Jul 052021

Maverick (Sin City Saints #1) by Brenda Rothert

The Vegas heat just kicked up a notch with the arrival of ice hockey’s newest expansion team – the Sin City Saints.

Maverick Hagen’s fall from grace was more like a crash landing. His record-breaking career ended after a fight with an opponent over a woman left him with a broken leg, or so the pundits thought. Returning to the sport he loves as the captain of the league’s new expansion team, the Sin City Saints, his lucrative contract comes with just one rule—no romantic distractions.

Gia Ford also makes her living playing a game—poker. The rounder has hit her stride in Vegas, quietly building her bank account one casino at a time. She’s got a score to settle, and nothing will get in her way—not even the sexy hockey player who’s willing to lose money just to see her in action. Maverick attracts attention, upsetting Gia’s under-the-radar game.

Maverick and Gia can’t afford to give in to their magnetic attraction, with his career rebounding and her winnings growing. But the hotter their chemistry burns, the harder it is to deny. So will they or won’t they? In Vegas, there’s only one way to settle it—a bet, of course.

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Jun 202021

Hard Fall (St. Louis Mavericks #1) by Brenda Rothert & Kat Mizera

The St. Louis Mavericks are having the best season in team history. On pace for a pro hockey record, the unexpected death of their captain and star player knocks them off course in ways they never expected.


My world was turned upside down the day Ben Whitmer died. Best friends since junior hockey, Ben was like a brother to me. My voice of reason and a grounding force on and off the ice. But as heartbroken as I am, I don’t have the luxury of grieving his loss.

Not only do I have to hold our team together, I was named guardian of the two young children Ben and his wife left behind. Well, not just me—me and his wife’s best friend, Hadley. We’ve been left with the impossible task of deciding which of us will raise the kids, but there’s no way I’m letting that uptight ball buster have them.

Lines are drawn, but they begin to blur as I find out there’s more to Hadley than I thought. A lot more.


I can’t take the place of my beautiful best friend in her children’s lives. But I love them so fiercely that I’ll do whatever it takes to raise them the way their parents wanted.

Wes Kirby is an obnoxious womanizer, and I won’t let him take Ben and Lauren’s children from me. Deciding to temporarily live together in our friends’ home, we attempt to provide the kids stability while we figure out which of us is better suited to raising them.

As we learn parenthood together, my enemy Wes slowly becomes something different. Something more. And I’m left wondering not only if I’m enough for the kids, but if Wes and I are enough to last.

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Apr 042021

Olivier (Chicago Blaze #9) by Brenda Rothert


I knew who I was before Olivier Durand came along. Despite growing up among the privileged elite, I never cared about corporate ladders or dream weddings. I proudly wear the label of social justice warrior. Until a car accident changes everything overnight. A video goes viral: Chicago’s Hottest Bachelor, billionaire Olivier Durand pulling me from my burning car. When he sets his sights on me, the whole world is watching. He can chase after me all he wants, but my answer will be the same: I loathe the ultra-wealthy. Even when they’re handsome, persuasive and…I have to admit, charming. It’s a hell no from me, though. Until suddenly, I’m not sure I’m the woman I thought I was.


Now I know how the players on the NHL team I own must feel. Relentlessly hounded. Once the video of me pulling a woman from her burning car goes viral, privacy becomes a thing of the past. For whatever reason, Twitter has collectively decided this woman and I should become a romantic thing. A hashtag combining my name with hers is trending daily. Absolute nonsense. But then I meet her, and realize Twitter got it right. Daphne Barrington is beautiful, funny, brilliant and sweet. Now I just have to convince her to date me. Easier said than done. She’s maddeningly stubborn, and my deep desire to be with her soon has me writing massive checks. Not for jewelry or cars, but to charities. Winning Daphne’s heart is going to cost me, and I’m not sure even I have enough money to do it.

