Jul 122021

Animal Instincts (Gilded Knights Series Book 3) by Emilia Finn

Thirty year old veterinarian Beckett Rosa runs a small town animal clinic. When he isn’t at his beloved home away from home, Lakeside Animal Hospital, he spends his time mixing it up and basking in the beauty of the single life.

He’s an insufferable flirt, a proud ladies man, and completely incapable of toning down his over-friendly demeanour for the sake of not making a scene, but what happens when Tabitha Lawrence—plain, smart, and in a committed relationship—applies to work at Lakeside?

Tabitha breezed through her degree and boasts a number of years experience as a vet. Not to mention, she’ll be the first to point out the graduate certificate framed and hung on her wall—with honors, of course. But when she moves to a town that requires only one vet, she settles for the far inferior position of ‘assistant’, though she holds high hopes to soon join her new boss in the examination room.

It will only be a matter of time before Beckett sees her competence and begs her to join him.


Unfortunately, Tabitha’s plans go wayward when Beckett has no interest in bringing in a new vet. Instead, his demands lean more toward coffee collection, phone answering, and social calendar organizer, and he has zero guilt that the dates he forces Tabby to schedule tend to rhyme; Jana, Lana, Drama.

Tabitha refuses to play a role in Beckett’s disastrous circus act, but when she sets out to inform him of that, more than animal instincts activate.

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Jun 112021

Chasing Fire (Gilded Knights Series Book 2) by Emilia Finn

Though he’s the youngest of five brothers, Lieutenant Nixon Rosa is the protector of his family. He isn’t afraid of the heat, and when he’s working as a small town fire fighter, he’s always the first on site, and once his crew is safe and accounted for, the last to leave.
But what happens when he meets Idalia Mazzi, the Italian beauty with too much baggage and a little boy who suffers from a traumatic past?
Idalia has a hotel to run, business to see to, and a high-needs son to care for. She has zero interest in a hotdogging fire chaser who’s quick to smile, and even quicker to tempt fate.
Idalia would rather be alone than date a man who seeks danger on a daily basis. But fate has a way of stepping in and pushing a single mom in the direction she had no clue she needed to go.
The problem is, Idalia isn’t sure she can trust her heart to a man a second time, when she’s already been burned in the past.


The Gilded Knights Series follows the Rosa family; five brothers, and their baby sister, Abigail, who we met in Winner Takes All (Checkmate Series).

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May 182021

The Fiera Princess (Inamorata Series Book 1) by Emilia Finn

Over four hundred years ago, Malachai Noble’s family murdered mine.

Days ago, he personally ordered the death of my best friend, and in doing so, stole whatever future Roman DeLuca and I were tiptoeing toward.

Now I’m Malachai’s prisoner, with no way home, and nowhere to go but forward.

He’s my escort toward execution.

But I go willingly, because the moment I step on to enemy territory, I intend to avenge centuries of sins committed upon my people.

My name is Tallulah Aurelia Della Katarina King, and soon, I’m to be crowned queen of Luméa—but first, I must prove I don’t need a king.

If only the long days, and steamy nights I’ve spent with my enemy in this bloodthirsty forest weren’t making me doubt myself.

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Mar 082021

Redeeming The Rose (Gilded Knights Series Book 1) by Emilia Finn

Life is about checks and balances. People hurt people, and often, they die. Even as a paramedic, I can’t save everyone, but that doesn’t mean I’m not gonna try.

My baby sister was a sick child. Her illnesses were the reason I chose the career I did, but her innocence and fragility also made me a man who refuses to let her live her life without my guiding hand.

My overbearing protectiveness wasn’t an issue until Nadia Reynolds pointed out my toxic ways.

Nadia is honest to a fault, independent to the point of giving me heart palpitations, and so blindingly beautiful, she tempts me to let my sister live her life so I can pursue my own happily ever after.

But to do that, I need to let go of the grievances of my past. Unfortunately, they don’t center solely around my sister’s cancer. With secrets, lies, fortunes, middle-of-the-night intruders, and meddling families abound, I’m left with only two choices: let go of the past and trust, or push on, knowing I could lose those I love the most.

Trigger Warning: The hero of this book is a medical professional, and there are mentions of traumatic injury and death due to his profession. Reader discretion is advised.

