shattered psyche.

Braxton has been trained to kill, fighting on the front line. On returning home, he finds another war ravaging his world. Tia stumbles into his life, unraveling parts of him he’s kept hidden for so long.

As they venture through a dark, sordid path filled with vengeance and blood, they know there’s no way out, but to complete their mission.

Will a broken mind mend a shattered heart?

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Aug 252020

Alarick (King’s Descendants MC #1) by Bella Jewel


Briella’s life has never been perfect, but she’s always been exactly where she wanted to be. When her mother marries into the King’s Descendants Motorcycle Club, everything she thought she knew is about to change. A world she didn’t even know existed is going to consume her.

Her new step brother and friend, Alarick, is the only thing that keeps her sane as she begins to learn that the life she knew and trusted, and the life she’s now living, are two very different things. As she discovers the club, and all the dangers it holds, she finds herself tangled in a world she can’t even begin to comprehend.

It’s dangerous. It scares her.

He’s dangerous. He scares her.

Their love will become toxic. Their hearts will become entangled.

Everything about him will make her question herself.

When tragedy strikes, Briella knows she needs to run. Needing freedom and time away from the pain more than she needs anything else, she leaves her family behind, she leaves him behind, and starts her life anew. However, like all good things, an end is in sight to her new found freedom and she’s forced to go back home to the place she vowed never to return.

A place where Alarick is now President.

A place where her sister is now missing.

A place where so much pain hides in the darkest of corners.

A place where secrets and lies fill all the broken gaps and happiness is a deadly trap.

A place where he does not want her.

Briella will return with her own secrets.

She will have to face the man she ran from.

She will discover everything she thought she knew was a lie.

She will enter a world that is so much darker than she remembers.

She will go back to where it all began, to the King’s Descendants Motorcycle Club.

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Aug 212020

Betwixt (Betwixt & Between Book 1) by Darynda Jones

A Paranormal Women’s Fiction with a bit of class, and a lot of sass, for anyone who feels like age is just a number!

Divorced, desperate, and destitute, former restaurateur Defiance Dayne finds out she has been bequeathed a house by a complete stranger. She is surprised, to say the least, and her curiosity gets the better of her. She leaves her beloved Phoenix and heads to one of the most infamous towns in America: Salem, Massachusetts.

She’s only there to find out why a woman she’s never met would leave her a house. A veritable castle that has seen better days. She couldn’t possibly accept it, but the lawyer assigned to the case practically begs her to take it off her hands, mostly because she’s scared of it. The house. The inanimate structure that, as far as Dephne can tell, has never hurt a fly.

Though it does come with some baggage. A pesky neighbor who wants her gone. A scruffy cat who’s a bit of a jerk. And a handyman bathed in ink who could moonlight as a supermodel for GQ.

She decides to give it three days, and not because of the model. She feels at home in Salem. Safe. But even that comes to a screeching halt when people begin knocking on her door day and night, begging for her help to locate their lost objects.

Come to find out, they think she’s a witch. And after a few mysterious mishaps, Dephne is beginning to wonder if they’re right.

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Jul 162020

Long Road Home by Lyssa Cole

An emotional new standalone from Lyssa Cole about a hard journey to a second chance at love while battling addiction.
Can the road to home ever be too long?

When I left town, I was young and dumb, lost in a haze of drugs and partying.
When that haze lifted, it knocked me down, toying with my life.
I came back home. A different person. A shell of myself.

He was there. He was always there. And, I couldn’t stop myself.
His sweet words, his warm arms, his soft kisses. It was like I never left.
He drew me in, under a spell, made me feel loved.

But sometimes, love is not enough. Sometimes, addictions take over. Or, sometimes, it’s simply our pasts…
Mine came back, rip roaring through town, bringing with it the reminders I’d buried.
Would Josh still love me when he found out all of my secrets? Or, will our second chance be shredded into so many pieces, we’ll never be able to pick them all up?

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Jun 292020

The Guy in the Middle (The Underdogs Book 3) by Kate Stewart

Now an amazon TOP 50 bestseller!

From the bestselling author of The Guy on the Right comes a heartwarming, steamy, second-chance romance. The Guy in the Middle is BOOK THREE of The Underdogs Series, but can be read as a stand-alone.

I was born to play and bred to win.

My priorities were instilled in me early on—family and football. Those ideals led me to TGU and a coach whose ironclad principles mirrored my own.

With one last college season to play, my goal was singular—get drafted. By realizing my NFL dream, I could save my family, our ranch, and the only home I’d ever known.

Two birds, one ball.

Playing hard was my only option, but there’s always a wild card.

For all of my planning and hard work, I never anticipated falling for the coach’s daughter. Harper was a fair catch, but who knew loving her could be the one play to throw my career before it started or that the weight of our secret would change the game.

The Underdogs Series order
The Guy on the Right
The Guy on the Left
The Guy in the Middle
*The Guy in the Middle was previously published as a short story (34k) in an anthology but has been expanded to full length novel of 107k words, including an extended epilogue.

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Jun 142020

The Bloody Bride (The Rocchetti Dynasty #1) by Bree Porter

In between the towering skyscrapers of the Windy City, there lives a dark underworld where loyalty, violence and blood are all that matters.

Sophia always knew her marriage would be arranged and out of her hands, but when her husband-to-be is nonother than the notorious Alessandro ‘The Godless’ Rocchetti, prince of the Rocchetti family and Capo of Chicago Outfit, she finds herself falling into a nightmare.

The arranged marriage begins bloody and the violence does not end on their wedding day. Sophia is forced to navigate her new family, her grief, and the brutal world she knows. As well as dealing with her dangerous yet intriguing husband.

Secrets and threats surround her from the Feds and criminal world alike. Including the strange occurrences surrounding her sister’s death…

This is the first book in The Rocchetti Dynasty, and ends on a cliffhanger. The second book is set to be released in May.

