Interview / Q & A Author Jaine Diamond

Mar 072021

Interview with Author Jaine Diamond.

“I get a lot of questions from readers about my books and I thought I’d answer some of them for you using a “Top Five” format. (Inspired by that game of Top Five that Jesse and Katie play in Dirty Like Me, of course!)”

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TOP 5: Character Questions

Author Jaine Diamond: I get a LOT of questions from readers and book clubs about the characters in my books—because they’re practically real people, right!?

Here are my answers to your Top 5 burning questions about how I write my characters…

How did you come up with the idea for Jesse and Katie’s story, Dirty Like Me?

Actually, it all started with Jessa. I had this character in my mind, the younger sister of a rock star – he was a guitarist in a band, and she was in love with his friend/band manager. I wanted to write that story… but then when I actually sat down to do it, her brother just kept getting louder and louder in my head, until I just had to write his story first! (Typical of Jesse, right?)… so that was how Jesse and Katie’s story came to be the first book.

Are any of your characters based on real people?

Nope, they’re just creations of my warped mind!

Did any of the characters / events surprise you as you were writing them?

Of course! I’m always delightfully surprised along the way. Sometimes I’m just plain wrong about a character or situation and discover that when writing, as the characters tell me what’s true for them. They really come alive for me as I write their stories. When they’re having a conversation I know where it’s going, in general, but I don’t know exactly what they’re going to say; they make me laugh and cry and everything else. Sometimes I have the most fun when they piss me off or do something ridiculous.

Who was your hardest character to write and why?

Usually the one I’m currently writing always feels like the hardest and so much harder than all the others. Probably because after I finish writing each book I forget how hard it was. Lol. In general the ones who have legit issues are hard because I want to get them right. Zane was hard in that way, though not because of his character; he was very natural for me and I felt like I knew him inside-out, and he just flowed onto the page, he was very vivid. But the fact that he was a struggling, recovered alcoholic with a lot of serious issues to work through, it was really important to me that I handle that part with integrity and honesty and not gloss over it.

Who is your favorite character you have written and why?

That is like asking me to pick between my children… luckily I only have one child. Lol. Catch, because he’s so smoldering hot and so strong-yet-vulnerable and so complicated. Jude, possibly for the same reasons, and I love how he navigates his two “families” as a kind of lone wolf in the middle of all the madness and keeps his heart. But also… ALL OF THEM – they are all so different and each character is my favorite while I’m writing them!


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