The Gilded Knights Series takes place – chronologically – after Checkmate, but before Stacked Deck. But this book and series can be read as a complete standalone.
Publication date : May 7, 2021

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Jan 192021

Busted (Stacked Deck Book 11) by Emilia Finn

Daughter of an over protective world-champion fighter, and shielded by dozens of alpha men, Emma Kincaid was locked in an ivory tower many years ago.

Too bad she shimmied down water pipes the moment she was old enough to do so. Coercing with the devil twins is as natural as breathing to her, and getting into trouble with them is as easy as falling in love.

For Emma, falling in love is easy—it’s a known family trait—but falling out of love may be the hardest thing she’ll ever have to do.
Dealt a tough hand since birth, and accused of being the devil since day one, Rob Hart was punished accordingly, and watched with distrust.

Any time golden girl Emma Kincaid was in his presence, she finds herself in danger.

Or at least, that’s how her father sees it.

In reality, Emma is the courter of danger, the instigator of illegal activities, and Rob is the unfortunate fall-guy who endures the punishments of Em’s misdeeds.

It’s a small price to pay, after all, to be with his soulmate day after day.

Best friends to the death, Rob and Emma know everything about each other: except where their hearts lie, and just when they decide to try something new, Rob’s past smacks into them harder than any explosion that came before.

Rob and Emma are destined to be together, but to get their happily ever after, they must overcome a pain so few in their family know about.

Can friends who want to be so much more see past the shards of destruction engulfing them? Or will their blooming relationship bust before it truly begins?

BUSTED is a love story that spans two decades, two proms, three ex boyfriends, years of potential prison time, one pet food factory, and an explosion that will rock the world and change everything the Rollers have ever known.
Publication date : February 12, 2021

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Nov 282020

Dynamite (Stacked Deck Book 10) by Emilia Finn

They call us the devil twins – a fallacy and unfair assumption on everyone’s part.
Well… mostly.
My name is Luke Hart, and I’m the oldest of identical twin boys. Although I may be responsible for the ‘devil’ in our name, I have no urge to set the record straight and exonerate the innocent half of our pairing.
There’s no point letting the truth get in the way of a good story.
Not so.
Turns out, a judge can get twitchy when you arrive at court with a ‘can’t touch this’ attitude.
Despite my mom’s best efforts, I’ve been served a tidy little sentence that I’ll have to do behind bars, unless I complete my community service and satisfy court orders.
I have until Christmas to finish, but if I fail, I’ll be spending the holidays avoiding the mistletoe in the shared showers in lockup.
It all sounds so easy. So straightforward.
Do the hours, avoid jail.
That is, until Allyson Moore walks in.
Now court orders are the furthest thing from my mind, and decades long family friendships go completely ignored, because I can’t stop looking at Ally’s enchanting green eyes, or her dark red hair the colour of Snow White’s poisoned apple.
The temptation to take a bite is simply too much.
Ally is a rule follower. A goodie-goodie who refuses to bend. Which, to me, is the ultimate challenge.
I want to know what’s burning beneath the surface. I want to see her passion, her fire, her attitude. And not the professional façade she’s so good at putting up.
It’ll be a battle of the wills. My devil, versus her obsession with being perfect.
I mean, rules were made to be broken, right?
Breaking them is how I met her in the first place.

Publication date : January 8, 2021

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Oct 312020

Eleusis (Stacked Deck #9) by Emilia Finn

Princesses are meant to kiss frogs to find their prince – not criminals

William Quinn was labeled a killer years ago. The accusations were false… until now. Forced to choose between an innocent and a monster, he made a quick decision. Now he’s running from the law, leaving behind the woman he’d kill for.

Olivia Conner is a princess in every meaning of the word. Protected by militant security, world champion fighters, law enforcement, and a murderous mother willing to do anything to keep her children safe, Livi’s pedestal is far too high for Will to reach… or so she’d like everyone to think.

Will has been gone a long time, but some temptations prove too much. And even knowing it won’t end well won’t stop him, because cockiness is his crown, and he wears it like a king.

ELEUSIS is a story full of secrets, murder, innocence, and craving the one thing you can’t have. Dive into this action-packed star-crossed romance today, and fall head over heels in love with someone you really shouldn’t.
Publication Date : December 4, 2020.

