Sep 222021

Tartlet (Turf Wars #4) by Bella Jewel

I’m no angel.
Far from it.
I’m the disappointment of the family.
The one they try to hide.
The failure.
The nuisance.
I have the rich family – you know the one. Parents dripping in gold, the perfect sister, and the loyal brother.
As far as they’re concerned, I’m the accident they wish they had done something about.
A rebel.
Always causing trouble.
That’s fine by me, I’m happy to be anything other than what they expect.
Until, that is, my father needs my help.
Well, okay, I practically force his hand, but it’s my chance to prove I’m good for something.
He needs information on a local biker club.
He wants me to go in. To play them. To get what he needs.
A club full of hot bikers? A girl isn’t going to say no.
I take on the challenge.
Go in there and destroy their little club.
Sounds like a god damned blast to me.
They won’t know what hit them.
Or perhaps, I won’t know what hit me…
I guess we’ll find out.

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Aug 302021

Scandal by J.L. Baldwin

A female racer set on defying the odds, a famous playboy set on ruining her reputation, an attraction neither one can deny


Kellie was a rebel without a cause, a defiant force to be reckoned with, and everything her parents feared she’d grow up to be.

Defying the odds and breaking the rules. On and off the track. That was Kellie’s motto for life. Being a female race car driver in what’s considered a male-dominated profession has given her some challenges in life.

But when a wrench is suddenly thrown into the path of her dreams, she decides to take matters into her own hands and not bend down to anybody.


Ashton has had his fair share of rules. Growing up as the son of a famous indie race car driver, he has been at the epicenter of the media his whole life.

Things take a sudden turn when Ashton catches Kellie, his old high school “acquaintance” in a rather compromising position, then the perfect plan started to form.

Blackmailing Kellie into a fake relationship was the only way to get what he wanted and that was to get the media off his back and his playboy ways. Even if fighting him every step of the way and letting him see that fire inside of her made him fall harder each and every day, pretending to fake the feelings he developed might just veer him off track of his perfect plan all together. “

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Aug 132021

Atonement by Tori Fox

From the moment I laid eyes on Cameron Wilder, I knew I had to have her.
I hired her to fix the image of my company.
Making her off limits.
I could ruin her.
Yet it doesn’t stop me.

I’m an asshole.
A bastard.
A tyrant.

She’s a saint.
A free spirit.

One touch captivated me.
One kiss wrecked me.
And every argument we have has me ready to crawl on my knees for her.

I feed her lies to keep her safe.
Because my secrets will destroy her.
Break her.
Kill her.

I’m a dangerous man.
To keep her would put her in peril.
But like the devil I am, I can’t let her go.

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Jul 122021

Net Worth by Amelia Wilde

Mason Hill wants one thing: revenge. When Charlotte walks into his office, all innocence and desperation, he knows the perfect way to get it. He makes a dark bargain. She’ll give him her body to save her family. Little does she know he plans to ruin both.

Charlotte Van Kempt will do anything to keep her family afloat. Even if it means signing a contract with a mysterious billionaire.

Except he has secrets that unravel in front of her. He has threats that bind her to him. And he has pain stitched into his skin.

The closer she gets to him, the harder he pushes her away.

Until the contract goes up in flames.

NET WORTH is the first book in a new trilogy about wealth and redemption from USA Today bestselling author Amelia Wilde.


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Jul 052021

Things I Wanted To Say: (but never did) by Monica Murphy

Whit Lancaster burst into my life like a storm. Dark and thunderous, furious and fierce. Cold, heartless and devastatingly beautiful, like the statues in our prep school gardens. The school with his family name on the sign. He can do no wrong here. This is his domain.

He’s a menace on campus. Adored and feared. Hated and respected. His taunting words carve into my skin, shredding me to ribbons. Yet his intense gaze scorches my blood, fills me with a longing I don’t understand.

When I stumble upon him one night alone, I find him broken. Bleeding. My instincts scream to leave and let him suffer, but I can’t. I sneak him into my room. Clean him up. Fall for his lies. Let him possess every single part of me until I’m the one left a gasping, broken mess.

When he leaves me alone in the dead of night, he takes my journal with him.

Now he knows all my secrets. My hate. My truth. And he promises to use my words against me. I’ll be ruined if my darkest secret gets out.

That’s when I strike a bargain with the devil.

