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On the Way Down (Retake Duet #1) by Ella Fox

She was too young. He was too famous.

Shaelyn Monroe was only seventeen when she met larger-than-life action star, Garrett Riordan.

He thought she was a breath of fresh air.
She thought he was out of her league.

Their attraction was something neither could ignore.
They shouldn’t have worked…
But somehow, they did.

Everything was perfect.
Until it wasn’t.

Could their love survive what happened on the way down- or had it always been too good to be true?

Excerpt On the Way Down (Retake Duet #1) by Ella Fox

His footsteps echoed across the travertine tiles on the floor in our kitchen as he got closer to where I was. Pushing my hair back, I squared my shoulders, took a deep breath, and gave myself a quick pep talk. I’d called and told him what I was doing eleven hours earlier. Surely I could do it in person.

His choked inhalation told me he’d made it into the room—which meant he was seeing all the things that were packed and ready to go.

“Jesus, Shae… I can’t believe you’re really fucking doing this.”

In a lot of ways I couldn’t either, but I’d never tell him that. As prepared as I was ever going to be, I turned to face him, keeping my expression as blank as possible as I did. It had only been six days since I’d seen him last, but it felt like a hundred years. It hurt like hell seeing how exhausted he looked because I knew what was happening between us was the reason. In addition to the dark circles under his eyes he’d lost some weight. I wanted to soothe him, but that couldn’t happen anymore.

“Why are you here?” I demanded. “You’re should be on set in New York.”

His head reared back as if I’d slapped him. “Fuck the job and fuck anything else that would make you leave me. I’m here because you’re here—and I belong wherever you are. If you need me to quit, I’ll quit. Tell me what you want and I’ll give it to you. I’ll walk away from everything but you without hesitation. Don’t quit on us, baby.”

The sadness on his face paired with the desperation in his voice was physically painful. It felt as if the weight of a thousand bricks had just settled on top of me, and I could feel myself sinking even further emotionally under the weight. I was so exhausted it was a miracle I was still upright. I was tired of him, tired of us, tired of myself. No matter how I presented my reasons for doing what I was doing, he’d never understand.

“If we belonged together none of this would be happening,” I told him. “There’s a reason we’ve done the things we’ve done.”

He made his way toward me slowly, as if I were a doe he’d spook with any fast movements. His logic was proven sound when I automatically took a step back at the moment he got close enough for us to touch.

I bit my cheek and forced myself not to run into his arms. I needed to feel him more than I needed my next breath. Unfortunately, life had taught me that what we yearned for wasn’t always aligned with what we deserved.

“I’m not giving up on us,” he said, his tone of voice solid and determined. “No matter how big of a wall you build or how much space you put between us, I know that we belong together.”

And I knew he believed those words as he said them, but that wasn’t our reality.

He’d given up on us before.

So had I.

I was doing it again—this time permanently.

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Adrian (Love Under the Lights #3) by Ella Fox & Rochelle Paige

Adrian Clarke quickly discovered there were drawbacks to playing the hero from the bestselling romance trilogy of all time. It was difficult to have any privacy when everyone knew who you were.

Casey Smythe knew nothing about Hollywood heartthrobs or celebrity gossip. The beautiful college student had plenty of other things to keep her busy, including the dogs she was paid to play with in the park.

Little did she know, the handsome man she tried to get fired after he swore at one of her favorite dogs wasn’t a dog walker at all. He was Hollywood’s newest sensation and Duke’s owner.

And now his sights were set on the one woman who couldn’t care less about his fame.


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Dec 252019

I Want (Enamorado #2) by Ella Fox

Billionaire businessman Alejandro Cruz detests the dating process and is perfectly content to stay single. But that all changes the moment the quirky house sitter from next door falls into his arms, and his immediate instinct is to hold on tight and never let go. California girl Kaya Porter has a “just say no” approach to dating. No matter how sexy and irresistible Alejandro is, she vows not to fall for him. Alejandro has other plans. This sexy Spaniard knows what he wants, and there’s nothing he won’t do to make Kaya realize that they belong together. Will Alejandro get the girl or will he be left wanting more than Kaya is willing to give?

I Want is book two of the Enamorado (In Love) series. Each book will feature one of the Cruz brothers and can be read as a standalone.