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Oct 262020

Crazy Eights (Stacked Deck #8) by Emilia Finn

They say he’s a murderer – so she ran.
I say she’s mine – so I must follow.

Even knowing the inevitable pain that’s coming straight for me, I’ll continue to search, to wish, and when I eventually find her, continue to kiss her.

Because when a Kincaid knows, he knows.


Crazy Eights is the conclusion to Jamie and Cam’s story.
Publication Date : November 6, 2020

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Sep 252020

Seven Card Stud (Stacked Deck #7) by Emilia Finn

Jamie Kincaid is a middleweight fighter, born to fighting royalty, and a shoo-in to be the next champion in the world-class Stacked Deck tournament.

He’s a flirt. A romantic. A little too loose with his female companions, so when his cousins casually mention he needs to let one go before he hooks another— they’re not kidding.

But beneath his friendly ways with the female population, is a mission; Jamie is looking for his one true love.

His mom and daddy met when they were just children. So now he has some catching up to do, and if he breaks a few hearts in his quest for love… well, he’s really sorry. He didn’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings.

Cameron Quinn is a cynic born on the wrong side of the tracks, to the wrong family, in the wrong city, and she’s been slammed so many times in life, she knows there’s no such thing a genuine kindness.

There’s always a catch.

When she meets a third generation fighting champion, she’s certain it’ll end with an explosion. So why bother?

Cam is in town for only one week. One tournament. One big payday. Then she’s gone and she can forget all about the olive-tanned fighter with the panty-melting grin and eyes that speak of happiness.

She can do this, right?

She won’t fall for him. She refuses. Because despite what he tells her, true love doesn’t exist.

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Sep 032020

Bluff (Stacked Deck #6) by Emilia Finn

Tucker Morris – affectionately known by his most annoying friends as Chuck Norris – is a lover, not a fighter.

He’s a charmer, with a fast tongue and equal wit. Mechanic by day, motorcycle racer by night, Tucker is magic with his hands, and makes a hobby out of sliding filthy innuendo into as many conversations as he possibly can.

His easygoing manner means he’s able to meet a woman between the sheets, have his fun, then let her go.

It’s a catch and release system he’s enjoyed for years.

But that’s all about to change.

A chance meeting, a savage dog attack, a loaded gun or two, and a whole heap of bad attitude, sees Tucker meeting the one woman he can’t quite find it in his heart to release.

Nora is damaged goods. She’s quiet, undemanding, and enjoys the exclusive company of her Great Dane, a bar of chocolate, and Netflix reruns. Past trauma and the brutal murder of her big sister means Nora doesn’t trust men, especially not the kind she finds in the dark. So what happens when Tucker refuses to step aside and leave her be?

The handsome stranger terrifies her, and yet, Tucker is terrified that if she doesn’t give him a second glance, they might miss out on something special.

BLUFF is a fast paced ride through the backstreets of our favorite town on a beat up motorcycle. This newest instalment in the bestselling Stacked Deck series is heart wrenching, healing, and shows that former monsters can become present day heroes.

But first, Tucker needs to call Nora’s bluff and get her to trust. If only once.

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Jul 172020

No Limits (Stacked Deck #5) by Emilia Finn

Everyone knows Bryan Kincaid.
He’s the guy you wear a hazmat suit around… while carrying a long range cattle prod to enforce a little distance.

Add a Clorox bath to those precautions, toss a little salt over your shoulder, and a girl could probably walk away from his bed without contracting a nasty case of the clap.

Well, that’s the word on the street according to my best friend – aka: Bryan’s former lover, and current scorned woman.

Despite this being a small town, I’ve never met the guy. However, his reputation precedes him, and I know for a fact he’d love to add my name to his long list of conquests.

I would be the perfect trophy for the competitive fighter.

I could give in to temptation – because, let’s face it, he’s sexy, dangerous, and exudes confidence – but going there would land me in a world of trouble from those closest to me.
To bag a Kincaid is the ultimate no-no in my family. But if I break girl-code, I might just find out what makes this brooding, quick-witted stranger tick.

Am I ready to play with no limits?
If I don’t play, I won’t win, but it would be foolish of me to think he’ll be as easy as he thinks I am.

Two families. Two grudges. One winner.

Game on.

