Jul 062021

Pitched by Ella Goode

Coltrane Broussard has his eye on a prize. With a rocket arm, he plans to pitch his way out of poverty and into the big leagues. Besides his family and baseball, nothing deserves his time or attention. Parties? Not interested. Drugs? Dumb distraction. Girls? Even worse. With a winning record at hand and fantastic team behind him, Colt’s cruising for victory until he meets Georgia. This gorgeous girl might just be his downfall. Can Colt find a way to win both the game and the girl? Or will Georgia’s secret past come back to take them all down?

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May 192021

Protecting What’s Mine by Ella Goode

Violet King is a devoted sister, fierce friend, and a savvy businesswoman. She’s also the love of Sebastian Turner’s life. A terrifying run-in with a stalker has left her suffering from PTSD, and she refuses to force her ‘limitations’ onto the man she’s always loved, Sebastian.

But Sebastian has other ideas. He knows about Violet’s pain, and he wants to be there for her. Forever. Convincing her of this will be his greatest challenge, but he’s up for it—even if it takes him the rest of his life.

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Apr 112021

Bad Girl by Ella Goode

Cancer took my mom but Warren Holmes took my dad.

For my whole life, it was just my mom and me. We got by fine. When she passed, I discovered the identity of my father in a journal she’d hidden away. By the time I reached him, though, he’d already left this world. His whole life savings had been taken in a crooked real estate scheme. My uncle gave me purpose: take down War Holmes and avenge my father.

Despite what my fake resume says, I’m a waitress with no college education but I’ll stop at nothing to bring that man to his knees. It doesn’t matter how sweet his kisses are or how tenderly he holds me, I’m going to win this war.

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Mar 272021

Stealing His Princess by Ella Goode

I went to the Vieth Territory to celebrate a Veith wedding not to claim a consort for my kingdom but what’s a prince to do when he finds the princess of his dreams?

Ignore her?

Run the opposite direction?


You grab the glass slipper along with her hand and hold tight. Even if she lives in a nest of vipers, the danger is worth fighting.

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Jan 252021

126 Secret Ln (A Cherry Falls Romance Book 4) by Ella Goode
My parents named me Glory but I’m having a hard time living up to that name. As a reporter, I long for a meaty, fascinating story to splash across the front page of the Cherry Hills Gazette. Sadly, I’ve been reduced to writing dating tips and recipes. I know there are stories here but I haven’t discovered them yet…unless…there’s this mysterious guy who bought the big house on Secret Lane. He never eats in our restaurants or shops in our grocery store or even drinks in the pub. I think he may be my story—my big break. Hope he doesn’t mind a little stalking.

Secret Lane guy here. Stalk away. I can’t wait to lure you into my new home. A word of advice, though, once I’ve got you, I plan to keep you.

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