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Dec 232020

Kit (Chicago Blaze #8) by Brenda Rothert


Molly Lynch isn’t like any woman I’ve met before. The pretty, ball-busting reporter has a penchant for asking questions that dredge up memories I’d rather keep buried. I answer them, though, because I’m so intrigued by her—a mix of shy and bold, so set in her ways that the slightest change knocks her off kilter. The closer Molly gets to my dark truth, though, the more I try to shift her focus to what I want most—her total surrender to me in the bedroom.


I finally have the life I’m meant for. Predictable. Boring. Safe. NHL player Kit Carter upsets the stability I crave when he looks at me with his dark eyes, wounded and guarded, but also swirling with desire. I can’t let him figure out who I truly am—driven not by ambition but by anxiety. Unable to let go of my control, even for a second. There’s something about Kit that draws me to him so powerfully it’s no longer a choice, though. I need to give in, even if it costs me everything.

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Nov 052020

Liam (On the Line Book 3) by Brenda Rothert


I guess you could say I’m here for the party, though I’m starting to wonder why. With recurring shoulder injuries and no shot at the big league, I’m realizing that my life as a minor league hockey player can’t last forever. And I’ve got no idea what’s next for me until I lay eyes on Kerrigan Oliver. The Fenway Flyers PR director isn’t like any woman I’ve ever known. She’s sexy, sharp, level-headed and completely uninterested in me. Challenge accepted.
As I try to get Keri in bed, though, everything changes. We get closer, and I find out she’s way more than just a nice pair of legs. Keri doesn’t have room in her life for love, but tell that to my heart, because there’s no coming back from this fall.
Publication date : November 30, 2020

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Aug 212020

Jonah (Chicago Blaze #7) by Brenda Rothert


I don’t do relationships. A federal agent whose life revolves around rescuing kidnapped children, I’ve got no interest in catching any man who’s not a criminal. So when my new assignment in Chicago requires me to get closer to a VIP Chicago Blaze fan, Blaze goalie Jonah West is the perfect cover. Like me, he’s too focused on his career to make time for love, dates or even hookups.


I had my great love, and I lost her. No woman will ever compare to the blond ray of sunshine who left me half a man three years ago. And even though I help out my police officer brother by pretending to be head over heels for Reyna, it’s just a farce to put an evil man behind bars. Reyna is a fierce, raven-haired cop with steely eyes and a foul mouth—not my type in the slightest. But when lines get blurred, my fake feelings for Reyna become more real than anything I thought my beat-up heart could ever feel again.
Publication Date: September 15, 2020

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Aug 122020

Blown Away by Brenda Rothert


I never planned to chase tornadoes across their paths of destruction. But in an instant, my world shattered. In my grief, I hoped that joining my late fiance’s storm-chasing team would help me feel closer to him. But instead, I grew closer to his brooding best friend, who wants nothing to do with me. Loss made me wiser, though—now I know that some things are worth risking heartbreak.


I knew it would be a perfect storm. Me and Drew in close quarters? It would threaten to blow my self-control to shreds. No one ever knew I burned for my best friend’s girl, and I wanted to keep it that way. I tried to keep my focus on storm chasing, but my feelings for her are like the tornadoes we pursue—powerful, all-consuming and impossible to outrun.

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Apr 082020

Easy (Chicago Blaze #6) by Brenda Rothert


Nothing rattles me. Well…almost nothing. As the most even-tempered player on the Chicago Blaze, I take everything in stride – hockey, fame and life in general. No one knows that deep down, even I’ve got a trigger. She’s a tall brunette with a gorgeous smile and an iron will. The woman who crushed my heart long ago. I never plan to return to Emery, Wisconsin and lay eyes on Allie Douglas again – until suddenly, I’m left without a choice.

Somehow, I’m keeping it all together. Raising my nieces and nephew alone and working takes everything I’ve got and then some, but I get by. I don’t have time for love, and who needs a man, anyway? I gave up the love of my life a decade ago, and now he’s just a distant memory. Until one day, he comes back home. And once I see him, I’m not keeping it together anymore.
Not even close.

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Jan 312020

Knox (Chicago Blaze #4) by Brenda Rothert


I’m done.