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May 092020

Surviving Plagues (Artemis University Book 3) by Erin R Flynn

My name is Tamsin Vale. I’m the last known fairy and I haven’t gotten busted on that yet. I passed my midterms, which seemed like an impossibility a few months ago given I didn’t finish high school and I’m working on that at the same time. But with a lot of hard work and the support of people I’ve helped and new friends, I’m building a life I didn’t think I could ever have.

It’s still an adjustment. I mean, a few months ago I thought I was human with powers and now I’m hooking up with a dragon prince. Oh, and there’s my powerful warlock professor that I’m also involved with. It’s all casual and fun, but I wonder if it would be more if I was able to connect with them emotionally.

Is it even really smart to try given what else I’m facing? I mean, I am trying to save all of Faerie and find out what happened to fairies. It’s killing me not to know and to move at a turtle’s pace, but one false move and I’m dead… Along with all hope of them returning to this world with me.

Hey, who doesn’t love to work under that kind of pressure?

Artemis University is an ongoing hot burning reverse harem, university-age paranormal academy series with darker elements, strong language, violence, and a heroine who follows her own moral compass of what is right… And who she ends up giving her heart to.

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May 052020

Throne Taker (Heart of the Nebula #3) by Heather Long & Rebecca Royce

Everything in Khloe with a K’s life changed when she crashed into the side of a food truck. Now with Earth in the rearview mirror, her future lies with Briggs, Goran, Reese, and Dalton. Forging their bonds was only the first step, but will it be enough to sustain them in the face of new challenges?*Please note, this is a reverse harem and the authors suggest you always read the forwards in their books. This is the third in a trilogy.

