Jul 242021

The Magic of Eternity (Emerald Lakes Book 5) by Britt Andrews

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful green witch. She blew into my life every bit as wild as the storm magic that lived within my veins. My heart had been nothing but a lifeless organ within my chest until she breathed life back into me, ensuring that each beat from that moment forward was for her.

Saige Wildes was everything good. Sun-kissed freckles in the summer, hair that shimmered like fire when touched by light, and a smile that brought six men to their knees. Her magic was the magic of life.

Of love.

Of sacrifice.

With Asrael’s master plan falling into place, my brave little witch had to fight for her life and everyone she loved. On the brink of losing it all and forced to make an impossible decision, she heard the stars whisper, ‘What do you want?’ My sweet mate stared back at the fates and screamed her greatest desire.

Publication date ‏ : ‎ September 30, 2021

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Jul 132021

Lost in Sleepy Hollow by Britt Andrews

Sleepy Hollow was supposed to be a legend. It became my reality.

After a botched spell, I find myself stuck in an old stone well. I’m terrified and injured, until the handsome and flirtatious Gideon hears my calls for help and I’m rescued. Realization hits me as fast as the sugar crash at the end of a trick or treat haul. I’m not in Wisteria. And it sure as hell isn’t 2021.

Most of the people are welcoming, accepting me as a part of the town. Then there’s Father Jude, who despises me at first glance. Magistrate Lucian; who is suspicious of my sudden arrival, and Headmaster Bodie who can’t seem to stop staring at me. October is suddenly filled with mystery, murder, and mayhem. Just like that, my favorite season becomes a true nightmare.

My name is Hattie Van Tassel and I’m lost in Sleepy Hollow, a town that’s righteous beneath the sun and absolutely depraved beneath the moon.

Lost in Sleepy Hollow is a full length spooky why choose romance that features themes that may be disturbing to some readers. Strong language, violence, sexual situations and MM content included. Reader discretion is advised.
Publication date ‏ : ‎ October 31, 2021

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Jul 012021

The Magic of Revenge (Emerald Lakes #3) by Britt Andrews

Blinding rage. Debilitating grief. Insatiable vengeance.

A transformation has taken hold of my body, my soul, the very center of who I am as a witch. I’ve loved and I’ve lost but I refuse to accept that this is the way it ends.

When a prophecy changes and my life amplifies to a new level of chaos, I’ll have to learn to harness my new magic and lean on those around me.

Between the power boosts and a new diabolical villain, I’ll need every single one of my mates at my side in order to have my revenge…

Saige is pissed. She is taken to Besmet against her will by her Bram and just-met father.

To make matters worse, the prophecy changes and now she has a 6th mate.

I just love how everything evolves and how Saige is becoming more powerful, and it extends to her mates as well.

I did not expect most of the things that happened so this series has led me to believe it’s out of the typical paranormal where what you suspect, happens.

Again, lots and lots of steam. More so than the first book.

Damn… this series is FIRE.

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Jun 292021

The Magic of Betrayal (Emerald Lakes #2) by Britt Andrews

I thought I had a lot of questions before.

Finding myself back in Besmet with the demon from my dreams, I’m finding it hard to deny the connection I feel toward him, despite the fact that he’s certifiably insane.

When did my life get so chaotic?

My green magic isn’t stable. My moods aren’t stable. My ex isn’t stable. Gran’s not stable… oh who am I kidding? She’s never been stable, so at least one of us is consistent.

Luckily, I still have my guys; Cam, Fischer, Kai, and maybe Sloane. Honestly, I’m not sure that Sloane is capable of letting someone claim him, but he certainly makes my heart race.

Secrets, lies, and prophecies are coming to light. Hopefully I put my trust in the right people because betrayal on it’s own is terrible, but to be betrayed by those who swore to protect you? That would be devastating…

This is a full-length RH romance, intended for adults 18 and over, which includes MMFMMM content. It ends on a cliffhanger and contains domestic violence including physical, mental, and sexual abuse and other themes that readers may find triggering.