Getting ditched at the altar is nothing compared to being humiliated there in front of three hundred shocked guests. Apparently I’m no good at spotting the signs your man’s a cheating liar. So I set off solo on my honeymoon to Hawaii, where I realize I’ve got this life thing down just fine on my own.

Friendships and laughter? Yes.

Adventures? Absolutely.

But relationships? Hell no. Never again.


I’m a man of few words. My reputation as a moody prick is deserved, but only the handful of people who really know me see the man beneath the professional mask.

I’m a protector. A warrior. That part is true. But the world doesn’t get to see the rest of me. And women don’t seem to mind my gruff exterior—my bed’s always warm.

I’m content with life—loving it, even—or so I thought. But when I meet a beautiful pastry chef with a broken heart and a smile that softens me down to my soul, I realize I wasn’t really content at all before her.

I only wish I had the words to let her know.

Excerpt Knox by Brenda Rothert

Mrs. Eric Darnell. I’ve practiced saying it and writing it, but it still doesn’t feel real. There’s a part of me that’s still scared, but this is the right thing. After nine years together, where else can our relationship go?

At the sound of a sniffle, I turn to my maid of honor, my best friend Mandy, who’s already crying. I never knew her to be a softie. The ceremony hasn’t really even started yet. She takes a tissue out from around her bouquet and wipes the corners of her eyes.

“Before we begin the ceremony, let us pray,” the pastor says.

“Hang on,” Eric blurts out.

Did he just say hang on as our wedding ceremony was about to start? My heart skips several beats as I look around to see what’s going on. Is there a medical emergency? Why else would Eric go off script?

The pastor and I both stare at him as he closes his eyes and grimaces.

“I’m sorry,” he says, sighing as he opens his eyes and lets go of my hands.

As my hands drop to my sides, an icy shiver zips down my spine. He let go. I only asked him for one thing when we talked on the phone this morning, honoring the tradition of not seeing each other on our wedding day. Hold onto my hands the entire time.

The church is still, everyone seeming to hold their breath as they wait for Eric to speak. My heart races and my hands start to shake as I realize something’s not right here. There’s no medical emergency.

“Reese.” Eric’s tone is both apologetic and pleading. “I need to tell you something. I want to go into this marriage with a clean conscience.”

I swallow back the bile that rises in my throat. This can’t be happening. In all my worst-case scenarios about what could go wrong on my wedding day, I never imagined this.

I worried I’d be having a heavy period today. That I’d trip on my way down the aisle and face plant in front of everyone. Or that the last week of stress eating would catch up with me and my dress wouldn’t zip up.

But this? Never this.

Eric lets out a shaky breath and says, “Please forgive me. I did something so stupid.”

Mandy’s crying intensifies. I feel like I could pass out at any second.

“Uh…” the pastor looks between me and Eric. “Do you two want to step out for a moment?”

“What did you do?” I ask Eric, my voice nearly a whisper.

The sound and scent of the ocean has vanished. I can only feel my racing heart and a creeping sense of complete dread.

“So now it was stupid?” Mandy demands loudly. “Eight months together and you’re saying it was a mistake?”

The guests collectively gasp.

As it sets in, I’m too stunned to even breathe. Eric. Fucked. Mandy. A lot.

My bouquet falls to the ground, making a whooshing sound as it hits. My breathing is more of a pant now, an angry, breathy pant with a growl now surfacing.

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Jan 292020

Victor (Chicago Blaze #3) by Brenda Rothert

He’s a hockey star with a headboard full of notches. She’s a shy NHL concession worker at who’s never been kissed.


They don’t call me Belinda Boring for nothing. It’s my name, after all. And for a 23-year-old with plain brown hair who still lives at home and gets tongue tied over nothing, it’s a fitting one. I’m not even one of those quiet girls with a hidden talent, unless making a mean order of nachos at the NHL arena I work at counts. My life consists of working, reading and harboring a secret crush on a hockey player who doesn’t know I exist. At least, until we accidentally meet and become unlikely friends.