Excerpt I Want (Enamorado #2) by Ella Fox

“Climb gates around here often?” he asked, no censure in his voice. I realized he spoke English as fluently as he spoke Spanish.
He was clad in navy basketball shorts, a pair of Nike running shoes and he was just sweaty enough for me to realize he’d likely been working out. I swear I was hypnotized by all of his exposed skin, so much so that I could just about remember my own name at that moment. I’d have blamed the fall for my dazed and confused frame of mind but that wasn’t it at all. It was purely because of him—the sexy Spanish-speaking god who’d saved me from certain harm. My eyes trailed along his muscular but lean body hungrily as I catalogued just how ridiculously gorgeous he was. I was hypnotized by his six-pack and the set of V-cut muscles I had an insane urge to trail my fingers over.
I’d have kept right on staring had he not cleared his throat. I cringed as I came back to reality and realized he’d asked a question I hadn’t retained.
“Um, huh?” I asked, perfectly clueless.
“I was asking if you’re a professional gate climber,” he said huskily.
“No, I—”
“She’s really fine after a fall from that height?” the officer asked as he came through the gate.
“She never hit the ground,” my savior said, “since I caught her.”
The cop looked almost as impressed as I felt. I’d have heaped praised onto the stranger who saved me had I not remembered that I needed to be focused on a more pressing concern.
“So now that I’m on this side I really need to get my—”
The officer pinned me with a look that left no doubt that he was in charge. “Miss, please remain silent while I work out what’s going on here.”
I pursed my lips and tried to contain my annoyance. I knew he was just doing his job but all I cared about was finding Elvis.
The officer turned back to the Spanish model—I naturally assumed he modeled because he looked like he belonged in sensual looking black and white ads for men’s cologne. You know the kind of ads I’m talking about, right? There’s always a sexy guy giving you the let’s have all the sex look with a set of eyes that are clearly attempting to hypnotize you into buying something.
He was at least six feet tall and had a head full of thick, dark hair. His face was perfectly proportioned from forehead to chin, and I could find nothing that didn’t appear to be symmetrical. He had a ridiculously sexy closely trimmed beard that I wanted to trace with my fingers and his jaw was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen. I turned crimson when my eyes trailed up and met his and I realized he was observing me—which meant he knew I’d been staring at him. Again.
I bit my lip and tried not to blush as I blinked like an idiot. I was relieved to have a reason to look to the police officer when he cleared his throat to get our attention. “Are you the one who called about the disturbance down the side of the house?” he asked.
I couldn’t resist the urge to let my eyes wander back to the Spanish god. I knew just enough Spanish to determine that if his looks were rated on the salsa scale he’d be called el más caliente.
His eyes were on me as he answered the cop. “My brother called, yes.”
“What’s your name, sir?”
“Alejandro Cruz.”
Even his name was sexy. My skin felt hot and prickly under his gaze. Anxious for a reprieve, I looked back to the officer.
The cop nodded as he took note of it on his pad. “And your brother’s name?”
“Rafael Cruz.”
“And you?” the cop asked with a head nod toward me.
“Kaya Porter.”
“Can you spell that?”
“K-a-y-a,” I answered.
“That’s a weird name,” the officer said as he wrote it down.
I wasn’t sure if he was being rude or not so I shrugged and said nothing. Alejandro growled something under his breath that I couldn’t understand. A shiver went down my back at the way the words rolled off his tongue. His Spanish accent fascinated me. I’d never been one to care one way or the other about a man’s voice, but his did things to me. I wondered if audio erotica was a thing. If it were, I would pay a subscription fee to hear him talk all day.
“So were you trying to escape or get in?” the officer asked, ruining my good fantasy about an Alejandro Cruz dirty talk subscription service.
“I was trying to get in,” I answered stiffly, annoyed that the officer had already forgotten everything I’d said, “I told you—”
“No, no, she is not the disturbance,” Alejandro interjected. “My brother thought someone was trying to steal God only knows what from the exterior of the house. He was asleep and heard something outside his bedroom window and panicked. He shouldn’t have called the police—it’s animal control that we need. Some dickhead bird went through the trash that my brother forgot to secure and he’s been leading him on one hell of a chase around the yard.”
My eyes narrowed and my hands went to my hips as I stared down the model. “Don’t talk about my little buddy like that,” I snapped.

I Don't

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I Want

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I Need

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Dec 212019

Beauty and the Badge (Charlotte’s Cove #1) by Ella Fox

After being held up at gunpoint, Ashley Colton realizes that life in the big city isn’t for her. She decides to take the biggest risk of her life and move to Charlotte’s Cove, the small seaside sanctuary where she’s vacationed every summer since childhood.

