Excerpt The Schemer by Avery Flynn

Jul 252019

The Schemer (Harbor City #3) by Avery Flynn

Don’t miss the hot new romantic comedy follow-up to the smash hit The Charmer…

Tyler Jacobson has a plan for everything—except how to handle his completely annoying, utterly frustrating, and totally sexy upstairs neighbor. He couldn’t care less if Everly Ribinski thinks he’s equally irritating—until he discovers she’s the only one who can help him land a business deal that will finally make him feel like he’s more than just a guy from the wrong side of the tracks.

Color him shocked when Everly refuses to help, insisting she should have run him over in the parking garage when she had the chance. Harsh. But possibly deserved. Tyler may have spent the last few months reveling in annoying the fiery gallery owner with a dark past, but he’s got secret leverage she can’t refuse.

If only they could stop trying to one-up each other long enough to realize the pranks are nothing more than foreplay. Of course, he figures it out quicker. He’s smart like that. Too bad Everly wants nothing to do with him. Or does she? Wait. What is she up to now?

For a man who’s always scheming, the best-laid plans never felt so good falling apart…

Each book in the Harbor City series is STANDALONE

Excerpt The Schemer (Harbor City #3) by Avery Flynn

Tyler hadn’t ever brought anyone—let alone a woman—to Frankie Hartigan’s poker night. Then again, he’d never had someone like Everly to bring. The other women he dated would have taken one look at the one-story bungalow across the harbor from their penthouses and asked to go back home. Everly had made herself at home the second Frankie’s twin brother, Finian, had opened the door and asked her to marry him. She’d told the hulking firefighter that she’d had a wedding dress in cold storage for years just waiting for him. He’d immediately broken out into a cold sweat, which was the only thing that kept Tyler from coldcocking one of his oldest friends. Sure, he would have felt bad afterward, but even the idea of the other guy touching Everly had his Waterbury up.

“You’re not really here with this idiot, are you?” Finian asked, busting Tyler’s balls as usual.

“It’s totally a pity date,” Everly said with a wink.

The other man threw back his head and laughed, curled an arm around Everly, and pulled her into the house he shared with Frankie, calling out to everyone assembled that Tyler had finally found himself a keeper.

He hadn’t, but the idea didn’t scare him nearly as much as it should have. They’d agreed on the island that they were just keeping it casual. They knew exactly where they stood—a little fun, some good times, and no strings attached. That was all it could be, and they both knew it.

So why is the fact that Finian is touching her getting your hackles up?

Tyler shoved the unnerving thought to the back of his brain and put on his game face. Poker night with the Hartigans was a serious affair. They didn’t play for money. Nope. It was all pride and bragging rights.

“Everyone, this is Everly Ribinski,” Finian said, addressing the assembled bunch of Hartigans. “That big carrottop is my twin and fellow firefighter, Frankie; obviously we’re not identical because I’m so much prettier. That card shark over there is Fallon. She’s an emergency room nurse, but don’t let the Florence Nightingale thing fool ya, she’s been known to bluff on a total bust of a hand. And over in the corner on his phone as if he were saving the world instead of ordering six pizzas is our baby brother, Ford. He’s a cop, but we try not to hold the fact that he didn’t grow up to be a firefighter against him.”

Ford flipped off his brother.

Fallon rolled her eyes. “Oh my God, Finian, don’t scare the girl.” “I’m not scaring her,” Finian said. “I’m welcoming her to the crazy.”

“Well, if she came with Tyler, she’s already used to that,” Fallon said with a laugh. “You wanna beer? You’re gonna need it to deal with all the testosterone.”

Everly smiled. “I’d love one, thanks.”

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