Popular Trope: holiday theme

May 012021
holiday theme

Popular Trope: holiday theme in Romance Books are easy to find, but good books are gems and if you want a more honest approach I suggest you take a look on our reviews below.

We try to read as much as possible, so this page and all the rest will be updated as soon as we post more. All these books are reviewed in full honesty.

Since we cover a lot of tropes, we try to read from everything and search for them.

Alongside reviews, you’ll see cover reveal or excerpt posts that we post when books we are interested in get published. The target with this trope page is that we know, as readers, we tend to want to read a specific type or are in a mood for a specific book, so this will be handy.

I hope you enjoy. THIS is a one man job, so please be patient if some pages have less recs or none. They will be automatically filled in as soon as we review or set our eyes on books alike.

For each major trope we make also a more detailed subcategory, for people who look for more specific.


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