Sep 072021

Penalty Box (Beautifully Brutal) by Casey Hagen

I’m the bad boy who will stain his soul to keep her safe.

She’s a runner.

Always has been…at least, she’s always run from me.

Our history repeats relentlessly.


Secret trysts.

Pounding hearts.

Fiery stolen kisses.

Her retreating back.

Now she’s home, hunted by someone sinister.

The lesser of two evils, I’m the unlikely lifeline she reaches for.

Becoming her salvation means plunging my hard-won, respectable life into ruin.

But I’ve never had the strength to turn away from her hold on me.

I’ve always been hers.

She’s always been mine.

Savannah Bryant has run away from me—from us—for the last time.

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Aug 312021

Hip Whip (Beautifully Brutal Book 3) by Casey Hagen

I won’t let her get what she wants without the fight of her life…

She’s everything I hate and want, all wrapped in one brutal package.
The way she struts with a tool belt around her waist, she might as well be driving nails into my d!ck.
Eve McAllister is a master manipulator, just like the rest of her team.
That doesn’t stop my desire to see the fire in her eyes for me when no one else is looking.
When my worst nightmares come to play in her world, everything I’ve come to crave is put in peril.
Leaving means I can protect myself…

But staying means ripping open jagged scars I’ve fought long and hard to forget.

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Mar 272021

Consume Me (So Wrong It’s Right #4) by Casey Hagen

What do you get when you bring a playboy football star with a tarnished reputation into this librarian’s reserved world?

A chance for him to fix the tattered life he has, by crashing into hers.

Ryker Christiansen lives on the edge of ruin.
His football contract is hanging by a thread.
Haunted by too many nights partying, and blatant evidence of his wild escapades.
There’s only one chance for him to save his @ss.
He’s got to preen for the media, and drive the Bookmobile.
That’s right.
He’s got to take orders from a librarian.
Prim and proper and determined to bring him down a notch.
Ryker has to keep it in his pants long enough to show her he’s changed.
Then and only then will he get to show her his world.
Teach her how to play his game.

In this battle of chaste versus wicked, Ryker doesn’t want to lose, but if he wins he’ll forfeit the only woman who sees through his game.

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Jan 192021

Rock Me (So Wrong It’s Right #3) by Casey Hagen

Nikki Lane wrote songs about magical first glances and surrendered hearts, all while keeping hers locked away from lasting bruises. Even if she were willing to risk heartbreak, stardom and the relentless pace left no room for love.

It hardly left room for a booty call, but lord help her, she desperately needed a booty call.

She hungered for the heat, the wild abandon—so was it any wonder between the notes of the last song fading away and new beat yet to begin, that her eyes locked on tall, dark, and ready to rock her world in the front row? Standing in the sea of gyrating teeny boppers, with his back straight and confident grin, he stared into her soul and made her crave.

Aiden Powell buried his secret crush on Nikki Lane where his asshole twin would never find it and exploit it. When opportunity to see his crush in the flesh arises in the form of front row seats with VIP meet and greet privileges, he doesn’t hesitate to cover his afternoon patient appointments and head for the arena.

He has one chance, one night, to make his fantasy reality—and he would take it…

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Dec 212020

False Start (Beautifully Brutal Book 1) by Casey Hagen

My life has been nothing but a series of false starts.
I spent my childhood at the mercy of destructive adults.
Always out of place, in the way, an outcast.
I wore the dysfunction of my childhood as easily as my favorite jean jacket.
No amount of sweetness and smiles could mask the stench of despair.
So I carried it.
I carried the self-doubt, the pain, the longing to find a place of my own.
Until roller derby.
I discovered the family of my heart… my sisters.
For the first time, I was more than the product of my defunct childhood.
I found respect and belonging while on eight wheels.
The derby saved me.
Only now, the man at the heart of the single worst scandal in roller derby history has set his sights on me.
I won’t be the key to Cain Bishop’s unlikely redemption.
I refuse to be his false start.

