How and why to review books?

Jan 162019

I have written this article because I cannot stand it anymore. People!!! Books are works of art, just as any other art, there are critics who can judge expertly! Sure, there will always be fans and haters, but sometimes I feel very frustrated when I read reviews about a certain book that I absolutely loved and feel heartbroken that probably some of you will never read it and give it a chance because somebody felt different about it. It is true that you may not like it, that maybe you favor different genre but how will you know if you don’t try it! We live in a world where free speech is a big deal, but we don’t have to abuse it on the cost of others. You have to understand that someone out there put a lot of work into what you read. We have to respect the talent and the hard work of lots and lots of people who made possible for you to read those books.

My second frustration comes when I read that the book was awful because the grammar was very distracting. My mind comes to this woman who asked on a Facebook group if she should continue reading the second book in a series because she absolutely loved the story-line but gets distracted by the poorly use of grammar.

Let me tell you how you can be a super human being and just HELP OUT!! If you love the book so much and see so many grammar mistakes, why don’t you register them and send an email to the author. I have done this in the past and my email was nothing but welcomed and the author just thanked me and made sure to tell her crew my feedback. You have to know that authors do make typing mistakes and they do hire an editor to EDIT this, so they always think that they get what they pay them to do. There are so many people out there that just give 1-star review JUST BECAUSE they do not like the genre of the book. NEWSFLASH guys… don’t read it if that is not your thing. Don’t make others suffer because you are not that open-minded about what that author writes about.

The art is not for everybody!!

When I check a book on Goodreads and see what general stars are for that book, I just have a short swipe and see it. Sometimes I want to read what other say, or if I have heard so many good things about it along the way, I just read it without checking. I do the same on movies that I am dying to see. I just love it when I start something without any expectations and see what the road may take me. That is what books / movies / tv shows / music are all about: the journey you can have just by feeling! I get so disappointed in the ugliness of some people that I refuse to let it pass. When I read a book I just dive right there and close everything off. That is why fantasy is FANTASY because the sky is the limit! I know sometimes what I read is silly, but why should I judge something that in the imagination of someone else totally works??

Let me give you one example of a book that I totally loved and blew my mind away! In that book the author uses a medical condition that I have 0 knowledge about and when I read the reviews, most of them judged ONLY that some of the medical stuff were unrelated. Now let see, yes unrelated to the reality, but that book was a work of fiction, so why should I care that much when the story was just everything that I wanted to read in the moment??? It might seem unfair to some authors who actually do a lot of book research when writing, but that is the beauty of being different and not everybody has to like it.

I have read a lot of books in my life and I am constantly searching for ones that can give me deeper feelings.   Usually great books get me hooked up from the beginning, but some are less captivating. It is very normal to feel that way and be subjective on what you like, but I always show my respect by finishing the book. 90% of the time I manage to finish everything I start (I thoroughly do my research), but sometime that doesn’t happen; it may be because I don’t like the story-line, or the book seems to take a road that I, personally, don’t want to take part of. But that doesn’t mean I cannot be mature about it and say kindly on a review what my feelings are in regards with that book.

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