I’ll let Whit Lancaster ruin me behind closed doors instead.

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Jun 262021

Saving the Hitman (Men of Ruthless Corp.) by Mila Crawford

Trudy: We had to run. We had to hide her. I promised never to make myself vulnerable to a man, but when a young girl is about to bring down an entire mafia syndicate, you make an exception. I never realized protecting her would lead me to a rock hard Hitman with a dark past and deadly hands. Or that his ultimate target would be my heart.

Malik: It was supposed to be an easy job, take out the son of a prominent Don and put an end to an international child trafficking ring. Cut and dry, all in a day’s work. There weren’t supposed to be any complications, namely a delectable dark haired social worker with a sassy mouth and a heart of gold. I don’t do relationships, a hard rule I live by. So, I never expected hitting a mark would land me in love’s free-fall.

Now we’re stuck together, one of us trying to keep a young girl safe, while the other is trying to hunt down the man who wants to kill her.

They say love is blind but somehow, without fail, it knows exactly where to hit you.

This June, meet 22 heroes who are downright dangerous. These alphas do nothing half-way. They may have blood on their hands, but they have love in their hearts. Some romances were written in the stars — but these hitmen must fight heaven and earth for the women they love.

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Jun 212021

The Ravishing by Ava Harrison & Vanessa Fewings
My father was ruthless.
Cold. Calculated. Formidable.
Every decision. Every step. Every thought. Every breath he controlled.
I never thought anyone could despise him as much as I did.
I was wrong. So wrong.
There was one person.
He wanted revenge. I was the willing pawn.
He was dangerous, beautiful, broken, and most of all a way to get back at my father.
But there’s one thing I didn’t count on . . .
Falling in love.

Stephen Glassman is my sworn enemy.
And so, I felt no guilt as I took his most valuable possession.
His darling daughter.
Anya’s suffering is my new favorite pastime.
My promise to kill her one day? Inevitable.
She’s mine now. Mine to control. Mine to seduce. Mine to own.
Who knew revenge would be this sweet?
Release : July 19 2021

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Jun 092021

When Villains Rise (Anti-Heroes in Love Duet Book 2) by Giana Darling

From Wall Street Journal bestselling author Giana Darling comes the conclusion to the Anti-Heroes in Love duet, a gripping mafia romance about the capo who will risk everything to keep the woman he loves safe…

I am the hero no one wanted…

I was a murderer.

One of the cruelest and wealthiest men in New York City.

Dante Salvatore, capo of capos.

Yet I had one weakness.

Elena Lombardi.

Cold as ice, sharp as the edge of broken glass, and more beautiful than any woman should have the right to be, she stormed my defenses and razed my life as I knew it to the ground. For her, I would once again play the hero and prove myself worthy of her unconquerable heart.

For her, I would change everything.

I could have left her to the enemies hounding me, but instead, I made the unforgivable decision to take her with me to the old country. Now, there is no other option. In order to keep both of us safe, Elena Lombardi must become my wife.

Excerpt When Villains Rise by Giana Darling

His eyes pinned to mine, he bent his torso to brace both hands on my armrests, effectively caging me into my seat.
My heart raced with a curious mixture of fear and excitement.
It was Dante’s unique charm that convinced you he might as easily kiss you as kill you.
“Perhaps it would help if I reminded you why you gave up everything you know to be with me,” he purred in that rich, dark voice I wanted to eat off his tongue like dark chocolate.
I was aroused, there was no denying it. A second pulse beat between my thighs, growing more and more insistent. My nipples were pebbled beneath my silk camisole despite the heavy cashmere cardigan I wore over it. The airplane air was cool, but every inch of my flesh itched with heat.
Yet, I felt nervous, awkward and almost irritated.
I wanted to play this game of seduction, but how in the world did I compete with the raw sexual magnetism of this man?
I felt when I had spent so many years quelling every emotion.
I trusted that, the feeling.
Even if I was wary of where it would take me.
So, I sucked in a bracing breath and raised my hands to slide my fingers around his warm neck into the short hairs at the back of his head.
“Show me,” I told him, barely above a whisper. “But I don’t need reminding. I could never forget why I left it all behind. I could never forget you.”
A growl worked through his throat as he dipped down to capture my mouth in a savage kiss. It was all tongue and teeth, a dance of ownership. I didn’t back down to his possession, desperate to show him how much I wanted to possess every inch of him too.
“Kissing you is the sweetest agony,” he murmured against my damp lips as one big hand moved to my throat. The feel of him collaring me that way should have been deplorable. Instead, it felt like the most exquisite necklace, one I wanted to wear with pride forevermore. “I never want to stop kissing you at the same time it makes me hungry for more.”
“Don’t stop,” I implored him, fisting my hands in his shirt collar so I could tug him harder against my mouth. “Kiss me.”

