Apr 172021

Hades & Persephone by Amelia Wilde (complete King of Shadows trilogy)

An epic modern romance between…
Hades, ruler of the diamond mine
Persephone, innocent virgin

This is the complete King of Shadows trilogy in one collection.

Threats. Murder. Kidnapping. Luther Hades will do anything to own me. I make a bargain and sign his contract. Part of me fears the cruel billionaire. The other part of me wonders whether there’s something in him worth redeeming.

Except he’s hiding secrets in this mountain. They shake the earth beneath my feet. How can I fall in love with a man this dangerous?

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Dec 122020

Thrown To The Wolf (Pack Heat Book 3) by Sam Hall

Save the Dads. That’s the plan.

But it can’t be that easy.

When a despotic regime- backed by a massive wolf god- is determined to destroy everything she holds dear,

Jules knows they need to get their act together.

But trust is at an all time low, and the pack isn’t quite the peaceful, loving, kick arse group she’d hoped for.

Can they work through their problems in time to save their people?

Or will Sanctuary be overrun by the violent Volkens?

Click now to find out how Jules’ adventure ends, and see her fight for love, freedom and the town she now calls her own.

Thrown to the wolf is the third book in this super steamy, fast burn, reverse harem title. If you love why choose romance with shifters and MM, you’ll love this thrilling conclusion to the Pack Heat series.

18+ only.

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Oct 312020

No Prince (Dayton High Book 1) by Stevie J. Cole & LP Lovell

Zepp Hunt wasn’t the king of Dayton high school. He was the top of the food chain. And I was next in line to be dragged into the lion’s den. At least that’s what he thought…

Good girls wanted to tame him. Bad girls wanted to be tainted by him. Everyone bowed down to him. And me?
I hated Zeppelin Hunt with every fiber of my being.
Which was why I stayed away from the arrogant bad boy with tattoos and a rap sheet.
Until I couldn’t.
Until we traded favors, and I owed him three months of my life. I never thought I would end up in his bed, and when I did, I had to remind myself that he hated me as much as I hated him.
Until I didn’t.

Zepp Hunt was no prince, and I absolutely refused to be his damsel in distress…

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Oct 202020

Pants On Fire by Lacey Black


Success is what you make of it. That’s my motto and the premise of my speech; the one I’m heading back to Southern Illinois University to give at my college alumni reunion. As the morning co-host of Good Morning, San Francisco, I was asked to be one of the keynote speakers, and while I’m honored to do so, there’s only one problem. The other speaker is Danny Ohara, my former boyfriend. Throw in an issue with my credit card that leaves me stuck at the airport, no rental car in sight, until a familiar face appears like a guardian angel in sexy black glasses.

Here’s my dilemma with my attraction to Rueben Rigsby, my airport savior and old friend from college: I’m not supposed to be attracted to him. At all. He’s my ex’s former roommate. Yet that doesn’t stop my big mouth from lying about the status of our relationship when we come face-to-face with said former roommate. As in, we have one.



I don’t know why I agreed to come back to SIU for the alumni reunion, but I’m damn sure glad I did. When I found the familiar face stranded at the airport, I readily agreed to give her a ride. It’s great to catch up with Cricket Hill, as we make our way back to the place we ultimately met. What I’m not prepared for is this overwhelming attraction I feel for her. I’m not supposed to notice how amazing her butt looks in a pair of black yoga pants. She’s a friend. Period.

But Cricket has other plans. When she lies about our budding relationship to my former roommate and her ex, I have no choice but to go along with it to save face. I have to pretend to be her boyfriend. I mean, it’s one little white lie, right?


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Aug 262020

Flick (King’s Descendants MC #2) by Bella Jewel

Alarick ‘Flick’ has dealt with an array of things in his life.
His father disappearing.
His mother dying.
Becoming the President of his club.
His world isn’t always easy.
It’s certainly not simple.
But he knows how to handle it.
There isn’t a single thing he can’t deal with…until now.
Bodies are showing up on his doorstep.
People are uncovering lie upon lie.
Those he trusts are making him doubt.
Danger is lurking every corner.
He’s trapped between wanting to protect those he loves, and wanting to find out the truth.
The woman he cares most about in the world is treading on dangerous grounds, and he can do nothing to stop her.
If he doesn’t find a solution soon, more lives will end.
The terror will continue.
How the hell is he supposed to fix what’s broken, when he can’t even find the crack?
How the hell is he supposed to protect his club, when everything he thought he knew is revealing itself to be a lie?
Alarick knows one thing is for certain, whatever monster is out there…
It hasn’t met him yet.

