Sep 012021

Books & Bullets (Watchdog Protection, Inc. Book 3) by Cameron Hart

The strong silent type might just be what she needs.

Raven: As one of the librarians at the Chicago public library, I’m used to the quiet. I’ve always loved books. The smell of them, the million different places they can transport you to, and the way they always seem to have the right words.

When Slater comes to her rescue, she thinks one of the scarred heroes from her favorite romance novels has come to life.

The man of few words falls for the girl who loves to get lost in them.

Slater: I’ve searched for redemption every day of the last three years. Visions of the roadside bomb that jacked me up and killed everyone else in the vehicle haunt me in my sleep. Why did I live when so many others died?

All I’ve ever wanted is to be someone’s knight in shining armor. That’s I joined the military and why I eventually agreed to start Watchdog Security, Inc with my ex-military buddies.

When I’m assigned to guard the library, I expect it to be the most boring job of my life. Until I spot Raven.

Can Slater protect his woman and finally find the words to tell her how he feels?

What to expect from a Cameron Hart book: Lots of heat, plenty of sweet, and just enough drama to keep things interesting. No cheating, safe, guaranteed HEA!

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Aug 272021

Ropes & Roses (Watchdog Protection, Inc. Book 2) by Cameron Hart

She’s focused on work and moving out of a bad living situation. He’s focused on her.

Shiloh: Everyone leaves, whether by betrayal, abandonment, or untimely death. Trust me, I would know. The only person left in my family is my deadbeat aunt who is just using me for my paycheck.

But I have dreams. Big ones. I’m going to own my own floral shop as soon as I can afford it. I just have to keep my head down and work hard. Even if it means taking a second job at Joe’s Hot Dog Shack and putting on a humiliating hot dog costume to hand out samples in the blazing Chicago heat.

Just when I thought my day couldn’t get any worse, a GQ cowboy gives me a smile and a wink. How do I respond? By passing out in his arms.

He’s always believed in love at first sight, but his future wife needs more convincing. He’s just the cowboy for the job.

Colton: It happened just like my dad said it would. One minute, I thought my life was fine. The next minute, I knew I’d never be content without her by my side. When the beauty in the hot dog suit fainted in my arms, her fate was sealed. She’s mine now.

Shiloh’s been hurt before, and she sure doesn’t trust me, but I have a plan to woo my woman.

That plan goes off the rails as soon as Shiloh witnesses a crime in the alley behind her work. Now my only mission is to protect her, and hopefully, win her heart as well.

Just when they thought the threat was over, Shiloh finds herself in danger. Will she be able to trust Colton to come to her rescue once more?

What to expect from a Cameron Hart book: Lots of heat, plenty of sweet, and just enough drama to keep things interesting. No cheating, safe, guaranteed HEA!

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Aug 212021

Guns & Glitter (Watchdog Protection, Inc. Book 1) by Cameron Hart

He thought the job would be easy. Until he met Spencer.

Logan: She’s messy, infuriatingly optimistic, and chatters as much as the birds she loves. Spencer. My ex-military buddy’s daughter. My new assignment. My greatest temptation.

For a man who loves silence and order, I can’t understand why her particular brand of chaos soothes me. There’s more beneath the surface of her bubbly exterior, however. She sparkles like glitter, through and through, but she harbors a darkness I feel down to my very soul.

What secrets could she be hiding? Will I be able to figure them out before her stalker strikes again?

She’s been kept in a gilded cage, waiting to live her life. Waiting for someone like Logan to show her how.

Spencer: My dad has been overprotective of me since the car accident fifteen years ago. I shouldn’t complain. I have every luxury, including all the art supplies I could ever want.

But there’s more to life than observing it from the windows in my tower.

When I somehow attract a stalker, my father hires his old military friend to watch over me while he’s away on business. I didn’t know what to expect, but Logan definitely wasn’t it. He’s all muscles and sharp edges, but those blue eyes hold such tenderness, whether he knows it or not. I want to break down his walls and get my stoic bodyguard to smile. Just once.

Will their fragile love survive the looming threats that lie ahead?

What to expect from a Cameron Hart book: Lots of heat, plenty of sweet, and just enough drama to keep things interesting. No cheating, safe, guaranteed HEA!