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May 202021

Falling For The Villain by M. Robinson & Rachel Van Dyken

From Wall Street Journal & USA Bestselling Author M. Robinson & #1 NYT Bestselling Author Rachel Van Dyken comes a full length, standalone romantic suspense novel.

“You’re mine.”

Her life changed the moment I gave the order. Two simple words. One powerful meaning.

I waited until I couldn’t wait anymore.

My cruelty.
My pleasure.
My addiction to her.
My need to claim her.
Own her.

I’ve always been the hero in my own story and the villain in hers.

She. Was. Mine.

I just had to prove it to her.

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Apr 272021

UnWreck Me (Savage Beast MC Book 7) by Hayley Faiman

Two people who should not be drawn to one another. One is a murderer. The other an escort.
Avah only wants self-sufficiency and security. She doesn’t know love, has never been in a relationship, and she’s okay with that. After all, it’s hard to give your heart to someone when your body is for sale to the highest bidder.

She knows herself, or at least she thought that she did until a man walks into her life that turns her entire world upside down.

Hawk isn’t necessarily in good standing with the Savage Beast MC. He knows that he has quite a bit to atone for. And he plans on doing just that, no matter how much his club and daughter fight with him on it.

When he sees Avah, he knows that she is not part of his plan, but you know what they say about best laid plans…

He cannot have her.
She should not want him.
They know what they deserve and what they clearly do not.
They were wrecked by life a long time ago.

Two people who should not be drawn to one another. One is a murderer. The other an escort. They can’t stay away from one another. They know they shouldn’t, but nothing can stop them.


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Apr 262021

The Cleaner (Professionals Book 9) by Jessica Gadziala

As the name of her podcast suggests, Poppy is on the case. Of a serial killer operating just under the radar in Navesink Bank. And nothing will get in her way. Except, maybe, a good-looking guy with tortured eyes, anxiety, and a cleaning compulsion.
She never could have guessed, though, that he was the very man she’d been tracking down for months…

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Apr 232021

The Wild Mustang & The Dancing Fairy (St. Mary’s Rebels #1.5) by Saffron A. Kent

Calliope Thorne is a good girl. A straight-A student, a rule follower, and an aspiring ballerina.

But most of all, she’s a good sister to her four older brothers.

Brothers whom she loves and adores to pieces. Brothers who love and adore her to pieces in return.

And who hate just one and one thing only–Reed Jackson.

Rich, arrogant, and the most popular guy at Bardstown High, Reed is Callie’s brothers’ enemy and she has sworn to stay away from him.

Until one night when she wanders into the woods and finds herself in his clutches. A villain with pretty gray eyes and a seductive smirk.

Until he asks her to dance for him with a look in those eyes that makes her forget why falling for her brothers’ enemy is a bad idea.

NOTE: This is a 40,000-word prequel novella for A GORGEOUS VILLAIN. The story concludes in A GORGEOUS VILLAIN.

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Apr 122021

Blood Debt (Kingdom of Blood Book 1) by Callie Rose

I’ve dedicated my life to slaying vampires. Now I’m about to offer up my blood.
When my brother gets into some serious trouble with the Vampire Clan of Baltimore, there’s only one thing I can do to save his ass.

I decide to offer myself up as a blood tribute, infiltrate their underground palace, and find a way to get him out.

But playing the part of a simpering blood bag is harder than I expected, especially when my first impulse is to put a stake through the heart of every vamp I meet. To make matters worse, I’ve somehow caught the eye of three dangerous vampire men:

Bastian, an ancient prince with features as cold as ice and eyes that burn like fire.

Rome, a darkly sexy rebel who just returned from a hundred-year banishment.

And Connor, a newly turned vampire whose lopsided grin is so devastatingly human that I almost forget he’s the enemy.

Even though I want to hate them all, they keep getting under my skin in ways I can’t explain. But if I let myself lose focus for even a second, it won’t just be me who pays for it. My brother will suffer too.