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Aug 212020

A Bad Day for Sunshine (Sunshine Vicram Series Book 1) by Darynda Jones

Sheriff Sunshine Vicram finds her cup o’ joe more than half full when the small village of Del Sol, New Mexico, becomes the center of national attention for a kidnapper on the loose.

Del Sol, New Mexico is known for three things: its fry-an-egg-on-the-cement summers, strong cups of coffee—and, now, a nationwide manhunt? Del Sol native Sunshine Vicram has returned to town as the elected sheriff—thanks to her adorably meddlesome parents who nominated her—and she expects her biggest crime wave to involve an elderly flasher named Doug. But a teenage girl is missing, a kidnapper is on the loose, and all of this is reminding Sunshine why she left Del Sol in the first place. Add to that the trouble at her daughter’s new school, plus and a kidnapped prized rooster named Puff Daddy, and, well, the forecast looks anything but sunny.

But even clouds have their silver linings. This one’s got Levi, Sunshine’s sexy, almost-old-flame, and a fiery-hot US Marshal. With temperatures rising everywhere she turns, Del Sol’s normally cool-minded sheriff is finding herself knee-deep in drama and danger. Can Sunshine face the call of duty—and find the kidnapper who’s terrorizing her beloved hometown—without falling head over high heels in love…or worse?

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Jun 302020

Dear Future Ex-wife (Love and the City Book 1) by Jillian Quinn

My ex-best friend needs a wife…
But can we make this marriage work?

All through high school, I dreamed of kissing Nathan King.
I even wondered what it would be like to marry my best friend.

And then, our friendship fell apart…

So, when Nate asks me to be his fake wife, it’s a chance for us to start over.

We both get what we want and then we can walk away.

But what if I fall in love with him?


Scroll up now to find out what happens when two ex-best friends put their love-hate relationship to the test in this steamy romantic comedy from bestselling author Jillian Quinn.

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Jun 212020

Single Malt Drama (Bourbon Street Bad Boys’ Club Book 3) by Kathryn M. Hearst

Marco Marchionni, New Orleans’ most infamous playboy, has one rule–never go on a second date.

Relax, it’s not as bad as it seems.

He never makes promises he can’t keep, and the ladies know the score. And before you say it, he’s not a commitment-phobe. He’s been in love with the same girl since he hit puberty. The problem is…

…she friend-zoned him about the time his voice changed.

Nicolina Lazio is a model, wannabe fashion designer, and a mafia princess. When she’s ordered to marry a man she doesn’t love, she’ll do anything to get out of it, including a daring escape from her ruthless father. The thing is…

…she’s going to need a little help from her best friend…who just so happens to be her future brother-in-law.

When Marco proposes a fake marriage to keep her father from forcing her down the aisle with his brother, Nico knows better than to say yes. After all, when the mob is involved even the best laid plans have a tendency to end in bloodshed.

Not to mention, the pretend commitment could cost her more than her heart.

You’ll love this romantic comedy chocked full of suspense, because everyone loves a bad boy trying to be a good man.

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Jun 212020

Danny (Big Northwest Book 1) by Janice M. Whiteaker

Craig is the best at what he does.

He can find anyone. Anywhere.

Any time.

Doesn’t matter how hard they try to hide.

But locating his friend’s lost family is proving to be more of a challenge than he anticipated. Shadow Pine, Washington is Craig’s last lead, one built on nothing but rumor and hearsay.

But sometimes that’s all you need.

That and maybe a little luck, and Craig’s luck comes in the form of a tall blonde with a knack for bringing the dead to life.

Danny is strong. Smart. Driven.


And hiding secrets of her own.

Secrets wound together so tightly even Craig might not be able to unravel them. If he can’t, everything that matters to him is in jeopardy.

Wedged between her past, and their future.


You don’t get to pick your parents.

It’s a hard truth to swallow.

Especially when your father is crazy.

But Danny thought she’d left that all behind her. Then he showed up, looking like nothing she’d ever seen before. Clark Kent in a well-cut suit, with dimples deeper than the Grand Canyon and a voice that could melt the ice off Mount Rainier, Craig is a man who does what he says he will.

