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Jul 262019

Orientation – The Burberry Prep x Secret Crossover by CM Stunich

You’ll need to have read all 4 books in the Burberry Prep Series and all 3 books in the Adamson series before you read this one.

It follows both Marnye (Burberry Prep) and Charlotte (Adamson Academy) into college. Specifically, during their orientation week. It’s dual POV, split 50/50 between each heroine, and all the boys are there, too.

News on the street is this book is going to be released late March/early April, but since she’s a busy bee the deadline can shift anytime. And yes, it’ll be in KU.

All news related to this will be updated here as soon as they are available.

The Burberry Prep x Secret Crossover by CM Stunich
1. The Burberry Prep x Secret Crossover will read like book #5 in The Rich Boys Of Burberry Prep series, and like book #4 in the Adamson All-Boys Academy Series.

2. There will only be one crossover book, but there might be cameo appearances of Charlotte/her dude(s) [yeah, no spoilers for you! LOL] in The Rich Boys of Bornstead U series.

3. The first book in The Rich Boys of Bornstead U will be written so anyone can pick up and start reading from right there, so if you want to skip the crossover, you can. Anything that happens in the crossover that needs to be explained in Bornstead U, will

Now here’s a small excerpt:
**There are no spoilers from the Adamson Academy series, but if you have not finished Burberry Prep, I highly recommend you don’t read this yet!**

Burberry Prep x Secret Girl Crossover Novel
(C) C.M. Stunich 2019

“Marnye Reed”

Bornstead University is buried in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, surrounded by trees and, for part of the year, snow. It’s a little foreign to me, having lived my entire life on the West Coast of California, but at least it’s not a total culture shock.

Well, not for me anyway.

“I can’t believe these are the dorms” Zayd says, cocking his head to one side and lifting his shades up to study the four story buildings, built with logs and framed with these impressive carved wood entries. “They look more like mountain-man cabins. Time to grab my shotgun and my Labrador, so I can go duck-hunting.”

“Cute,” I say with a small smile. It hurts sometimes, to smile like that. Every time my lips form that shape, I think of my dad.

I miss my dad.

A big hand curls over my shoulder, and I close my eyes, lifting my own hand up to touch Zack’s. His touch is comforting in a way that’s hard to describe; he has some of that wonderful familiarity of a long-time friend, but with the newness of a fresh love.

I bite my lower lip as he steps forward and curls his big body around mine, a shield of muscle against a new life, a new world that I thought I was ready for. I’m not sure if I’m ready for anything right now. Part of me wants to curl up in a dark room and grieve, while the rest of me wants to throw herself into schoolwork, the way I’ve always done. Bury my feelings in academia.

“Are you okay?” Creed asks, his pale hair covering his forehead as he studies me. If not for him, if not for Tristan, Zayd, Windsor, and Zack, I don’t know where I’d be right now.

“No,” I say, and he nods, stepping close to curl his fingers through mine. A few people passing by glance our way, but more out of curiosity than anything else. I’m sure they’re wondering why I’m cuddling up to two guys at the same time, but I’m also fairly certain they won’t care. We’re at a left-leaning university in Colorado.

I should be fine here, right?


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