Excerpt What The Hex by C.M. Stunich

Apr 192020

What The Hex (The Family Spells #2) by C.M. Stunich

There is no release date, no blurb and everything will be updated as soon as it becomes available.

Excerpt What The Hex by C.M. Stunich
(C) C.M. Stunich


“That’s Graceley’s blood,” Spec choked out, using Caine’s outstretched hand to find his feet.
My own blood ran cold at his words, but I squeezed my jaw shut tight against the panic.
“You’re sure?” I asked, as the monster snarled, sniffed the air, and snorted like a boar.
“I’m fucking sure,” Spec spat, as I curled my hands into fists and locked the rest of the curses away. If one of my mother’s spells couldn’t do the trick, the rest were essentially useless.
“Magic ain’t gonna work on this motherfucker, is it?” Caine asked, running his arm across his lower lip. He was bleeding, but just a little. Sometimes a serious surge of magic could fuck up the body. Glad I hadn’t accidentally killed him. Grace would never forgive me.
“Tear his limbs off,” I said as the werewolf shifted, shook out his tawny coat and launched himself at the monster.
“We have to kick its ass with brute force, huh?” Spec asked, and I nodded.
I could still feel Grace out there in the woods of Hael … with Monster.
For a moment, I warred with myself: stay and fight or go and search. But the last thing I needed to do was draw the krampus back in Grace’s direction. Once a witch-eater tasted the blood of a witch, they could hunt them anywhere—even between worlds.
No, we had to kill this fucker. And much as I disliked the idea of Monster and Grace together, he wouldn’t kill her. That piece of trash was as in love with my wife as I was.
But he was toxic for her.
I’d never let him hook his claws in her again.
“Let’s do this—and let’s make it quick.”
I rolled my shoulders, waited for Caine to lure the demon over to me, and then drew out the ivory sword from the sheath on my back. Physical force, how banal. But this piece of crap touched my wife, and he was going to get it back a hundredfold. Nobody hurt my goddess-blessed wife and lived to tell the tale.
Except … for Monster. But as soon as I got this krampus situation under control, I would rectify that.

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