Everything falls perfectly into place until her first day of work, where she meets her new boss Tyler Jameson, the chief of police. The chemistry between Ashley and Tyler is instant and powerful, but for reasons of their own, both are cautious about jumping in.

When a woman from Tyler’s past surfaces, Ashley retreats, making Tyler realize that if he’s going to show Ashley she’s the only one who has his attention, then he needs to stop being hesitant and put everything on the line.

Is the badge powerful enough to win the beauty who holds his heart?

Beauty and the Badge

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Dec 202019

Disrupt by Ella Fox

Donovan Beckett is a recluse who wants no commitments or entanglements of any kind. He works hard to ensure no one can penetrate the wall he’s carefully constructed around himself—until the day his new neighbor stumbles into him.

It isn’t anything like instant love. Far from it.

Eden Avery doesn’t want to be curious about her neighbor. He’s the most infuriating and closed-off person she’s ever met—not to mention the rudest. She doesn’t want to find the uptight bastard irresistible and she shouldn’t be able to sense the minute he’s within spitting distance, but does. She really shouldn’t fantasize about his hands on her body, but that’s happening too.

They can fight it all they want, but nothing can stop the mutual attraction that’s about to disrupt both of their lives.

Excerpt Disrupt by Ella Fox

I collide with and immediately bounce off something huge and hard. My arms flail as I start to topple backward. I’m saved by a pair of strong hands that halt me before I land on my butt. I’m barely able to process that I’m upright before the hands are gone.
Blinking in confusion, I slowly look up and take in a man who is easily a foot taller than my five foot one frame. He’s like an angel in black—tall and broad shouldered with large hands and rugged arms. His black t-shirt does nothing to hide his six-pack abs, and the black jeans and black work boots he’s got on only make him more roguishly appealing. Everything about him is sexy including his sporty, masculine scent. I’ve never come across someone so mesmerizing in all of my life. His longish dark hair, closely trimmed beard and sensual lips are straight up panty-melters, so I bet women throw themselves at him on the regular. The very thought of this bothers me far more than is reasonable or appropriate.
My heart slams against my chest as my eyes meet his. Something strange passes between us, something I can’t put name to. I’m at a loss because I haven’t experienced anything remotely similar before. I feel my cheeks flush with color as I stare up at him. Biting my lip nervously, I blink up at him like an idiot as I try to force words out of my mouth. Questions are zinging through my head at high speed—things like who are youor where did you come from and finally, holy shit, has this kind of thing ever happened to you before?
Before I can articulate even one of those things he blinks and the moment is over. I cringe when I realize whatever was in his eyes is gone, almost as if it never happened at all. Now, he’s pinning me with a look that could permanently freeze the tropics. Even still, his eyes make me weak in the knees, regardless of the fact that they’re now subarctic. Jet black lashes frame the most beautiful deep blue eyes I’ve ever seen, and right now they’re transmitting one message loud and clear—stay the hell back. I’ve never come across anyone less inviting in all my life.
“I—I’m sorry,” I sputter. “I didn’t mean—”
His sensual lips form a flat line as he sidesteps me. “Pay attention to where you’re going,” he snaps.

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Sep 192019

Vaughn (Love Under the Lights #2) by Ella Fox & Rochelle Paige

Gorgeous, charming, and funny, Vaughn Corbett rose far above his less than optimal beginning to become a household name. Known for being a dynamic and unflappable interviewer, no one was more surprised than he when he got tongue-tied over a gorgeous blonde in the middle of a live interview.

Allie Henderson was so focused on her career that she rarely thought about men or dating. That all changed when she came across a silver-tongued devil on the red carpet. The moment his deep blue eyes met hers, something inside her shifted.

Allie was there to support her best friend. Vaughn was just doing his job. Neither of them expected the instant, magnetic attraction that couldn’t be denied.

Would a surprise that neither of them planned on end things before they really began?

