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Mrs. Who?! (Accidentally in Love Duet Series Book 1) by D. Kelly

Everly –

If my life were a reality TV show, it’d be called Murphy’s Law. Tripping over my feet and sticking my foot in my mouth are art forms I’ve perfected. Relationships? I should win an award for picking cheaters. Every. Single. Time. Ever get drunk in Vegas and marry a stranger only to get knocked up the same night? I’m a walking, talking cliché. After asking for a divorce, I fled and ignored my husband for months. Not my finest moment but now that he’s here, I can’t help but want more. Until he drops a bomb of his own.

Eddie –

A fun night in Vegas before going on location to shoot my next film – what could go wrong? When I met a charming damsel in distress who had no clue I was famous, I felt like I won the lottery. Everly is beautiful, relatable, and funny – albeit a bit clumsy. We had a good time, drank, and then got hitched. I remember it all, but I’m not sure she remembers anything. She’s avoided me for months but that stops now. Not even a baby will change my mind. Everly is my wife, and I’m determined to win her heart.
Publication Date: August 11, 2020

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Jan 302020

Fade-Out (An Illusion Series Novel) by D. Kelly

Rory Weston.
Gorgeous as hell.
She understands me in ways no woman ever has, but I’ve kept her at a distance because I knew she’d inevitably break my heart. And she did—the night she slept with another man. My mistake was falling in love, and it’s one I’ll never make again.

Eli Watts.
And the most stubborn man I’ve ever met.
He’s a superstar who’s insecure when it comes to love. I’ve wanted him from the moment we met. One night, I made a mistake I’ll always regret, but it solidified the one thing I’ve known for years: Eli is the love of my life. I’ll do whatever it takes to prove my love is real, and this time, I’m not letting him push me away.

Fade-Out is an Illusion Series novel. While you can enjoy it as an interconnected standalone story, it is much better when read as part of the series as a whole. If you’d like to start from the beginning, please read Just an Illusion – Side A.

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Dec 312019

Broken Beats – An Illusion Series Novel by D. Kelly

Darren –
Single father
Three things I never thought I’d be by thirty, yet all my daily reality.
This is not the life I would have chosen, but it’s the hand I’ve been dealt.
I love my daughter.
I loved Belle.
I’m not interested in more heartache.
Relationships are a thing of the past.
Until I meet her –
She’s the awakening I desperately need, but one I’m not sure I deserve.

Haddie –
Everything happens for a reason.
Time heals all wounds.
You’re too young to give up on love.
They say that, but they’re wrong.
My world crumbled forever when my fiancé died.
Then I met him –
He’s flawed in the same ways.
Broken in the same places.
Scared of the same things.
He looks at me like I’m his salvation.
And I want to be, but an open heart means risking a broken one.

Excerpt Broken Beats – An Illusion Series Novel by D. Kelly

Wyatt left a few minutes ago because his kids are sick and he felt bad for leaving Anna alone. I get it; I wouldn’t have wanted to leave Cadence if she were sick either.

Now, I’m hitting balls and debating about moving on to something harder to drink. My Spidey sense goes off as I chalk the cue. After so many years of surveillance by fans and press, my self-awareness sensors are on point.

After sinking the eight ball, I raise my eyes to meet the gaze of a woman nearby. Since Belle, my type has been anyone who doesn’t remind me of her, and this girl fits the bill. Her eyes hold a deep intensity, and I can’t help but be intrigued. I don’t think I’ve fucked her in the past. She’s nothing if not memorable.

“Wanna play?”

She startles as if just noticing me, and her bright-green eyes sweep over my body. I’ll forgive her for staring because she’s hot as fuck.

“Nah, it’s cool. Thanks though,” she answers with a bit of uncertainty in her voice.

Setting the pool cue on the table, I step closer to her and lean against the table. “You sure? You’ve been keeping an eye on me for a while now. If you don’t want to play, there’s only one other thing I can think of. You wanna bang?”

Her pouty lips separate as she gasps. All right, maybe banging isn’t what was on her mind, but it’s not the worst thing I’ve ever said to a woman.

“Is that how you come on to women? I mean, I’m not judging, but that kind of shit doesn’t work with me.”

