News on Gypsy Truths (All The Pretty Monsters Book 6) by Kristy Cunning

Jun 062019
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Oh, Gypsy Truths, you are on of my mind! This is one of the books I’m currently stalking so if there are, and I am sure of it, others like myself, I will post here all updates on the last book of the series.

If you want to be safe, you can comment on this page and I will reply once the book has news. So far CM Owens aka Kristy Cunning, said she has written over 80k words and she’s aiming to finish around 100-120k. Rest is up to how long it take to wrap up all the final pieces and hit the publish button.

Don’t forget to check the author’s website .

Update on 7.07.2019:

Gypsy Truths is long enough to have been two books. You could have already had another book, but it would have been another cliffhanger. It needs some detailing, more extensive editing, and a lot more read-throughs for that reason.

Gypsy’s Blood
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Gypsy Freak
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Gypsy Origins
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Gypsy Moon
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Gypsy Rising
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Gypsy Truths
Coming soon


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