**NOTE: This book was included in the Tangled Sheets anthology. Scenes have been added as well as a bonus epilogue!**

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Aug 122021

My Fiancé’s Bodyguard by Ivy Wild

Loving him could kill us both.
But the forbidden attraction to my fiancès bodyguard is one desire I cannot resist.
I thought the days of arranged marriages were over.
Apparently, I was wrong.
Because my father has sold me to a mob boss, Johnny Maldano,
and in a few short months, we’re supposed to be married.
His record might be squeaky clean, but anyone in Boston knows who Johnny really is
and who’s under his control.
But I’m no one’s plaything.
Enter Maxon Holt:
Johnny’s bodyguard and the man I can’t help but want.
Cold, dark, broody and distant, he’s completely off limits and won’t let me out of his sight.
But just as enemies become lovers, Max is harboring a secret that could destroy us both.

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Jun 172021

Enemy Heir (Tattered Royals Book 2) by Carrie Ann Ryan & Nana Malone

A bad boy prince meets his match in this epic Tattered Royals stand-alone romance.

I know men like him.
Powerful. Arrogant. Trouble. The world is his playground.
The playboy prince, the tabloid favorite, and the bane of my existence.
And unfortunately, he’s the only one who might be able to help me uncover the truth.
We’re all but shackled together as he works to help me find my stalker before another attack
I don’t want to trust him. I don’t want to want him.
But letting Breck Waterford in might be the only thing to save us both.

I’ve never met a woman like her.
My secrets are mine to keep, but she has a habit of finding the truth.
Sparrow Bridges can’t discover who I am under the crown.
She’s everything I told myself I couldn’t have.
I push her away every chance I can…only every time I look at her, I fall harder.
When danger comes, I can’t stand the idea of losing her before I have a chance to claim her.
She doesn’t need a savior. But anyone who threatens Sparrow will soon find they don’t want me as an enemy.

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May 112021

Out of the Blue by Kathryn Nolan

There was no way I could protect her and my heart at the same time.

Cope McDaniels is known for two things: His cocky charm and his sterling reputation for keeping high-profile clients safe. Until a security job goes bad, and he suddenly finds his career on thin ice. Cope’s newest assignment comes with serious consequences – he’ll keep his job as long as he makes no mistakes.

Cope isn’t worried…until his new client turns out to be a beautiful blast from his past.

Big wave surfer Serena Swift loves the adrenaline of her sport. And the elite athlete hates being told what to do. That goes double when the orders are coming from the sexy bodyguard-in-a-suit who broke her heart.

But she doesn’t have a choice when a mysterious threat materializes and Serena’s sponsor saddles her with the last man she’d want guarding her body. She’d rather focus on her next surf competition, not on some shadowy danger or the arrogant ex who dared to get even hotter since their breakup.

Cope can’t stop butting heads with his new client. Just like old times, Serena refuses to play it safe, even when it’s clear she’s in peril. Now the intimacy of spending every second of the day by her side is wearing away at his self-control. He can’t afford to lose focus, but everything about the woman is a constant distraction.

Including the fact that their divorce was never finalized…

Author’s Note: One-click this scorching-hot bodyguard romance if you’re a fan of second-chance angst, sizzling sexual tension, thrilling action and mysterious danger set on the warm, sunny beaches of San Diego.

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May 052021

The End of Us (Love in Isolation Book 3) by Kennedy Fox

What happens when a stalker threatens your life and you’re thrown into hiding in the middle of nowhere with your sexy new bodyguard? You break the rules and hope he falls madly in love with you.

The End of Us is an opposites attract, forbidden, romantic suspense standalone.
Publication date : December 14, 2021

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Apr 252021

Fearless Like Us (Like Us Series: Billionaires & Bodyguards Book 9) by Krista & Becca Ritchie

Twenty-one-year-old Sullivan Meadows just unleashed the biggest bomb-drop on her overprotective dad. She’s dating a ruggedly handsome Banks Moretti and a swoon-worthy hot Akara Kitsuwon.

Two men.
Two bodyguards.
One polyamorous relationship.