“So why are you watching me? I’m guessing you know who I am. Do I intimidate you or something?”

Her eyes grow wide. “I’m sorry.” She picks up her drink and downs it quickly. I don’t know what it is about this girl, but she intrigues the fuck out of me.

“May I?” I motion to her table. She bites her bottom lip but nods. “Can I get you another?” I flag down the waitress before she can reply.

“The usual, D?” she asks with a smile.

“You know it, and my friend will have …”

“Double shot of vodka on the rocks, thanks,” she adds softly.

Once we’re alone again, I reach my hand across the table. “Let’s start over. I’m Darren, and you are?”

Her cheeks flush a light pink, and she reaches her perfectly manicured hand across the table and shakes mine. “Haddie. Nice to meet you.” The server promptly delivers our drinks, and once again we’re alone. “Wow, that was fast.”

“The owner is my friend, more like a brother, so I don’t ever have to wait long.”

She squeezes the lime into her drink before taking a sip. “Jordan is a good guy. I’m pretty sure he must know the whole city.”

I flash her a grin. “I’m sure he probably does. Do you come here a lot?”

She shakes her head. “Not anymore. I used to come here a lot to play pool.”

“Did you? Now I feel slighted you didn’t want to play with me.” I wink at her, so she knows I’m messing with her.

“It’s not you, I swear. My fiancé … ex, I suppose … he taught me here. At that very table, actually. I wasn’t looking at you … not that you’re not nice to look at or anything,” she mumbles. “Anyway, I was lost in memories and didn’t really notice you, just what you reminded me of.”

The best thing about meeting people in bars is being able to be myself and never seeing them again. People tend to open up, and for a few hours, I can push past the lingering ache in my chest.

“How long have you been separated?”

Sadness crosses her face. “We aren’t. It’s been three years now.”

“Well, Haddie, you’re a gorgeous woman. You must have men beating down your door. What gives?”

“Ha!” She blushes and begins to shred her napkin. “I’m far from gorgeous, but thanks for trying to make me feel better.”

“I’m not.” Haddie is beautiful. Her blond hair cascades past her shoulders in bouncing curls. The green of her eyes pops against her eyeliner. Her full red lips would be better served wrapped around my cock. She’s rocking the curves, and I can’t help but picture myself buried between her thighs.

“He died,” she spits out rapidly.

“Oh.” And the ache is back. Nothing has ever hurt as much as losing Belle. Even though six years have passed, it’s still fresh.

“We were here that night. Playing pool and having a good time. He was the designated driver, and I was wasted. It was raining, our car hydroplaned, and that’s pretty much it. I survived, and he didn’t.”

“I’m sorry,” I whisper. She’s a kindred spirit.

“Me too. Tonight is the first time I’ve been back to this bar. I wasn’t going to come, but I felt like I had to. I missed his funeral, and I need closure. I felt like this is the place I would get it.”

“I hope you do.” I toss back the rest of my drink and meet her sorrowful gaze. “I lost my fiancée six years ago, and that ache never seems to go away. I got to keep a piece of her though. My daughter was only four months old when the accident happened.”

She gasps and covers her mouth with her hands. “I’m so sorry.” Her sympathy is genuine, but I find it hard to believe she doesn’t know this already, especially since she knows J.

“Haddie, do you know who I am? It’s okay if you do. I’m just curious.”

She finishes her drink and looks back at me. “Should I? Are you an actor or something?”

I laugh. “Or something. I’m the drummer for Bastards and Dangerous, or I used to be.”

“Oh my God.” She gasps again. “I … um … I know your story. Who doesn’t? It was national news, but I’ve never been the kind of person to pay attention to … How do I say this without sounding like an asshole?”

I chuckle. “I like assholes. Just say whatever you want to.”

“I don’t follow pop culture or celebrities and stuff. It’s never been my thing. Don’t get me wrong, I love movies and music and stuff, but …”

“But what?”

She shrugs, “Well, it’s just your job, right? I’d hate to have people following me around at work, down the street, or wherever, so I’ve never seen the appeal of knowing someone’s business like that. I don’t need a window into the life of a stranger, you know? I’ve got enough stuff of my own to deal with.”