Excerpt Vaughn (Love Under the Lights #2) by Ella Fox & Rochelle Paige

The second I saw the sexy as fuck blonde in the green dress, everything shifted. When our eyes met, I was poleaxed. An intensely possessive feeling roared to life inside me. The need to touch and claim her was so extreme that I struggled not to drop my mic and go right to her.
I was known for being a dynamic and unflappable interviewer, yet for the first time in my career, I fumbled for words and struggled for coherence. This was due to the fact that the only thing I cared about was her. Only when I realized that my segment producer had been frantically waving at me from his spot next to the stationary camera did I remember that I had a job to do.
Forcing myself into host mode, I somehow went about interviewing the group of people the girl in the green dress was walking with. I knew who each one of them was, but her name was a mystery because she stood off to the side, and it wasn’t like I could call her over.
The rules on the red carpet were simple and definitive. Talk to the talent and keep it moving. Assistants, friends, and family members didn’t get a lot of play, even if they were as sexy as the goddess in the green dress. It frustrated me not to know her name, but I comforted myself with the knowledge that it would only be a matter of time before I solved that mystery.
After I wrapped up my pre-show hosting duties, something that took far longer than one would imagine, I headed into the Dolby Theatre. I was seated with one of my good friends, Liam Hall. He wasn’t nominated but was presenting, so he was in a chill mood. Typically, we’d have shot the shit and pressed the flesh with the people around us, but I was so busy staring at the girl in the green dress that I didn’t have it in me to do much more than phone it in. I was smart enough to train my eyes mostly on the stage when the cameras were rolling, but every time the host threw to commercial, my attention went right back to her. I hated that she was seated so damn far away in another section.
Oscar ceremonies were known for being ridiculously long and what was scheduled as a three-hour broadcast always went over. Sometimes by seventeen minutes, and sometimes by eighty. I’d never hated the length more than I did then. I silently willed the damn show to come in on time for once, but naturally, that didn’t happen. The fucking thing dragged on longer than War and Peace.
During one of the commercial breaks, Liam leaned over and muttered, “What’s the deal with the sexy chick in the green dress you’re busy eye-stalking?”
While it was true that I was ogling her—clearly not as covertly as I’d hoped—hearing Liam refer to her as sexy set my teeth on edge. That I had any kind of reaction to his question was unusual. I’d had a similar response when I’d seen Dane Garrison take her arm earlier. The only thing that calmed me down about that was the certainty that Dane wasn’t dating her. I knew this because Dane and I were tight. The only girls in his life on the regular were his mom, Gloria Garrison, and his daughter, Maggie. Thank fuck I’d remembered that before I made a fool of myself by telling him to get his goddamn hands off the blonde. I’d never felt territorial about anyone before, but there was no denying that I wanted—needed—her to be mine. That brought me back to Liam, who needed to know that the goddess in green was majorly off-limits.
“Call her sexy again, and we’re going to have a problem,” I grumbled, speaking low enough so only he could hear me.
Sitting back, Liam raised his brows and gave me an “are you serious” look. I dipped my head to acknowledge that yeah, I sure as fuck was. Unbothered by his obvious amusement about what was going on with me, I turned my attention back to the woman in green.

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Sep 182019

Gage (Love Under the Lights #1) by Ella Fox & Rochelle Paige

Gage Ryan was a notorious heartbreaker, on screen and off. A confirmed bachelor, this world-famous actor dashed the hopes of millions of adoring fans when he rejected marriage and commitment: no wedding bells, no baby carriages.

He’d never had cause to consider the alternative, but that all changed the night he met rising star, Morgan Kelly. Too bad her first impression of him was less than favorable.

Although their attraction was instant and mutual, Morgan wasn’t interested. Hollywood heartthrobs were trouble. Especially Gage, a man used to women who would do anything for his attention.

Not happening.

But Gage knew how to go after what he wanted, and his desire for Morgan was stronger than anything he’d ever felt before. Powerful enough to make him reconsider his previously held beliefs on love and longevity. He just had to convince her of how serious he was. It was a good thing he was ready for the chase.

Excerpt Gage (Love Under the Lights #1) by Ella Fox & Rochelle Paige

I finally had Morgan back in my arms, right where she belonged. We fit together perfectly as her soft curves pressed up against me. My cock felt like it was ready to bust through my jeans to get to her pussy, but I needed her to understand this thing between us meant more to me than just getting my dick wet. Reluctantly ripping my mouth from hers, I growled, “Before we go any further, you’ve got to know that I didn’t bring you here just for sex.”

“I know I gave you a hard time when we first met about not waving this thing around”—she slid her hand between our bodies and glided it down my hard length—“but I didn’t mean forever. We’re way past the point of you needing to prove your intentions to me. You’ve already exceeded my expectations when it comes to that.”

My hips punched forward, pressing my cock deeper into her palm. “Good because that means I’m free to surpass them again in a way that’ll give us both a fuck ton of pleasure.”

“Go ahead and give it your best try, hotshot.” Her plump lips curved up in a slight grin as she issued the challenge I was more than willing to accept.

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