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Jan 112021

My love and passion for reading was reignited at the beginning of 2020 when I watched After on Netflix and my sister told me how it’s a book series that started out on Wattpad and how the series is way better. I immediately bought the After series by Anna Todd and binged read all the books including Landon’s two books. This was after months of anytime I saw my sister she was reading a book and I was making fun of her (now look at me). I enjoyed reading in highschool, mostly Twilight and the House of Night Series but then stopped reading for many years. I’m so glad my sister pushed me to read again and even pushed me to start a Bookstagram. I love the connection to other readers and not to mention all the amazing indie authors. I like giving different books a try and most of the time go into them blindly so I can be surprised by what I read. I especially enjoy reading books by indie authors because when I enjoy their book I love to hype them up.

I have a nice immediate circle of book lovers in my family, my sister and my mother. I’m excited to continue to open that circle up to other book lovers I meet to share good books, authors, ideas, and more. I also look forward to extending my reach to a new wider audience and to be introduced to more books/authors that I haven’t had the pleasure of discovering yet.

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