Excerpt Throne Taker by Heather Long

Chapter One
Someday, I expected to look back on the day I arrived on Charbodey with some kind of fondness. A nostalgic reminiscence about my first look at the palace, the first moment I met my sister, the first steps I took on an alien world. Whether it was really alien or not, it was alien to me. On that far-distant day, I would probably take Reese’s hand, threading our fingers together to take a walk along this promenade in the great gallery overlooking the ballroom.
It had a ballroom.
Anyway… I digressed.
I could do this. I would hold hands with Reese, and we would walk together, perhaps even pretending that this was nothing different than that first walk we’d taken after I ran into a food truck. Had that really been over a year and a half ago? Almost two years, maybe. My sense of time had been screwed with the hibernation and the garden and the Mesothelae.
Sorry, I kept digressing.
I didn’t mean to let my mind wander, but I had trouble following every conversation I’d been forced to endure. Briggs was there, never more than two steps away, but none of my visitors—guests?—talked to him. They spoke to me. Goran was nearby, as was Reese. I could feel them. But they weren’t right with me, they were somewhere in this great huge room swelling with people, and more were coming.
Apparently, the arrival of a new queen triggered a grand party, and everyone who was anyone had been parading through the doors to be presented. I’d met about a third of the people here, and it had been six hours since we’d landed.
I think six hours, at least, that was the translation I parsed from the nanos interpreting the chronometers. They had a series of numbers, but when half the time I couldn’t remember whether California was ahead of or behind Texas, I was not even going to try and guess what was happening on Charbodey.
The nanos said six hours, then by God, let it be six hours.
My feet hurt.
My head hurt.
And I really wanted a drink.
Preferably alcohol, even if having it would make the headache worse later.
Yet, every time someone—read servants—had come by to bring me something, Briggs intercepted them and turned them away. I wanted to ask him why, but they were all muting me or something. Or maybe there was just too much noise in the room. My sister kept cupping my elbow and guiding me on to the next group and the next.
I totally missed the title of the man my sister presented. I was not to shake anyone’s hands, nor offer mine to them in any way. This, my sister had hurriedly informed me as we made our way from the ship—oh, I missed the ship. Was it still out there on that bridge? I’d have liked to head back and climb right aboard. No, I was to keep my hands in front of me or at my sides.
Gesturing, she said, was fine, but I should limit them until we’d had some time to go over the formal protocol. Particularly because some hand gestures were rude. Well, good to know some things were universal.
“Your Majesty,” the man said as he bowed. “I am honored to make your acquaintance. We have worked tirelessly with your sister, the Regent, to maintain prosperous lands in these tumultuous times, and I would be honored if you would appoint me to your council.”
“Yes, as I understand it, everyone would be honored.” Probably not the most diplomatic thing to say, and I had long since stopped looking to Kristiana for approval. She had the most unreadable resting bitch face I’d ever seen.
Grace would have adored her.
Hell, Grace probably had adored her.
Irritating habits or not, I kind of liked her. She’d been blunt and direct. Right up until she wasn’t. So there was that.
Still, I was supposed to be meeting all these people, and a good impression could save me a lot of grief later. Waitressing 101, the customer was not always right, but by God, you could make them feel important and that was effective.
“What intrigues me most,” I told him, focusing on him as I smiled. “The collective wisdom of my people is vast, and I am eager to learn more about each and every one of you.”
Fun fact, when I smiled, these people actually gave me a little space. Apparently, my sister’s resting bitch face didn’t intimidate them, but a warm and open smile did.
Wow, did they all need some attitude adjustments around here. Dour didn’t begin to cover it, and it was too damn pretty to be this depressing.
“I would be honored to share wisdom with you.”
“I appreciate the willingness to share.” Oh, had I learned my lesson with the Mesothelae. “But I think I would prefer to handle it myself. You’ll both have to excuse me,” I said the last to include his wife, who looked bored to tears by the whole thing. “Find food and drink for yourselves, hopefully, there will be some music soon.”
I didn’t bother to wait for a response, I’d gotten a little turned around when I first made it up here, but I needed air and a break—and a drink. If Briggs wanted to keep stonewalling me, then I’d do it myself.
There was an open door with the sky visible through it, and I strode for it. Kristiana had reached for my elbow, but nope. I was done with being steered around like I was a toddler. I understood throwing me in the deep end to see if I could swim, but I could also just get out of the damn pool and sit on the side for a moment.
Briggs was half-a-step and closing as I stepped through the archway and out onto a balcony overlooking the city.
Then the roar of the crowd below threatened to deafen me.
I jerked before I caught myself. There were so many people down there.
“They’ve been waiting to see you.”
I could have cried. “I was just looking for a moment of peace.”
“I know.” He took my hand in his. “I can feel it. But not here, obviously. Raise your hand and wave slowly. Then we can go.”
I did as he said. The action was so surreal, and inside of me, two conflicting emotions warred. One was an utter embarrassment—it felt like I was in some kind of parade, and I had to amuse the crowd—and the other was anger. I hadn’t done anything but survive. Why were people celebrating me for that?
Reese appeared behind my shoulder. “It’s all set, and it’s safe. I’ve checked in three times.” He spoke in a low voice. “But I’d like it if you’d check it again, Briggs.”
“On it.” My guardian squeezed my hand again. “That’s good. Come along. We’re going to our quarters. For a break. I’m going to take us the long way to avoid your sister, temporarily.”
Reese nodded. “I’ll run interference. Get her out of here before anyone notices. Where is Goran?”
“He has the generals all lined up already. Couldn’t even get through the welcome reception.” Briggs tugged, and I followed him.
It seemed like we went through a million twists and turns before we finally walked through a large mahogany door that Briggs quickly shut behind me. He placed his hand on it, and a second later, a loud click sounded.
He turned with a loud sigh. “I’ve set it up so that right now, the only people who can get in and out of here are us. It’ll open for Reese, Goran, Dalton, you, and myself.” Striding away from me, he went to a computer on the wall. Turning, he gave me a grin. “You know how the ship was connected to you?”
It had practically purred. I was going to miss the vessel. “Sure.”
“Well, think of this as your ship here in your quarters. Come put your hand on it so it can code you in.”
I joined him, placing my hand over the device where he indicated. A warm sensation coated my fingers, and it quickly turned on.
Briggs kissed the place where my neck met my shoulder. “It’ll answer to the four of us, but it is yours. You can override us if you wanted.”
That was good and fine, but I didn’t even know what it did. “What kinds of things will it do?”
“Anything. Deliver your food. Pick out your clothes. Remind you of your day. Locate anyone on the planet you’d like to see. Send directions to anyone. You could literally never leave this room if you didn’t want to. But I think after you’ve had a shower, something to eat, and slept—in other words, tomorrow—I think you should absolutely jump back to it.”
I blinked. “Briggs, I thought I was ready.”
“No one can be ready for that, not really.” He smiled at me just as Reese entered through the mahogany door. I jerked. The door was probably not mahogany. We weren’t on Earth. That was going to be a different material altogether. My nanos perked up inside of me. Yep, not mahogany but another tree. Also a reddish material and…
I really didn’t care. The point was not the tree, the point was that everything had changed, and I needed to remember that. I didn’t know a thing.
“Has anyone heard from Dalton?” His absence was not going to make this any easier.
“Not yet, Little One,” Reese said as he swept across the room and wrapped an arm around me and began nudging me toward another door. “Briggs is going to fetch you a meal and a drink…”
“What was up with that?” I halted to glare at Briggs. “Nothing. I got to drink nothing. I had to keep talking to all those people, and they were eating and drinking and I couldn’t. Is there some law about monarchs eating in public?” God, I sounded like a petulant two-year-old, but I had been starving, surrounded by strangers, and I didn’t know where Dalton was.