This girl just went up about ten notches.

“That’s a good answer, Haddie. You sure you don’t want to bang?” I give her an exaggerated wink, and she finally laughs. It’s a beautiful sound, and it momentarily stuns the pain in my heart.

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Dec 262019

Interlude – An Illusion Series Novel (The Illusion #6) by D. Kelly

Jordan Weston is good-looking, mysterious, and sexually uninhibited, but his life is more like the name of his bar―Just an Illusion. His cousins are the bad boys of Bastards and Dangerous, but their fame hasn’t made everything rainbows and sunshine for him. He’s haunted, flawed, and the sole survivor of a homicide that wiped out his immediate family.

Allie Baker, the most recent hire at the bar, can see through Jordan’s façade. She knows he’s everything she doesn’t need, but she’s beginning to crave his cocky attitude and the way he looks at her. The more she tries to stay away from him, the more she wants to get to know him.

Jordan knows falling for an employee is a bad idea, but Allie pushes buttons he never realized he had. Even though Allie desperately needs her job, she soon decides being with Jordan is more important. Will they be able to compromise, or will she let her chance at love pass her by for the sake of a paycheck?

Excerpt Interlude – An Illusion Series Novel (The Illusion #6) by D. Kelly

“You’re just a big ol’ loveable ball of fur, aren’t you? Why did your daddy name you Fat Bastard? That’s just mean.”

“Because that’s what he is to most people.”

I jump and grab the cat, who isn’t pleased I disturbed his resting place. “Jesus, Jordan! You scared the crap out of me.”

He leans back against the wall, a grin kicking up at the corner of his mouth. Jordan seems tired but also quite amused. “Sorry, I didn’t expect anyone to be in my house. And I definitely didn’t expect to see my ornery cat curled up in your lap. Did you cast a spell on him?”

“He’s really that bad? I thought Sasha was exaggerating. All I did was feed him, give him water, and talk to him.”

Jordan takes a seat next to me, and I swear the temperature in here just rose about ten degrees. What is it about him that affects me like this? He’s not my type at all. Then again, my type hasn’t worked out so well for me either.

“Fat Bastard earned his name all by himself. Maybe you should have been the one to find him instead of me. I’ve never seen him take to someone like this, except with kids, but kids are pretty special in their own right, so I figured that was probably normal.”

Oh my God, he likes kids.

I’m not sure how to reply because I’m still stuck on the kid thing, but I get a reprieve when my phone rings. Jordan passes it to me and accidentally hits the speaker button.

“Hello? Allie … Christ, Allie, it’s about time! Are you finally going to talk to me?”

Shit. Evan is pissed. Jordan’s eyes cloud over like a
thunderous rainstorm as he scowls at my phone.

“Evan, I can’t talk right now.”

“The hell you can’t. The gala is in three days, Allie. We’re announcing our engagement, your father is out of his mind, and he froze your trust fund. You have no money, Allie. It’s time to stop having a tantrum and come home.”

This is so embarrassing. My gaze locks on J’s, and I mouth “I’m sorry.”

“Evan, I suggest you do some damage control. Find the trollop you were fucking and announce your engagement to her instead for all I care. As I said in my letter, I’m not coming back. I’m sorry if you were planning to live off my trust fund, but if I can live without it, so can you.”

“You selfish bitch!” Evan rages.

Jordan’s eyes widen before he opens his mouth, and when he does, I’m not sure if I want to kiss him or punch him—or both.
“Babe, come back to bed. My cock misses your lips.”

“Who the hell is that?!” Evan screams.

Jordan nudges the cat to the floor and scoots closer to me. “This is the man Allie is currently fucking. Who are you?”

Evan sputters, and I can picture him losing his cool. “Allie, what is going on?”

Jordan flips me onto his lap, and I squeal in surprise. My eyes widen as he mouths “Go with it.”

What do I have to lose at this point?

Jordan leans in closer, holding the phone between us. “Come on, babe. Hang up the phone and let’s go back to bed.”

“Bed? That’s my fiancée you’re talking about. Allie Bear, tell me this is some kind of sick joke,” Evan whines.