I’ve danced with the devil plenty of times…

But this time, the dance might kill me.

Blood Debt is the first book in the Kingdom of Blood series, a reverse harem vampire romance. The heroine is tough but flawed and the (anti)heroes are sexy and dangerous. If you love books by Jaymin Eve, Ivy Asher, Tate James, Eva Chase, and Kelly St. Clare, then dive right into this dark and twisted world!

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Mar 302021

Shadow Unleashed (Tainted Demons of Shifter Syndicate Book 1) by Avery Stone

When you’re fated to fall, rising up to howling glory is the last thing you’d ever expect.

My birth — like that of many Shadowborns — was a mistake. A demon hybrid of wolf and dusk, I started life as a dead shifter walking with little hope of survival.

Every day death tries to claim me, but somehow I keep living, only to end up in the dangerous hidden depths of Shifter Syndicate. Just when I think that nothing can break me, Mother Moon gives me the ultimate test: a cynical mate who decides my hybrid blood is nothing but a disgrace to his very name.

Now I’m Rejected. Forbidden. Caged. I might as well throw in the towel.

Little do I know that an Alpha watches from the shadows. One who seeks revenge on the very man who discarded me like trash: Alpha Cain of Tainted Demons Pack.

He wants to add me to his collection, a pack of lethal, cynical bastards who see me as more of a toy than an ally, but before that happens, I have a few conditions of my own. My best friend is coming along, I’ll be trained and punished like the rest, and I get to keep my motorcycle.

Yeah. Priorities.

Alliances are made and I’m embracing a new world of darkness, but there’s one tiny problem.

I’m falling hard for my Alpha, and our connection may unleash the very shadows he’s destined to rule.

Shadow Unleashed is a full length (130,000 words) Dark Rejected Mates Romance. Book One is filled with action, suspense, steam, a tough heroine, and an antihero Alpha. Recommended for 18+ due to language and sexual situations.

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Mar 302021

Fallen Royal (Mafia Royals Book 4) by Rachel Van Dyken

A mafia romance about betrayal and faith by Rachel Van Dyken, the number one New York Times bestselling author of the Eagle Elite series.

“The truth may hurt for a little while, but a lie hurts forever.”—Ryan Bigge

I grew up knowing it would happen one day.
Believing that I would fall into my father’s footsteps and become a monster of my own making.

So I fought it.
I lived.
I loved.
I teased.
And then one day… I destroyed.
And realized I loved the pain.
Obsessed over the feeling.
So I cut again and again and again.

She saw my rage, my madness, and tried to stop me from destroying myself, and I hated her for it, pushing her away past the point of no return.
Izzy Abandonato was supposed to be mine.
But there are some things people can never come back from. I hurt her, she hurt me, and now I’m living a lie. Telling the ones I love that I’m on one side when for years I’ve been forced to play both.

I’m not the hero.
I’m the villain.
And I may single-handedly bring down the Cosa Nostra—by default.

I, Maksim Sinacore, will have my vengeance.
I will win her back.
Even if it means I have to kill everyone in my path.
The pain masks the betrayal.
I never realized that one day—I’d be the very rat that I hated. That I was sent to kill. But once you’re deep in a lie—you’ll do anything to hide the truth.

She fell for the bad one.
She fell for the sinner.
So why does that make me smile?
Publication date : July 22, 2021

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Mar 092021

Unmaking Marchant (A Love Inc. Novel #3) by Ella James

From USA Today Bestseller Ella James, the third suspenseful romance in the Love Inc. series…
Marchant Radcliffe, owner of the exclusive Love Inc. brothel, is no stranger to darkness. He lost his parents in a plane crash and since college has harbored a secret almost too terrible to bear. He keeps his head above water by pouring his energy into his business—and he’s thrived, whether he deserves to or not.

Then, after ten years of good fortune, Marchant’s skeletons start to peek out of the closet, tossing him down a trail of ruin that begins with arson and could end with murder. Because he’s kept his struggles private, he has no one to pull him back from the brink.

After a breakup with her longtime fiancé, Suri Dalton has nowhere to go except her best friend’s new penthouse in Vegas. The last thing Suri needs is a rebound, but after drowning her woes in wine on the flight over, she falls lips-first into a beautiful stranger—who just so happens to be Marchant Radcliffe, infamous playboy and literal pimp.