“No,” he said, his expression intent. “But I have no idea who prepared any of it. Nothing passes those lips that hasn’t been tested. Go with Reese, Dear One. I’ll bring you a full meal, as familiar as I can put together for you.” He brushed the hair away from my face and pressed a kiss to my forehead. “I promise you, it will get better.”
I wanted to believe him so much. “I’m hungry.”
“I know.” And I swore, he was laughing at me without laughing.
Reese rubbed his hand in soothing circles against my back. Even my star clusters had dimmed and barely shifted. “We do, Little One. Briggs will bring you a feast, and I’ll hand feed it to you if you wish.”
If it wouldn’t have completed the image, I think I would have stomped my foot. They were trying to placate me, and I was stretched so thin, it was like every nerve inside me jangled. If I’d woken up and arrived for every college final in the last five minutes, I couldn’t have been more upset.
So I settled for asking, “Do you have chocolate?”
Vibrations quaked along the link, they were both laughing at me but neither showed a trace in their expressions. “I know something you’ll like,” Briggs promised. “Trust me?”
“Yes.” Then I gripped his face and kissed him fiercely. “But no sex for you tonight because you starved me for hours. You have to wait until tomorrow.”
His eyes held mirth despite my chastisement. “As you command, Wife.”
A shudder went straight through me, rupturing the tense chains pulling on every nerve. Wife.
I loved the sound of that. Reese wrapped a warm arm around my middle and drew me back against him. “Does Briggs have your leave to go, Wife?”
Briggs shot a playful, if brief, glare at Reese before looking at me, his expression expectant.
“Hurry back?”
“With due speed.” Then he was away with a flash, and I barely saw the door open before he was gone again and the door closed. The definitive clank of the locking mechanism engaging echoed behind.
Reese nuzzled at my temple, his fingers spreading over my bare abdomen. I closed my eyes and just leaned into the contact. The star clusters began to swirl and stroke their way over my skin, a brush against my nipples then writhing a path down to my thighs.
“I thought I was going to take a shower.”
“You are,” he whispered. “And I am going to help you take this edge off, Wife.”
That title again, and I shuddered, squeezing my thighs together. This was so much nicer than the party. Better. Some of the tension eased from my shoulders, and I glanced up to find him watching me with shining eyes. “Then have me, Husband.”
The flare of his pupils expanding matched the rush of pleasure through the link. With gentle fingers, he caressed my cheek. “Quiet your connection to the others.”
I sent a rush of love to each of them, even silent Dalton, a kiss of affection, then muted them. Not so much that I couldn’t hear them if they truly needed me—or they me, if I needed them, but so we wouldn’t overwhelm them with our activities.
Reese scooped me up and carried me toward the bathing chamber.
My mouth dropped open. It had been carved out of the stone, as if technology and plumbing had fused with the marble and natural rock. A huge bathing pool and a genuine waterfall of a shower took my breath away.
I think something in me melted.
With a soft chuckle, Reese set me down and began to remove my clothes. The tightening of the clusters on my thighs dragged my attention to him as he knelt to pull down my pants.
“Hi,” I whispered, as even more of the wildness itching under my skin quieted.
His mouth pressed to mine. “I think you will find the water is exactly the right temperature for…”
Goran’s arrival in the chamber—well, his stomping really—interrupted. He kicked off his boots.
Reese and I both stared at him for a long second. I cleared my throat. “Are you okay?”
“They’ve all gotten weak, disorganized, and it cannot stay like this.” He took off his shirt next, disrobing all of his clothes before he hopped into the tub. “If the generals are this bad, I can’t even begin to imagine the men. This is going to be a huge project.”
I stood, taking off my undergarments, winking at Reese as I did. He rose, following suit as he also stripped. Looked like we were all bathing together. I stepped into the water, sighing as the liquid surrounded me. Reese had been right. The water was the perfect temperature.
I swam over to Goran, sitting in his lap. Reese squeezed in next to us. “Tell me more about what’s wrong with them?” As stretched thin as I’d been, Reese had soothed me, and now I would soothe Goran.
Goran groaned. “I can’t think with you on my lap like this. All of the blood from my brain has rushed to my nether region.”
I snorted, the laugh taking me by surprise. “Guess it might be as much a problem if I shifted like this.” I deliberately squirmed on his lap, and he moaned. With a grin, I crooked my finger for Reese to come closer and kiss me.
He obliged.
In this oasis, I could pretend I was still on the ship. Reese’s lips were warm and welcoming. I pressed back against Goran while I kissed Reese. With my hand, I stroked Reese’s cock. He was as hard as Goran felt against my back. It wasn’t going to be long for either of them, but I was wound up tighter than a ball of string.
Running his hand over my hip, Goran dipped his fingers between my legs, but I locked my legs against his wrist and leaned away from Reese for a moment. Goran blinked as I studied him.
When he tilted his head, I smiled. “You can sit there and relax. You’re very tense.” The sense of him touching the link made my smile widen because his expression grew contrite.
“You muted us…”
Reese pressed a kiss to my shoulder, laughing. “We thought you would appreciate not coming in front of the generals. Little did we realize you would be too preoccupied to notice.”
Goran actually went a little red. Shifting on his lap, I cupped his face and kissed him lightly.
“I’m sorry, Bright One. I can—”
“Sit right there.” I nipped his lower lip. “You’re not the only one in a mood.” And I had to wonder if my mood had affected Goran. I still had him muted as I did Briggs. I hadn’t shut off the connection to Dalton, though it was silent and dark. He’d quieted me. “I want you to relax. Can you do that for me?”
Then there was the issue of Goran’s lack of sleep. All things to be addressed. But Reese glided his hands against my back, and Goran’s gaze lingered on my breasts as he eased his hand from between my thighs.
“I can wait,” he promised. “Though I don’t know how you expect me to relax.”
I laughed and then kissed him again. “Because once I’m relaxed, I’m going to relax you.” With one last kiss, I leaned back against Reese. His mind tickled at mine, the sense of him.
Do you really want to tease him?
It’s only a tease if I don’t make it up to him after, and I want you… It was really that simple, it seemed years since Reese and I had been alone.
Suddenly it hit me. It had been years. They had all been with me, but I craved the time with each of them. I’d had it with Goran, Briggs, and Dalton when we began our journey, and I’d been with all of them together a couple of times, but in truth, we’d spent so much of our time together apart.
The jangling of my nerves had quieted, and the headache pounding behind my eyes receded. I was still hungry, but I could wait for food. I couldn’t wait for Reese, and I wanted Goran with equal fervor.
“Then let me do this.” Reese tugged me away from Goran to run his hands over me in the water. He had me stand at one point as he washed my legs, my hips, abdomen, and then my breasts. The whole time, Goran leaned back and stared at us. When his hand drifted toward his very stiff cock, I shook my head.
He made a face, but then planted his hands back on the side again. Head tilted, I smiled as Reese stood behind me, then massaged my shoulders and leaned me back for a kiss. “Now we’re going to step out, and you’re going to lie on the bed.”
The heat of Goran’s gaze followed me as I stepped out of the pool and into Reese’s waiting arms. He tracked me as Reese toweled me off. When Reese linked our fingers to pull me into the other room, I glanced back at Goran and crooked my finger.
With a groan that sounded equal parts tantalized and tortured, he rose out of the water, and I grinned as I drank in the sight of him and the very erect cock straining upward toward his belly. Reese caught my chin with two fingers and pulled me around to look at him. “Now you’re teasing me, Wife.”
Inhaling deeply, I wound my arms around his neck and met his kiss with open eagerness. The soft delve of his tongue requested access, and when I opened to him, the sense of him flooded me. The star clusters began to roll across my skin, dancing as they rearranged themselves, the clouds trailing like ghostly fingers lighting me.
Then Reese’s hands were on me as he lifted me up and then lowered me to the bed in one sharp movement. I laughed as I landed amidst the covers. It was like being buoyed on a cloud, and at the same time, I stared into the laughing eyes of my golden god—my healer.
A foolish smile stretched my face, and I reached for Reese, but he was already nudging me back down, light hands on my wrists keeping me still as he kissed me. With ever gentle fingers, he glided his touch along my arms just as the star clusters tightened on my nipples like a kiss, and my whole body arched. All the teasing in me fled as he nudged my thighs apart; his skin on mine was so delicious.
