Excerpt Uber Bossy by Marika Ray

Apr 222020

Uber Bossy (Jobs From Hell #2) by Marika Ray

Number one rule of ride sharing as a female driver? Don’t fall for the mysterious man riding in the backseat.

I came across crazy people on the daily giving rides to strangers for a living. I carried pepper spray and I wasn’t afraid to use it. But one gorgeous male in a fake mustache and a story he wasn’t willing to share, and I was ready to climb in the backseat to peel his layers. He’s a distraction I don’t need as I graduate online college and try to get my first professional job so I can move out of my parents’ house before I’m thirty. I’m so close to realizing my dreams I can taste it.

I should have never hit on my driver. Even if she was the hottest thing I’d seen in cutoff jean shorts in maybe forever. I wasn’t in Auburn Hill for personal reasons and getting involved with the locals came ill-advised as I set up my new business. I probably shouldn’t know she curses like a sailor in bed considering I wind up interviewing her for a position in my company. Now I’m thinking of all kinds of positions I can put her in. Maybe she’ll settle for being an employee with benefits…
But none of that matters now. Because I fired her.
In front of the whole town.
On her first day.
Pretty sure there’s no coming back from that.

Excerpt Uber Bossy by Marika Ray

“Are you suggesting what I think you’re suggesting?” I asked, testing the waters.
Her lips tilted up into a blinding smile. “Why can’t friends come with certain benefits, you know?”
It was official. My pants were too tight for this conversation. Not even Red making weird noises in the back seat could put a damper on the desire coursing through my veins with just one simple question.
“Hell, yes, they can,” I breathed.
“Maybe our first course of action is finding you a babysitter. And by you, I mean Red.”
She blushed and I couldn’t help but slide one hand onto her bare thigh. “Will you wear a black skirt and put your hair in a ponytail for me?”
She squirmed. I inched my hand higher.
“Sure thing, boss,” she whispered.

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