Book Review If I Only Knew by Corinne Michaels

Feb 012019

If I Only Knew by Corinne Michaels

New York Times bestseller Corinne Michaels brings a new heartwarming second chance at love standalone romance.

My life was perfect – until a shocking tragedy pulled the rug out from underneath me.

My children were left without a father. I was without a husband and a provider. Instead of wallowing in my grief, I buried myself in my work at Dovetail Enterprises. Landing the promotion as the CEO’s right hand was exactly what I needed.

Getting saddled with Milo Huxley as an assistant is exactly the opposite.

I can’t stand him.

He’s arrogant, irresponsible, and out for my job. As if that’s not bad enough, he has to be devastatingly sexy, and have a posh English accent that makes me squirm on top of it all. I’ve had enough unpredictability for one lifetime, thank you.

But soon enough, we’re fighting less and laughing more. He’s there for me when no one else is. And those good looks aren’t the only panty-dropping thing about him.

If I only knew what to do about it . . .

There are four standalone novels in The Second Time Around Series.
We Own Tonight (Heather & Eli)
One Last Time (Kristin & Noah)
Not Until You (Nicole & Callum)
If I Only Knew (Danielle & Milo)

Title: If I only Knew
Author: Corinne Michaels
Publication Date: January 28th, 2019
Shelves: Contemporary; Romance; Second Chances;
Format: Kindle (pages)
Rating: 8/10

Well this was a really nice romance story for life’ second chances and how people should not give up on happiness.

Danielle becomes a widow due to an unfortunate event that makes her husband gone in a minute, without warning and her and their two kids face the world without their daddy.

They have to learn to live again. Danielle which will face a sweet little boy who needs her mommy to stay alive and happy. Her teenage daughter doesn’t know who not to be angry at the world. After almost two years of coping, she gets her dream job and starts to have a life again.

In comes Milo, the owner’s brother, a cocky and self-entitled Brit that demands his job back, that is now hers.

As a background story there are 4 best friends who support each other without questions. One of them, Nicole is Callum’s wife, the owner of the real estate company Danielle is hired. And the Brit’s brother.
When Milo returns, he makes a lot of fuss about it and his brother wants to teach him a lesson, thus he becomes Danielle’s assistant. Even if he is clearly over qualified, he accepts to win it back.

When I read books with such great friendship, I always realize how lucky I am that I get to have these sorts of friendships in real world. But that makes me sad at the same time, because I know the world does not work like this and people are sometimes shallow and superficial.

“This is why every woman should have a squad like mine. Heather is the rational one who keeps us in check. Kristin is the mother hen who always makes sure we’re okay. And then there’s Nicole, the nut job who, when your heart is broken, will scoop the pieces up and make you laugh again. She reminds you that life is okay, and if it’s not, she’ll destroy anyone who hurt you.”

It was such an easy read and it made my hear swoon on how love can change a person’s life and can heal at the same time.

“I’m trying so hard not to fall in love with you.”

I look up, our eyes mirroring the same thing. “I’m trying, too.”
“How are you doing so far?”
“Not very good.”
Milo smiles. “I’m not either.”

This is the first book I read of Corinne Michaels, and from my quick research I see each friend has their own story to be told. They are all standalone books with mutual characters, so it doesn’t matter which one you start with. I assumed Danielle’s in the last one.

Here are the other stories of the girls.

Book #1 We Own Tonight

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Book #2 One Last Time

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Book #3 Not Until You

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Book #4 If I Only Knew


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