With his lips at my ear, Reese whispered, “My wife,” and pushed inside of me in one relentless thrust. As wet as I’d been, it wasn’t what I expected, and God, he filled me, stretching me, the sudden delight of his pleasure sparking my own. Then he kissed me as he pulled out, only to thrust back in.
His energy danced over me as his body filled mine again and again, driving the last several hours, the questions, the frustrations—all of it—from my mind.
He kissed my face, my cheeks, my nose, and still he rocked into me, and I held on as he chased away the bruised and worn bits, flushing them shinier and new. Suddenly, he changed the angle of his thrust, and I was so close, so close…
Lifting his head, Reese’s eyes glowed as he met mine. He caught my chin in his hand lightly, then turned my face so I could see Goran, standing there, riveted.
Caught between a laugh and cry of delight when Reese began to suck against my ear, his thrusts growing fierce and more demanding, I couldn’t look away from Goran.
Every thrust shook me, twisting me higher and higher. “Wife,” Reese said. “My wife.”
“Husband,” I answered, gripping him even as Goran’s hot eyes stared into mine.
With a sudden twist of his hips, I was crying out at every thrust. My thoughts shredded, and the flood of blue hazed through me as I tasted Reese in every part of my being. I could feel Goran’s mental fingers tickling at the link. Opening it, I struggled to keep my legs around Reese while I dug my nails into him. Then Reese kissed me, and the world went white and brilliant.
Our mouths fused together as Reese’s pace doubled, then he whispered against my lips, “I love you, Khloe. I love you, my wife.”
And I was lost; I came with a scream, the orgasm ripping through me, even as I dragged Reese over the edge. His breathing was so loud as he pulsed inside of me, and I was where I belonged.
We just breathed. That was all that I could manage right then, and it seemed Reese was the same. After a while, I left him lying on his back, his eyes closed. He was almost asleep. I turned my attention to Goran.
He smiled at me. “There is nothing like watching you.”
I climbed on top of his lap, straddling him. “I imagine your generals are going to be so much happier to have you back after you’ve had a full night’s sleep.”
He shook his head. “That’s never easy for me.”
“I know, but now that we’re not hurtling through space, you are going to get into a regular sleep, wake cycle. That is me telling you that, not just as your wife—which I am—but as your queen—which I am—and as a person who loves you and wants you to be healthy.”
I kissed down his body, scooting back as I did. He was hard, and I smiled up at him a second before I took him into my mouth. He jerked against me.
“Khloe.” Shock laced his voice.
“Shh.” I licked the tip of his cock, taking his head slightly into my mouth. He tasted salty and all male. My mouth watered, and I wanted more. I might be slightly out of practice. I doubted Goran was going to complain.
Inch by glorious inch, I took him farther and farther down my throat. He moaned, an unabashedly loud sound. I loved undoing Goran. He was fantastic when he was stiff and on alert, but when he let his guard down, there was nothing as wonderful as my big, strong warrior coming apart.
I found a rhythm that worked. There was no way I was getting all of him into my mouth or down my throat. He was simply too big for that, but as I did my best to deep throat him, I covered the bottom of his cock with my hand. When I could, I played with his balls.
He gripped the bed. “Khloe. I… I…”
Yep, I knew what was happening to him. It was just what I’d wanted. I took him deeper, once, then twice. He pulsed in my mouth until, with a suddenness that surprised me and thrilled me all at once, he came. I drank him down for long minutes, not letting go until he softened.
Lifting my head, I grinned at him. He raised his hand, and I took it, letting him draw me to him. “Give me a second.”
I shook my head. “No. Not tonight. Tonight, you are going to close your eyes, and you are going to sleep all night. That’s what is happening tonight.”
His eyes were half closed already. “Khloe, I…”
“I am perfectly safe.” I kissed his chin. “I promise.”
Reese hadn’t moved, except that he slept with his eyes closed now, his breathing deep. Goran finally let his close. I stepped back to look at both of them. They were beautiful like that, my men, out cold on the bed.
I made my way back to the bathtub and used it to clean myself up. I grabbed a bathrobe and clothed myself in it. Walking back out to the bedroom, I stopped and watched the guys for a long moment. They were actually snoring. I smiled. They never did that.
They were both utterly exhausted. This was a new place for me, a world of things that were new and stressful, but for them, it was finally coming home. They’d been gone for a very long time and wanted me here with them all the years they’d been here.
I leaned in the doorway. A presence behind me had me turning around. Standing in the room, coated in darkness, was Dalton.
I closed the door to the bedroom and padded over to him. “I didn’t hear you come in.”
“That is the idea.” He drew me to him. “I should be staying away entirely, but I can’t. I needed to see you with my own eyes. Briggs will be back momentarily. But I had to have this moment.”
I folded myself around him and buried my face against his throat. The cool leathers were thick under my fingers, the many straps biting against me through the silky fabric I wore. And I didn’t care.
“I missed you.” Longing collided with loss, both swirling up the scrapings of my earlier temper. “The reception was hell.”
Hyperbole? I didn’t care. It had been awful.
“No one would let me eat, and I met so many people.”
A soft chuckle brushed against me as my darkness enfolded me, the rush of him spilling through what few jagged pieces remained. “Part of why I came,” he teased. “I can’t resist that temper.”
Leaning away, I peered up at him, and my mouth fell open. The darkness swirled around him; we were wrapped almost completely in his shadow, and yet, light glowed off of me, populating the darkness with hints of the stars.
“This is what you do to me,” he told me, a smugness in his voice. “The void has always been welcoming, but it’s too empty without a piece of your light.”
Cupping his cheek, I rose up on my tiptoes, and he ducked to meet me halfway. The brush of our lips wasn’t about passion or desire—though both simmered—this was hope and heart and happiness.
He sighed as I pulled him into me and threaded myself through him. Then he pressed his forehead against mine and curled a lock of my hair around his finger. “Briggs is coming,” he warned. Oh. I had him muted still. But I waited because the sense from Dalton was that he had come only to see me for these few precious moments. “He will feed you food deemed safe. Pour wine for you that will only sweeten your palate. You will never eat at grand receptions, my queen, my life, my love…”
“Your wife,” I reminded him, and his grin was a sunrise in the shadows.
“My wife.” Another sigh escaped him. “Listen to your other husbands, trust us. We will never let you be harmed…”
He kissed the tip of my nose. “I know, Khloe, I love you, too. I have to go.”
My heart squeezed, and I clasped his hands. “Come to me again.”
His expression tightened, but almost immediately, he relented. “I will—look for me in the darkness, Sweet One. I will find you.” Then with a brush of his finger against my cheek, he was gone, like he hadn’t been there at all.
The doors opened, and Briggs motioned a floating tray—no, a hovering tray—laden with spicy and sweet foods that almost immediately perfumed the air, preceding him. Outside my doors were men in the uniform of the guardians. Not a single one glanced inside as the doors closed.
Briggs glanced at me, his expression wary and cautious.
I’d been so terrible to him.
“I’m sorry.”
He shook his head. “You’re starving. Come. I’ve got delicacies for you that you’re going to love, including alcohol that won’t make your head hurt.”
I gawked at him. “I’ve never had that.”
“Well, you’ve never been home before.”
I walked over to the tray, and it sunk to the ground in front of me. I stared down at it. “Am I supposed to eat it on the floor?”
“We do, usually, here.” He sunk down to one side of the tray. I did the same. Eating on the floor was common here?
Briggs continued. “The dining room table isn’t a thing. We sit, cross-legged, on the ground.”
My nanos showed me pictures of people doing this in my mind. I blinked. “That would be one of those things I wish I knew.”
But I wasn’t going to argue about it. Not when I needed to eat. “Do you use silverware?” I didn’t want to be rude, and I didn’t see any.
“Not for this kind of food.” He picked up what looked like noodles in his fingers and placed them in his mouth. He closed his eyes like it was the best taste he’d ever had.
I did as he did and tasted the food. It was savory but also sour. I nearly choked on the taste before I managed to swallow it down.
Briggs winced. “No good?”
With tears streaming down my face from the sour I tried to speak. “Intense.”
I could already tell… this was going to be a hard adjustment.