Nothing can prepare Sulli for her dad’s hot-tempered reaction. And the fallout isn’t the only explosion Sulli, Akara, and Banks are facing.

More family drama leaves them at odds with people they love, and Sulli finds herself striving to prove that she’s all grown up. Her determination comes at–knock knock.

The Royal Leaks are here.

We reveal all the truths about the American Royals. These are verified and come directly from the source.

No American Royal is safe.

ROYAL LEAK #1: We know everything.

Fearless Like Us is an MFM Romance and Book 9 in the Like Us Series.

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Apr 252021

Euan (Outback Shifters Book 3) by Zoe Chant

He’s a rough, tough Outback shifter bodyguard, protecting his mate on his hardest assignment yet: her six-year-old niece’s birthday party.

Delilah is the ugly duckling of her family, a struggling artist overshadowed by her stylish sister. After a chance encounter in an alley, though, she WISHES her biggest problem was her sister’s perfect Instagram-ready fairy bread and constant attempts to set her up with Mr. Wrong.

Now Delilah has mysterious monsters after her, powers she can’t control, and the hottest guy she’s ever seen guarding her – ahem – body.

Euan has been struggling with loneliness and emptiness ever since losing his ability to shift. With his marsupial lion gone, he can’t keep up with his all-shifter team, and worst of all, he won’t be able to recognize his mate. She could walk right by him on a crowded street… or run into him in a dark alley and accidentally throw a giant scoop of gelati in his face.

Delilah needs a bodyguard. And Euan’s the only man she wants for the job, shifter abilities or not.

From there, it’s a deadly race against time to discover the reason behind Delilah’s mysterious powers, and unravel the secret of what’s lurking within the murky depths of Sydney Harbour…

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Apr 142021

Bribed (Covington Security Book 2) by Dr. Rebecca Sharp

Lennon Love Clarke needs to put on a good show.

With her reputation sinking, the famous actress has no choice but to grin and bear the fall because the tabloids were better than the truth. If only Lenni could remember what that was—and who is stalking her. Now, she’s in hiding—or would be if her new bodyguard hadn’t found her first.

Dante Lozano is Covington Security’s very own Casanova. With model muscles and a megawatt smile, he’s their most popular security specialist. And that’s why it’s surprising when the gorgeous woman wandering along the highway wants none of his help—especially since she’s the one who hired him.

Lenni doesn’t know who to trust. And the hot Italian bodyguard whose smile makes her unmentionables melt doesn’t seem like a good choice. But then the threats start coming. So, she strikes a deal: she’ll cooperate with his protection as long as he doesn’t get personal—until fighting their attraction proves to be the hardest role of her career.

Dante knows she bribed him with duty, but he’ll collect on her heart—and the truth. Because it’s the only thing that can stop her stalker and save her life.

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Mar 112021

Break (Guarding Her Book 8) by Anna Brooks

When I woke up in that hospital bed, I knew my life would never be the same. Returning home broken and unable to do my job anymore, I was lost until she came back into my world.

Though I tried to deny what I was feeling, she made it impossible not to fall for her… and I fell, hard and fast. The problem? I wasn’t the only one who wanted her all to himself. So not only did I have to protect her from a man intent on doing her harm but I also had to tell my brother we were in love with the same woman.

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Feb 132021

Home Front (The Long Road Home Book 5) by Cat Johnson

When ranking his rotten luck, it was hard to decide which topped the list.
The injury that could end his career in the SEALs.
The storm of the century that stranded him in Atlanta Airport.
The naked man he found on top of his girlfriend . . .
One thing was certain. Things couldn’t get much worse. Then he met her.

Super star.
Super stuck up.
Super sexy.
Super engaged to be married…

It was just an odd job to tide him over while he waited to see if he’d heal enough to get back on the team. Close personal protection for a singer so famous even he’d heard of her. He was supposed to be her body guard. And guard her body he did. Day . . . and night. His new boss probably didn’t have protection that close or that personal in mind.

He wasn’t supposed to fall for her.
Then again, she wasn’t supposed to be so smart, and funny, and wounded, and in need of saving.

