Excerpt Three Simple Rules by Nikki Sloane

Jul 212019

Three Simple Rules (Blindfold Club Series #1) by Nikki Sloane

I would do anything for my dream job. Now I have to.

In order to save my skin at the office, I’m forced to sell it at an exclusive and illegal blindfold club. He paid thousands of dollars for one night to own me, but when my blindfold comes off, I want more. More nights, more rules, and more from this unavailable and uncompromising man.

Rule number one, no questions. Rule number two, no lies. But, rule number three? That’s the hardest one to obey.

Excerpt Three Simple Rules (Blindfold Club Series #1) by Nikki Sloane

(He’d known all along how close I was. And when he demanded it, holy shit, I gave it to him. I came hard in one of the most intense orgasms I’d ever had, bucking on the table, crying out a sob of pleasure. My body seized and convulsed, fighting against the straps. I’d wanted to reach out and grab something but there was nothing within range.

He didn’t move as I came on him and milked him with my body. I heard his rapid breathing followed by a deliberate long, slow breath as if he had to even himself out.

“I could watch that again,” he said. His smooth skin was on mine, warm, our bare chests pressed together. I could feel the crisp fabric of his button-up shirt on my sides, like he’d undone his shirt but not removed it. Lips skimmed my pulse on my neck. “Would you like me to make you come again?”

“Yes,” I said, still shuddering with aftershocks of my orgasm. He started to move deep inside. With me, sometimes a second, smaller orgasm piggybacks on the first, and I could feel the tendrils of this second one tugging me along, pulling me back up.

“I have rules,” he said. “You don’t get to ask questions, no matter what.” His deliberately slow, indecent rhythm made me crazy with need. “Do you understand?”

It was already a house rule, so I didn’t struggle to answer. “Yes.”

“Yes, what?” He thrust into me once, harder, getting my attention.

“Yes, sir.”

He resumed his disciplined pace, sliding his flesh inside mine and building the desire to an alarming level. “Good. Rule two is you answer my questions, and you have to answer them honestly.”

I could do that, so I nodded quickly.

“The last rule is your body belongs to me, so that means your orgasms are mine. You don’t come without my permission.” His wet tongue dragged from one breast, down the valley between them, and on to the other one, circling the taut nipple. “There will be consequences if you break any rule.”

I gasped. Did he know I was already close?


I swallowed a breath. Three rules, simple enough. “Yes, sir.”

He whispered it against my flesh, “Good.”

It was out of my mouth a second later. “I want permission to come.”

He laughed. His body was gone from mine so he was only touching me where we were joined. “Already? No.”

No? Why? My legs shook and wrapped around his back, trying to pull him in deeper. To pull him back to me.

“Do you like having my big cock in your pussy?”

I didn’t have to think about it. “Yes.”

“Then I think it’s time to lose the blindfold,” he said.

Blindfold Club Series #1) by Nikki Sloane

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