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Jan 112021

Lola would tell you that I read to much. She would tell you that my books take up too much space and that I am always looking at my kindle or my phone or have my nose in a book.
Lola’s my 6-year-old rescue mutt that thinks I do not pay enough attention to her, do not feed her enough and do not give her enough room to play. She is a little biased.
I guess she might not be exaggerating about the books or about how much time I spend reading though.
When I was 13, I would watch my mom devour mass market paperback romances and was intensely curious. Why can’t she put them down? What is with those pretty covers? When I asked to read them too, she told me they were inappropriate for my age and would hide them from me. Of course, this meant I would sneak them out of her purse and bedroom and stay up at night to read. I was immediately hooked and could not stop. I would go to the local library and take home shopping bags filled with 15-20 books at a time to read over the following 3-4 weeks. The librarians put up some objection but when my mom said it was fine and they realized that I really did read everything, they were incredibly supportive and sweet. The public library became my haven through the craziness of middle school and high school.
Though my tastes changed over the years, reading was always the constant. Every time I moved, my books were boxed with love and care and sent where I ever I was. My library makes me incredibly happy and always brings me joy. The advent of ebooks was tremendous in keeping up with my voracious appetite for reading. (Yes, I remember what it was like before ebooks!)
I have always been an avid reader and would recommend books here and there but never made a formal effort to create reviews and provide feedback. After spending some time on bookstagram and starting discussions with some like-minded friends – and really needing a break/distraction from the craziness of real life – I started my own bookstagram and have started doing reviews and am loving it!
My reading preferences are pretty varied – I’ll pretty much try almost any subgenre or trope to see if I like it, if I haven’t read it already. I’m a huge fan of paranormal romance, queer romance and so many others. Listen, if it is written well, I will give anything a chance. It’s really about being invested in the characters, having them jump off the page and making me care about their story (whatever that story may be).
I am excited to keep reading, try new books, meet new people, expand my book-related universe! Be sure to join in too!

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