Excerpt The Mafia and His Obsession: Part Two by Lylah James

Jun 172019

Title The Mafia and His Obsession: Part Two (Tainted Hearts #5) by Lylah James

I’ve lived in the darkness for so long.
No life. No choice.

The Devil owned me, body and soul – but not my heart. It was the only part of me which could never be claimed…

…or so I thought.

Viktor weaved his way into my heart and imprinted on my soul. He made it clear he was there to stay. Even when the darkness blinded us, he never left my side.

What we share was sweet, untamed and wild.
But it was forbidden, dangerous and the outcome would only be painful.

A game is being played. The arena is a bloodbath, and the Game Masters are brutal. In the end, only one will survive.

Only one King will be left standing.

EXCERPTS The Mafia and His Obsession: Part Two


She gasped in agony when he bit down again. Her body seized up and tears spilled down her cheeks. The bottle started to crack in my hands, the glass fragile under the pressure of my hold.

When he pulled away, there was a red bruise there and she was bleeding. Motherfucker.

“Have a good night.” He chuckled.

I watched him walk away. The door closed behind him.

I counted in my head.
Ten seconds.

I threw the bottle into the wall and watched it crash, the pieces flying around the room.

I turned to face Valerie.
Our eyes met.
She inhaled.
I exhaled.
We breathed.

I wanted to reach for her… I wanted to hold her.

She stared at me, silent…her eyes hazy and…

My sweet beautiful swan was broken.


Viktor bucked upward, his shaft pressing into me, right where I needed him.

“You look so fucking beautiful like this,” he muttered thickly. “Flushed, eyes fluttering closed in pleasure, gasping for your next breath, body shuddering. Totally and completely lost in your desire.”

He rubbed against me…oh…so exquisitely slow. So deliciously slow. My lips parted, a silent moan escaping me.

“I have seen you happy. Laughing, smiling. I have seen you sad, in tears. I have seen many sides of you. Your daily expressions. When you wake up. Before you go to sleep. While sleeping. But this… is my favorite sight of you, Valerie. When you let go…and let yourself feel the pure, unadulterated lust. When you let me make you feel things…dirty filthy things, when you lose that tight control you’ve got.”

Viktor sat up and my eyes closed as his lips found my throat, kissing and sucking at the sensitive skin there. I was helpless, but I didn’t want to fight this—not anymore.

“I have missed seeing you blush like this.” His voice vibrated through my body, and I started to feel hotter, tighter, my skin itching with .

He ran his hand up and down my sides before moving to my back. His fingers slid up my spine, leisurely, so slowly…I started to twitch in his arms, rubbing harder against him. My pussy clenched, and I swore I felt the sparks throughout my body. Viktor started to thread his fingers into my hair. He fisted it in his hand and pulled my head back.

“Open your eyes,” he whispered harshly.

The moment I opened my eyes, my gaze landed on his. His dark ones were filled with heat, and they were intense. I had to blink and look away.

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