I may not wear the skates, but the roller derby lives in me.
It pumps heavy in my blood.
My great-grandmother was among the first women on the track.
And every generation of women that came after her followed in her footsteps.
They’re fighters.
Every last one of them.
All I ever wanted was to be involved in the sport that shaped my favorite people.
Coaching revealed the good… and the bad.
Getting too close, becoming too invested, it cost me everything.
But now my sentence is up.
With the resurgence of roller derby worldwide comes my only chance for redemption.
The opportunity to shed light on the truth.
And her.
Maisy Flynn’s a fighter, just like the women I admire.
She’s all heart.
But even if I made a deal with the Devil himself, he’d sooner see me burning on my knees at his feet than let me have both.
Publication date : January 26, 2021

Excerpt False Start by Casey Hagen

I slammed down a stack of cash, snatched my jacket, and stomped out of Banked Track, leaving Mayhem on her hands and knees on the bar.
I figured I had about ten seconds tops before she scrambled off and chased me down.
Ten seconds to get to the parking lot, get in my truck, and get the fuck out of here.
And never come to town again.
My breath billowed before me, illuminated by the dull glow of streetlamps in the inky darkness of the frigid night. I pounded down the sidewalk, the image of her voracious eyes combing over Patti’s pictures playing through my head.
My amusement at her climbing clean up on the counter swept away by an avalanche of bitterness for what they asked of me even without saying the words.
The bitterness of what I couldn’t give them.
But damn, I wanted to.
Too much.
I’d stay at the farm. I’d pay whoever I had to pay for grocery delivery. We’d survive, we could just call it quality time…so much quality, Lilith would be ready to murder me, but then my nephew would be born, Jordan would get home, and I’d be on my way out of town.
Six damn seconds.
I kept my pace as I whipped around, only to find her chasing me down in that sweater.
That. Fucking. Sweater.
My pulse pounded in my ears. My nostrils flared with the ragged breath I sucked into my lungs.
It didn’t even cover her shoulders and the temperature had mercilessly dropped into the low twenties the minute the sun disappeared over the horizon. By now, we’d plummeted to the teens.
I jabbed a finger in the direction of the bar. “Get your ass inside.”
She skidded to a stop, propped her hands on her hips, and arched an eyebrow. I knew that look. Every man on the planet knew that look and all the variations whether it be aimed with stunning precision at them from a girlfriend, a sister, a mother, or a grandmother. “Excuse me?”
“You don’t have a jacket,” I said, marching back to her, my hands curled into fists because fuck if I didn’t want to haul her ass off somewhere warm and private.
Only I couldn’t trust myself alone with her. Warm and private meant giving in and tearing off every last shred of clothing so I could fuck her until neither of us could stand.
Glowering down at her, I put every bit of anger and frustration into the force of my words, not caring if they hurt her, because they were the only way to save us from absolute disaster. “Get. Your. Ass. Inside.”
Better to hurt her now before the stakes got higher.
Before feelings got involved.
Look at me pretending like they hadn’t already.
We’d been nothing but feelings since our eyes met during her bout. We’d been adding good old-fashioned dry logs to that flame ever since, building the kind of heat that didn’t flash and die, but simmered, building a base of coals so damn hot it reached into the shadowed recesses of our lives.
“Not until you agree to help us.” Her chin wobbled as she shivered before me. She clamped down her teeth, but the telltale tremble of her teeth trying to chatter in the blistering cold was there.
“Goddammit.” I yanked my jacket off, wrapped it around her, and held it together so she couldn’t shrug it off. “I’ll walk you home. Which way?”
She tried to yank away from me. “I don’t need you to walk me home; I need you to train us on your track.”
I curled my fists tighter into the soft leather, shaking her with every bit of resentment coursing through me, making her rock on her heels before holding her steady. “No.”
“Why not?”
“You damn well know why not.” I growled. There’s no way she didn’t know.
And the fact that she did made it damn near impossible to look her in the eye at times.
“You didn’t do it,” she said quietly. “What they say about you. You didn’t do it.”
The calm confidence of her words only fueled a dormant rage, now burgeoning inside me again since waking up the minute I rolled into Galloway Bay. I wouldn’t stand here while she looked at me with softness, caring, the hushed tone of her voice reverent, like I was some kind of hero.
Not when all I had was a legacy of mistakes that brought others pain.
I tugged her against me. “You don’t know a damn thing about what I did or didn’t do,” I said, seething with the fine edge of anguish cutting through me. “What I’ve cost the people I love.”
My gaze dropped to her full pink lips and I closed my eyes. Her mouth wasn’t mine to taste, should never be mine to taste, and if I took, it would only prove what a selfish bastard I really was. “You’d do good to trust your instincts about me, Mayhem.”
She turned her face up to mine. Unflinching, she stared me straight in the eye without so much as a blink. Full of stubbornness and ready for confrontation, she took me head-on. “The funny thing is, I do,” she said with quiet finality.
Her eyes dropped to my mouth and I fought the urge to waver. I hung my head and turned away from her, away from temptation.
How many more times would I scour my soul and find scraps of shredded honor before I ran out completely?
“You didn’t do it. I don’t know why you don’t shout it from the damn rooftops. I don’t know why you didn’t defend yourself, maybe it’s time to—”
I pierced her with a scowl. “Leave it alone,” I bit out the words in harsh warning. Fury pounded in time with the ripple of my beating heart.