Now he has a decision to make.
Quit the military career he’d worked half his life for and take the job as her permanent head of security, just to be near her.
Forget about her and take any job his command would give him in his current broken condition.
Or do the craziest thing of all. Confess his feelings and hope to make it work. With her. As a normal couple. A real couple, if that was even possible given who she was.

It’s an impossible decision, but he’ll be damned if he’ll let her stalker or his bullet make it for him.

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Feb 052021

The Royals Next Door by Karina Halle

An ordinary summer goes royally awry when a prince and princess move next door, bringing their handsome bodyguard with them, from New York Times bestselling author Karina Halle.

Piper Evans: elementary school teacher by day–avid romance reader and anonymous podcaster by night. She lives a quiet, reclusive life, taking care of her mother, who struggles with mental illness, avoiding her regrettable ex, who bartends in town, and trying to make inroads in the tight-knit island community that still sees her, five years in, as an outsider.

And she’s happy with how things are–really–until British royals rent the property next to hers and their brooding bodyguard decides she’s a security threat. Piper quickly realizes that one person’s fairy tale is an ordinary woman’s nightmare as a media frenzy takes over the island and each run-in with Harrison Cole is hotter and more confusing than the last. But beneath Harrison’s no-nonsense exterior lies a soft heart, one that could tempt a woman who’s sworn off attachments into believing in white knights.

But when Piper finds herself smack in the middle of a royal scandal that rocks the island she’ll need more than Harrison’s strong arms to shield her–she’ll have to do a little rescuing herself. With careers, hearts, and friendships on the line, Piper and Harrison will have to decide what they’re willing to give up for a chance at their own happily ever after.

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Nov 232020

Brutal by S. Valentine – A Driven World Novel

S.Valentine’s BRUTAL is a hot, suspenseful, contemporary romance written in K Bromberg’s Driven World’s project.

A rollercoaster ride of intense passion surrounded by lies, deceit and mistrust, where secrets are revealed, and relationships are tested.

6ft 4, pure muscle, tanned, the bluest, most mysterious eyes I’d ever seen. As soon as I met Elias Cortez I was irrevocably drawn. There’s no getting rid of him, he’s everywhere we go. Within my reach, but completely unobtainable. Forbidden. My boyfriend’s bodyguard.

I’m bound to Thomas by things out of my control. If I leave, I’ll be destroyed.

If only Elias wasn’t so tempting. Never one for playing it safe, I end my toxic relationship and step into the dark side. Now I know why they call him BRUTAL. I hope I haven’t chosen the worst of two evils. But my heart won’t let me turn back…

Our love is fierce, passionate and overwhelming.

But loyal to his promise, Thomas gets his sweet revenge. He’s started a war which can cost us all everything. I’m not even sure Elias can protect me.

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Nov 202020

Formula by JM Kelley

Racing is in my blood. Jace is in my soul.

Confident, fearless, female Indy race car driver, Charlotte Brooks, is determined to be the best.
She’s never had it easy in a sport full of testosterone, always battling obstacles.

When faced with threats and sabotage on her new team, sparks fly when she meets her new bodyguard. She never imagined she’d fall in love with the broody alpha, Jace Nova, but can’t seem to resist him.

When given the opportunity to run in the most prestigious race in the sport, the Indy 500, the stakes become even higher, and Charlie must battle her demons on and off the track. When her past collides into her future, Jace must protect what’s his and prove his love.

Can Charlotte race to the finish line when Jace is keeping secrets, or will they both crash and burn?

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Oct 232020

Little Bird (Advantage Play Series Book 3) by Kelsie Rae

***Can be read as a standalone***

Being a mafia princess isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
Because of the blood running through my veins, I’ve been kidnapped by a rival family.
And now I have a lethal prison guard.
He’s huge, terrifying, and has an edge to him that I shouldn’t find intriguing, but I do.
He wants me.
I can see it in his eyes.
Feel it in his innocent touch.
He could break me with ease.
But he hasn’t.
Instead, he’s threatened to cut off any hand that dares to try.
If I didn’t know any better, I’d say he cares about me, the same way I’m starting to care about him.
But if that’s true, how will I save him from getting a bullet in his skull when my brother comes to save me?
Or maybe I’m just a fool, and he deserves what’s coming to him.
After all, they say all is fair in love and war, but I never expected I’d be the pawn in their game.