I’m living the dream. A poor kid who worked his way into the NHL, I’ll never forget where I came from, though I try to. My past follows me, a nagging reminder that I’ll never be what everyone thinks I am. As the threat of my secret being exposed looms closer, my game slips, leaving me in danger of being cut from my team–the only family I have. I’m losing my hold on everything when a new friend helps me find hope. She’s nothing like the women I’m used to, but by the time I figure out that’s exactly why she’s right for me, I’ve lost my chance with her. Somehow, I have to convince a woman who thinks she’s invisible that she’s the only one I see.

Excerpt Victor by Brenda Rothert

Chapter 2:


I’m maintaining eye contact with the fat cat telling me about his latest business conquest—smiling and nodding on cue. But truthfully, I’m way more interested in the small plate of spicy meatballs I’m eating as he talks.

“There’s a sucker born every minute, and I’m always ready to swoop in and make money off their stupidity,” Bill Something or Other says, giving me a plastic grin.

I nod and grab the toothpick spear of another meatball, popping it into my mouth.

“Hey, can I get a selfie?” Bill asks, setting down his drink. “You’ve been playing like total shit lately, which means you’re on the verge of a big comeback. I want the world to know I called the resurgence of Victor Lane.”

I pass my plate to my teammate Easy, who meets my gaze for a split second and conveys everything I’m feeling right now.

Fuck this guy. He’s just a rich asshole with a big mouth and a small dick. Big talker, but he’d shit his pants if an NHL enforcer even looked at him across the ice.

“Absolutely,” I say, returning Bill’s grin.

Playing along, I wait until he’s taken a selfie he’s pleased with. He moves on to mingle with other Blaze players and Foundation contributors, not even signing off with us.

“Food’s good, at least,” Easy says, clapping me on the shoulder as he returns my plate.

“Yeah, I could eat about a hundred of these meatballs.” I say.

“I’m supposed to make a joke here, right?” My teammate cocks a brow at me in question.

I let out my first genuine laugh of the evening. It’s not so much that what Easy said was funny, it just reminds me I’m not the only one who feels out of place here.

I’m a poor kid from Canada turned NHL player. There’s a lot of money and power at this level of the sport, which I was lucky to even get to play. It was only because of a scholarship program that I learned hockey as a seven-year-old. That program paid my way until I was a high school player who landed a full college scholarship. Hockey’s in my blood, but wealth still seems foreign.

But Easy? He’s a well-spoken French Canadian black man born Erik Zimmerman who had never touched a hockey stick until high school. He gave up a promising career as a model to join the NHL. Easy’s got an innate gift for the game, and though he’s not a natural brawler, he’s coming along. He’s also one of only a few black players in the league.

“Um…” a soft voice says next to us.

My gaze shifts from Easy to a woman holding a tray of drinks beside us. She’s waiting for us to take something, I think.

“Ah, perfect.” I reach over and get a bottled beer. Easy does the same.

“Thanks,” I say, just as Easy is saying, “Merci”.

I take a long first sip of the beer, savoring the taste of the ice-cold drink. Across the room, my teammate Anton is talking to a well-dressed couple, his girlfriend Mia beside him. Our goalie Jonah and his wife Lily are there, too, smiling at the story Anton’s telling.

Anton’s like a brother to me. He’s one of the few people I always know has my back. And even though he’s been at the top of his game for a while now, he just recently came into his own when he and Mia got together. He’s happier than I’ve ever seen him, and he deserves it.

But me? Bill was right, I have been playing like shit lately. My linesmen, Anton and Luca, have been holding me up. There are a couple smug as shit sports writers who enjoy saying publicly that I haven’t been the same since I got dumped by Kristen Moore.

“You’re not still moping over that actress, are you?” Jackson Moon booms as he approaches me and Easy.

I return his grin and do my best to return his bear hug despite the empty plate and nearly-full plate I’m holding. Jackson’s a retired Blaze enforcer I really like. He’s old school, his nose crooked and his smile veneer. But that’s why he’s beloved to every Blaze player and fan—he spent his career putting his body on the line to protect his team.

