Excerpt Written in Stone by Ariana Rose

Mar 222020

Written in Stone (The Stone Series #3) by Ariana Rose

Like an absolving rain, he came into my life when I needed him most.
I was at the end of my rope, looking for an escape.
I found it.
He is everything.
We are everything.
Our love is everything.
Together, we’ll fight to protect what is ours.
Reconcile what was stolen from us.
And protect everything we have to gain.

She came into my life, proving to me the things some people strive for are inconsequential.
Notoriety is nothing.
Fame is nothing.
Money is nothing.
In the grand scheme, those things are futile.
I once thought love was nothing because it was ripped from me, leaving me bent and broken.
Our love is everything
I won’t let anything take that…or her away.

Life is a series of threads pulled tight. Are the good ones enough to write our future in stone or will the bad ones rock our foundation?

Excerpt Written in Stone by Ariana Rose

He wouldn’t tell me where we were staying. The car ride was an adventure. I thought the Minneapolis and Atlanta traffic would prepare me for the drive. It didn’t. The taxi driver was a riot. His English was very good, but he would curse at the drivers beside him with all his French vigor. There were a couple times Julian hid his face in my shoulder because he was laughing so hard. He didn’t want to offend the man who had our travel plans in his hands.
In the end, we made it to our final destination. The hotel was stunning on the outside, with all its perfectly manicured gardens, pure white exterior, and the most beautiful flowing window boxes I’d ever seen. The spots of red dazzled in the glow of the midday sun.
“Oh my God.”
My foot hits the curb and I’m greeted with a perfect white glove to assist me from the car. I turn slowly, looking up at all the history around me. I hear a whisper in my ear, “I think those words are going to be ones you use with great frequency for the next seven days.”
“I’m a writer and I don’t have many words beyond that.”
“I wasn’t talking about our surroundings necessarily.”
I turn so our bodies meet. “Paris is called the City of Love, after all.”
“Good. Wouldn’t want to get arrested for noncompliance.”
The Le Bristol Paris has a stunning view, no matter which window you look from. It’s located on Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore, which is just steps away from the Place de la Concorde.
“You pulled this straight from my vision board, didn’t you? The mini one I have in the back of my writing journal.”
“You use it to translate your thoughts and dreams. What better place for me to pull from?”
This hotel was better than my dreams. Every inch was clean lines of perfection. “The history on this hotel is fascinating. It’s nearly a century old. Some call it the Palace hotel. How did you find it from, just a picture?”
Julian runs his nose next to my ear as he speaks, “Research and a little help from friends and family. I wanted you to feel like a princess. I wanted to give you your fantasy. I knew this would fit the bill.”
“We could be in a tent on the corner and because I’m here with you, it’s everything.”
The elevator opens to the eighth floor. We follow the bellhop down the hall to our room. He sets our bag cart on the side of the door and opens our home for the next week to us. Every bit of this room is dripping with romance: from the oak parquet floors, to every picturesque view, and the clean bright stylings of the walls accented by plush fabrics.
While Julian tips the bellhop and closes the door, I run from room to room, looking out every window, and opening every door to the balconies. Everything is period. We must be in the traditional part of the hotel.
The common room has a pale-yellow dusting over the stark white to give it such depth and warmth. The wood grain is deep and rich. Their cherry tone is accented perfectly with the burgundy of the fabrics. The kitchen is right off the common area.
There are menus displayed on the counters. I was starving to begin with, but as I look at every choice we have, I need everything!
“Holy shit, Julian! They will send a chef up to cook for us?”
“Phenomenal touch, don’t you think?”
“Why? I mean thank you, but this is beyond anything I knew existed.”
“That’s the point, Lex. This is your dream. Get ready for it to be over the top.”
“But I don’t…”
“Don’t you dare finish that sentence,” he scolds. “Yes, you do. You deserve all this and more.”
“I seriously don’t know what to do first.” I step out onto the balcony just off the kitchen.
As I lean against the railing and let the sun, sky, and scents rain over me, Julian wraps his arms around my waist. His sigh is almost as big as mine.
“Is this what you were trying to make me do earlier?” he asks.
“Just stop. Stop everything and be.”
“Feels good, doesn’t it?”
“Almost as good as you.”

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