News on Gypsy Truth (All The Pretty Monsters Book 6) by Kristy Cunning

Jun 062019
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Oh, Gypsy Truth, you are on of my mind! This is one of the books I’m currently stalking so if there are, and I am sure of it, others like myself, I will post here all updates on the last book of the series.

If you want to be safe, you can comment on this page and I will reply once the book has news. So far CM Owens aka Kristy Cunning, said she has written over 80k words and she’s aiming to finish around 100-120k. Rest is up to how long it take to wrap up all the final pieces and hit the publish button.

Don’t forget to check the author’s website .

Gypsy’s Blood
Review here 

Gypsy Freak
Review here 

Gypsy Origins
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Gypsy Moon
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Gypsy Rising
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Gypsy Truths
Coming soon


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