“I ain’t moping over shit, you old asshole,” I say warmly.

“Good. Plenty more where she came from, right?”

“Hell yeah.”

“You boys going out after this?” Jackson looks between me and Easy.

“You buying?”

I can only maintain my serious expression for a second. Jackson punches me in the shoulder, and while it doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t not hurt. Retired or not, this guy’s a bear who could probably still take me down—6’4” and burly as a lumberjack.

“Of course I’ll buy,” Jackson offers.

I shake my head. “I was joking, Moon. Yeah, we’ll go out with you.”

“I can’t, actually,” Easy says. “I have to do a thing for the front office.”

“Next time,” Jackson says to Easy. He looks at me. “You and me, then, kid.”

I smile and hold my beer up in a gesture of approval. But really, I just want to go home after this. I feel like being alone in my apartment, maybe ordering some takeout and catching some baseball.

Easy’s ‘thing for the front office’ is most likely dinner with the team owner and his family. I used to get invited to all those things. But with the way I’ve been playing lately, I guess I’m no longer a favorite. Easy’s a second line forward. My spot on the first line has never been in greater peril.

“Jackson Moon.” A guy in a well-cut suit approaches us, his eyes lit up as he shakes hands with the Blaze legend. “It’s an honor. I’m Cain McMillan. I remember watching you play with my dad and grandpa.”

“Great to meet you, Cain,” Jackson says.

“We were actually at the game in ’98 when you and Trainor had that epic fight. The one where your head was injured. Man, all that blood on the ice…and you got back up! I’ll never forget it.”

“Yeah, that one hurt a little,” Jackson says wryly.

“Hurt Trainor a lot more than you, though.”

Jackson nods as Cain grabs a beer from the tray of a passing server, and Jackson does the same. Kevin Trainor wasn’t just hurt in that fight—he was never the same. After the doctors thought he had recovered, he came back to his team, but he’d lost so much ground that he couldn’t contribute. He got injured again and ended up retiring young.

That’s one of my fears these days—getting hurt so badly that I’m out of hockey for good, and going out on this note—with my numbers in the toilet and my job on the line.

No one would guess I’m thinking about that, though. I talk hockey with the guys, meet some hospital patients who were able to come to the event since the foundation is raising money for a Chicago children’s hospital. I sign jerseys and pucks, smile for pictures and represent my team well. Even though I feel like an imposter, I don’t let it show.

When people start heading out, I see that Easy is leaving with our team owner and his wife. I don’t begrudge him that, Easy’s a good guy. But it does burn to see Anton and Luca going with them.

So that’s what this is. A test run of sorts, to warm Anton and Luca to the idea of having Easy on the first line instead of me. I exhale deeply, frustrated by this turn of events even though I brought it on myself with my shitty play.

“Hey, man.” Jackson claps me on the shoulder. “It’s gonna be okay.”

I nod.

“Let’s go blow off some steam,” he says, chugging the last of his beer.

I take out my phone to check the time, my pulse racing when I see the waiting text.

We need to meet tonight. You have one hour to call or text back.

Fuck. It’s been a few months since I got one of these messages, so I can’t say I’m surprised. Tonight of all nights, though. I’m already feeling like shit, and now I have to deal with this.

“Hey, Jackson, I’m sorry, but something just came up that I have to take care of.”

“You’re blowing me off?” He grins. “It better be a booty call, Vic.”

My single note of laughter holds no amusement. “I wish. It’s nothing fun.”

“Okay. No worries, bro.”

“Can we do it tomorrow night instead? Dinner and drinks?”

He considers. “Yeah, I can do that.”

“Great. I’ll text you tomorrow.”

Jackson’s expression turns serious. “You okay?”

“Yeah, thanks.”

We say our goodbyes, and as I take the stairs down rather than the elevator to avoid the crowd, I loosen my tie and sigh, glad the social part of my night is over. Now I have to meet up with the only person in this world I hate. But at least there won’t be any false smiles, or pretending like everything’s great.