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May 022020

Phoenix Falling (Phoenix Series Book 1) by Melody Anne

We all have a vision in our head of what the world is like. We have that same vision of our countries down to our communities. We even have a vision of what our family is like. But the reality is that we know nothing.

That might seem a little harsh, but it’s so true. We only know what we see or research. We only know what we’re taught. Some might reach beyond what they’re supposed to know, but still, we can’t figure it all out until we’re put to the test.

When all is peaceful and right in the world, we go about our days without a thought of what tomorrow might be like. Sure, we dream of the future. We dream of getting older, of getting our driver’s license or our first kiss. We dream of having children, or traveling the world. We have a vision in our head of what we see as our own kind of utopia. But our vision isn’t the same as the person next to us.

So who’s vision will come true? Is it truly the meek that will inherit the earth, or is it the strong? Is strength brutal force, or a whisper in the ear? How are we supposed to ever learn these answers if they aren’t taught to us. We can look at history and try to right wrongs. We can say we weren’t happy with the way we were raised, and decide to raise our own children differently. We can damn the government and run for office to do it how we see fit. But what makes my ideas better than yours? What makes my vision of the world the correct one?

This was previously released in 2012 as Midnight Fire; Rise of the Dark Angel. Significant changes were made in deleting and adding material and changing the storyline.

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Apr 232020

Say Yes by Lucia Franco

I broke all the rules.

He knows my true self.
Our relationship is far from a game.
I’ve never felt this close to a man.

James Riviera is everything I never knew I wanted. Powerful, sexy, alluring, and completely mine.

Now he wants to make me his wife.

I only have to say yes and I’ll have forever, but forever isn’t as lasting as people believe.

*Say Yes is a 200+ page companion novel to Hush, Hush, and should be read in order.