False Start features cross over characters from April Canavan’s Balls to the Wall, also releasing today!

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Dec 102020

Tallulah Speed (Tallulah Cove Book 5) by Casey Hagen

Valentina Giordano abandoned her jet-setting life as an international supermodel to prove to the world that behind her devastating beauty exists genuine brilliance and a natural business talent. A billionaire tycoon in her own right, she assumes the helm of her father’s business conglomerate upon his death. But it isn’t her father’s business Valentina prizes. His antique car collection holds her heart, and with that inheritance comes memories of her beloved father, their mutual love of fast cars—and, ultimately, vicious sabotage by an unknown enemy.

Jeremy Price, antique car expert and permanent bachelor, built the modest family auto body business in the heart of Tallulah Cove into a successful corporation. His skilled management created an accomplished team that functions well without him. Solvent, with time to burn, he dives into his dream of dirtying his hands with a top-to-bottom classic car restoration—a dream derailed when his expertise is sought for a surprising reason: to save a woman from murder.

Jeremy uncovers clues to the sabotage, but that isn’t his only focus. His unexpected client is former supermodel Valentina Giordano, and between her beauty, brains, and knowledge of cars, Jeremy breaks his own rules and falls for her hard and fast. He soon finds himself playing three dangerous roles—sabotage investigator, hot lover, and fierce protector of this amazing, but fearless woman determined to discover who in her trusted inner circle wants her dead. Their different worlds collide and keeping Valentina safe becomes Jeremy’s major challenge—second only to not giving her his heart.

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Nov 172020

Cover Me (So Wrong It’s Right #2) by Casey Hagen

Trevor Myers knows how to make it big in the business world: a charming smile, connections, and balls-to-the-wall fearlessness. The master of all three, a partnership with his firm is all but in the bag. That is, until his boss dangles it over him and his coworker like a prize on a game show. Trevor will do whatever it takes to lock in what is rightfully his, even if that means calling in a doozy of a favor from his best friend that crosses bro code lines.

Piper Bradley is on the precipice of making a career-altering decision. Agonizing over impending change and letting go, Piper decides a weekend trip to clear her head is just what she needs to be sure of her decision. Before she can so much as dig out sandals and sunscreen for some much-needed fun in the sun, her brother calls in a favor from his best friend…Trevor Myers.

Assumptions. Surprises. A battle of wills.

…and so begins the battle between Trevor’s playboy ways and the elemental pull of the girl next door.
Publication Date : November 17, 2020