I am okay. I’ve been through worse than this. But fuck, I just got cheated on and dumped in broad view of the entire Internet. The headlines were merciless and the photographers relentless. It would be nice if my career could nosedive in a slightly less public way.

Nice, but unlikely.

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Jan 272020

Luca (Chicago Blaze #2) by Brenda Rothert


I only have one love now—the home furnishings business I’m building into an empire. Maybe money and success can’t love me back, but they keep what’s left of my heart safe. One-night stands are my way of scratching the occasional itch I get for something more. And no one’s better for that than a sexy as sin hockey player I’ll never see again after one very hot night together.


I used to love two things: hockey and women. But now my nieces and nephew are my top priority, because I’m raising them after tragedy stole their parents. Somehow I balance single parenthood and my career as a forward for the Chicago Blaze. There’s no time for women, until I get knocked on my ass by Abby Daniels. She’s everything I’ve ever wanted, but her devastating past may end us before we even get started.

Excerpt Luca by Brenda Rothert

“Hold still, Uncle Luca.”

My niece Emerson gives me her best glare, but she’s five and cute, so it makes me smile.

“I’m trying,” I tell her, checking out the dark purple polish she’s trying to brush onto my nails.

It’s not my inability to hold still that has more nail polish on my skin than my nails; it’s her technique. My “MANicure”, as my two nieces like to call it, started with my ten-year-old niece Cora and was then passed off to Emerson.

“I found yogurt!” Cora says as she breezes into my bathroom. “It’s got strawberries in the bottom, but that’s okay. This face mask will make you smell good, Uncle Luca.”

I try not to roll my eyes. It’ll be better than the last face mask they whipped up in the kitchen, which had butter in it and was a bitch to scrub off in the shower.

“I have to leave for practice in twenty-five minutes,” I remind the girls. “And I still need a shower. So you have ten more minutes to beautify me.”

“Will you paint my nails, too?” Cora asks me.


I was shit at painting nails when I first became the legal guardian of my two nieces and one nephew a little over a year ago. With practice, though, I’ve gotten pretty damn good at it.

“How long ‘til Gram and Gramps will be here?” Emerson asks, still painting my thumb nail even though she’s looking at me.

“About four hours ‘til their flight lands, then maybe an hour for them to get to the house.”

Her toothless grin of excitement makes me ignore the nail polish I can feel on my knuckle.

“Emerson!” Cora yells. “You ruined it! That looks awful.”

Cora picks up the bottle of purple nail polish and Emerson’s happy expression drops away.

“Give it to me,” Cora huffs, holding out her hand for the handle to the polish. “I never should have let you do it.”

“Hey, now.” I give Cora a sharp look. “She was doing her best.”

Cora’s eyes flood with tears. Emerson edges closer to me, because she knows what happens when Cora gets upset.

“He won’t let us do spa days if you mess it up!” Cora cries, glaring at her younger sister. “You ruined everything!”

“You didn’t ruin anything,” I tell Emerson. “And Cora, I never said we wouldn’t do this again. We can do a big spa day after my road trip, okay?”

Cora wipes her eyes and nods, still crying. It kills me to see her like this. As the oldest, she carries more of the weight from the deaths of her parents than her siblings. We’ve been in counseling for more than a year now, transitioning through the death of their mother, my sister-in-law Danielle, to the kids’ new life with me as their guardian. The clinical terms for what Cora struggles with—anxiety and controlling tendencies—are easier for me to handle than her breakdowns.

The tension leaves the room and Emerson starts my massage, which is pretty much just her karate chopping my shoulders, while Cora slathers strawberry yogurt onto my face.

“Is your shoulder better?” Cora asks me.

“Yep, it’s all good.”

“Think my mashage helped?” Emerson asks from behind me.

She can’t pronounce some words, and I kinda hope that’ll last longer, because it gets me every time.

“It definitely helped,” I tell her.

I tweaked my shoulder at practice yesterday, and Cora noticed me wince when I was taking out the trash last night. She worries about every sinus cold and bruise I get. I can’t blame the kid. Her dad, my brother Matt, died serving in Iraq and her mom passed away from cancer a year later.