“There’s no ring on her finger. Besides, possession is nine tenths of the law, and since her pussy was just wrapped around my dick, I’d say that makes her more mine than yours right now. Wouldn’t you?”

My cheeks flush as J runs his fingers across one with a lazy grin.

“Come on, Bear, tell him you’re just paying me back. A little quid pro quo, right?”

Jordan snickers. “You call her Bear? That’s adorable, but I think she’s more of a tigress myself. My little Allie Cat.” Jordan drops his mouth to my neck, and I can’t help the moan that escapes me. “Hear that, Evan? Doesn’t sound like anyone’s fiancée to me.” Jordan’s lips ghost over mine, and I whimper. It’s been a long time since I’ve been this attracted to someone, if ever.

“This isn’t over, Allie. Do you hear me?” Evan is probably redder than a beet, but when Jordan lowers his mouth to mine, it erases the image of Evan in my mind.

He kisses me loudly, like a man on a mission. Weaving his hands through my hair, he pulls me close. J nips my bottom lip, and I gasp in pleasure, his length growing beneath me as I press into him with a contented sigh. He turns off my phone and tosses it to the opposite side of the couch.

Jordan’s mouth closes over mine, and I fall into his kiss with all my senses. His tongue meets mine and claims it. This isn’t a sweet getting-to-know-you kiss. This is a sexual awakening I never knew I was missing, and I want more. Evan is already a distant memory as I press myself closer while losing myself in his kiss. As I tug on his hair, he growls into my mouth. I remember the freshly fucked look he had to him when we met, and I want to be the one to make him look that way. I want to be the one on my knees for him.

Just an Illusion - Side A

review soon

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Just an Illusion - The B Side

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Just an Illusion - EP

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Just an Illusion - Unplugged

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Just an Illusion - Encore

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Interlude - An Illusion Novel

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Dec 202019

Just an Illusion – Unplugged (The Illusion #4) by D. Kelly

Sawyer Weston is cocky and arrogant. With his sinful smile and sexy dimples, he’s gotten his way most of his life. Infamous for his one-night stands and moves between the sheets, the lead singer for Bastards and Dangerous has never considered relationships—until he meets her.

With her curvy body, sarcastic mouth, and uncanny ability to put Sawyer in his place, Amelia Greyson has captured his heart. She can see into his soul and knows what he truly wants from life. Sawyer has a problem, though—she’s dating his twin brother Noah.

Although he wants her with every breath he takes, Sawyer and Noah’s complicated history prevents him from making a move on her.

Just an Illusion—Unplugged tells Sawyer’s story. Every thought, every feeling, are yours for the taking. Are you ready?

Excerpt Just an Illusion – Unplugged (The Illusion #4) by D. Kelly


My stomach is queasy. Between the blood, alcohol consumption, and general stress of the day, I’m wiped. As soon as Dr. Martin leaves, I take the seat next to Mel and hold her hand.
“Hey, Princess, you lucked out tonight. Mac is good at his job, but never in a million years did I imagine we’d need him to take care of something like this. That man deserves a raise, a vacation to a tropical land, a new house, car, whatever he wants. Nothing in the world is more precious than having you and Noah safe and here with us.”
She looks so peaceful; you’d never know she’s been to hell and back tonight. As I look at her, my mind floods with memories from the last few months. It’s crazy to think she’s only been in our lives for four months. I’m pretty sure I fell in love with her the second she called me a dick. Fire flared in her eyes, but her cheeks blushed the perfect shade of pink. My cock was instantly hard. She was the perfect blend of feisty and humble.
Later that night, when she walked into my bathroom, it seemed like the fates had aligned and brought her to me. I was a goner the second her lips crashed against mine. And when she turned me down, fuck … I felt like an addict being denied his high.
That was the beginning of the end for me. I couldn’t shake the way her lips tasted against mine, or how her body heated with my touch. All night long, her sultry moans reverberated through my body. I’d only had a small taste of her, but I wanted more— so much more.
“Noah,” she mutters, still sleeping.
Noah. It all comes back to him. Noah was enraptured by her. That was something new; I’d never seen him like that before. As much as it pained me to do so, I stepped back for him. Little did I know how intense my feelings for her would become and how large of a wedge she was going to drive between the two of us. I thought I’d been doing good the past few weeks. Just like any addiction, I was beating it. Until Sara held that gun to her head. I realized then I’ve been fooling myself. I love her more now than ever before.
“Noah,” she calls out again, a bit more coherent this time. His name on her lips is just the reminder I need to set me straight. It’s like Wyatt said, she made her choice. No matter how much it hurts, she picked him, and I’m going to respect that. I just need to figure out how.