Excerpt Cover Me by Casey Hagen

The door to the lake house flew open and a robust, boisterous man wearing a huge smile stepped out. “It’s about time you made it, Trevor, my boy. You and your beautiful lady here almost missed the couples’ massages.”
This Piper, despite her brief lakeside fantasy, did not have a hot dog in her future because she was apparently going to be naked in a room with an equally naked Trevor.
His smile slipped, but he tried covering it with a squeeze of her hand as he tugged her alongside him and up the front steps.
“We did not agree on naked,” she muttered from the side of her mouth while trying to maintain a smile for his boss.
He squeezed her hand again.
She dug her fingernails into his skin, satisfied with his brief flinch.
He reached out and shook hands with the man on the porch who’d just crushed her hot dog dreams. “Sorry, Mr. Williams. We hit a traffic snag about an hour outside of the city. A total mess.” He hooked his arm around her waist and pulled her forward. “I’d like you to meet my girlfriend, Piper Bradley. Piper, this is my boss, Davidson Williams.”
She reached out her hand and smiled despite the sheer panic fluttering in her stomach, trying to claw its way to her seizing heart.
Maybe Trevor could get naked first, set up on the table, covered with a towel. Then she could just hop over—er, maybe not hop, just in case he happened to sneak a peek. No woman looked flattering hopping anywhere naked no matter how firm they were.
She had to be naked.
In the room with Trevor.
She was so going to kick her brother in the balls for getting her into this.
She’d send a condolence card to her mother for the grandchildren Rye would be unable to produce.
Maybe a fruit basket too. Or chocolate. Maybe a wine of the month subscription for a freaking decade.
“Nice to finally meet you, Mr. Williams.” Oh, look at her keeping her voice even like the thought of seeing Trevor’s naked bits or him seeing hers hadn’t completely stolen every last brain cell, practically leaving her the shell of a woman.
He took her hand in both of his. “Oh, none of that now. Please, call me Davidson.”
“All right, Davidson. Really, you needn’t have gone through so much trouble. I don’t mind if we skip the massage—”
He patted her hand. “Don’t be silly, my dear. I want everyone to start out relaxed and refreshed. I have a whole schedule of activities for the entire weekend.”
He leaned in and winked.
Hmmm, that winking thing seemed to be catching.
And she was so not relaxed. Her ass was so clenched she could carry needles between her cheeks.
“Actually, my lovely wife made the schedule, bless her. Unfortunately, a few things came up with the kids and their extracurriculars that called her away unexpectedly, but hopefully she’ll be back in time for you to meet her.”
Williams, though thick around the middle, stood tall and proud. His hair had gone almost completely gray. Between his build, his exuberance, his kids still being in school, and that gray hair, Piper might have had better luck nailing Jell-O to a wall than guessing his age.
She smiled. “I’d like that. What kind of extracurriculars are your kids in?”
“Well, this is refreshing! No one has ever asked.” He nudged Trevor with his elbow. “You found a good one here, my boy. You remember what I said about not letting her get away.” With his wallet in hand and opened to his pictures, he stood next to her. “We’ve got twin ballerinas. Sasha and Sabrina.”
What looked to be seven or eight-year-old, raven-haired beauties stared up from the picture. She’d seen their ballet gowns before. They’d been designed by Blush, one of her biggest competitors.
She schooled her features and pretended that she didn’t have more than a general interest in the girls or dance.
It was harder than she thought, but she managed it.
Just add actress to her resume.
“They’re stunning. You must be so proud,” she said as she handed back the wallet.
“Well, I can’t take all the credit, it’s mainly their mother’s doing. The woman is a saint. Anyway, enough about that, grab your bags and come on in. I saved your suite and the massage therapists are in there waiting. I’ll introduce you to everyone else after.”
“Yes, sir,” Trevor said with a nod and winning smile.
Such a boob.
Davidson led them to through to a room at the back corner of the place, nearest to the lake. At least that was something.
She’d have liked to take in the post and beam lake house, only the wood, the furnishings, the huge windows, they all disappeared in the horror of what they were about to do.
She’d have the best view while naked, in a room with Trevor, getting a rub down.
“I so loathe you right now,” she whispered.
“Yeah, well, get in line. I’m not too thrilled with me right now either.” His otherwise jovial tone had vanished, leaving harshness in its wake. She could almost believe he meant it. If he hadn’t eye-humped her when she came out of her building that morning.
Sure, he was mad about it.
Her eyes rolled so hard pain stabbed in her left eye.
She didn’t believe that for a minute.

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Oct 192020

Devious Wingman (Cocky Hero Club) by Casey Hagen

Well, if it isn’t Falcon Malone.
In the panty-dropping flesh.
My older brother’s best friend and subject of my every teenage fantasy.
My first love. And last.
My secret romance, if you could call three stolen kisses and a tear-stained journal loaded with unfulfilled fantasies a romance.
He taught me how to kiss.
Then he walked away.
I tried to keep him buried in the past, but he’s been in every kiss since.
Tethering me to unattainable dreams.
Well, he might have taught me how to kiss, but now I’m going to teach him how to f#@k.
I’ll tempt fate, tantalize Falcon, and resurrect a fierce hunger between the two of us.
And then I’ll be the one to walk away.