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May 082020

Full House (Stacked Deck #4) by Emilia Finn

Featuring the highly anticipated Miles “Iowa” Walker, and…. well, I’ll reveal his leading lady with the blurb. (Which can’t be revealed yet, because of epic spoilers.)
Sometimes, someone walks through your life, and their only mission is to fuck you up so bad that you’ll never be the same again. But there are other people too, they move through your life, and change things. They cleanse the black someone else left. They weave love and kindness and happiness where there was only bitterness before.

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Mar 132020

Game of Hearts (Stacked Deck #3) by Emilia Finn

Listen harder, even when there are no words. Especially then.

Lucy “Bean” Kincaid is the quiet one. The sweet one that never creates waves in her already crazy family.
She’s the second born of her generation, a skilled fighter, a dancing angel, and as selfless as it’s possible to be.

When Mac Blair’s heart gave out seven years ago and he became the recipient of a very special transplant, Lucy changed her life to make sure her best friend’s would be as smooth as possible.

Perhaps, if she never knew Mac, her college degree would lean toward the very thing that speaks to her soul. But that’s not her reality.
Now Lucy is just a year out from graduation, she’s set to become a nurse, and when she’s not in class, she’s intent on making Mac see her as a woman, and not some kind of ornament made only to look pretty and sit upon a shelf.

How many times must she shake her backside in his face before he takes a hint – and a bite?

Game of Hearts is a friends to lovers, steaming hot tug of war between what Mac thinks is right, and what he so desperately wants to taste.

It’s time Lucy stopped being the quiet one in the family.

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Mar 132020

Reshuffle (Stacked Deck #2) by Emilia Finn

The first round is for practice. The second round is for keeps.

She was everything Ben ever wanted. But time, distance, and jealousy made it impossible.

Now they’re adults, Evie is back in town after college graduation, and Ben never once let go of what he knew was meant to be.

Back together in the gym where it all began, Ben and Evie train hard and create sparks that will either start a brand new blaze, or an out of control wildfire that destroys everything in its path.

Preparing for the biggest fights of their lives, training to ensure they’re the best, and rekindling something hot and destined takes a lot of work, but this couple is in it to win.

Failure is not an option.

Strap in for what early readers are dubbing “original, Emilia Finn sports romance perfection.” Get ready for this adrenaline rush, fast paced race to the finals of the first ever Stacked Deck tournament.

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Feb 152020

Wildcard (Stacked Deck #1) by Emilia Finn

Not all girls need a hero. But do all heroes need a damsel?

Evelyn “Smalls” Kincaid is the first of a brand new generation of fighters.
Being the oldest in the family has never weighed on her in the past. In fact, blazing trails and trying new and daring things is what she lives for.

For every wild adventure Evie goes on, for every broken rule and stretched law, her best friend, Benny “Sasquatch” Conner, studiously follows close behind, cleaning up the mess that would otherwise end with a rap sheet or loss of life.

Ben would never allow such an end for the girl he’s loved since the moment she flattened him in her family’s gym.

For a decade, the pair who are equally matched inside the octagon and out, have enjoyed a friendship of explosive highs, and icy lows…

The operative word, and the biggest tragedy of them all, is ‘FRIENDship’. That dreaded zone every man fears, and every woman loathes.

Once children, then teens, now young adults on the cusp of new and exciting adventures, feelings change, hormones rage, and finally , Ben takes a freakin’ hint and kisses Evie back.

From enemies, to best friends, to lovers, “Wildcard” is a story of bravery, lost innocence, and the deepest kinds of love. It’s a story of forgiveness, distance, desperation, and trust. From the author of the best selling Rollin On Series , comes this beautiful coming of age story that proves that if it’s meant to be, it’ll be.

And if not… then maybe Evie’s true love is waiting in a different gym, and his name might not be Ben Conner.

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Feb 142020

Checkmate (Checkmate Series #8) by Emilia Finn

Bishop men are nothing but a plague on this planet, a disease that needs eradication before it spreads.

They’re murderers. Liars. Thieves.

The day I met Colum Bishop, I thought my life was finally turning around. I was led to believe he would be our saviour. He was supposed to be our hero, a long awaited reprieve from the hardships life insisted on throwing at my mom and me. But in reality, he was the beginning of the very end.