“Hey, let’s get your nails painted, Cora,” I say after glancing at my watch. “I’ve only got five minutes til I have to hit the shower.” I turn to Emerson. “Can you go get the nail polish remover, peanut?”

“Okay.” She races from the room, brown curls flying behind her.

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Jan 232020

Alexei (Chicago Blaze #5) by Brenda Rothert


I guess the party’s over—for now.
When I wake up in the hospital after a DUI car crash, my new NHL team owner gives me an ultimatum – get sober or get packed for the minor leagues. So I talk the talk and go to rehab. I plan to breeze through, get sprung in 30 days or less and hit the road with my new team, the Chicago Blaze. All I have to do is charm my attractive, uptight rehab group leader into thinking I’ve changed—how hard could it be?


I see right through Alexei Petrov.
My calling to save addicts from themselves before they self-destruct is deeply personal. Alexei’s hot and successful, sure. But he’s not okay, and he’s got a lot of work to do before graduating from my group. No one’s ever tested my boundaries like he does, though. I fight my desire and keep things professional, because the stakes couldn’t be higher—it’s not just my job that’s on the line, but also his life. The deeper we fall, though, the more he makes me question the mantra I live by: never trust your heart to an addict.

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Dec 282019

Dirty Defiance (Filthy Politics #3) by Chelle Bliss & Brenda Rothert

My husband and I know how to fight. We perfected the art when running against each other for Congress. But that fighting revealed a passion for each other that we couldn’t deny. Battle lines were erased as enemies became lovers. But now we’re in the fight of our lives – we’re battling a smear campaign as he runs for governor. And again, we find ourselves drawn to do what we do best. I won’t be controlled, even by the man who owns my heart. But as tensions escalate to a boiling point, I discover there is one place I like checking my defiance – the bedroom. As Jude takes his dominance over me to a new level, I discover that submission can bring me to places I’ve ever known.

Excerpt Dirty Defiance (Filthy Politics #3) by Chelle Bliss & Brenda Rothert

I don’t pay much attention to what I’m throwing into my suitcase as I pack. Some of the clothes are still in their dry cleaning bags. I’ll manage a few work outfits out of all this stuff.

I’m pretty pissed. After three weeks apart, Jude took off on me and won’t answer my calls or texts. I missed him like crazy, playing the role of doting politician’s wife while he campaigned.

He knows how much I was dreading that fucking interview and photo shoot for a magazine spread about our home life. Even with the cleaning and decorating help his staff hired, I had to make sure everything was just perfect myself. When a photographer is coming into your home, you have to make sure every last thing is on point.

But I gladly did all of it for him. He’s only home for two days before he hits the campaign trail again, and I’m livid that he fucked me and hardly said two words to me before storming out of here.

We agreed before we got married that nothing would ever come between us. Not politics, not my father—our marriage comes first.

But today his fucking ego came first, and I’m not waiting around until he decides to come home.

I’ve been sidelining my work for months now, focusing on helping Jude instead. And that’s been hard for me, because I’m passionate about my work. I’m the US Congress liaison for The Lancet Foundation, an organization founded two years ago to advocate for bipartisanship.

Jude and I have become the poster children for crossing party lines to find common ground. As Congressional opponents, we should have been enemies. For a while, we kind of were. But I quickly fell for him, seeing that what brought us together was more important than what we disagreed about.

I didn’t drop out of the race because of our relationship, but because the revelation about my father’s secret family made me reevaluate what was really important to me. But I’ve taken lots of hits from women’s groups within the Democratic Party for stepping aside for my man.

Fuck them. They don’t know me, and they don’t know us.

I add a couple pairs of heels and my travel makeup bag to the suitcase, zipping it closed. When I pick up my phone, I see a text from Julia, my assistant. She’s booked my flight and arranged for me to be picked up in DC when I arrive late this afternoon.

I’ve been pushing this trip back for weeks, prioritizing Jude and his campaign. No more.

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