Excerpt Say Yes by Lucia Franco

Chapter 1
Sleep eludes me as I fight off this horrible headache.
I turn over and curl onto my side. Light from the cracked door spills across the bed and I place a pillow over my face to block it out. Sleeping in a pitch-black room has always helped in the past, but this time it isn’t working. The main cause of my headache is stress. I’ve had so much on my mind lately I’ve hardly slept.
I yawn and close my eyes, feeling the pull of sleep finally taking me under. I’m nestled under a pile of blankets when a door outside my room slams, startling me awake. I gasp and my heart seizes in my throat as my bloodshot eyes widen for a split second. I lay in silence for a moment, my eyes growing heavy and I begin to drift off again, until I hear James yelling from the other room.
“You tell that little fuck he has one last chance to come clean with me or I’m dropping his case, and he can go beg another lawyer to take him on pro bono.” A pause of silence. “Reece, I was paraphrasing… Yeah… I’m not in the mood. Remind him I was the fifth person he spoke to who finally said yes. He’s facing life in prison. Let him know if he doesn’t come clean with everything by the time I get back, I’m dropping him. All I need is two minutes with him and I’ll know if he’s lying.”
I swear I can feel James’s tension through the walls. My heart is saying go to him while my body is urging me to wait.
He’s quiet as he listens to Reece, and I catch the clatter of ice cubes falling into a snifter. The glass meets the marble countertop with a sharp clink and the lid pops from what would only be a bottle of cognac. I know him like the back of my hand. He’ll give it a little spin after he pours and take a quick sip before he responds to Reece.
I move the pillow off my face, stretch my arms above my head, and inhale. My body is desperate for sleep, but I want to see James more.
“Thanks, Reece. Just stay on top of it. I’d hate to drop him, but maybe it’s time he learned a lesson.”
After a pause, James lets out a lively laugh.
“Yeah, she’s here. Stop thinking about her like that, you fuck,” James says, and I know he’s joking. “Yeah, I’ll tell her you said hi. All right, man, yeah. See ya later. Thanks again.”
A tired smile tips my lips. I like hearing them banter. James and I had discussed the possibility of bringing other people into our bedroom since we are officially a couple now, but we’d both decided it was best if we didn’t. Reece has been trying to get us to recreate that hot night the three of us shared a few years ago, but James and I always say no. We’re both comfortable in our relationship and don’t feel the need to bring anyone else into it.
Quite frankly, I’m not sharing him.
James’s footsteps echo as he strides down the hall toward our bedroom. I sense his riled presence and see a shadow appear before he opens the door and pushes his way into our room.
I love when he calls me Val. Normally, a sly smile would curl my lips and my blood would rush with desire of what’s to come at the sound of that nickname.
But today I just want someone or something to put me out of my misery. Maybe I’ll see if Natalie will bring me her weed pen. He doesn’t hit the light switch because he knows I have a headache from hell, so he leaves the door open just enough to be able to see me.
Wide steps eat up the distance. James is standing at my bedside, looking at me with a piercing gaze like something is simmering beneath his skin, itching to come out. The contrast of blues in his eyes always come out when the lights are turned down low. He places his glass on the nightstand, then leans down to press a kiss to my forehead. My eyes close and I smile, even though he can’t see it. I love his forehead kisses. Reaching for him, I wrap my arms around his shoulders and pull him to me, making him climb into bed. He comes to me without hesitation.
James is positioned on his side so he can spoon me, but I curl up next to him instead and nuzzle his neck with my nose. I need to feel his body pressed to mine. He wraps a strong arm around the back of my neck and scoots closer to me. I guess he needs me too.
“Feeling any better?”
“Mmmmm,” I hum under my breath, then nod.
“Are you?”
“Yes, it’s a dull headache now, but a lot better. It helps being in your arms.”
I release a sated sigh and burrow myself into his chest. Being in James’s arms is the only medicine I need.
“I would’ve come home sooner if you needed me.”
Angling my chin up, I press my lips to his and feel his salt and pepper beard tickle my skin. I shake my head and say, “Not necessary. Everything okay at work?”
James hooks my knee with his hand and scoops my leg around his hip so that I’m partially laying over him. A little purr vibrates in the back of my throat at feeling the heat of his body warm mine. He lays his hand at the crest where my thigh and hip meet and gives me a good tug.
“It would be if this client of mine would get his act together. This kid doesn’t seem to comprehend that he’s facing life in prison. He thinks it’s a joke and figures since he’s got my firm to rep him, he’ll walk scot-free. Too bad it doesn’t work like that.”
“How old is he?”
“That’s unfortunate,” I say quietly. “Hopefully he’ll come around. He only has so much time before he seals his future with bars.”
James is quiet for a moment. I know he’s stewing over the situation and that it bothers him. Attorneys are taught to leave their emotion at the door, but they’re humans too, and occasionally, a case gets to them.
“Yeah, I hope. I’d hate to see him wind up as another teen statistic, and that’s the route he’s going down.”
I don’t like the sound of hopelessness layering his words. James is a good man with a good heart. He’s constantly offering a helping hand to anyone who needs it. To see him troubled to this degree bothers me and causes this need to unfurl through me to take his mind off things.
My palm glides over his wide chest, feeling his strength beneath the expensive material. A fire burns inside of me at having someone like James—the strong and silent type—hold me like I’m the only thing that matters in this world.
Pressing into him, I roll against him until he’s lying on his back. I rise to my knees and straddle his hips. I lean over and linger above his mouth, purposely arching my hips back with a sexual slide of my pussy. James grips me, his hands come to rest on my rounder hips.
“I heard you call out to Val when you walked in,” I say, my voice taking on a huskier tone. I know what he needs, and I want to give it to him. James needs his mind taken off work and what he can’t control. He needs someone to take the reins and make him forget his own name.
I’m that girl.
I reach for his black tie and slip my middle finger through the knot to loosen it, then pull it off completely. My touch searches for the black buttons of his dress shirt so I can remove it too.
James slips his hands under the oversized shirt I’m wearing and presses into my skin as I undo his buttons. His hips give a little surge into mine, causing a tide of tingles to flow through me. My body turns lax for him, and my eyes roll shut at how divine his hands feel on my skin.
“I did,” he murmured.
Val. We made a deal when we officially started dating almost two years ago. When I become Valentina for the night, all cards are off the table and I am at his mercy. Not that I’m not every other night, but on Val nights, it’s different. We’re different. I don’t say no. I wear what he wants me to wear, and he is relentless all night. Anything I’ve voiced about liking or wanting to try with him, he gives it to me. Being open with our sexuality is what drew us together in the first place. Happy sex life, happy wife. That’s the motto, right? Although I’m not his wife, it’s pretty much the same thing. James loves that he makes me happy. He even walks around with a goofy grin on his face all the time.
At first, I worried that Valentina was who James wanted and not Aubrey, but he’d assured me that wasn’t the case. He said he liked to change things up a little, and I couldn’t fault him for that. Who doesn’t? I know I do. He was open and honest with me. It keeps things interesting and fun for us. I never know when he’s going to call out for her—it’s always a surprise—and I never regret it. Usually, I’m eager for the next time before we’re done.
“Only if you’re up for it,” James says.
Move aside, Aubrey. Valentina’s up.
“I’m always up for you,” I say, dropping my voice to match the mood. James loves when I go full Valentina on him.
My fingers reach the last button. I push his shirt open to reveal the colorful tattoos on his chest. For fifty-six, he’s in better shape than most twenty-year-olds. Brawny, virile, and still hot as sin. James Riviera is all mine. It’s hard to see the actual designs in the shadows, but I know the colorful swirls of ink on his skin by heart. My palms slide up his abs, feeling each rib of muscle, then over to his pecs. I scoot down to undo his belt, but he reaches out to stop me before I can even pull it free.
My eyes snap to his. Without saying a word, James flips me over so he’s looming above me. He pulls me in with his steel gaze like there’s something he has to say, and I’m lost to him. He lowers his body and gives me his weight. My fingers thread through his hair while I revel in the touch of his bare chest between my thighs.
“Val can wait until this weekend,” he says, and my brow creases in confusion. “We’re going to Tahiti for a week. I already have it set up and cleared your schedule with your assistant, and I made sure the cats are well taken care of.”
My eyes widen in surprise, my heart rushing fast from excitement. Before I can respond, James says one more thing that makes me a goner for him all night.
“Right now, give me my Aubrey and let me make music with her body.”