Despite an immediate attraction, Suri writes Marchant off as exactly the sort of guy she should avoid. Until Love Inc. goes up in flames, Marchant winds up at the bottom of a swimming pool, and Suri is the only one around to pull him out.

What happens when what you see isn’t what you get?

*Unmaking Marchant was published in 2014 as a novella. The story has been re-written and expanded significantly for re-release.

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Mar 082021

A City of Whispers (A Tempest of Shadows Book 2) by Jane Washington

A reverse harem, enemies to lovers, slow burn romance.

“The relentless clock of fate was groaning over to the next hour, ringing the arrival of a battle as old as time, sounding the final alarm, the final chance to fall to our blades or lift them high. It was repeating infernal hours that grew hungrier with each turn, more vicious than the day, the year, the century before.”
The end was here.
The great war had begun.
I had been torn apart and remade, a marionette to dance over the coals of this world, stitched together by my tormentors. The great masters thought they could break me down and own me.
They were wrong.
I had won my freedom, my place in this world, my golden-eyed protector by my side.
Until it happened again; the grim call of fate looking out at me through eyes of darkness, the great masters waiting with the power I needed, curses and promises in their hands.
It was time to make another deal.
It was time to play their game in earnest.

Book 2 in the Tempest of Shadows series. Over 105,000 words.
This is a slow burn with DARK themes, unwilling anti-heroes, and one hell of a kick-ass heroine woven through a rich fantasy setting.

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Mar 062021

Ruthless Monarch by Ava Harrison
Matteo Amante.

Dangerous. Deadly. And most of all, devastating.

He’s the king of the city.
Running the mafia and ruling the East Coast.

He’s at war with his cousin, and I am the casualty.

There is nothing Matteo won’t do to win.
He’ll burn everything down to the ground, my hopes and dreams included.

He’s no hero.
He’s the handsome devil who will probably kill me in the end.

Falling in love with my enemy will destroy me, especially when he’s my husband . . .

Expected publication: April 5th 2021

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Feb 082021

Shifter Syndicate (Rise of the Howling Shadowborns Book 1) by Avery Song

The ultimate punishment for protecting a Shadowborn is death…

Plagued by the memories of my slain pack, I disappear into a shadowy survival, rejected by a universe that has never wanted or accepted me — Selene Bleu, one of the few surviving Shadowborns.

As an orphaned pup, my life should have remained as it has been for the last fourteen years. But it all burns to hell the night of the Howling Ceremony, and I’m left in a pit of forsaken shifters — rejected by my newly found mate and awaiting death at the hands of the Four Alphas of Shifter Syndicate.

Instead, I’m unexpectedly chosen by Alpha Asher of the North Syndicate and whisked to an underground world where darkness thrives. The only problems now are my defiance, inability to follow rules, and my growing desire to slip into Alpha Asher’s chambers.

But those issues can be costly because I’ve learned one important thing:
At Shifter Syndicate, you obey the rules or face the howling consequences.

All the same, I will rise against the odds and follow the flaming force of revenge to salvation.

Or die trying…

Shifter Syndicate is a full-length (130k) word Dark Paranormal Romance. Book One of the trilogy is filled with humor, action, suspense, steam, a tough heroine, and an antihero alpha. It’s recommended for 17+ audiences due to language and sexual instances.

If you enjoy books by Jaymin Eve, Shannon Mayer, Kelly St. Clare, Leia Stone, Jen L. Grey, and Everly Frost, then turn the page to this thrilling, dangerous adventure in the world of Shadowborns. You won’t regret it.

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Jan 152021

Rejected Mate (Feral Shifters Book 1) by Callie Rose

My mates have the power to destroy the world.

Three years ago, a darkly handsome stranger stole my heart. After one night together, I was certain I’d found my fated mate—until he rejected me and disappeared like a shadow.

I never told anyone about that night. Not even my best friend. So when a witch whispers a dire warning in my ear, her words chill me to the bone.

I don’t just have one mate. I have three.

Feral shifters, she calls them.

Wild, untamed, and fueled by darkness, created by a magic no one has ever seen before.

Together, they could tear apart the world as we know it.

Unless I hunt them down and stop them first.

Rejected Mate is the first book in the Feral Shifters series, a reverse harem paranormal shifter romance. It contains cursing, violence, anti-hero alpha males, steamy sex, and a badass heroine who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty.

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