After removing my shoes and putting my clothes in the hamper, I hop under the heated spray and try clearing my mind. It’s no use; I’m still picturing the glimmer of lust in Mel’s eyes from when I told her I wanted to put her over my knee. I want to smack that tight ass of hers until it’s pink and she’s begging me to fuck her.
Unlike earlier today, my cock is rock hard. My soaped-up fingers circle the tip of my dick, my pre-cum adding to the slickness. With my head against the tile wall, I work myself to the point of no return. Imagining Amelia’s pretty, pouty lips circling my dick and swallowing me down her throat is my undoing. My body trembles with the aftershocks of one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had. Getting myself off shouldn’t feel that good, but damn … it was like she was right here with me.
How am I letting this girl I don’t even know get under my skin? She’s bitchy, sarcastic, and undeniably sexy in the most obscure way. She’s not one iota my type, yet I can’t get her out of my head. I just need to sleep with her and get it out of my system. She seems like the kind of woman who can handle a one-night stand. And since she doesn’t like me or my band, I won’t have to worry about her turning into a clinger.
I’ve just wrapped my towel around my waist and cracked the bathroom door when I hear someone step into my room. No one comes in without knocking, ever. If it’s not her, it’s Belle, but one of them is about to get a surprise.
Rapidly flipping the light off, I open the door and pull the unsuspecting girl inside. “What the fuck?” she gasps.
It’s her.
“Fucking hell, Princess,” I growl. The room is dark and steamy, and before she can tell me to shove my Princess comment where the sun doesn’t shine, my mouth crashes against hers. As I wrap an arm around her waist and pull her closer, I weave the fingers of my free hand through her hair. Her scent is intoxicating, and as I slide my tongue across her lips, she opens to me. My heart pounds in my chest as our tongues meet for the first time. Her mouth tastes like heaven, but the two of us together could easily burn a path straight to hell.
Her body fits perfectly against mine, and as our tongues duel for control, she wraps her arms around me and releases her soft cries of pleasure against my mouth.
If another woman had ever kissed me like this, I would have given up my bachelorhood a long time ago.
She tugs my lip ring with her teeth, and it sends a jolt straight to my cock. I’m moaning just as much as she is, and when her body begins grinding against my dick, I slide my hand down her tight little ass, bringing us even closer together. I want her doggy style on my bed, and the thought alone practically takes me to my knees. Her gasp brings me back to the present as she abruptly pushes me away.
What the fuck?
“We can’t.” Her voice is a breathless whisper.
“Oh, Princess,” I say, placing her hand on my dick, “I’m pretty sure we can.”
She laughs, and it’s like music for my soul. With a laugh like that, I have to see her smile, so I flip on the light and she blinks rapidly. Oops, guess I didn’t exactly think that through, but oh well, it’s worth it because she’s still smiling and it looks damn good on her. Once her eyes focus, she takes me in. There isn’t an inch of my body her gaze doesn’t roam across. I know she said no, but when she licks her lips and bites down on her bottom lip, I know it’s her mind talking over her sex drive.
When her eyes land on my chest, the rapid rise and fall of hers becomes noticeable. This girl has a thing for my piercings. I’m tempted to drop my towel, if for no other reason than to see her lick those luscious lips of hers again. Too bad, she’s starting to come to her senses, I was enjoying the pheromone high between us.
With a regretful look, she speaks, “I’m sorry, but I can’t do this.”
“Your body says otherwise,” I counter, curious as hell to see how this is going to play out.
“Maybe it does, but I don’t think with my body anymore, I think with my mind. We can’t do this if I’m coming on tour with you.”
So she made her decision. All right, I’ll play her game … for now. I’ll deal with a temporary disappointment as long as I know I’ve got access to her for the next year and a half. I’ll talk to Noah about her tonight and tell him how I feel because if there’s one thing I know as easily as my own name, it’s that me and Princess are meant to be fuck buddies.
“All right. I’ve never had a woman turn me down before. I’m not sure I like it. It’s your call, Princess. You know where to find me if you change your mind.”