Makes promises he keeps.

Gives more than he takes.

Except he wants to dig through a past she has no desire to remember, let alone discuss.

Because her past is more than crazy. It’s dangerous.

Maybe even deadly.

Danny is book one in the BIG Northwest series and spins directly off the BIG series. It stands alone, but if you want to know the full back-story, the BIG series is where you will find it.

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Jun 152020

Under the Rose by Kathryn Nolan

She’s about to go undercover with her arch-nemesis…

From the outside, the gorgeous Freya Evandale seems like a quirky bookworm with a taco addiction. Most people would never guess she’s a proud drop-out of the FBI’s training academy and a highly-skilled computer nerd. These days, she’s happy as a private detective at Codex, specializing in stolen rare books.

That is until an old nemesis with an arrogant smirk and superhero shoulders ends up in her office.

Special Agent Sam Byrne is a tightly-wound workaholic with a secret…or ten. When a betrayal leaves him questioning his career with the Bureau, consulting for Codex seems like the perfect place to hide. But he certainly never expected to see Freya again. At the academy, their rivalry was legendary. And their sparring sessions resembled an actual battle, or worse… foreplay.

Now these enemies are forced to play nice as they go undercover to infiltrate a secret society. It’s a dangerous world of power, wealth, and shifting alliances. The higher the stakes, the harder it is to resist the true reason behind their rivalry. But surrendering to years of pent-up lust is a direct threat to their mission…and their safety.

Author’s Note: If smoldering enemies-to-lovers, volcanic repressed lust, secret tunnels, gun-toting bad guys, and delicious slow burns are your jam, Under the Rose is for you!

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Jun 142020

Fated Magic (Claimed by Wolves Book 1) by Callie Rose

Wolf shifters are real. And three alphas have claimed me as their mate.

For years, I’ve been kept prisoner by my uncle, hidden like a piece of trash in the basement of his house. Beaten, broken, and neglected, hated by him for reasons I can’t even understand.

But one night on the back roads of rural Montana, I see a chance for escape.

And I take it.

I run.

…straight into the arms of a naked man.

No. Not a man. A wolf.

Ridge, the man with dark hair and honey-colored eyes, is the alpha of the North Pack. I can hardly believe shifters are real, but how can I deny it when I’ve seen him transform with my own eyes?

I don’t trust him. I don’t trust anyone. Still, that doesn’t change the overwhelming pull I feel toward him. And when the alphas of the East and West Packs step forward and claim me as their mate too, I feel that same desperate urge to claim them back.

But the part that scares me most?

There’s only one reason all three of them could form a mate bond with me.

I’m a shifter too.

Fated Magic is the first book in the Claimed by Wolves series, a reverse harem paranormal shifter romance. It contains cursing, violence, growly alpha males, steamy sex, and a heroine who finds her strength in the midst of it all.

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Jun 122020

A Love Song for Liars (Rivals Book 1) by Piper Lawson

We never should have met.

I was rich, he was poor.

I was plain, he was beautiful.

I ached for the spotlight, he made his music in the dark.

Yet he looked at me in a way my rock star father and cruel, entitled classmates never did: like I mattered.

I never saw it coming.

When Tyler moved in with us to attend Oakwood Prep, he crushed my heart to claim their crown.

They can keep their lying prince.

Because I’ll never forgive the boy I used to ache for.

But some nights…

…He makes me want to.

A Love Song for Liars is Book 1 in the angsty, emotional, and forbidden Rivals trilogy. Fans of bully, academy, enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, and rock star romance will love this new series.

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Jun 112020

Love Notes – A Prequel (Rivals Series) by Piper Lawson

When Tyler Adams knocked on my door, he was a broken prince with a wicked smile. A god with a guitar.

I don’t trust musicians, but he was different.

At seventeen, I offered him my home, my life, my heart…

…He stole them all.

From USA Today bestselling author Piper Lawson comes an emotional new adult forbidden romance series. LOVE NOTES is a 15,000-word prequel to the new Rivals trilogy.