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Apr 222020

The Unfairfolk (Valenbound Book 1) by Sara Wolf

A promise made is a promise kept, until the very end of all death.

Sixteen year old Lilith Pierce’s mom is getting remarried. Which, sucks. To one of the richest men in Europe. Which, honestly? Sucks a little less.

Lilith’s warily stoked – after Dad disappeared, it’s been all tears and police visits and sleeping pills for Mom. So, yeah. She’ll suck it up for seven months and get shipped off to the ultra-luxe, ultra-selective Institute Le Silvere – a prestigious boarding school in the Swiss Alps – while they honeymoon. How hard can it really be? It’s not like she’s got maybe-permanent hypervigilance, or anything.

It’s not like the woods around the school are maybe-alive.

It’s not like she’s being stalked by a man with glowing red eyes.

It’s not like the neighboring village whispers that all the students are cursed.

It’s not like resident model Ciel Lautrec is the most beautiful boy she’s ever seen, or anything. Too beautiful to be human. So beautiful the hypervigilance shuts right up. It’s not like she can’t handle Silvere’s self-appointed, self-conceited lawkeeper slash bully Alistair Strickland. Because she can. She can handle it all.

She’s always handled it all. Because she’s Lilith-fucking-Pierce.

And the forest knows that best of all.

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Apr 192020

The Secrets We Keep by Mia Monroe

Only a jerk would steal his sister’s man.

I told myself it was a harmless crush on my very straight, future brother-in-law, until one night we crossed a line.

Everything shifted as forbidden passion simmered between us, but we vowed to keep it buried and our family intact. I saw the cracks between them, but for some reason, breaking up wasn’t an option. I didn’t know then how many things we all hid.

When it all collided, the decision we made changed everything.

And if the truth comes out, the secrets we keep could destroy our lives.

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Apr 182020

Saddler’s Surprise (Saddler Series Book 4) by Nicole Rodrigues

Gwendolyn James

The Georgia peach that’s man hating on what was supposed to be her bachelorette weekend, is the perfect solution for me. When your soon to be wife is caught in a compromising position with one of your employees, what’s a man to do? Fire her, fire him and take that honeymoon to Aruba by yourself. Cue Gwenny and our broken hearts, using paradise to soothe the pain, on the most unforgettable weekend of my life. Turns out I couldn’t forget it even if I tried. What happens in Aruba doesn’t always stay in Aruba.

Elijah Saddler

The man I didn’t plan for. My “bachelorette weekend” was supposed to consist of me drinking away my sorrows, hating anything with a penis, but sometimes life doesn’t go according to plan. In walks suave and sexy and swept off my feet I go. Our hot weekend on the happiest island in the world left me a lifetime souvenir.

We come from two separate worlds but can we build a bridge, and make this new dynamic work, or are we doomed for it to burn to the ground?

This is book 4 in the Saddler Series. Each book follows a different Saddler sibling and can be read as a standalone although for better enjoyment, should be read in order.

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Apr 172020

Hate You Not by Ella James

I didn’t know I was that person. You know—the one who gets the kids. But that’s what the will said. June Lawler: Legal Guardian.
My niece and nephew are 6 and 9, and all they’ve ever known is San Francisco. I arrive the day after the wreck, pack up my sister’s mansion, and fly them back to Georgia.
The small-town farm where their mom and I grew up isn’t what it once was, but it’s home. That’s all they really need.


I was courting an investor when it happened. Tromped all up and down the Himalayas, and he didn’t even buy in. It was a week before I found out what I’d lost. My little brother meant the world to me. Now even his kids are gone.
Spirited away to Heat Springs, Georgia—population 298.
They’re living on a farm that’s half a breath from bank foreclosure with a 26-year-old who didn’t finish high school. Nowhereville is not the place for little Mastersons. But I’ll get them back. It’s the money she must want, and I’ve got lots of that.
“June Bug” Lawler is poorer than that red dirt she comes from. I can make her dreams come true—and do one last thing for my brother.

I hate him.
She makes me crazy.
He thinks he can buy me off! I’ve never met a man so arrogant.
There’s no woman anywhere more stubborn.
I wish I had never met him.

But that’s not the story.

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