*Intended for audiences 18 and older*

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Oct 222020

Contingency Plan (Blackbridge Security Book 3) by Marie James

As a former FBI agent, Flynn Coleman was made for his work with Blackbridge Security.

He’s highly trained, has a skill set meant for analysis and investigation, and meant to do important things.

Yet, he’s chasing a twenty-year-old starlet’s daughter around New York City because the spoiled brat never learned how to behave.

Remington Blair doesn’t need a babysitter, but her parents insist.

Keeping Flynn Coleman on his toes will be the most fun she’s had in a while.

Besides, just hearing him call her name with that accent is enough to keep her running.
Publication Date : November 16, 2020

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Oct 212020

Honor by Kristen Proby (Heroes of Big Sky #1)


From New York Times Bestselling Author Kristen Proby comes an all-new series of hot men in uniform in her beloved Big Sky Series! HEROES OF BIG SKY!

Nick loves his post as the princess’s security detail. Unfortunately, the bullet that ripped through his shoulder put a stop to pretty much everything in his life for a while, and his bosses have plans for him that don’t include sitting at headquarters with the other guards, drinking beer in his off-hours. They’ve assigned him a medical professional and banished him to the lake house for rehab. Which wouldn’t be so bad, but his new babysitter isn’t at all what he expected. She’s sin and temptation wrapped in the perfect package and infuriates him like no other.

Coming back home to Montana sounded like a dream to Jordan, and her new job is something she could do in her sleep. But then she meets her charge. Nick is stubborn, frustrating, and way too sexy. As a professional, she knows she should keep her distance, but he’s much too irresistible. And maybe it’s the magic of the holiday season, but he grows on her way faster than she ever thought possible.

When forced to imagine what life might be like without the other, Nick and Jordan quickly realize all they need is each other. Because it’s undeniable that they have it all—friendship, trust, loyalty, love. And yes, honor. The rest will fall into place.
Publication Date : January 1, 2021

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Oct 212020

The Insiders by Tijan

A trilogy coming to you

Book one: The Insiders

Bailey is as normal as could be, with a genius IQ and a photographic memory. But still, normal for her. Then, things happen — a guy breaks into her house in the middle of the night to take her hostage. She learns her father is billionaire tech genius Peter Francis, the same guy she’s idolized all her life. She finds all this out when she meets dark, mysterious, and electrifying Kashton Colello. He’s also an associate of her father’s, and he gives Bailey two choices—go with him and meet her father or survive on her own because those kidnappers are going to try again.

It’s a no-brainer.

After this, three things become clear for Bailey:

1. She has to live at her father’s sprawling estate, complete with bodyguards and the best security that money can buy.

2. She’s no longer an only child. She has three siblings and has no idea what to do with them and vice versa.

3. She is being guarded by Kash himself. Personally guarded. And there is a lot of guarding going on there and some of it is going to drive her crazy.

A complete outsider in a world of wealth and decadence, Bailey has to find her way within a family that has more secrets than she could have imagined. One of these secrets could be deadly…

  • Publication Date : May 4, 2021

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Oct 122020

Wild Like Us (Like Us #8) by Krista & Becca Ritchie

One is new to love.
One is bad at love.
One denies love.

Twenty-one-year-old, foul-mouthed Olympian, Sullivan Meadows, just made a huge mistake. She told her bodyguards—her buddies, her pals—they could take her virginity. Words forever engrained in her brain.

And theirs.

Akara Kitsuwon & Banks Moretti are best friends, sworn to protect each other and their client Sullivan. But upon hearing her confession, their reactions aren’t what Sulli expects.

They’re all friends anyway.

Just friends.

Solid, good friends.


As the three embark on the road to Yellowstone, tension builds and close quarters leave no secrets behind. Feelings for her childhood friendship with Akara—that teasing, flirty leader—grow hotter, but so do her feelings for Banks, the rugged, heart-melting Marine.

While Sulli is out west to free-solo her dad’s old climbing routes, the only true destination the three of them are certain of is Yellowstone.

Love & romance are totally up in the air.

Wild Like Us is an MFM Romance and Book 8 in the Like Us Series.
Publication Date : November 17, 2020

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