I left my best friend’s little sister Emory firmly planted in my past. Or so I’d thought.
Those pink girl-next-door lips of hers belonged in our sleepy hometown hundreds of miles away where I couldn’t reach them.
I’d taught her how to kiss.
Not how to kiss just anyone, but how to kiss me.
Then I’d left.
She deserved better than my tattered soul, lost and seeking redemption.
Now she’s here. All grown up. In my neighborhood. In my pub.
And the subject of my friend’s desire.
The first hard and fast rule to our bro code…when your friend sees what he wants, you do everything in your power to help him get it.
So, in her circle of friends full of calculating glances with lust-filled eyes, I’m there to charm the ladies while my man goes for the prize.
But not when the prize is Emory. He can have anyone else…but never her.
I’m his wingman… and I’m about to go rogue..
Expected publication: January 3rd 2021

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Sep 222020

Intimidator (The Driven World) by Casey Hagen

I gambled and lost.
For over two years, I laid engulfed in the searing flames of defeat.
Even now, long after the blaze is extinguished, the blistering lingers branded on my skin.
My competition thinks they can obliterate me. Shun me. Cast me into the shadows.
But a Phoenix always rises from the ashes…
It won’t be the siren with the determined eyes and unyielding stubbornness luring me from the darkness, because I control my own fate.
I drive my success the same way I drive my car.
I leave it all on the track—my blood, my sweat…even my soul.
With the intimate knowledge that every time may be the last.
I don’t care what she envisions for my comeback.
My resurrection is coming…
On my terms.

Casey Hagen’s Intimidator is an alphahole, enemies to lovers, sexy contemporary romance written in K. Bromberg’s Driven World.

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Aug 272020

Shock Me by Casey Hagen

Mama always warned her that a sense of adventure would only lead to trouble…
Tall. Dark. Delicious. Trouble.

Mabel Lee Montgomery lives in the cradle of the church’s stifling arms. A disgraced preacher’s dutiful daughter, she’s protective of her mama and works endlessly to abolish the stigma left by her father’s scandal. But sometimes a woman just has to hang up her good girl ways and break free for a night. What better way than a bachelorette celebration at a wildly popular and completely taboo strip club outside the city limits?

Kellen Savage never thought a brief stint stripping would be more than a quick infusion of cash to repair the wreckage of his tumultuous past. Repelling the hungry pursuit of a serious relationship by the female persuasion just served as an added bonus. Until the prim and proper hot mess sitting front and center gives him an unintended show of her own between her tongue, a cherry, and enticing cleavage. Fascinated by her resilience as she stubbornly tries to keep up with her fast friends, he might just have to rethink his bachelor status.

Call it fate or call it a night of sin ending with a phone number scrawled on a condom. Either way, Mabel Lee and Kellen are about to embark on the joy ride of their lives. Their adventure starts out with fun and games, but the blind curves in the road ahead may prove too sharp for this unlikely match to maneuver. When the dust settles, Mabel Lee may have to face that fact that she’s more apt for scandal than a church pew, but will she be cut out for the scarlet letter it comes with?