Instead of accepting us, he destroyed us.
Instead of saving us, he had us murdered.

But before my final moments, I met a girl. My only ally in a savage war that would eventually end my life.
Elizabeth Tate was the first and last thought that passed through my mind as I lay in an alleyway and finally closed my eyes.

It’s ironic, really, that my name is Gunner Bishop. That makes me his heir, I suppose. But the Bishop kingdom is nothing to aspire toward.

I was born to be great, but my name makes it impossible.

I was born to lead, but my father made sure I wouldn’t grow to lead him.

I have just two more Bishops to take care of, and then I can rest knowing my mother’s death wasn’t in vain.

From a child in alleyway, I must shed and eradicate the filth my name implies, then I’ll emerge amongst the flames and rule the empire I was destined to lead.

I truly hope Libby’s loyalties are not with the man she calls Uncle.

Checkmate is the 8th and final instalment in the Checkmate Series.
Please note, reader discretion is advised. Book includes scenes of violence and sexual assault.

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Feb 142020

Winner Takes All (Checkmate Series #7) by Emilia Finn

o win, is to win it all. But to lose, means you’re all alone.

Spencer Serrano is seven feet of f*cked up. He’s crude, flirtatious, and far more dangerous than his stupid jokes imply.

Abigail Rosa lives her life inside a bubble, placed there by those who love her, kept there by the respect she has for them. She knows they mean well, but the day Spence visits her shop with his filthy mouth and lack of manners, is the day her world is flipped upside down.

Abigail isn’t inclined to give the giant jerk a minute of her time, but he’s determined to conquer her in every way.

Just as he’s beginning to make progress, Checkmate alarms are raised.


Spence only plays games he knows he’ll win, but this one might be unwinnable.
Together, they must fight for life—for a future.

The loser will end up alone. But the Winner Takes All.

This is a Checkmate Series standalone with laugh out loud funnies, fan your face chemistry, ugly cry emotions, all of the side cast we’ve grown to crave, and of course, the danger that we love to hate.

Jump back into the rich and colourful world that Emilia creates, and fall in love all over again..

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Feb 142020

Sacrifice The Knight (Checkmate Series #6) by Emilia Finn

Sacrifices are never ideal, but to win the game, sometimes the knight must fall.

Katrina Blair is a single mom to a daredevil teen, which means she has no time for fruitless endeavours such as dating.

Why? Because men are all the same: liars, thieves, and unreliable a**holes.

Pregnant at fifteen and deserted by the father long before their son was born, Katrina learned her lessons early in life and has built an impenetrable wall that keeps the weak away.

But Eric DeWhit isn’t weak, and he’s been lingering on Katrina’s side of the diner an awful lot lately.

Eric’s former life as an undercover agent is not open for discussion, so he chooses lame jokes instead, and lets them flow as regularly as Katrina’s coffee pot. Her sneaking glances under lowered lashes assures him that she’s attracted too, but every time he asks for anything more than a burger and fries, he’s shot down with a stern “No.”

Katrina is set in her ways and insists on maintaining the strict rules that have gotten her through fifteen hard years, but she’s about to find out there’s an exception to every rule, and Eric might be hers.

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Feb 142020

Rise Of The King (Checkmate Series #5) by Emilia Finn

Eighteen months ago, my world was tossed upside down amid horrified screams and merciless hellfire. I was thrown into the flames to burn alive, but now I stand on the other side, invincible, untouchable, and un-f*cking-beatable.

Today, the ID in my wallet says John D. Hamilton. It’s the name I go by, the name the beautiful brunette sitting alone in Ginnie’s diner knows me as.

I was an undercover cop, once. A decorated agent who slid from my throne and descended into a world of pain and darkness.
Then came Sophia Solomon, the light in my dark, the miracle who walks past my door and lends a little warmth in the dead of winter.

Sophia‘s beauty steals the breath from my lungs. She draws me in just by existing, but she doesn’t know my secrets.

I wasn’t born with the first name John, but then again, I wasn’t born a cocaine addict either, but here we are and both are true.

Now I’m on a mission to find the man that had me killed.

Rise Of The King is a Checkmate Series suspenseful romance. It’s a compete standalone and has no cliffhanger. New readers can start here. But beware, not everything is as it seems.

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