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Jun 092020

Embracing Destiny (The Fae Chronicles Book 6) by Amelia Hutchins

The epic finale to the number one bestselling series The Fae Chronicles.
War has finally come to Faery.
Everything I thought I knew was wrong.
Truths have become lies, and they have all begun to unravel around us. I can no longer trust my instincts.
Ryder has changed, but so have I. We’re evolving, but into what? I’m not sure, but I do know that it isn’t what I wanted to become.
I don’t know if I will survive this war.
One of us is holding back, while the other continually moves forward toward the mages who endlessly slaughter the fae.
I think it’s me. I think I have to lose it all, to gain what is missing inside of me. How do you eradicate self, when self is what you’ve been fighting for?
Throw everything you think you know about the fae away. Nothing is sacred, and no one is safe from the monsters we’re about to become.
Part one of the epic finale. File too large for paperback, so split in two books.
Cannot be read alone, you’ll be so lost you’ll need Sherlock to find you.

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May 312020

Slate Mountain Man (Men on a Mission Book 10) by Kate Gilead


My boss cancels my long-awaited holiday at a resort in Mexico to send me on a boring business trip.

The client is in some backwoods British Columbia boonies, where I’ll have to spend a few days info-gathering and documenting the operations there.

It’s not in my regular job description. But we need the business and we can’t spare anyone else.

Great. Instead of a trip featuring drinks on a sunny beach with my friends, I’m going to a quarry.

With…well, rocks. Yeah. Lots of rocks.

Sounds like party…not!


I’ve planned and worked for years to get this quarry off the ground.

Part of my great-grandfather’s property, mining the rock deposits here was his fondest dream. He wanted a long-term legacy for his family.

But the Depression intervened and his plans turned to dust.

The property laid dormant for eighty years before it was passed down the line to me.

Times have changed and it’s my mission now. And I’ll be damned if I let the smug corporate vultures around here pick it clean. Why should I? They’re not the only game in town.

Turns out, my ancestor unknowingly left an ace in the hole for me.

And when I play it, Fate literally moves a mountain to make all my dreams come true.

This is an older man, younger woman, insta-love romance! No cliffy, no cheating and a loving HEA!

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May 302020

Bound in Darkness (Misplaced Halos Book 3) by Nicole Edwards

Heaven refers to them as Misplaced Halos.
Humans don’t even know they exist.
Like angels, vampires have been protecting humans from demons while keeping to the shadows, lurking in the darkness. In return, they’ve asked for nothing. Until now.

After the heinous slaughter of his father, the Alpha Vampire, Kaj Courtenay finds himself taking on the role of the most powerful vampire in existence. He’s up against traitors out to topple him, demons bent on eliminating the vampire race entirely, and an archangel who has other plans for them. It’s all Kaj can do to maintain his focus, but he knows it would be easier with the female who owns him, heart, body, and soul at his side. Problem is convincing her.

Acadia only knows a life of subservience. She has spent fifteen hundred years bound to the Angels of Darkness, her race used as their life source to maintain their existence on Earth. Living out eternity at their mercy is her destiny, beyond her control. It has never been something she questioned. Not until Kaj appeared in her life and gave her something to live for, made her question her very existence. Acadia knows resisting the powerful vampire is futile. He holds her heart. Problem is, it isn’t hers to give.

Kaj and Acadia must break the chains that have bound them to their pasts so they can embrace the future and conquer the enormous obstacles and ridiculous odds standing in their way. And for the sake of all, they must do it together.

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May 182020

Kings of Quarantine (Brutal Boys of Everlake Prep Book 1) by Caroline Peckham & Susanne Valenti

Cruel. Heartless. Quarantined.
The ruthless boys of Everlake Prep never saw lockdown coming.
But the virus isn’t their number one enemy.
I am.

And as if being confined to a boarding school for the elite wasn’t bad enough, now I’m stuck in isolation with the boys who hate me most too.

Saint, Kyan and Blake. The Night Keepers. Or so they call themselves. They’ve embodied the Native American legend which lives in this valley, taking on the role of the monsters who lurk in the forest. And though they act like beasts, they may also be the most tempting creatures I’ve ever seen.

With the virus escalating and my dad’s name splashed through the news, my entire world is falling apart. What he did has cast a dark shadow over me. And the Night Keepers want to make me pay for his crimes.

Then things went from bad to worse when I touched the sacred rock. A rock which supposedly holds a curse to bind me as the Night Keepers’ slave. And as crazy as it sounds, I decided to play along. Because there are things about me they don’t know. Things my dad has hidden from me for years. All I can be sure of is that I have to find a way to escape this school. But until then, those savage boys are making my life a living hell.