Just an Illusion - Side A

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Just an Illusion - The B Side

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Just an Illusion - EP

review soon

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Just an Illusion - Unplugged

review soon

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Just an Illusion - Encore

review soon

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Interlude - An Illusion Novel

review soon

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Jul 092019

Dating Roulette by D. Kelly

There’s only one rule – Don’t commit a dating sin.


Seven Dates.
Seven chances to win my heart.
It’s not hard –
Don’t put ketchup on your eggs.
Don’t wear tasseled loafers.
For the love of all that’s Holy, don’t ogle the waitress.
See? Simple…
Yet no one can get it right.


Dating Roulette.
It’s Bexley’s game.
Correction – it’s her life.
A constant rotation of dates.
You might get one; you might get seven.
No one has ever gotten to eight.
There’s only one rule –
Don’t commit a dating sin.
I’ve watched for years and bided my time.
Now, it’s my turn to play.
And I play to win.

Excerpt Dating Roulette by D. Kelly

She pulls her feet away, tucking them beneath her, and props an arm on the back of the couch. After brushing a wayward curl from my forehead, she meets my eyes again. “What is going on in your head tonight? Talk to me, Tris.”
“I’m trying.”
“Start with telling me why you made me promise not to date without talking to you first.”
Reaching forward, I caress her cheek, and she leans into my touch. “Date me next.”
I use the tone she calls the commanding one, and her eyes dilate. Fuck . . . it really does turn her on. How did I never notice that?
“Tristan, that’s a really bad idea.”
“Why? For starters, you’re my best friend.”
“Exactly.” I weave my fingers into her hair, and she moves closer to me. “If it doesn’t work, we’ll be fine, I promise. I won’t let this get in the way of our friendship.”
“You say that now but—”
I bring my finger to her lips to silence her. “No buts; we’ve been through so much already. We can handle seven dates.”
“You’re assuming you’ll make it to the seventh date.” As I smile, she gasps. “That’s why you made me promise.”
I’m about to lay all my cards on the table. “Yes. Bexley, I want my chance to win your heart.”
Her eyes close for a long moment, but my hand is still at the base of her neck, my fingers entwined in her curls. “I’m scared, Tris. What if you do something that’s a deal breaker?”
“That’s always a possibility, but if I do it in the first six dates, you have to let it go. If I do it on the seventh, well, that’s a risk I’m willing to take, I suppose. Either way, nothing is going to come between us. Nothing.”
The air snaps between us. This has become a defining moment in our relationship, but it’s one I think, deep down, we both knew was inevitable.
“Would tonight count as our first date?” She still hasn’t opened her eyes.
“That depends. Do you kiss on your first dates?”
Her eyes finally snap open, and I’m met with a lust-filled gaze. Damn, I’ve never seen this look on her, but now I don’t ever want to see her without it. “Sometimes, I do.”
“Well, if you want a kiss good night, then we can count this as our first date. Otherwise, tomorrow can be our first date.”
The rise and fall of her chest becomes noticeable as her breathing intensifies. She squirms, and I realize she’s turned on. Part of me wants her to say no, this isn’t our first date, because I’d love for it to be special to her. But another part of me wants to take her mouth with mine and kiss her until morning.
“Are you a good kisser?” she whispers, inching even closer to me. Bexley watches intently as I lick my lips ever so slightly, moistening what I want to give her.
“I’ve never had any complaints, but there’s always a first time for everything.” I cup the back of her neck and pull her closer to me—so close, she’s only a whisper from my lips. “It’s your call. What do you want to do?”
She moves forward and presses her lips tentatively against mine. In the course of every relationship, there is a make-or-break moment, and this one is ours—I feel it to my core as her apricot scent envelops me. I’m a lost cause.
“First date it is,” I whisper against them before wrapping my free arm around her waist and pulling her even closer.


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