*This is the second book in a paranormal RH series.*

As soon as I finished Book 1 I started immediately. It’s very steamy and it continues that way. We find out more of their characters and how they became the men they are. Saige changes the game and we are in for a ride.

In this book she finds out the truth behind their job and is extremely hurt.

To top it all off, she is part demon and has lots and lots of things to figure it out.

It ends in a cliffhanger but book 3 is already out and I admit I’ve started the first chapter just to get over that part.

I highly recommend this series. There is a rumor there will be 5 books total in this series and book 4 is already up for pre-order, coming out June 30th.

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Jun 282021

The Magic of Discovery (Emerald Lakes #1) by Britt Andrews

Growing up in Emerald Lakes, population six hundred and eighty-two, had been safe and comfortable. Running my own magic shop and making a living off my green witchcraft, I have no complaints. Sure, there’s my ex, who never understood the word ‘no’, but there’s also the lovable and eccentric townspeople who feel more like one huge extended family, and let’s not forget my boy-crazed Gran who keeps us all on our toes.

…But something has apparently been missing, and the stars take it upon themselves to correct the problem, dropping four sexy men at my door. Well, not literally. They move into the apartment above my shop, so I’m their landlord. Drawn in by these mages who blew into town on a work assignment, a whole different kind of magic starts to grow between us, but my powers are doing things they shouldn’t, and there’s also a pesky prophecy to unravel.

Strange, unnatural things are brewing in Emerald Lakes, and I can’t ignore the sinking suspicion that something life-changing is headed my way.

Discovering a whole new world of magic, I can only hope I don’t lose myself in the madness.

This is a full-length romance novel. There is MM content. It ends on a cliffhanger and contains brief references to domestic violence and other themes that readers may find triggering.

I’ve started this book with a chapter 8 challenge which I give in return. I DARE you to blind react to this book.

To start off let me tell you this is a Paranormal Reverse Harem, with MMFMM and lots of steam. I mean… a LOT of steam.

Saige is your regular curvy green witch, who lives in a small town, running a small shop. She meets Cam, Kai, Sloane and Fisher when they arrive to her hometown in search of a person. Unbeknownst to them, they find out it’s Saige’s mother, but it’s too late because they are already pretty attached to her.

It builds on Saige being in a abused relationship before the guys, but it’s not that bad and worth as a trigger warning.

If you’re not into MM this book is NOT for you.

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Jun 172021

Demons in My Bed (Demons of Port Black Book 1) by Britt Andrews

Blurb coming soon.
Publication date ‏ : ‎ October 31, 2021

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Jun 162021

The Magic of Destiny (Emerald Lakes #4) by Britt Andrews


I’ve been hearing that word a lot lately and my opinion on the whole thing hasn’t mattered one bit. No, the stars have their plans and I’ve been consulted about it a whopping zero times.

Finally. I finally had all of my mates together. Yeah, that lasted an impressive two seconds and now one of them is gone. Does he want to be found? Or did he run?

On top of that, I have two siblings who have no idea I exist. My traitorous mother is on the run, Asrael is making moves, King Thane is making his presence known, and I’m seeing things again. Things that I shouldn’t… terrifying things.

Tensions are building toward an epic explosion. I can feel it in my bones.

Fate has its own ideas and I can only hope defeating our enemies is on the agenda. Failure means one thing in this battle.


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May 022021

Catching Kalen by Maya Nicole & Britt Andrews

The call never came.

So, I did what any major league hopeful reject would do: I went to the bar to escape my reality.

When I locked gazes with a pair of gorgeous blue eyes, I knew the night was going to be anything but normal.

Especially since I’d never been with a man.

One night of passion left me questioning everything. It was supposed to be a random hookup but when I walked into my summer school course there he was, standing at the front of the room.

My professor.

Will Monroe catch me, or will he strike out?

Catching Kalen is a contemporary standalone full-length gay romance. Contains adult situations and language.

A small portion of this novel was previously featured in the Lookin’ for Mr. Right anthology.

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Apr 292021

Delirium (Broken Wolves Book 1) by Britt Andrews

High Pack Notice: All rejects must report to Wolfe Island for immediate processing and island assignment.

More details will be provided at a later date.

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