As the virus sweeps through the country and the world twists into something ugly and unknown, the kings of this school become true monarchs. Even the teachers bow to them now. And I’m kinda glad about that ‘stay six feet away from one another’ rule, because without it, I know they’d rip me apart.

At least there’s a silver lining. I’m cosying up to Coach Monroe. My hot as hell, brooding P.E. teacher who has a vendetta of his own against the Night Keepers. And with his help, I may succeed at doing more than escaping the clutches of these heartless fiends. I might even destroy them along the way.

My father taught me how to be strong.

How to prepare for the end of the world.

So this isn’t going to be the end of my world, mark my words.

But if I’m able to use my mind and body to bring these assholes to their knees, it might just be the end of theirs.

This is a high school bully reverse harem series which means the main character will end up with multiple love interests. It may have triggers for some as it has off the charts angst, dark love-hate themes, scenes of intense bullying, sexual scenes and some violence (not aimed towards the main character) and is not for the faint of heart. Prepare to enrol at Everlake Prep. Bring your hand sanitiser, face masks and toilet paper to barter with, but don’t expect to hold onto them for long. Because it’s time to go into quarantine with the Night Keepers. And everything you own now belongs to them.

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May 102020

The Secrets We Hide (The Four Book 2) by Becca Steele

Eeny, meeny, miny, mo.

I’ve got a secret you don’t know.

Caiden Cavendish is under my skin. The Four have switched from being my enemies to my closest friends.

But not everything has changed. Two truths remain…my life is still in danger, and my mother is hiding something.

So many questions, and no answers.

What secrets lie buried in Alstone?

The lies, the secrets, they’ll come undone.

I’m the monster you can’t outrun.

Note – this book is not a standalone, and should be read after The Lies We Tell.

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May 102020

My Kind of Town by Shelly Laurenston

Emma Luchessi may be a witch from Long Island but she is used to her life being quiet. Some may even say boring. She doesn’t mind boring. Boring is safe. Calm. Peaceful. Like beige. One doesn’t get into trouble with beige. But a wrong turn off a southern highway is about to turn Emma’s beige life into everything but boring.

Kyle Treharne’s a good ol’ boy with a sheriff’s badge and a difficult population to manage. He wishes he had to worry about gangs and drugs and car-jackings. Instead, he has to worry about big cats fighting with wolves, bears fighting over honey, and hyenas fighting with everyone. And now, out of nowhere, he’s got a human outsider riling up all the locals by asking too many questions. She’s just so paranoid. And doesn’t trust Kyle a lick. These city gals. They just don’t know how to relax, do they?

Of course, Kyle is a big cat. He knows how to relax and he’d be more than willing to help Emma learn how. He’d be willing to help Emma do all sorts of things if she’d just give him half a chance.

But it turns out Emma coming to Smithville isn’t a simple accident. She’s been brought here and she’s bringing change and danger right along with her. Lucky for Emma, Kyle and the rest of the town like a bit of danger…

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May 092020

Callan (Outback Shifters Book 2) by Zoe Chant

Everything’s hotter down under. Especially the shifter cops.

When Ella was just a kid, her deadbeat dad ditched her in Australia. She’s still there, working as a biochemist. And apart from a few little trust issues, she’s gotten her life on track. Until now.

Her lab? Trashed. Her apartment? Destroyed. Her life? Over. And now she’s on the run with a mysterious and insanely hot cop who just happens to turn into a massive extinct beast, in the middle of the Australian wilderness, pursued by some really weird enemies.

Shifter cop Callan has been a tough field agent for ten years. He’s built his reputation on being cool, calm, and collected. But nothing’s prepared him for the maelstrom of emotions that the beautiful, fiery Ella unleashes within his heart. It goes against everything he’s been trained for, but when he realizes she’s his mate, he knows he has no choice but to help her – no matter where that leads them.

With a dangerous enemy hot on their heels and ghosts from Ella’s past coming back to haunt them, protecting her won’t be an easy job.

Can they solve the mystery before time runs out? Can sharing a Tim Tam slam by the campfire be enough to get Ella to open the heart she’s kept closed off for years?

Don’t know what a Tim Tam slam is? One-click Callan for a fast-paced, steamy paranormal romance read, and find out now!

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