Excerpt Shock Me by Casey Hagen

“What’s a body shot?” Mabel Lee asked.
Catalina reared back. “My God, where did you find her, Kellen?”
He laughed and scratched his head. “Ironically, I found her right here in the crowd.”
“Girl, you have to do a body shot. It’s practically a rite of passage.”
Mabel Lee’s eyes lit up and she bounced on her seat. “Will you show me?”
“Sure. Kellen, hop up on the table,” Catalina said, rising to her feet.
“You are kidding, right?” he said, giving her a look through his lashes.
“Nope. I mean, I don’t mind if she does one off me, but I have a feeling she’d feel more comfortable if it’s you.”
“One shot, Mabel Lee,” he said.
“I promise. Just one,” Mabel Lee said with an excited grin.
“I can’t believe I’m about to do this,” he said, tugging his t-shirt over his head.
Catalina snagged an empty table and dragged it over, sliding it right up against Mabel Lee’s. “Can I get a shot of tequila over here?” she called.
Kellen climbed onto the table just to have Catalina tsk him. “Really, guy? It’s your girlfriend. Take the pants off.”
“I’m not looking to perform a sex act, Catalina. I’m on the freaking clock.”
“I’ll vouch that it’s on the up and up. You’ll be fine. Besides, the owners adore you. You make them a shit ton of money. You’re good.”
He knew what an asset he was, but he sure as hell didn’t feel good about taking advantage.
Catalina sighed when he didn’t reply. “Look, Mabel Lee is too dignified for that. Hell, she’s too dignified for this, but she trusts me, so ditch the pants, man.”
“Fine.” He slid off his jeans, leaving him in the G-string he’d grabbed from his clothes as he hurried out to catch her.
“Oooh, seems he prepared for the occasion,” Catalina said, letting out a laugh.
He climbed on the table, laid down with his back against the wood, and schooled his breathing so he wouldn’t knock the shot off his stomach.
“Where do you want it, Mabel Lee? Chest, stomach, or right about here?” Catalina asked, touching the glass to his inner thigh.
High on his inner thigh.
Like, right next to his fucking nut.
“Catalina,” he growled.
“Kellen…shut up,” she said and shoved the wedge of lime in between his teeth.
“You only live once, right? Put it there.” Mabel said.
He lifted his head, surprised to see her pointing to the nut zone. Shit.
Blood rushed south, and his cock perked up.
Not now. Not now. Not now.
He could see the headline now. Beloved Local Stripper Causes Eye Injury with His Wayward Erection. It was a goddamned nightmare twist on the old A Christmas Story line. The fucking X-rated version.
“Looks like he’s giving us a tighter gap to support the glass. Thanks, Kellen,” Catalina said, followed by a snort.
Mabel Lee giggled.
And that was with no alcohol in her system. Just as long as she didn’t start slapping things again, because his junk was in the swing zone.
He muttered a few choice swears through the lime that would singe Mabel Lee’s ears clean off as his head smacked the table. God was a funny dude putting him in this position.
“Okay, sugar. So here’s what you’re going to do. No using your hands now; you keep those tucked behind your back.” There was a brief pause. “Good, just like that. I’m going to do you a favor and hold your hair. Lord, it’s gorgeous. You need to tell me what shampoo and conditioner you use.”
“Well, aren’t you sweet. Thank you. I use Kevin Murphy, but I use the cleansing crème in between washes so I don’t dry it out. Have you heard of Water Lilies in Clendon? That’s where I get it.”
Nice they could exchange recommended bath products while held a shot glass with his knob.
“Thanks, girl. I’ll check it out. Now, are you ready? On three, I want you to bend down and wrap your lips around that glass and bring it right back up with you. The liquor will slide right down. Just swallow and roll with it.”
“Okay, I can do that,” Mabel Lee said, her voice dropping in that way it did when she adopted that laser focus of hers.
“After, you go on up there and bite into that lime.”
“Mmm, okay.”
He clenched as Mabel Lee’s warm breath fanned over his thigh. The glass bobbled, and what he thought might be her chin grazed his cock, making it jump, but before he knew it, she and the glass were gone.

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May 202020

The Elites

Behind the ivy-covered walls at Stonewall University, the future of the world is in the hands of a very select few.
The Scorpio Society
Even the name is enough to bring the strongest of men and politicians to their knees.
With billionaire bad boys, students and teachers engaged in illicit affairs, underground fighters struggling to break free, and more complications than you can count, The Elites Series has a little bit of everything.
Read the entire 13-book series from USA Today Bestselling, award-winning, and rising star authors.
Elizabeth Knox & E.C. Land
USA Today Bestselling Author Casey Hagen
Anna Edwards
Kathleen Kelly
Julia Bright
Addison Jane & KE Osborn
Janine Infante Bosco
Sonya Jesus
Courtney Lynn Rose & Lynne Leslie
Iris Sweetwater & Kasandra Scheckles & Paige Clendenin
Charlene Raquel
Jen Grey
USA Today Bestselling Author April Canavan
Publication Date: May 4, 2021

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Apr 112020

Love Is Contagious Anthology

Stuck in the house? We’ve got you covered!
Get ready to set your e-reader on fire! Over twenty of your favorite bestselling authors have teamed up to bring you the most contagious romances filled with the sexy heroes and strong heroines you crave! All in the name of charity!

LOVE IS CONTAGIOUS is only available for a limited time. Catch it now before it’s gone!

100% of the proceeds will be divided to two global charities helping individuals and families as well as medical professionals struggling with COVID-19. None of the authors in this anthology are affiliated with the charities.

Love is Contagious: A Charity Anthology
J Saman, J.L. Beck & C. Hallman, M.A. Foster, C.L. Matthews, Gabrielle G., Jolie Vines, Bella Emy, Amanda Siegrist, Casey Hagen, Jane Blythe, Mackenzie Lane, Brooke O’Brien, DL Gallie, Erin Lee, Nicole Rodrigues, Ashlee Shades, Annie Reynolds, Isabel Lucero, S.S. Richards & J. Santiago

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